Financial Fair Play takes first big scalp


In the European football aristocracy guide, few sit higher than Milan, even though performances in recent seasons are well down on their historical standards.  After giving new manager, Rino Gattuson, around €200m to spend last season, they qualified for this season’s Europa League group stage.

But therein lies the problem: you cannot just throw money at football these days and hope to pass Uefa’s Financial Fair Play (FFP) regulations.  Europe’s governing body yesterday banned Milan from European football for one year as a consequence.

The club indicated they would appeal, noting that new Chinese owners invested €88m in capital “not loans” and were on a firm financial footing.  This is true, but that one-off splurge on bling for our old pal Rino pushed them outside of the scope of FFP; the ban has been in the post for a year.

For Milan, this is humiliating and will cost them north of €10m, but it sends out an important signal to all.  Financial Fair Play has taken its first big scalp.

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  1. Pintaguiness



    “Ok not purchasing till we make the CL. Then why are we selling and weakening before then?



    Its a 2 sided equation”




    It is a 2 sided equation as I stated it. Buy lesser quality early on in the window or buy better quality at the end. Those are the 2 sides.



    “Not purchasing until qualification has been secured” is a straw man argument. No-one is advocating that.



    What was stated is that we have a mixed approach of strengthening early (the contract signings of Rogic et al and the re-signing of Edouard on a permanent basis, and the initial appearance of Morgan and the return of Christie) are all signings and potential strengthenings. Add to that the breakthrough years possibilities for Comperr, Kouassi, Mikey Johnston and Calvin Miller. Add to that the retention, so far, of Moussa, and we have already got a good group. Hopefully good enough to cope with Alashkert.



    The signings are not at an end. The strengthening has not stopped. I am just saying it IS a good idea not to spend it all on lesser players just to meet the first deadline. That’s a recipe for standing still or sliding, and it’s hard enough out there in the European shark infested qualification waters.



    Now, you will have to excuse me. I have to trim some hedges so I can get to cheer on England later.






    Well why would you not?



    If they win this game they get tougher opponents than Japan.



    Mon the English! :-)





    See? Told you it was addictive! Fortunately for you,I was referring to the mods getting addicted to checking certain posters. You have a long way to go yet.



    Though you might be in luck-they might be looking for another target now that ACGR has pretty much chucked it as a result.

  3. mike in toronto on

    SFTB …



    When my English pals talk about England throwing this match so they get an easier draw igoing forward … I just ask them how the match against the ‘minnows’ Iceland worked out for them in the last tournament.

  4. So AC Milan spent £200m they had while Rangers spent £1000m that they didnt have.


    Seems fair play to me. I guess no point in fining or punishing anyone in fitba that has nae money.


    Group H results mean,IMO,that England and Belgium will both be going for a victory. Lot of nonsense in English MSM about maybe taking a couple of extra bookings to finish second as they thought it would be Japan who won the group.



    Due to my history of canny predict a sunset at the end of the day,I’ll check the results when I get back from nightshift. Don’t want to wreck any fixed odds bets!

  6. THE EXILED TIM on 28TH JUNE 2018 1:13 PM



    WBC When Shug Dallas got the sack from the sfa for his anti Catholic email, you would have thot that getting a job, an influential job to boot, with uefa wisny possible, but he gets one, the ludge tenticals are far reaching……



    *As I have often said especially in calvinist Switzerland.

  7. SFTB @ 4.24



    Thanks T for that post I look forward to it, in every window.



    An explanation of how transfers work, especially for Daily Record reading Celtic fans, and those heavily influenced by SMSM.



    It’s worth adding that during this ‘quiet’ transfer window at Celtic we have broken our transfer record, and once again probably since 1994 outwith SPL Partick Thistle in Glasgow, we’re the only club to spend our own money, having shopped in Paris.



    Bosmans can be picked up early in the window because players tend to accept moves quickly because they’ve no contracts, the real business if we’re tempted to spend more real money will happen on, or towards deadline day when sellable players levels 1-5 have considered all of their move options and their clubs have accepted bids.



    This is where modern Celtic are CSC




    I lose track of window opening/closing times but I agree that medium to long term planning is always better than the knee jerk variety.



    We’ve tried the other way & it rarely ends well.



    It does resemble a game of poker as players & clubs weigh up the cost/benefit/risk factors and either hold or fold at a time that they think right.



    As the deadline looms – whether Transfer Window or CL qualifier – then some feel compelled to move.



    Our 2 January 2018 signings looked the part yesterday – Morgan had movement, touch, strength & can score, while Compper looked solid.



    Generally, we look now to be a club that continually work on identifying targets all year round – which is how it should be – so that windows are less a time to scramble for a game-winning-ChampionsLeague-qualifier-gamble-player – but rather a time to conclude the busines of signing players that we already have in the bag (or almost).



