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And, they, gave us………. Davie Hay.  Enormous thanks to Davie Hay for coming onto the blog this morning.  It was great to read his responses on playing for and managing Celtic.  If you missed him, catch up from 09:44 here, you’ll enjoy it.

At the risk of commenting on Roy Keane when few of us know much about what happened last night….  I remain pleased we didn’t appoint him manager in the summer.  Very pleased.

Really disappointed at the outcome of the Fifa investigation into the awarding of the Fifa World Cups for 2018 1nd 2022, although, as I type that sentence, the reasons perhaps become clear.  As with all of these things, I’m specifically thinking about the Lord Nimmo Smith SPL inquiry here, football governing bodies ask the questions they want answered.  It’s not the independence of the investigator which is important, it’s who sets the scope of investigation.

You can get copies of Caesar & the Assassin, Billy McNeill and Davie Hay’s accounts of managing Celtic from Jock Stein’s departure until the appointment of Liam Brady, here.

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  1. jamesgang



    I’ve known Gavin since the mid eighties. He has a facebook page and regularly rips into them. He posts on the CQN Magazine Facebook page too. He’s a top bloke.

  2. I’m laughing at the poll in the North Korean Record who was Scotlands best defender ……you’ll neve guess who is just edging it at the moment ahead of our Danny Bhoy….

  3. KevJungle



    See tonydonnelly67’s post @ 12.42 and ask yourself this question;


    ‘Which part of the Irish Establishment are the ROI fitba team representing?’



    nb and, more importantly, which part did Tony Cascarino represent?

  4. Whilst I’m logged in, but have scrolled forward as usual :-


    Jungle Jim SM,


    You asked the question- why other clubs had tried to keep up with Rangers but after their collapse they didn’t try to keep up with Celtic. As far as I read I didn’t see this obvious answer,imo.


    Why would they when they can see quite obviously that we are coming down to meet them!!


    Once again,imo, the Board never intended, with our CL and player sales money to get streets ahead for years to come so that we(as many on here seem to think) can gub sevco regulary. That would only average 3 packed home games per season.The intent is just that fine line of being just ahead enough to win 3 to 4 out of 5 titles and CL entry. That should keep up the interest against other clubs if we are neck and neck with sevco and need points to stay ahead or even catch up!!


    Too much jelly and ice cream so far.


    Not meaning you, but the talk of banners, demos etc., why not have one for cheese toasties – grilled or roasted that would sort them out!!


    What we need is to organise the fans of all clubs together as per the first season not continual squabbling . Aulsheid and others similar deserve so much respect for plugging away whilst the rest of us are just playing games.


    People need to be removed from office and soon the corruption is not decreasing.




    probably back into hibernation.

  5. That came via:



    Gary ‏@RomanoCattolico 30m30 minutes ago


    Confirmation that the EC won’t be taking the allegations against Celtic any further. No evidence of any state aid.

  6. setting free the bears for Res. 12 & Oscar Knox



    Do you have the number of a good keyboard and screen cleaner:)))



    Davie Hay Proper Celtic Man and Legend CSC

  7. weet weet weet(GBWO) on

    In October 2000, Cascarino was the subject of national newspaper headlines when extracts from his upcoming autobiography were published in the Sunday Mirror.[6] In it, he revealed that his mother told him in 1996 that she was adopted and therefore no blood relative to his Irish grandfather. Cascarino said in his autobiography: “I didn’t qualify for Ireland. I was a fraud. A fake Irishman”. The FAI’s Chief Executive Bernard O’Byrne stated that he was shocked by the announcement and Cascarino’s former international manager Jack Charlton questioned why he came forward with the information. Cascarino revealed that Republic of Ireland team mate Andy Townsend had advised him to keep quiet about the situation.[6]



    Four days after the newspaper exclusive, in November 2000, the Football Association of Ireland issued a short statement: “The FAI are satisfied that Tony Cascarino was always eligible to become a citizen of the Republic of Ireland and was, therefore, always eligible to play for Ireland.”[7] The Irish Independent reported that Cascarino was given a ‘passport of restricted validity’ in 1985 and that his mother Theresa O’Malley’s name was entered in the Foreign Births Register in the Department of Foreign Affairs prior to Cascarino’s international debut for the Republic of Ireland.[8][9]





  8. Just got a chance to read back on Davie Hay’s Q&A this morning and I saw some questions that weren’t answered. I was reading the questions to Davie from my i-phone and some seem to have passed me by. Usually Doc is there to carry out this task but he is away today.



    I was also getting huge bundles of books for Davie to sign for those who have already purchased the book.



    So please accept my apologies – Davie would have stayed longer to answer the questions.

  9. weeminger


    15:11 on


    13 November, 2014


    That came via:



    Gary ‏@RomanoCattolico 30m30 minutes ago


    Confirmation that the EC won’t be taking the allegations against Celtic any further. No evidence of any state aid.




    But but but


    what about GCC and all they mineral reserves under Celtic park :)))))))

  10. iki 14:15



    Your “letter” reminded me of ma schooldays up in Wick.



