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Most of us do little at the back end of the Celtic FC Foundation, but today, on World Down Syndrome Day, Sky Sports broadcast a video on what your Foundation is doing through its Ability Counts programme.

The Foundation started Ability Counts in 2010 to aid children people with Down syndrome but has recently been extended to cater for young people with autism and adults with Down syndrome. Sky show Alex O’Donnell (above), who works as a tour guide at Celtic Park.

There is a message in this for all of us. Ability Counts promotes inclusion among people who have often been excluded. They run weekly football coaching and dance sessions, and further events across the year.

You are asked to support the work of the Foundation so often, and thank you to all who do, but you will never know the stories behind all the lives you improve.  Your Foundation is doing incredible work, not only in the most impoverished places on earth, but

Keep up the great work – and check out the Sky video, you’ll be glad you did .

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  1. Great stuff! Superb! And fair play to Sky (not something I usually say) for running the item.



    Meanwhile… Two new pieces (in case of interest…)



    One about the mystery new Sevco assistant manager…





    And one about new scientific proof that the Old Firm no longer exists…



  2. Re-post as requested by Masty earlier



    MASTY on 21ST MARCH 2017 9:19 AM






    Can I thank you all for the touching condolences from each and every one of you on behalf of my close friend Tony Donnelly,



    I know he would be thankful of the lovely words spoken.



    Annie was a great wee lady about 4 feet 11 in her socks, she loved the Celtic and Neil Lennon with an absolute passion .



    Many a tv remote got launched at the telly when tanner and his ilk said anything untoward about them both.



    Tony will be back in his own time, and I know he will take comfort from all the kind words, thank you again on behalf of the entire Donnelly clan.

  3. themightyquinn on

    Great stuff again from Celtic on this.



    Off topic a little, do we know what Celtic are doing in relation to this news?






    “Esports is organised, competitive computer gaming and can be staged in front of a live audience and millions more online.



    “It has the potential to become one of the top five sports in the world,” said Peter Warman of esport analysts Newzoo.



    French football club Paris St-Germain has created an esports team.



    Some English clubs – including Manchester City – employ professional gamers.



    Esports generated $493m (£400m) in revenue in 2016, with a global audience of about 320 million people.



    Prize money of $93.3m (£76m) was won last year, with the winning team at the League of Legends world championship – the biggest esports event – sharing a pot of $1m (£810,000).”



    Celtic should be thinking about getting in on this lucrative industry and I’m sure there are many talented gamers in the ranks of the Celtic support.


    Seems so.



    Thanks to ROBINBHOY for posting the MASTY comment.

  5. weebobbycollins on

    Re Kris Commons…Kris was great for Celtic. Smashing player! Skillful, lots of goals and at one point seemed to carry the team forward almost single-handedly…However, something happened when ronny and john collins took over. It was never really the same again…I don’t think it is a coincidence that neither Commons, Stokes, nor Mulgrew played again after Brendan entered Celtic Park. And I’m not sure about Johansen…his form dropped dramatically…i may be mistaken but I suspect Brendan knew of the situation and decided from the outset that they would not be part of his very important plans for Celtic. So, many thanks Kris…you will be fondly remembered and welcomed back to watch the Bhoys………………………………….but why are you still here?

  6. thomthethim for Oscar OK on




    I think your analysis is spot on.



    I would add Scott Brown on to Brendan’s review list, as he was captain during the period of RD’s tenure.



    As such, he would have been influential in the dressing room.



    I believe that prior to arriving at Celtic Park, the meeting BR had with Scott in London was to lay down his rules and to learn where Brown stood in respect of the previous atmosphere in the dressing room.



    The fact that this meeting took place away from Glasgow and before Rodgers took up the reins, is significant.



    To his credit and good sense, Scott has more than risen to the challenge.

  7. weebobbycollins on

    Just to be clear on my previous post…when I said “Brendan knew of the situation” I meant the anti-ronny, john collins clique in the dressing room. Pure speculation on my part…unashamed, lazy speculation…Still…..!

  8. I’m good Bada, really enjoying the Season. Hope Brendan drives on from here and builds from a position of strength.

  9. Celticrollercoaster supporting @WalkWithShay on

    *****Wee Shays Green Raffle Army Update*****



    Amazing start to Shay’s Green Raffle Army recruitment drive. 41 sellers in our green and white battalions already on board. Can you help? Email us at walkwithshay@yahoo.com



    Thank you guys for all your amazing support so far. A registration email will be issued to you over the next 24 hours, so don’t worry that you have not heard from us.










  10. Celticrollercoaster supporting @WalkWithShay on




    Is it being beamed LIVE to Lisbon, so we can watch it? :-)







  11. Maybe Billy Connolly and Kevin Bridges will join us in Lisbon?


    Navid? Dean Park?


    List is beginningless.


    I blame BRTH.







