Fifa, Keane, Davie Hay


And, they, gave us………. Davie Hay.  Enormous thanks to Davie Hay for coming onto the blog this morning.  It was great to read his responses on playing for and managing Celtic.  If you missed him, catch up from 09:44 here, you’ll enjoy it.

At the risk of commenting on Roy Keane when few of us know much about what happened last night….  I remain pleased we didn’t appoint him manager in the summer.  Very pleased.

Really disappointed at the outcome of the Fifa investigation into the awarding of the Fifa World Cups for 2018 1nd 2022, although, as I type that sentence, the reasons perhaps become clear.  As with all of these things, I’m specifically thinking about the Lord Nimmo Smith SPL inquiry here, football governing bodies ask the questions they want answered.  It’s not the independence of the investigator which is important, it’s who sets the scope of investigation.

You can get copies of Caesar & the Assassin, Billy McNeill and Davie Hay’s accounts of managing Celtic from Jock Stein’s departure until the appointment of Liam Brady, here.

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  1. beatbhoy



    17:06 on 13 November, 2014




    16:25 on


    13 November, 2014





    Gin please!



    HH jamesgang



    Tanquery or Gordons?.Roll up,59 bottles left.



    Surely they’d have Blue Sapphire!!






    Bombay sapphire fur me please!


    Simply the best – tee hee!



    Well the best you might find in that kind of a place!



    HH jamesgang

  2. judester



    17:34 on 13 November, 2014


    Tinfoil heed is on the 55th wan as we speak,after hearing about thon state aid result.




    I’d forgotten about him. I expect he’s telling them that Mash want Huns in Europe and will bankroll Ally’s war chest in January etc? He’s invaluable is Tinfoil Heid. Gets the message out there that keeps them thinking they’ve actually got a chance.

  3. Sir Paul



    That Keane fellah……



    He is a “Coarner Boy”!



    N.. Well..



    That… Says it Awe~



    Ah Nevah thought that he wid evah hiv Become the Celtic Manager..



    n.. Ah am Gled that Ah Wiz Right.






    The Daily Record, has picked up oan a Rumour,which Ah hid Heard..



    TWO WEEKS ago.. in a Los Angeles .. Café.



    They ur Behind the Times..!


    Well.. Ye Knew THAT, any wey..?






    When Ah hoid It.. Ah Agreed.. Sure.. Stefan, the Serb..



    Mebbe,wull be not long wi us…



    He is.. Hmmmmmmmmmm, Wella. Wella…



    Ah canny pit ma Finger oan whit is Wrang wi him.. Which,Perchance… Is a Guid Thing..


    Fur.. Mebbe, it wull be .. Catchin’??



    But… ???



    Ronny, as we Know.. or mebbe some o’ us …. Dinna..



    Disnae Suffer Incompetence..






    If ye ur a Guid TRAINER.. Then.. Ronny , wull Warm up ..tae You..



    But…if Ye Urnae..



    Then …Woe Betide Ye!( long time since Ah used that Expression.. but.. Tae be Honest.. AH STILL Dinnae Understaun it!)



    Mebbe, the Serb is no a Good Trainer..



    Sure, Ah am Clutchin’ at Straws.. but… Whitevah, the Serb lacks..



    Ronny, disnae see it in his Tool Kit… that’s the Serb’s.. No Ronny’s~



    If the Serb really diz Go.. Ah wullnae Turn a Hair..(Anither Expression..that Ah fail tae get..)



    Ah find this New Rumour.. Interestin..



    Donch You?



    Nice chatting,,as alwiz..





    Still Laughin

  4. bamboo


    16:51 on


    13 November, 2014





    How can you defend a country that annexe’s it’s neighbours – Crimea – only this morning there are reports of tanks and troops deployed into Ukraine.



    Gay rights?



    Putin is a nutter.

  5. Corkcelt



    More’s the pity that the SFA did not increase the allocation to the Irish support. Scotland would still have had 50,000 supporters, and with 10,000 supporting Ireland, the atmosphere would have been electric. Notice the SFA offered England over 7,000 for the game on Tuesday.


    Still looking forward to the match tomorrow mind you!

  6. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on



    I`m not in my usual seat (106) for the Salzburg game game (110) but I AM going so, nearer the time, I will see about meeting you and Mick for a pre-match pint.



  7. Marrakesh Express on

    The guy who owns the Louden is the very dude who chauffered Chuck Green from the bigot hoose, the day our second hero pointed east and shouted ‘that lot over there will be worried’.


    It’ll be an insurance number, and ol big hands will be in on it.



