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Most of us do little at the back end of the Celtic FC Foundation, but today, on World Down Syndrome Day, Sky Sports broadcast a video on what your Foundation is doing through its Ability Counts programme.

The Foundation started Ability Counts in 2010 to aid children people with Down syndrome but has recently been extended to cater for young people with autism and adults with Down syndrome. Sky show Alex O’Donnell (above), who works as a tour guide at Celtic Park.

There is a message in this for all of us. Ability Counts promotes inclusion among people who have often been excluded. They run weekly football coaching and dance sessions, and further events across the year.

You are asked to support the work of the Foundation so often, and thank you to all who do, but you will never know the stories behind all the lives you improve.  Your Foundation is doing incredible work, not only in the most impoverished places on earth, but

Keep up the great work – and check out the Sky video, you’ll be glad you did .

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  1. TET



    In Kodi it’s good to perform maintainance tasks like clear cache, clear providers and clear packages. Add the indigo app to perform this maintainance. In Exodus go into tools and they are there for that app. Clear cache in Kodi applications before you start viewing every day.



    KODI can go on your, phone, tablet, PC, Mac or you can buy an android box like Fire TV, Firestick or any of the many others.



    Did Auldheid install Kodi V17 Krypton or V16 Jarvis. If Jarvis you are best now to upgrade to Keypton as it’s now working well and a lot of the apps are no longer maintained for Jarvis V16.




  2. jeez_I_thought_blinker_was_pants on

    Ebay is your friend for zgemma/openbox stuff, it is a bit of a learning curve (as is Kodi)



    1. Buy a box (mine is a zgemma H2S, it has 2 lnb inputs, I only use one though)


    2. Install a build, mine is wooshbuild


    3. Copy over your “gift” via USB, FTP etc, you are good to go



    Search for 12 month gifts on Ebay, they range from £12 upwards, usually go for guys with trusted feedback, in case your “gift” doesn’t last for the whole year. TET you could email the seller to see if it would work in Espana.



    The zgemma is a free to air receiver, but the USB/Ethernet ports open it up to so much more. In order for the “gifts” to work, the box must be connected to the Internet.


    Check the forums/You Tube for tips.

  3. Hunderbirds are Gone on




    Ah f. Eck. You have me doubting ma’sel now. I did see Kj. Yer right, he was the monetarist guru.


    EKBHOY, do you remember HM that I mentioned? Combat jacket, twin hearing aids.



    I definitely saw Tebbit too……….. but where? And on what?



    Students. TD is right, too much drink an’ drugs on taxpayers money. lol. :)))

  4. MWD


    No idea, don’t use it much these days, used to watch english games on it but tend to only watch Celtic these days and either the betting sites, they are top quality or a stream suffices, hopefully we are getting a new broadband co in come the summer and they are offering 30 megs for just over half of what I presently pay for three, so Celtic TV will be purchased as soon as it’s installed.



  5. Just what the world needs.A new stained glass window for a church.Good lord.Is this the present version of Christianity?.No,its always been thus.Pomp and splendour fot the Churches,famine,poverty,and death for the faithful.Sell a Bishops ring and buy it,for Gods sake.

  6. VFR: I would imagine that the North American Federation of CSCs and the Irish diaspora in North America might be a good source of funding.



    The association of Irish CSCs might be interested also.



    I’m very busy at the moment but would be willing to do what I can after Easter.

  7. Hunderbirds are Gone on 21st March 2017 8:39 pm



    There was an older mature student who was giving Josef a bit of grieve – never knew the block Politics or History student , I think ,Glesca lad – room was packed out it was in the Old Main Building , one of the Maths lecture rooms – crazy what you can remember –



    Happy days 1980 if I had to put money on it

  8. Hunderbirds are Gone on




    Aye. I did Politics and Economic History. To be honest I can’t remember the venue. I was mostly in the McCance building and the Livi Tower, but seriously can not think of the venue. Do you mean the Royal College building? HM was a great guy, I got to know him after that talk. Saved me a fortune on course books.



    McCance Building, Levi Tower??? TBH I was mostly in the Press Bar. What were you doing?

  9. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    Condolences to TD67 and his brother on the loss of their mother RIP.


    On a lighter note…. thomthetim… Why are you sending a photo of MY scarf to BSR and where was I when you were taking it? :) :).

  10. Delaneys Dunky on




    That sounds like The Green Man historian.


    If it was today it would be him.


    The initials and hearing aids suggest it wisnae TGM though. :)

  11. BBC Newsnight covering Martin McGuinness extensively tonight, BBC2 10.30pm. Should be a good watch.

  12. Ray Winstone's Big Disembodied Heid on

    Hunderbirds. I remember HM. Knew him in the 70’s and he was a really decent guy. Lost his hearing due to years of driving lorries with no sound proofing in the cab,



    Made me chuckle when you mentioned earlier his habit of writing comments in the margins of books. This was one of his trademarks and I knew immediately who you were talking about. The comments were normally directed at the author as if he/she could hear them.



    He was always a bit odd but as he got older it got worse.



    I lost touch with him but heard some years later that he had unbelievably got in with a bunch of extreme right wingers and actually became a holocaust denier, spouting his views to newspapers and anyone else who would listen.




  13. Delaneys Dunky on




    When my son Ryan met you at the Ireland v Switzerland match last year, he commented, “That scarf P is wearing is aulder than me da.”


    I replied, “That classic Celtic Supporter Scarf is aulder than me too son.” :)

  14. thetimreaper on 21st March 2017 9:05 pm



    BBC Newsnight covering Martin McGuinness extensively tonight, BBC2 10.30pm. Should be a good watch.



    I think it will be a Pish watch.









    Sorry, was out with dog.



    Thanks very much for that.



    I’ll give it a go.







  16. Absolutely gutted that I did not get one ticket for the Hearts match .


    I have taken two tickets for every away match Celtic have played since there was the opportunity to join the away registration scheme.



    If by chance of a miracle someone comes up with a ticket ,I would be very grateful to receive it.







    …. as little as possible … happy days , Press Bar free drinks at New Year , Queuing up at the bank on George street for weekend drink money on a Friday afternoon , 21p a pint …

  18. PETEC on 21ST MARCH 2017 9:18 PM






    He Fulfilled EVERY Jewish Law.





















    What,no Christian ones?””””””WTF are we all doing following him?.Thats incredible.

  19. Had been having problems watching games with Kodi lately myself but after updating it to Krypton i managed to get our game v Dundee.


    After trying the usual add ons with no success i found one that id never seen before called Sports Demon(not Sports Devil) and i got the game immediately.


    The stream i watched didnt have a sharp picture but it was watchable and most importantly…….there wasnt any buffering.


    Maybe worth a try for anyone who has been struggling as well lately?

  20. VFR



    Just an idea why not ask the club to allow a bucket collection outside the park the day of the charity match. The collection could be stipulated as 50p pieces only you get 40,000 of them that reaches your target.



    Or £1 donations asking for any old £1 coins as the new ones are out by then.



    Failing that I can’t fault TURKEYBHOY’S idea either.




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