    One of the country kids had been absent for a few days and came back with his absence letter, which he presented to our form teacher, Mr Gladstone (or Happy Baws as we knew him)



    So HB opened the letter. Read and then went into a sustained burst of totally, uncontrollable laughter.



    Us kids were scare’t at first, but then thought it was great (anything but lessons, right).



    He never did tell us what was in that letter….. until ….



    A few years later (me all growed up and sporting bum fluff on ma chin and a wage packet in ma hipper) I happened to meet HB in a pub one night.



    So I asked him about the letter.



    Off he went into hysterics, again. Turned out the lettter had said….



    Dear Sir.



    Please excuse John from school these past three days. We live on a farm and his father as been sick and somebody has to feed the pig.

  11. Re: TRS: “European Commission seek explanation on Celtic land deals”



    158 pages on FF this thread has, 332, 580 views, 3,941 replies, how could they all get it wrong



    latest responses on the biggest thread in blogging history sees them in despair at receiving their e mails with no case to answer



    And turn off the lights on Scottish football.



    They can do whatever the ***c they want with no fear from anyone



    Base on the observations of the UK authorities!?!!!



    Just where do you start with a reply like that?

  12. starry plough


    Laugh is it :)))


    I looked on Deadclub media to see if the “state aid” implosion had started and seen this bit of advice heading one of their links



    “Buy the Mirror not the Record”


    Is it just meCSC :)))))


    Till later all


    silly billys :))))

  13. Just saw the Killie manager talking up a larger league, just after strachan’s statement on Manipulation….looks like their gearing up for change….

  14. Dearie me. The desperation from the Zombies has reached a new low. I can;t believe they even did that! Pathetic.




  15. Winning Captains



    Good to hear. Tell him it was noted and appreciated. As was this morning!



    HH jamesgang

  16. Livibhoy



    I’ve seen the secret BLUEprint for league reconstruction.



    It’s based on a complex algorithm.



    Option 1. Present number of SPL clubs + additional 1 if Deidco finish in top 2.



    Option 2. If Deidco finish outside top 2……present number of SPL clubs + x new clubs where x corresponds with Deidco’s final league position.









    HH jamesgang

  17. Rather gutted at not getting the opportunity to ask a couple of questions to Davie Hay this morning.



    I was too young to see Davie adorn the Hoops as a player but he was the manager that day in 1986 at Love Street, still one of my all time favourite Celtic memories.



    Thanks Davie.

  18. Sorry I missed the Davy Hay spot today,but we had friends round and sat on my terrace scoffing wine and watching one of Turkeys spectacular electric storms out on the water.


    Truloy mindblowing.Not as charged as Hun Media will be though with the State Aid farce.I will be on there later.Saw Davys first and last game,and most in between.Up there with the best.

  19. jamesgang



    I thought they would just introduce 4 points for a Sevco win unassissted by a penalty or red card!




  20. TurkeyBhoy






    I think Philbhoy has now pointed yous out as bad yins cos of your absence this morning!





    Don’t give them ideas!


    The ‘they’ve suffered enough’ readjustment formula!



    HH jamesgang

  21. I believe in a larger league! There I’ve said it!



    Good thing is Sevco still wouldn’t qualify :-)




  22. My friends in Celtic,



    I vaguely remember the Tony Cascarino eligibility issue. I also vaguely remember the discussions about true determination of bloodline.



    A potential can of worms, better avoided. DNA has evolved dramatically over the last few years, but nevertheless issues involving adoption and paternity still remain.



    One train of thought suggests the maternal line is the only way of checking ancestry. I shudder to think of all the surprises and secrets that could emerge if all players ( Apart from place of birth or alternative qualification ) had to prove their eligibility by bloodline.



    My conclusion is that true nationality is all in the mind.




  23. jamesgang



    I am not worried one bit by the Hun. Aberdeen however and Dundee United are geared up and ready for battle. They have waited a long time to have a crack at one of the big Glasgow teams. Their time has now come.


    I expect a big challenge from the north next season and a host of teams ready to battle any new sides that come up from the lower leagues.


    Are the team in the play off going to be prepared to battle against an established Premiership side? It will be no easy task.




  24. Winning captains



    I thought some had been missed, so after a polite wait, I re-posted my question about Peter Beardsley, which Davie kindly answered.



    Well,it’s no’ every day you get a chance to quiz a legend!



    Thanks for giving us the opportunity.

  25. Teamgers


    Richard Gough



    True Blue



    1,938 posts




    Location:The Queens Country


    Posted Today, 02:34 PM


    View PostARockit, on 13 November 2014 – 02:26 PM, said:


    I heard Jim Spence on Rafio Scotland last night saying that “if the tribunal find that Rangers are a new club then they won’t be able to go back to when the boy was 12 ” ( I am paraphrasing but you get the jist.) This was just after he acknowledged that you have to be careful what you say as he had found out in the past!?!?!




    What?????? How the f— could they even consider tis with ALL THE EVIDENCE TO THE CONTRARY.Anyway,f— Jim Spence.



    Nothing on State Aid,but a wee chuckle at them nonetheless.

  26. The Spirit of Arthur Lee on

    BREAKING: European Commission dismiss allegations of Celtic receiving ‘state aid’

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