    Cheers ‘hic’

  8. Marrakesh Express on

    In fact top 5



    1 SDM


    2 CW


    3 Chuck


    4 Walt


    5 McOist



    Heroes one and all

  9. Wee intimate gig with The Wofletone’s tonight.



    Looking forward to it haven’t seen them in about 20 years.

  10. Sixty bottles of booze nicked from the Louden?



    “Some big bhoys done it an’ ran away!”



    Clink clink!!




  11. Someone was saying that tomorrow night wasn’t a sell-out. Well, I haven’t tried to get a ticket but I was told by a young lad on Sunday, who is going to the game v the English, that he is going to that game because he couldn’t get a ticket for the Irish one.



    I hope Scotland win but I hope even more that there is a great atmosphere and that Aiden is respected. That may be too much to hope for, given what has already been said. Only in Scotland could utter hypocrisy like this be given credence.

  12. Paul67



    We now know the scope of the LNS investigation was designed to get the desired result.



    Trouble is it required keeping back vital information in order to set the terms of reference to get that result. Ironically it also tells us what does give sporting advantage ie irregular ebts ( which were concealed from the commissioners)



    Somebody had to decide what to leave out in order to produce the required terms of reference. It may have been by accident, it may have been deliberate but the result was a flawed decision that simply cannot be allowed to stand.



    But to have LNS put aside the Celtic support at large, not just the Internet bampots need to know what happened and get angry about it.



    That is the next step to get the true story out there and then remove from power those who set about deceiving us.



    A fire is being lit under the chimney.




  13. Jobo Mobo Baldie on




    Chasing up the final few picks for this weekend.



    So Catalpa, Deccyrollercoaster, Celtic Rose, Black Cat and Jammabhoy – let’s be ‘avin ya!!




  14. weet weet weet(GBWO) on

    Apparently it couldn’t have been sellic fans cos nae memerobilia wiz damaged




  15. The English FA seem a trifle worried if their spokesman is anything to go by, he refused to deny bribery despite being asked to do so three times on the news there, looks like the SFA aren’t the only dodgy football authority in the UK.

  16. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    twisty left a message for you this morning.


    Can’t get in touch in your phone..

  17. Jobo Mobo Baldie on

    My favourite moments of all radio are when Big D J tries to talk finance. He says all the words – shares, stock exchange, finance, cash flow, south africa, agm, board, – but the rubbish that randomly joins them all together is side splitting.

  18. Jobo Mobo Baldie


    Ah think it would be worth my while, securing the services of Big DJ to do my Tax Return for the current year, as I believe he is a Whiz Kid in this Finance lark.


    Awerabest PJ

  19. Jobo -Derek (I/ we don’t know) Johnstone, giving yet more forensic insight on all things Sevco.

  20. Carsons Army





    True Blue



    5,134 posts






    Posted Yesterday, 05:27 PM


    View PostThe Louden Tavern, on 12 November 2014 – 04:12 PM, said:


    Last night our pub was broken into and 60 1.5l spirits were stolen from us.



    If anyone has any info could they please let us know.



    Hopefully the Rangers family will help us uncover who would stoop to such an act.






    Edit – thanks admin



    No doubt the work of a Bheast.



    Hopefully they drink the lot and choke on their own vomit whilst they have left the frying pan on and burn their house down.



    Is that a bit too far?


    #23 lutonblue



    Hic,shorry ladsh,jusht goony turn aff thish fryin pan,are yeesh awrite,hic.

  21. Jungle Jim, Love to meet up, hope to meet kikinthenakas as well. Not sure what time we arrive as Mick has looked after booking but we are flying Dublin/Glasgow and not Prestwick. We are flying back at the crack of dawn on Friday so it won’t be a late night. Our tickets are for the North Stand Lower.

  22. Jamesgang



    Thanks for your gentle correction of my fox pass!



    You’d think I’d’ve known, it’s cost me enough over the years.



    Maybe seeing the results now, right enough!

  23. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    I couldn’t get logged in to ask one of our greats a question (pesky bosses making me work) but my admiration for Davie grew even more today.



    As others have said we could do with someone of his like in the team the now, both football & tough wise.



    I was in unemployed for part of 1982 and was in Paisley. I went to the Jobcentre to see if any jobs in Renfrewshire were going and the only other jobseeker in at the time, was Davie Hay. I was stunned to see him in there. A footballing hero of ours in a Jobcentre.



    At the end of the 1985 cup final, there is footage of Davie with Tommy giving the cup to some disabled fans, next to the dug out, to get their photos taken. Two of my all time Celtic heroes (after Danny) showing what good men they were.

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