Financial Fair Play takes first big scalp


In the European football aristocracy guide, few sit higher than Milan, even though performances in recent seasons are well down on their historical standards.  After giving new manager, Rino Gattuson, around €200m to spend last season, they qualified for this season’s Europa League group stage.

But therein lies the problem: you cannot just throw money at football these days and hope to pass Uefa’s Financial Fair Play (FFP) regulations.  Europe’s governing body yesterday banned Milan from European football for one year as a consequence.

The club indicated they would appeal, noting that new Chinese owners invested €88m in capital “not loans” and were on a firm financial footing.  This is true, but that one-off splurge on bling for our old pal Rino pushed them outside of the scope of FFP; the ban has been in the post for a year.

For Milan, this is humiliating and will cost them north of €10m, but it sends out an important signal to all.  Financial Fair Play has taken its first big scalp.

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  1. Neustadt-Braw on

    Twisty….welcome to the mad hoose…Mike is right though …hard days ahead…



    smiley alarm clock rip thing




  2. Peter Lawwell said that players are identified for a particular position that needs to be strengthened by the management team. These players are then sent to PL to review the financials and then we progress accordingly, moving for player a, b, c and so on until we sign one of them.



    On this basis we should assume that right back has been identified as needing strengthened. Rightly so. The question is how did we end up at Odubajo? Is a two year crock our number one target or have the rest said no and/or are unaffordable? I find it slightly concerning.

  3. twists n turns on 28th June 2018 1:44 pm



    Congratulations TnT! Enjoy it!!


    I chucked it early, almost two years ago – only regret is I did not do it sooner.


    Retirement Rocks!!





  4. ” SFA Judicial Panel opens on Res 12 issue ”



    That was the Article Headline on here two days ago. Has anything happened since?






  5. TNT


    Took early retirement at 58 – that was 10 years ago – keep busy – the secret is always have a project in mind that you don’t start.



    Have a great retirement

  6. Ruggyman & others



    There’s always an epidemic of twitching among some fans at this time (or even during any transfer window) especially if other teams are recruiting like they have money to burn.



    We locked Edouard into a 4 year deal, Tom Rogic into a 5 yr deal & Kristoffer Ajer into a 4 yr deal.


    We have Lewis Morgan on a 4 yr deal & Jonny Hayes back from injury.


    We will be looking at other players – some like Moses Obudajo coming back from long term injury & possibly John McGinn with Scott Allan gojng in opposite direction.



    Essentially though, I think the squad we have at the moment is beingprepared to get us through the CL qualifiers. If we qualify then we have an opportunity to sign other players for whom the guarantee of CL football will be decisive.



    As much as I liked Stuart Armstrong on & off the field, he was largely a squad player last season AND wanted to go to the EPL. Easy decision to make for the manager/club and I think we did well from the deal.



    Similarly, Patrick Roberts made less impact last season than in his first, through injury & uncertainty over his future.



    As Germany found out yesterday, there are no guarantees in a qualifying round, but we are a year smarter/wiser & have a more settled look to us than at this time last year.



    I’m happier to have a constructive, considered approach to player recruitment than the Sevco & Hearts version of new signings. Complete change of the guard at both clubs means huge challenges for existing coaches never mind inexperienced ex-youth coaches.



    Twitching CSC

  7. I watched a fair bit of Hibs last season, IMO, Dylan McGeogh was the best middy they had and a close second was Scott Alan, McGinn was trailing a ways behind them, if he signs well and good, it’s all about opinions, Porto have splashed out £3m on one of our rejects this week.


    The Celtic support, again imo expect far too much at times from our players, we get players in for rock bottom prices, often for free and expect them to perform miracles, take Dedryk, he is the present escape goat, many want him hunted, I’m not one of the many, yet to get a comparable player we would have to break the bank, the world cup has showed us that he isny as bad as many seem to think he is, so we get rid and keep our fingers crossed we get a CB that disny make mistakes, good luck with that then.

