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Most of us do little at the back end of the Celtic FC Foundation, but today, on World Down Syndrome Day, Sky Sports broadcast a video on what your Foundation is doing through its Ability Counts programme.

The Foundation started Ability Counts in 2010 to aid children people with Down syndrome but has recently been extended to cater for young people with autism and adults with Down syndrome. Sky show Alex O’Donnell (above), who works as a tour guide at Celtic Park.

There is a message in this for all of us. Ability Counts promotes inclusion among people who have often been excluded. They run weekly football coaching and dance sessions, and further events across the year.

You are asked to support the work of the Foundation so often, and thank you to all who do, but you will never know the stories behind all the lives you improve.  Your Foundation is doing incredible work, not only in the most impoverished places on earth, but

Keep up the great work – and check out the Sky video, you’ll be glad you did .

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  1. South Of Tunis on




    Cholo Simeone ?



    For what it’s worth -the Italian Media have him going to Juventus and Allegri going to Barca ( though some say Arsenal )

  2. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    I’m flying a kite here.



    It’s the 175th anniversary of St Mary’s in the Calton in August and Fr Tom is planning to put in new stain glass windows mainly centred around the decades of the rosary.



    However, he was open to looking at putting in 2 special ones – one of the founding of Celtic by Br Walfrid and the Marists (who celebrate 200 years in 2017), the feeding of the poor and the influence on Parish life in the East End; the other would look to commemorate the Great Famine in Ireland that brought the Irish diaspora to Glasgow.



    This is now hinging on me raising around £20K for this; so, I’m looking for ideas that could supplement something like a GoFundMe page and I’m open to anything that is legal and in all good taste!



    So 2 questions:



    1. Do people think the wider Celtic fanbase would support this?


    2. Any good ideas?



    Thanks in advance.





  3. Sincere condolences to the Donnelly family, may Annie rest in peace.



    MIT – Took Clare to the noodle joint on Spadina yesterday for a big ramen bowl, she loved it:)





  4. mike in toronto on




    I had heard the Allegri to Arsenal one a while ago, but it seems to have gone cold ….



    I can see Simeone to Juve… but dont see Allegri as someone who would excite the Barca faithful …. but if Barca lose the title this year, then they may go for a more italian/practical approach…. ..



    I think Pocchetino in the best young manager around … if he can win a trophy or two, I think he ends up at Barca … or Koeman seems to be doing a good job at Everton … if he gets another move up, and wins something, he would be in the frame for Barca … but both of them are probably a season or two away from that sort of move …





    Or not. But the comment is much appreciated.



    I think you can forgive your enemies but never condone them. That they can’t means we win,in time.

  6. !!Bada Bing!! on

    VFR- I think the Club would help out for such a special place,maybe JP Taylor / Tony Hamilton,might be worth getting in touch with

  7. mike in toronto on

    Torontony …. the acorns dont fall far from the tree … but I cant imagine how anyone would not like that place!



    The doc is away this weekend for a month, so I may be calling upon you for another dinner or two there, while she is away!




  8. mike in toronto on

    BMCUWP …. I know the Big Guy said ‘turn the other cheek’… but my old granny said, ‘if a bully picks on you, go up to him, in front of everyone, and punch him in the nose’ …….



    I think they were both right.



    the old CQN cognitive dissonance at work!




  9. South Of Tunis on

    Tebbit ?



    Used to see him in a Belgravia boozer called The Star. A very skinny grey man in a suit which looked 1 size too small.. A psychotic skinhead / Uriah Heep look..

  10. MIT – No problem and I assume the good lady is off home to see mum and dad?



    Got myself all sorted for Lisbon now, just a car rental to take care of. ACGR is doing a fine job of organizing the golf; looking forward to an 18 hole stagger with him:)


    I’m confident that BRTH will organise a beamback of anything worth watching from Glasgow to whatever free bar watering hole he has us ensnared in.lol





  11. An Teach Solais on

    VFR 800 IS NOW A MONSTER 821at 2.57pm


    I think that it would be brilliant if the Celtic Community in concert raised the funds for the commemorative stained glass windows.


    Perhaps may need a few mentions on this blog and on other Celtic minded blogs to garner interest.


    Others will have more experience of fund raising than I but an appeal to the exiled support especially in North America may prove fruitful.


    I am up for contributing in whatever small way I can. Good luck with the project. Hope windows will be protected against vandalism. There are stll some Neanderthals about.


    Perhaps a repost/ bump later when you will have more lurking/posting. HH

  12. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    !!BADA BING!!, TET



    Thanks guys; both options will be followed!





  13. mike in toronto on

    Torontony …. she had planned to go home for her dad’s 80th bday anyways, but her aunt passed away this week, so going home for that …



    you guys will have a great time in Lisbon … all I ask is that, if you guys are calling to get bailed out, just remember the time difference! :)



    I wish I could do the Lisbon trip, but my mum will be coming into town in may for her 75th bday, so may see if I can take her away for a few days … maybe montreal or QC ….see if she can fit me into her busy social calendar!




  14. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Bobby/South of Tunis, Tebbit always came across as a man of little compassion , if any , and having no


    understanding why it is important to having a bit of goodness in your heart .

  15. An Teach Solais on



    An afterthought, an approach to the Irish Consul General in Edinburgh (Mr. Mulhall) especially in relation to the Irish Diaspora.


    The Department of Foreign Affairs may perhaps have some funds for commemoration of An Gorta Mor. I don’t know but maybe, just maybe. HH

  16. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    I listened to a lecture given by Tebet at Strathclyde Uni around 1981.


    He spoke on Monetarism. He was Thatcher’s guru on economic policy.


