Fifa, Keane, Davie Hay


And, they, gave us………. Davie Hay.  Enormous thanks to Davie Hay for coming onto the blog this morning.  It was great to read his responses on playing for and managing Celtic.  If you missed him, catch up from 09:44 here, you’ll enjoy it.

At the risk of commenting on Roy Keane when few of us know much about what happened last night….  I remain pleased we didn’t appoint him manager in the summer.  Very pleased.

Really disappointed at the outcome of the Fifa investigation into the awarding of the Fifa World Cups for 2018 1nd 2022, although, as I type that sentence, the reasons perhaps become clear.  As with all of these things, I’m specifically thinking about the Lord Nimmo Smith SPL inquiry here, football governing bodies ask the questions they want answered.  It’s not the independence of the investigator which is important, it’s who sets the scope of investigation.

You can get copies of Caesar & the Assassin, Billy McNeill and Davie Hay’s accounts of managing Celtic from Jock Stein’s departure until the appointment of Liam Brady, here.

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  1. There should be over 50000 Scottish fans at Celtic Park tomorrow but the fact is the SFA have priced true Scottish fans out of the match.



    Just like against they did against Georgia at the wee ground in Govan.



    They and they alone have fecked it up.

  2. Derek Johnstone is the epitome of everything that is wrong with that mob….


    I listened to him talk for 2 minutes (seemed like 2 days at the time) he used the word investment no fewer than 12 times.



    “Someone just geez money….just geez money…so we can spend spend spend. Money gee us please…Mon”


    He needs one brain cell, to stop that other one from being lonely

  3. We are not allowed to read the rants on State Aid on hun media.It has been hidden away from the unseen fenian eyes.


    The bloody wee bizms,that they are,Scotland v England kids on at 8.

  4. Who was that new poster taking over the blog this morn ? Davie summit…deffo no clique material.hh

  5. Evening all



    Bad couple of days – funeral , serious family illness which looks serious (my auntie Jean) and a wee bit fluish myself.



    I see also that Celtic have been cleared of any wrongdoing by the EC re land deals/Lennoxtown. Always thought the story was preposterous but now the EC have ruled in our favour I can only conclude that we must be guilty after all/



    Bit sombre




  6. Frank Ryan's Whiskey on

    Looking forward to tomorrow – Come on Ireland get stuck in the those Northern Brits,


    2-0 to the boys in Emerald Green, Eire Abú,



    We don’t care if your striker plays for Barça,


    Man United, Munich or Madrid,


    When our men in green are on the ball,


    Man-on-man we can beat them all.



    Ireland Abú, Ireland Abú,


    Ireland’s Green Army,


    We’ll win through,


    Ireland Abú, Ireland Abú,


    Ireland’s Green Army,


    We’ll win through



    We don’t mind if we’re up against champions,


    They’re only as good as their next game,


    The Euro finals will be where we live our dream,


    Cause our boys in green are the greatest team.



    Ireland Abú, Ireland Abú,


    Ireland’s Green Army,


    We’ll win through,


    Ireland Abú, Ireland Abú,


    Ireland’s Green Army,


    We’ll win through



    The English say ‘Com’on’, the Spanish ‘Olé’,


    The Italians chant ‘Avanti’ when they roar,


    Because we’re Irish we will shout a big ‘ABÚ’


    We’re Irish, we are proud, and we’ll win through





    Give your Auntie Jean a wee hug from me,along with my very best wishes for her health.



    As for you,bit of manflu never hurt anyone. Bird flu,that’s a killer.





    Aye,you always had an eye for a player.



    Now,get yer eyes AFF the scantily clad women in fancy dress and concentrate on yer pint!




    Thanks for kind wishes re Jean. She’s got a tough road ahead – I hope and pray she keeps on it.








  10. jimbo67




    Thought you were posting undercover today :))))


    Poster asking about Brian McG and the Quality street kids


    DH raved about him and says he goes into it in his book.

  11. State aid + Celtic = hahahahahahaha



    Poor wee billy got it wrong again, raging I say raging, ally wants names and he wants them NOW.