  12. *** GOALS FOR SHAY 2 ***



    Overwehlmed to say that only 18 hours after the launch we already have 42 entrants for the latest competition. Emails will be out to all entrants tonight or tommorow once the brains behind the scenes have finalise a couple of tweaks to the rules ;-) But in case you missed it from last night, a wee repost…



    ****Goals For Shay 2 – your invitation!****




    Welcome to the launch of our brand new competition, “Goals For Shay 2” which will commence on Saturday 1 April 2017.



    Simply pick 1 single unique team each week for the remainder of the league season and the entrant with the highest aggregate goals scored will take the top prize (roughly 90% of the total prizepot). And this time, to keep everyone fully involved, there will be a separate prize (about 10% of the total prize money) for the entrant who does best over the final 3 rounds. So even if you get off to a disappointing start, there’ll still be everything to play for as the weeks go on.



    The cost of entry is £10 per team entered and this gets you one free joker which, when played, will double your score that week. You can also buy one additional joker for £5.



    The prizepot will consist of 50% of the entry free, with 50% going to support Walk With Shay, All monies for the additional joker will also go to Shay.



    Realy, really simple to take part and all you need to do for now is just register your interest by sending an email to cqnpredictor@gmail.com . If you have a moniker, nickname that we can use to identify you once the competition starts then please tell us that. We’ll get back to you with full details, usually within 48 hours.



    And please feel free to tell your family and friends, share on Facebook, involve your work colleagues, etc. We are a competition Open to All.



    Thank you for Walking With Shay.



    Celticrollercoaster and Jobo

  13. BABASONICOS71 on

    Who were the 999,999 folk who declined before a Bay City Roller was asked?


    I didn’t realise our club had a Minister for Underwhelment.


    Tebbit on BBC traducing Martin McGuinness.



    That will be the same Tebbit who turned a blind eye to everything in Northern Ireland,reinforced the treatment of prisoners as criminals,fought it as a war.






    As an ajoinder,his wife was seriously injured at Brighton for which I am sorry. Civilian casualty.



    She was treated at Stoke Mandeville. A specialist hospital which Tebbit’s Tories had been trying to close down for years.



    Horrible man.

  15. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    Seems that I opened a wee can of worms in responding to Macjay’s post about Kris Commons.



    I think we need to separate the man from the footballer and I credited him and his partner for the charitable work they have undertaken.



    I also appreciate how he contributed as a player; however, I stand by my assertion that, IMHO, his behaviour in the Molde game was unacceptable but to give Commons comparison with Wee Jinky is out of context, IMHO. One was a standout in a team of legends; the other a decent player in a mediocre team. It’s like comparing Malky Mackay with Caesar!



    Also remember that Big Jock followed him up the tunnel and dealt with it there and then; no-one who witnessed that scrap was in any doubt about who was the boss. If I recall, Wee Jinky publicly apologised for what he did. His actions never undermined the manager.



    Kris Commons slated his management team publicly over a matter of minutes for all to see and displayed a real undermining of the manager; there is the significant difference.



    Thanks for your contribution Kris, but that’s where I leave it.








    Re Tebbit…



    He lives in Bury St Edmunds. If I ever see him I’ll give him the glaring of lifetime on your behalf.

  17. The Green Jedi on

    without doubt the meeting between BR & SB will be the most important in Brown’s career. Brown was on his first & only warning with Brendan. I would suspect that BR told SB to forget about his other 3 cohorts (Commons, Mulgrew & Stokes) they are as good as gone , albeit they didn’t all know it yet!! It wasn’t a coincidence that’s where the clear out started last summer.



    But I am glad SB has heeded what came out of that meeting, he has looked a better, fitter & stronger player /captain because of it. if he didn’t I’ve no doubt BR would’ve signed a replacement in a heartbeat)

  18. mike in toronto on

    seems like Diego Simeone is putting his name forward for a new job …. says he wont go to Real, and probably isn’t ready for the Argentina job …






    shame that Sevco rushed into hiring that Portugese guy …. reading between the lines, it is clear that Diego was grieving about being passed over for the sevco job …



    (,I’m sure that is what will be reported in tomorrow’s DR)

  19. Robinbhoy/Masty,



    please pass my condolences on to Tony and his brother Tam. I have not been on the blog much lately so it is the first time I’ve heard about it.



    Rest in Peace Annie



  20. The Battered Bunnet on

    Sorry to hear of the passing of Annie Donnelly. Condolences to Tony and his family. I’ll keep you in my thoughts today.

  21. GREENSIDEUP-GBWO on 21ST MARCH 2017 2:09 PM






    please pass my condolences on to Tony and his brother Tam.



    *me tae, I believe they lost their wee brother recently tae. Without Big Tam aka Le Chateaulait Chat a lot of NA Tims widnae be able tae see the Bhoys on a regular basis.





    Don’t,mate. Look at him and pity him.

  23. TT


    How are you pal?


    Thomas is over the Atlantic as we speak,


    Annie’s requiem mass will be in st Margaret Mary’s castlemilk on Saturday morning at 10 am.

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