  8. TWISTS N TURNS on 28TH JUNE 2018 1:44 PM


    Just on way home to Scotland after popping down to England……….18 years ago



    Retired today. Well ,kinda…..




    Will feed odd not having to set alarm tonight.



    Congratulations J. I’m sure you’ll love the next stage of your life. Hoping to join in the festivities by the end of August if the next few weeks go alright; get my retirement started also.




  9. Twisty



    A very long and happy retirement Bhud,It’s been on my mind for the last 6 months,only problem……


    I cannae fekn afford to :O) hh

  10. TET,



    Agree with much of what you say. I think McGeough was Hibs most important player last season. He was the brains (along with Allan eventually). McGinn isn’t in the same class, although he’s a different sort of player. I prefer Kouassi to him.

  11. TET,



    I should have added: I agree with you about Boyatta too. Imo, a very good player, who lacks confidence on occasion. Hopefully, playing in the WC will give him that. Playing with the likes of Commperr in the Celtic side may also heighten his concentration levels.

  12. Hot Smoked 2.22



    Nothing emerged from Hampden after Tuesday but the DR reported beforehand that it was unlikely anything would.






    BRTH posted on the earlier blog of activity on Monday which will have given the SFA something to think about.



    It boils down to this: if licence was granted because at 30th March SFA were told by Grant Thornton, RFC auditors, that liability was potential, and that is the justification for the granting, dishonesty took place and the charges of non compliance are in general terms that Rangers and/or Grant Thornton acted dishonestly.



    It will be interesting to see how RFC explain this contradiction of facts in light of further info left with SFA on Monday.



    Remember RFC’s survival depended on UEFA income. In fact the UEFA disbursements from the previous season let them pay an instalment on Flo, which if unpaid would have meant no licence in 2011. They were running on UEFA fumes and had they got through qualification rounds would have been able to do so for another season.



    In those circumstances truth comes under pressure.

  13. Our transfer strategy at this time of the season seems to be that we wait to see if we qualify for the champions league and then buy.


    We should strengthen first to help us qualify for champions league.

  14. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Columbia’s Manager looks like a “baddie” from an episode of The Avengers or Man in a suitcase ?



  15. westcraigs on 28th June 2018 3:17 pm



    Our transfer strategy at this time of the season seems to be that we wait to see if we qualify for the champions league and then buy.


    We should strengthen first to help us qualify for champions league.




    My guess is that the players we can sign now are much the same level as what we already have, so why make signings for the sake of it.



    The current squad is good enough to qualify, we just seem to always struggle no matter the coach.



    We should only be buying players that will go straight into our starting 11

  16. !!Bada Bing!! on



    Columbia’s Manager looks like a “baddie” from an episode of The Avengers or Man in a suitcase ?







  17. !!Bada Bing!! on







    What bank might that be?



    Whereas we build our own hotel….?

  18. Rugger Guy



    Que sera sera.



    I appreciate that doing something about what doesn’t exist is not to be criticised, but I find being grateful for and appreciating what does exist is so much more enjoyable.



    But as a joy seeker I would say that but I also recognise areas where I’m not really competent to judge. So I don’t.



    But if we all did that there would be no football discussions on CQN so vive la difference.!

  19. BOURNESOUPRECIPE on 28TH JUNE 2018 3:18 PM


    Mammies all over Scotland are saying……….’great drying weather’





    My Ma was outside her Bungalow ( not hers) in Gran Canaria,her man was inside heard her talking..”It’s a rerr day fir a washin!”



    Who were you talking to?


    The guy next door she replied.


    But he’s German!



    The guy next door obviously had no idea which language my maw was speaking :O( hh

  20. Connnaire 12 condolences to you and your family a wee prayer said for you all



    TnT congratulations on your retirement welcome …………..now enjoy what your hard labour has earned :-))






  21. voguepunter on 28th June 2018 3:50 pm



    A good washing day is recognised all over the world :-)))