    January CSC

  9. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Sad times when your football authorities are losing the moral high ground to those of Italy.


    Maybe they don’t see a “strong Milan” as being necessary to their game.


    By the way, Paul, Gattuso didn’t spend that money. He took over halfway through the season. Best to be factual.

  10. One advantage of going to tonight’s Vigil Mass is that I will miss the first half of the anglofest




  11. Hi Bhoys



    Just back from holidays and not read much but wanted to post this hope it raises a few smiles, but firstly welcome back to BIG JIMMY. Are you loved up again Big Mahn.



    Got on the plane last today me wife and NOW 15 year old niece, she was wearing her hoops. I clocked the look from the fat ugly old guy in front of us as she took her seat. I don’t know if anyone knows how to annoy someone when they are sitting in front of you on a plane but I couldn’t think of something to pay him back for his look right away. Anyway he fell asleep giving me time to think.



    This is what I came up with. He wakens from his slumber and I give him 5 minutes to pull himself together. I’ve decided to give the famous Glasgow Celtic the Big Up. So I start talking loudly across the wife to the niece. Hey sweetheart have you seen the new away top it’s a beauty with a magnificent celtic cross on the front. I see someone says that they seen an ad for it with one that had Roberts 7 on the back. You know how we got 10 or 12 million from the VvD sale then we used it to buy Fast Eddie and had some money left over we could put that to the 7 million we got for Armstrong and sign Paddy on a permanent deal and buy Mc Ginn from Hibs with the change. She says but isn’t he quoted as 3 million. I says that’s right but we could throw in Allan as a make weight cos we only bought him to sicken the huns. Then if we sell Big Boyata to Roma for 6 million we could buy another centre half and a right back with that cash and we won’t have spent a penny.



    I then went on making stuff up about the refurb to the stands,lights etc. In the end up even I thought I was making sense.



    What do you think?



    No offence was aimed at any players named on here or their positions I was only enjoying a wind up.








    Our last free transfer into the right back position hasn’t performed too badly. PC Lustig.



    I’ll be happy enough to see Moses join us-I’d love the fella to resurrect his career,especially with us!-but we need to be rigorous with our medical.





    Wow,have you been spying on me and my Dad when we do the oul stage whispers in Kilwinning hun territory?



    Maybe not,yours was genius!!!

  14. On the topic of rigorous medicals I had one yesterday and let me tell you that Kentucky Jelly tastes terrible.





    Maybe you’re more of a Bourbon and jelly man…

  16. I cannot possibly be the only one on this blog who thinks we are way short on creativity, am I ?


    We are in my opinion, crying out for a silky player who sees a pass. Sure, we are a solid enough unit, and score a good few and let few past us, but in my mind we need a Luboesque type of player. Is Scott Allan or Ryan Christie, a guy who can carry a ball, I mean surely it’s not all about passing is it? Are they the players we are searching for?


    More questions than answers, but I’ve had my say.


    Off to listen to some good old Lightnin’ Hopkins








    A reference to Kentucky’s greatest gift to humanity. Or at least,one small part of Swindon!





    On the few occasions when the team “clicks”,and starts moving the ball with purpose,to players running into space,etc…



    We have a team full of players who can play the killer pass.



    So frustrating to watch our normal methods.

  19. TONYROME@5:47



    Brilliant I’m sure the steam was bubbling in him :-))




    you are a bad bhoy






  20. BMCWP



    Hi Mick believe or not I was thinking of your dad whilst on holiday. You know the wee straw hats that they sell in all the wee shops. Well they had coloured ones and I thought P would like a green wan if he’s no got wan already. Alas nae GREEN wans in Sidari so apologies P. You nearly had a new wan for this summer’s golf.



    Another thing went through Glasgow Airport twice home and away and spent 11 days in Corfu never saw a single monkey tap but saw plenty hoops.





    Just seen the England v Belgium team selections. Should be interesting.





    Ah,nae luck. He’s got more bunnets than Fergus,that man. And every addition to his collection is greatly appreciated!

  23. Well the english prnted press over here in spain saying Belgium are good up front but DB is the dodgy one, if he plays. Which he does. Hope big mhan does well.








    Methinks they need to remove the log from their own eye.



    Phil Jones is playing in their back three. Just saying.

  25. Don’t get this logic from England fans that it would be better to lose tonight and finish second. Second would be a more difficult, and loseable, last 16 game against Colombia and I find they were to reach quarters ot could be Sweden. That’s Sweden they’ve never beat in the WC (4 draws) and are 1-2down in Euros finals. Group winners play Japan which is as easy a game anyone could get in last 16.