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Most of us do little at the back end of the Celtic FC Foundation, but today, on World Down Syndrome Day, Sky Sports broadcast a video on what your Foundation is doing through its Ability Counts programme.

The Foundation started Ability Counts in 2010 to aid children people with Down syndrome but has recently been extended to cater for young people with autism and adults with Down syndrome. Sky show Alex O’Donnell (above), who works as a tour guide at Celtic Park.

There is a message in this for all of us. Ability Counts promotes inclusion among people who have often been excluded. They run weekly football coaching and dance sessions, and further events across the year.

You are asked to support the work of the Foundation so often, and thank you to all who do, but you will never know the stories behind all the lives you improve.  Your Foundation is doing incredible work, not only in the most impoverished places on earth, but

Keep up the great work – and check out the Sky video, you’ll be glad you did .

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  1. 67 European Cup Winners on

    I have 20 minutes and a view on Paranoia


    “Just because you are Paranoid – does not mean they are not out to get you”



    In Scotland particularly the West of Scotland, Referee’s, SFA Execs, Bank Managers and politicians alike usually lean towards a Protestant background consequently they will have a soft heart for THEM



    We cannot expect any favours or even fair play from any of them – this is the root cause of Paranoia


    Now the aforementioned establishment do not make up 100% of society – I do not know the percentage


    But I would bet a shilling a larger percentage of THEM have influential jobs in Scottish Football



    Equally (ironically the wrong word) if you have any interest in female discrimination you will know there is much to do in the corporate world to give woman reasonable representation in company boardrooms


    I wont hold my breath waiting for a change



    The point is discrimination – be it religious or gender – exists, consequently Paranoia exists



    We are right to assume we will not get fairly treated




  2. 67 European Cup Winners on

    One more thing


    Madden (self confessed Hun) the other week 2 incidents


    1) Miller two feet of the ground flying through the air out of control


    2) Penalty call last minute



    In any English PL game Miller is off and we get a penalty



    Another factor


    If both incidents were reversed Leigh two feet off the ground out of control and Miller getting hacked in the last minute



    Would Madden have made the same decisions ??


    We know the answer – that’s why we are paranoid




  3. WC



    I understand your’s and others obvious frustrations with the prawnees getting most of the tix for these games. Allocation not great in first place but Celtic bin the ordinary fan for their prawnees when ever it suits them. There is a two fold problem here, Anne Grudge and Celtic.



    But the chances of Hearts moving away from Tynecastle to accomodate Celtic fans is laughable. It’s not going to happen.



    As a wee aside, I know a Hearts fan who stays down South. He has tried to buy tix for the home sections there several times this season when he’s been coming up. He hasn’t managed to get one ticket once through his club. Only time he saw them was when a friend of his loaned him his season book. So although I think Hearts are at it with our club in particular they do have a situation right now where their fans are buying their full allocation even against other diddy teams in the league.



    I haven’t noticed the Stupid FC allocation there. Do they get more? I imagine they do. Brothers with same arms and all that.




  4. Hamilton Tim



    Glad you got one as I went to post along same lines as parkheadcumSalford:-).



    Surely time tho for some sort of transparency and weighting, based on use.home and away.espcially if they are balloting at corp level.


    Must be easy to do for some bright software developer to do.





  5. South Of Tunis on

    SOUKOUS @ 4.09.



    Big thanks re that Palermo link .


    Saw the alleged new owner of Palermo ( many think he is nothing more than a front for Zamparini ) on the tele . Managed to mention the Champions League and Palermo in the same sentence .The support are much more interested in avoiding relegation than swallowing that guff .

  6. glendalystonsils on




    I had one just like it. Gawd knows where it is now….disappeared along with a few LP’s I wish I still had.


    There’s probably a wee gremlin that lives down a stank who has then stored somewhere secret-))

  7. off topic, but






    Wonderful words from James McClean as he pays tribute to Martin McGuinness





    Of all the tributes, eulogies and stories we will read and hear about Martin McGuinness over the coming days, this stands right up there with the best.


    The people of Derry have been through the wringer for centuries. They are used to hardship and strife.



    They are used to getting through it.



    The past few days have seen them endure two keening blows and one wonders how they will endure. But they always do. That is their main strength – the togetherness and sense of community through even the worst of times.



    On Sunday, they learned of the tragic passing of Derry City captain Ryan McBride at the age of just 27. The tributes that have poured in since have been heartening and inspirational.



    This morning, they woke to discover that Sinn Féin politician and former Northern Ireland Deputy Minister Martin McGuinness had passed away at the age of 66. There have been warm words shared already from the likes of Gerry Adams and President Michael D Higgins and more.






    McClean – a proud Derry native – found out like the rest of us, this morning, and yet was able to perfectly sum up just what McGuinness meant to him and to so many others.





    On his Instagram page, McClean writes:



    ‘Writing this with a heavy heart. Bad week just getting worse. Woke to the passing of Martin just now.



    ‘I’m not going to shy away in expressing either how I feel – not only was he a hero of mine, someone I looked up to, a man that has done so much for Irish people and Irish peoples’ freedom right to the very the end, he was also a good friend and someone I had the pleasure of having a good relationship with.



    ‘A man I met so many times, had the privilege to share many a great conversation with, a man that always text me before games wishing me luck, a man that through the well documented tough times off the field always let me know how brave I was standing by my beliefs, that I never was alone because i had his support and backing always.



