Fine-tuning Tommy Burns methods


Photo by Vagelis Georgariou, Biglens.

Almost exactly 10 years after Celtic fans alleged Porto’s adherence to the rules was less than faithful, when they won the Uefa Cup after extra time, their creative genius, Deco, failed a drugs test a substance used to mask performance-enhancing substances were found in his blood.

Is anyone surprised?

Congratulations to the Celtic under-20 team on securing league and cup double, the fourth consecutive season Celtic youths have recorded this achievement.  John Kennedy and Stevie Frail’s operation is years ahead of what was previously known as their domestic competition.

Celtic have been fine-tuning youth development since Tommy Burns returned from Amsterdam all those years ago with new strategies, some of which are still being used.  The cream graduate as Champions League players, but Celtic are pretty much running elite-level youth development in Scotland, a fact made clear when you look at the enormous number of Celtic training academy graduates earning a living across the rest of the league.

It used to be the case that Celtic wasted young talent.  Perceived wisdom was “Go to Aberdeen or Dundee United, they’ll turn you into a player”.  The opposite is now true.
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  1. NatKnow - "We welcome the paper-chase..." on



    14:02 on


    2 May, 2013


    Sorry to pollute the blog with tales from the darkside, but my attention has been drawn to one of their latest threads. Cannae stop laughing……



    G.C.C. – I Have contacted the GCC regarding the school in front of parkhead football ground asking why the gates are left open every home game for directors to park there cars inside C.F.C dont own the the school grounds so why is it left open I also emailed regarding no bus lane cameras on the gallowgate yet there is one on duke between the bristol and the louden i mentioned is it because ceptic fans use the gallowgate so you cant put a camera there i have had no reply the email regarding the school i have had three different replies just passing the buck this council is pure corrupt.



    Proof positive that Unemployment is a terrible thing, is it not…..




    I was delighted to read this. If this is the kind of thing the zombies are concerned with rather than the state of their club then great!!

  2. I get “publication not found” instead of the magazine at top of page. Any ideas folks?

  3. bankiebhoy1 on

    The Phoenix Klub –







    (them’s wull hate that.)





  4. Is it any co-incidence that not long after a huge doping scandal was uncovered in Spain and blood from sportsmen who had taken tests was asked to be destroyed, presumably to protect big stars, that Spain’s two premier football teams exited Europe with crushing defeats to German sides?



    Probably but unless the full details are know, suspicions are always going to be there.




  5. Blast last post on previous- thought it was time for change.





    14:18 on


    2 May, 2013


    Kitalba – some cracking posts re Brit/Irish Invasion of Argentina etc., and then the 2 Fathers – inspiring although I am no longer religious,


    Previously DBBIA and others on silk used beneath amour- I think the Mongols took it from the Chinese who had been using it for a long time. Bow power- horseback warriors had obviously to use shorter bows than the 6ft Eng. longbow. The plains Indians favoured Osage orangewood with glued on ligament/sinew (could pass through a buffalo) but prized the bighorn sheep “laminates”. The Mongols similar but also the recurved (double bend) giving them so much power.


    Enjoyed all these blogs but this next one took a glint to my eye.


    Murdochbhoy, yermanfromMK


    18:53 on


    1 May, 2013





    I wouldn’t get too agitated about the mischievous Kojo and his multiple identities.


    Initially I ignored his posts as I didn’t have the time or inclination to decipher his ramblings, but over time I decided to read his posts and my initial impression was that he’s not a Celtic supporter and everything I’ve since read only re-enforces my initial thoughts.


    My best guess is that he’s ENGLISH and of a military background (“sceptre isle”) and that about sums up his persona for me, now whether its real or a figure of someone’s imagination is of little consequence on CQN.


    A guess or wishful thinking??? Brilliant- Kojo’s English, problem easily solved- ban them all from posting on CQN, better still from Celtic. Only happy Tims who love each other .LOL.