    He generally handed a fairly hostile audience well, but did take a pasting from a colourful audience member, a mature student and well read left wing firebrand, HM. I used to buy second hand books off HM, with as many of his interesting comments scribbled in the margins as there was by the books’ Authors. He did not let Tebbit off of the hook, and the lecture ended fairly abruptly after their exchanges.



    You could feel the disdain Tebbit held the audience in. Horrible man.

  17. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    MIKE IN TORONTO on 21st March 2017 3:09 pm



    BMCUWP …. I know the Big Guy said ‘turn the other cheek’…






    Most people think that is a sign of passivity; however, we have a men’s prayer group on a Tuesday which (after a very peaceful Benediction) looks at a lot of aspects of the Bible. On deeper discussion it appears that turn the other cheek is in fact challenging and confrontational in many ways according to Biblical scholars.



    Firstly, if you turn your other cheek, the assailant has to use their left hand which, in context, is something they wouldn’t do in Palestine at that time (and in many Middle eastern countries today). Secondly, it states that you have been browbeaten or intimidated; almost a question “is that all you have?”.



    In doing this you are more likely to challenge and intimidate the other person who will back down.



    Interesting stuff when you get the deeper meaning of the passage.





  18. —–


    Rejoice..! Rejoice..!



    Get Yer Spearmint Chews & Ra Macaroon Bars..!!



    ‘Gorgeous’ George Galloway To Stand For UKIP Against Liebour, In The Manchester Gorton By-Election..!!!!



    The ‘Magic Fedora’ Continues To Confound….



    We’ll Send Steve Bannon & Kelly-Anne Conway Over There To Organise His Campaign….



    He Needs WINNERS This Time….



    Not LOSERS….!



    [Like Ernie & James ‘Tarmacadam’ Forrest…? Ed ] ;-)



    Oh…We Just Love The Smell Of BREXIT In The Morning !









    Condolences To TD67….



    We’ve Lost One Of The Best.




  19. I got my leg pulled yesterday when I mentioned that if Hearts had any sense they’d move the game on April 2 to Murrayfield. Unlikely I know but there are going to be a lot of frustrated Bhoys and Ghirls in the away support.



    The appointment of Brendan Rodgers saw a sharp increase in corporate packages and these supporters are able to get their hands on away tickets.



    I believe Fergus started this when he built the new stadium and you can understand the logic I suppose.



    On Sunday at Dens Park there were 3999 Celtic supporters at the game. Spares were readily available outside, rather unusually for this season. Had Hearts beat Aberdeen the day before then these tickets would have been snapped up.



    For Tynecastle we are getting around 1800 tickets.



    We can win the league on March 31 if Dundee win at home to Aberdeen.



    These 1800 tickets are being allocated at the moment and if we describe the fans at Dens on Sunday as the ‘away support’ then these fans who go everywhere are set to have just over 200 tickets to distribute among themselves.



    The rest are being allocated to corporates and players/ officials etc



    Some buses for the first time ever have been awarded an allocation of 0 tickets. At least they are all in the same boat!

  20. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    An Teach Solais on 21st March 2017 3:17 pm



    Thanks for the ideas; the Irish Consul might reap rewards!



    They windaes willnae be getting panned – the will be protected!





  21. mike in toronto on

    VFR … a more considered response than my off hand comment deserved …. but a thought provoking one. Thank you.



    but if you are into early christian history…. Gager’s work on early christianity as a millenarian movement (Kingdom and Community, I think it was called) is fun ….



    and as an added CQN bonus … Gager also had a chapter in Social Scientific Approaches to New Testament Interpretations ….. about that other CQN favourite …..Christian Missions and the Theory of … wait for it … Cognitive Dissonance…

  22. South Of Tunis on

    DALLAS DALLAS @ 3 22 .



    I read the man’s autobiography .. It was hard to take seriously .. It could have been satire . A perfect stereotype of the estate agent /white van man wing of the Tory Party. Alf Garnett stuff .

  23. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    winning captains on 21st March 2017 3:41 pm



    I know a couple of guys who haven’t missed a game home or away this season and they have been left disappointed.



    Not a great solution is it?





  24. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    MIT @3:49 both look worth a visit!



    We have (as a group) been looking at “A Protestants Dilemma” written by a Baptist who converted to Catholicism; it’s interesting (but not very well written) and de-constructs the Protestant arguments against Catholicism; they have, on the whole, pretty much hamstrung themselves with Sola Scriptura in his arguments.



    Worth the £5 for a wee read!





  25. VFR800



    Just got a message confirming that the corporates are also subject to a ballot for this game.



    In the cup when a team gets drawn against Celtic they move game to bigger ground and benefit financially i.e. Albion Rovers.



    Why not in the league? We are so far ahead anyway, indeed we might even win it before we get to April.

  26. Masty….



    If your on could you pass on my condolences to Tony and his brother Dessie. I’ll pop in the Oasis and see if Tony or Dessie is about.HH

  27. The Donald,


    George Galloway is standing as an Independent,


    nothing to do with UKIP

  28. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    South of Tunis, Norman Tebbit looked like one if the priests at a church I was a parishioner of years ago.



    The only similarity was they looked like each other. The priest was the exact opposite in outlook from the former politician.

  29. 67 European Cup Winners on

    What a great story – Alex O’Donnell you are a credit to our club – thank you




  30. Winning C



    1,400 for Tynecastle mate. A second ballot was held today, around 30 tickets that weren’t taken up by corporate. The Minx got one and so did my mate.

  31. H/T,



    sounds like you didn’t get one. Shame. It bugs me when people like yourself don’t get a ticket for the likes of Tynecastle when you go everywhere.



    Maybe Celtic could arrange with SKY to beam the game back to Celtic Park and many more might enjoy the game among fellow supporters.

  32. Parkheadcumsalford



    Thank you for your concern but I was one of the extremely fortunate few who got one in the first ballot.

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