    ‘You will be sorely missed Martin. A great leader, a great hero and above all a great man… thinking on all your loved ones.. beannacht agus buíochas a ghabháil leat mo chara.’

  8. SoT



    I’ve seen Juve a few times this season, thought Dybala was top class. Would imagine he would command a transfer of at least €80m. It will be interesting to see if he backs up his words against Barca. Wonder if Palermo were smart enough to insert the Peter Lawwell sell on clause.


    HAMILTONTIM on 21ST MARCH 2017 4:59 PM



    solution in CELTIC’S hands.if we are winning let them score in last min.if we are winning 2 0 let them score 2 in last min. title decider is then v THISTLE on wed night. full house.



  10. fairhill bhoy on

    I know we all want to see us maybe win the league,but are we saying we want our opposition to give up home advantage just to please us?Hearts new manager no having the best of runs,under a bit of pressure to make Europe,but fek that hearts,move your game to a bigger stadium just for us,Entitlement anyone:-))

  11. May I make a request of any CQN’rs who have knowledge of Kodi boxes for their advice and any information they could offer as I am looking to acquire one to replace my current Virgin Media package which ends next month. Thanks in advance for any assistance offered.




  12. jeez_I_thought_blinker_was_pants on

    ONEMALLOY – SKY, BT, TalkTalk etc are clamping down on Kodi streams at source now, half decent streams are getting harder and harder to find. If you have a dish, Xgemma is the way to go, £75-ish (one time) and around £15-20 for a “Gift” per year, it’s the best solution yet. If you have no dish, only broadband, an idea is a NOW TV box with plex (around £90 a year).


    However, if you want to press ahead with Kodi, any bog standard 2GB/8GB Quad core box will do from ebay and it will be a case of installing the “add-ons” yourself, like DC Sports, Operation Robocop etc..

  13. Train and guest house booked for Partick game, Onslow guest house any comments welcome please

  14. HUNDERBIRDS ARE GONE on 21ST MARCH 2017 3:27



    Remember something very similar with Keith Joseph not Tebbit


    In the old Main building if memory serves





    ‘I listened to a lecture given by Tebet at Strathclyde Uni around 1981.



    He spoke on Monetarism. He was Thatcher’s guru on economic policy.’






    I wonder if you’re maybe not getting Tebbit mixed up with Sir Keith Joseph.



    Joseph was the Tory monetarist expert, and seemed to do quite a bit of talking to student audiences.



    Tebbit, frankly, is too thick to address any kind of audience on economic issues

  16. I keep seeing posts about people buying Kodi boxes and the like.


    Auldheid loaded Kodi on to my computer for feck all, I have all the add ons, get to see most things.


    I agree with Jeez tho, usually reliable streams like Neofeed. tv seem to be showing nothing these days, only happened in the past week, this time last week they were showing everything, tonight nothing.

  17. Through A Green Glass Brightly on

    Tony Donnelly



    Sorry for the loss pf your mother, Annie, may perpetual light shine on her.

  18. So the fine fellows are at the front of the queue for scarce tickets.


    What’s new in that?

  19. Another sad day.



    Condolences to all the Donnelly’s. Annie is off up the road to see the Many Legends of the past. I think they play that Beautiful Game in Heaven continuously – Nae Cheats allowed. ;))



    Martin fought hard for Peace. Losing Lives is never the answer. It only means hurt. It is incredible that Martin done what he did.




    RIP Annie and Martin.

  20. mild mannered Pedro delgado on

    Get yer self a dodgy box guy



    Bt sky the lot


    But you have to be introduced so as to protect said dodgybox guy






    Off to read. Jj again

  21. LAFAN




    Sky package ditched.



    New Fire Stick will arrive next month.



    How do I add Kodi and other add ons, please?



    Not much of a tech type.







  22. jeez_I_thought_blinker_was_pants on

    TET – Only really happened in the past week, the English FA and their pals in Sky, BT etc are going all out to block Kodi streams till the seasons end.


    Like you, I was getting streams no bother (apart from el Classico etc, when everyone and their cousins around the world would swamp it) Got an Xgemma box a couple of months ago, the dogs bollix if you have a dish, not sure if it works with cable though, as maybe the case with Onemalloy.



    ONEMALLOY – SKY, BT, TalkTalk etc are clamping down on Kodi streams at source now, half decent streams are getting harder and harder to find. If you have a dish, Xgemma is the way to go, £75-ish (one time) and around £15-20 for a “Gift” per year, it’s the best solution yet.





    Thanks for the information/advice. I do have a dish from previous Sky package. What is the “Gift” of £15-20 you mention?

  24. Jeez


    I have a dish, need it for brit tv, we also have a dodgy ish sky card, well it’s not really dodgy, it’s an extra room card that should be getting used in Ireland, but it’s getting paid for so, will the Xgemma box work for me ?


    Never heard of them if the truth be told



  25. VALE BHOY on 21ST MARCH 2017 8:11 PM Ref your Kodi question.



    If you Google Troy at Troypoint you will get a variety of videos on You Tube which will take you thru the set up of a Firestick.

  26. THE GREEN JEDI on 21ST MARCH 2017 2:00 PM




    So you were present at this meeting?.


    Or are you just a bullshit guesser like all the SMSM we hate so much.






    Thank you for your advice/information




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