    Next all the posters that think the English are going to be so upset by 2 German teams in the final at Wembley, not half as much as if it was 1 German club against one of Englands finest and the Germans won!!! That might have brought about a revolution!! IMO could have done the EPL some good.



    Down with the SFA!!!



  6. Hamiltontim on




    Not entirely convinced Paul, I’d be more inclined to send 10-13 year olds elsewhere.

  7. cavansam \o/


    14:12 on


    2 May, 2013





    He never played for Red Star Belgrade it was Red Star 93 of Paris.


    cavansam \o/


    14:13 on


    2 May, 2013


    Tim Malone Will Tell



    Sno was on Feyenoord’s books but never actually played a game for them.




    14:13 on


    2 May, 2013





    marseille good honest tims we cant allow them as winners..he is part of an honest 3 tho..not sure if your fifth is red star93 of paris by mistake instead of red star belgrade??h.h




    yeah as i posted on the previous thread, my fault for just seeing Red Star and thinking it was Belgrade not some wee semi pro team in paris.


    as for Marseille yeah they should be scrubbed so Big Tone is down to 3 like the rest.



    Evander… is he allowed in to the squad after never actually playing for feyenoord??

  8. NatKnow - "We welcome the paper-chase..." on

    Paul67 –



    Celtic are indeed running elite youth football and making a success of it. On thing that a lot of fans pick up on is the “conversion ratio” from youth players to to 1st team regulars. Naturally, when there is an overabundance of talent then the club need to decide who to keep and focus on and who to let go. Reminds me of my alma mater, a seminary, where the conversion from students to ordained priests was pretty low. From all the boys I knew there only one or two were ordained eventually. Mind you, they are damned good priests. If that’s not an oxymoron.

  9. Following another great result for the youths, I asked last night why so few of these kids continue their progress and end up playing for us or making it in one of the bigger leagues. They clearly have the talent and fitness to compete on an international level when 16-19 years of age. I wonder if Ajax or Barca, or any of the other CL-level teams that invest in youth, have any more success or is it just accepted that the vast majority will chuck it?

  10. The Yo-Yo of Honour









    Masty is Neil Lennon


    Doc is Neil Lennon


















    bognor bhouyle




    Fortunes Favour Mibbes




    Jobo Baldie


















    Thank you , one and all .




    The Kano Foundation (and yours truly ) are taking part in a fundraising Bungee jump at Xscape , Braehead on 11th May .




    I believe the crane is 160ft tall , and as i’ll be hurling towards the ground at up 70mph , i hope they tie it on tight ! Maybe a triple knot might be an idea.



    Please sponsor me – i’m not gonna give it “it would be great if you could” or “if you can find the time” – simply , please sponsor me . Gulp.


  11. GlassTwoThirdsFull on




    There still isn’t too many players coming into the team at 18-19. That’s the age they need to start playing regular first team games.





    The site address has changed to











    If you type in





    It will direct you there,and should remember it.

  13. bankiebhoy1 on

    ………..any punters still frequenting the phone-ins please ensure you refer to Thems as the Phoenix Klub……………….



    This will facilitate optimal carpet-biting, weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth……..amongst the hard-of-thinking…………



    …other acceptable monikers –



    The Tribute Act







  14. I don’t see how we can call Celtic’s youth development as ‘elite’ when so few of those who come through the system become first team regulars. I would have thought that after 10 years we would have a half of our first team squad as products of our youth development, as it is on James Forrest in the last couple of years can be said to be a first team player (possibly Charlie Mulgrew as well).


    I have no doubt elite youth development is where we are aiming but we seem along way from achieving.





    No,but I was in INGRAM WYND on Ingram St yesterday



    Superb two courses for £11



    Great service as well,and a decent pint.



    My Mum was impressed too,and that takes some doing!

  16. leftclicktic on

    Most other cubs in SPL have ended up with one of our youths in their 1st team.

  17. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Mort 14:24



    Andy Murray seemed pretty hacked off too. Wonder if that hints at anything re his sport???

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