    Better luck next sevconians HH

  12. Jobo Mobo Baldie on

    Yabba dabba doo


    We support the boys in blue


    And it’s eeeeeeeeeeasy, eeeeeeeeeeeeasy




  13. jimbo67,



    Hope all works out well for your auntie Jean. HH



    I’ve just had a look at the posts to Davie, a great read and great replies from Davie.



    Well done to all.

  14. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Frank ryans whiskey



    find your wee ditty funny considering your wishing to preseve the union …

  15. Thought it funny how on SSN last night, a couple investing £15m in Aberdeen was portrayed as evidence that they couldn’t really properly prosper in terms of their existing revenue.



    While if a 2 bit wide boy offers so much as an empty ginger bottle to the ipox cause then it’s a shrewd investment and the first of many.



    HH jamesgang

  16. Sipsini



    There are reports all over the international media of a tiger loose near Paris.



    Is your Unseen Fenian Feline now power walking across international borders?!?



    Roaming across Europe in search of Hun dogs to terrorise. I hear Alsatians are bricking themselves….



    HH jamesgang

  17. setting free the bears for Res. 12 & Oscar Knox




    17:44 on 13 November, 2014







    bamboo has been posting pro-Russian stuff for ages. Not sure if he’s an unreconstructed commie and thinks Putin is still fighting the cold war even though he is highly thought of by the US nutter rightists



    I am a US citizen and as I hold my pint in my right hand I guess I tend to lean to the right.


    But what I can’t understand is what does a nutter have to gain telling another nutter that he is a nutter……??



    At least I am not a “Hypocrite”………When is your next trip to the good ole US of A..??

  18. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Evening All,



    Interesting footnote on the “State Aid” non-story.



    It is standard operational BBC Online practice to link a story on their website to any previous stories on the subject.



    Check out the size of the latest article (a mere 10 lines).



    Then compare and contrast the size with that of the related story of 8th January.



    The BBC equivalent of a front-page splash followed by a page retraction in the bottom left hand side of page 29.



    Absolutely shameful behaviour from a public broadcaster.



    Hail Hail

  19. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    And if memory serves correctly – the original web page had a link to the Reporting Scotland feed.



    Funny that.

  20. To all my fellow golfing Celts out there.


    What a bliddy frustrating game that is to try and play.


    I reckon i was a decent fitba, bowls, tennis, snooker


    player but i just cannot get into the swing(see what a done)


    of that game at all and isn’t it funny how your balls get


    smaller as you get older.


    Our wee Celtic club decided to have a golf outing and never


    having played the game i thought it would be a breeze, my


    son gave me his golf clubs to practice and now the garden


    looks as though it’s been attacked by moles.


    I suppose i have a good excuse because to play the game


    in our area you had to shift burnt out cars off the greens to


    putt the ball.


    So disaster waiting to happen but i’ll be surrounded by hoopies


    and plenty of beer so who knows.


    H.H Mick

  21. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Davie Hay guested for us in Jinky’s & the buzzbomb’s testimonial in 1976, a few days after Kenny Dalglish said Scots wha hae, spread them Ray (Clements) in Scotland’s 2 1 win v England at Hampden. Kenny mishit his shot and went through Clements’ legs for Scotland’s winner.



    Davie played in the centre of defence for us that night and created our first goal by charging into Man U’s box and crossing for Buzzbomb to score. He played very well that night. I and others standing nearby were hoping we would re-sign Davie but sadly never happended. Danny, Kenny and Davie in our first team would have been brilliant.



    The only positive out of us not getting Davie back was we got the chance to see the majestic Pat Stanton playing in the hoops.

  22. Golf.


    I just joined a club in 1997.


    Thought i could just learn it, like learning to go a bike.




    I’m still chronic.


    It’s a difficult game to learn by joining a club. No one is interested in someone new to the game, they want a few bounce games during the week and their medal on the Saturday.


    So anyone new to the game is just a hindrance to games behind.


    You really need to go somewhere first to ‘serve your apprenticeship’ eg a municipal.


    Driving ranges are a waste of time, you will just end up a big range thrasher. This game is best learned from green to tee. Short game is how you get a score, and a score is everything.


    Golf is a horrible game. I love it.

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