Final act of Heroism from Craig Whyte


Just a few days after the Blue Knight’s offered Craig Whyte £500k for his shares in Rangers Our Hero sold to Charles Green, who is now owner of the embattled football club, for £2.  Craig has doubled his money in a year after buying Rangers for £1 last May, but as he accepted a bid for his shares a quarter of a million times smaller than that of the Blue Knights, curiosity has peaked.

For many months Celtic Quick News has billed Craig Whyte as the only show in town, that he would only sell to someone who paid his substantial asking price, or who was his proxy.  No one is suggesting Whyte has pocketed £2 for his trouble and dropped off the scene in a sudden bout of benevolence.  There is clearly tons we don’t know about this deal.

We’re grateful to Paul McConville for his research on Charles Green today.  I am sure Paul only spent a short time researching the subject but it was nonetheless a fruitful endeavour.

I may have missed specific reference to his security over Ibrox but Mr Green does not have the disposition of someone who owns a football club without a ground, so it would be reasonable to assume that Whyte’s security is now in the control of Green.  In time we’ll find out how these assets changed hands but I suspect nothing will be said publicly on this subject for now.

Craig Whyte did not start the Rangers crisis, he never had an EBT from the club and he repaid all of Rangers bank debt.  He has been enormously entertaining during his 53 weeks in charge and, from the little information provided on the 20-or-so mostly-anonymous venture capitalists who now own Rangers, he has passed the club onto what looks like an equally rewarding group of people.

If nothing else, he parted ensuring what is left of the club didn’t get into the hands of the Rangers support, accompanied by a pushy investor with deep pockets.

Cheers for that, Craig.  Once this blows over, we need to get you in for the Paradise Windfall.

I’m still freezing.  Hug a radiator CSC.

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  1. Celtic_First on

    Villarreal. Not pleasant the scenes at the ground. The security people have moved in. The fans are chanting: “The players are mercenaries … ”.

  2. Gene's a Bhoys name on

    Rubicon – re the Media – as far as i am aware despite the plethora of ex EBT managers and players in the media not one of them has been asked the direct question by their employers – the elephant in the room – investigative journalism my axxe

  3. Cheers for that, Craig.  Once this blows over, we need to get you in for the Paradise Windfall.


    HA HA HA!



  4. Stringer Bell on




    Do you have a prediction for the next 7 days in the interesting life of rangers?

  5. up_over_goal on

    Fav moment #1 – Lenny planting the trophy in front of the GB – “This is for you.” The guy is a class act.



    Awkward moment – when the people’s tenor launched into another unexpected verse of YNWA. Do we put our scarves up again? Yeah, okay.



    Fav moment #2 – Paddy jinking round the Hearts attack at our own corner flag. Yasss!!!!



    *Buttered toast of champions*

  6. just in from a wee drinky poo



    whats this?



    They are saved?






    0p in the £






    White needs to be sacked of SSN

  7. Celtic_First on

    A city with 50,000 inhabitants kept a team in the first division for 12 years and they got to the Champions’ League semi-finals. Totally out of all proportion for Spain, or for anywhere else.



    People are taking this badly. Understandable.

  8. and another thing



    get tanner away till feck from sky as well



    the reason we see feck all of the Thai Tims today and the banners at the last Glasgow derby is because of him and white



    we seen plenty of what they had to offer at ibrokes but not at Paradise



    i actually pay 100 snoops for the privelage as well…shame on me

  9. Celtic_First on

    Up Over the Goal



    Agreed re Paddy McCourt. A brilliant piece of football. Totally sublime.

  10. Tricoloured Ribbon on

    coors lad-Francie Hughes,when captured he told them he was Eamonn Lafferty.

  11. Craigy Craigy Whyte, Craigy Whyte, Craigy Craigy Whyte




  12. Stringer Bell on

    Interesting dilemmas no. 314



    I am, in all reality, blootered. The good lady wife thinks I have had 3 pints all day.



    How do I square this circle.

  13. and another thing



    only joking



    Lenny placing (and praising beforehand) the trophy in front of the GB today



    great touch



    maybe drop your wee bhoycott of singing the managers name now after the f yoofa thing?

  14. prestonpans bhoys on

    Stringer Bell on 13 May, 2012 at 21:21 said:


    sneak off to bed, tiring day etc however if she follows you, game over :(

  15. long haired yins man on

    P67, venture capitalists exactly, otherwise known as asset strippers….

  16. Gene's a Bhoys name on

    Stringer Bell on 13 May, 2012 at 21:21 said:



    Tell her you’re tired and emotional – works for me

  17. Celtic_First on

    Edu Oriol, midfielder for Real Zaragoza, is celebrating big style tonight because his team has stayed up.



    His twin brother, Joan Oriol, is at the opposite end of the emotional spectrum. He plays left back for Villarreal.

  18. up_over_goal on




    The bottom is about to drop out of the Spanish league. After years of leeway given to their clubs to delay paying tax and get into insane debt, they’ll finally have to start repaying it. From now. And definitely from 2014, where they have to set aside minimum 35% of TV revenue to pay off huge tax bills.



    Celtic will not be able to afford top La Liga talent, but they are ideallly positioned to profit from the player exodus and resulting readjustment in the European football market place.

  19. anybody on here know how to put the cork back in a champagne bottle?





    or should i ask a man utd fan?

  20. Tricoloured Ribbon on

    Stringer,I am the same mo chara.Bluffing it but the missus is on the case.

  21. Stringer Bell on

    prestonpans bhoys on 13 May, 2012 at 21:23 said:



    Gene’s a Bhoys name on 13 May, 2012 at 21:24 said:




    Am playing avoidance just now, gettin some grub together .. Bed is short term tactical objective.




    If she follows me up however, all rules change :-)

  22. Mark \o/ McGhee's \o/ Eyeliner \o/ AKA Mark Guidi on

    A hun relative of mine has put this up on FB earlier



    ” Listening to Radio Clyde… Selik fans singing “Glasgow Celtic Champions oh oh oh oh oh ooooho”. If you don’t need Rangers then stop copying our songs… it’s been the trend for years. Prove you can stand on your own two feet for once! ”









    Stupid hurtin’ huns!!!






    Hail hail




  23. paul67,thanks for another season of telling it as it is..love it..


    Folks,our club Derry no1,took 25 children from the Brandywell area of the city to paradise today..My brother is leading the group,and by his reports they have had the best day off their lives….now their sailing this evening out of troon has been cancelled,so they are stuck in Cairnryan until 11.30 tonight…poor we critters wont be home until the middle of the night…but they are rocking..

  24. celticrollercoaster says In Neil we trust on

    their future is Green & Whyte…oh dear



    Oops hang on there is still a big Tax Case.







  25. harryhoodsdugbitme on

    I’ll sure miss our hero. Just won’t be the same without him.(?). CW Fenian Army CSC. HH.

  26. 67Heaven



    Forgot to tell you we were going to the Clock to see Gary Og! Sorry bud!

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