CELTIC have been fined £7,300 by UEFA following crowd disturbances during their Europa League group stage match against Dinamo Zagreb.

Fans clashed with police after fireworks were set off in the Celtic end of Stadion Maksimir as the Scottish champions lost 4-3 in Croatia. Despite that December defeat, Celtic qualified for the last-32.

And the the fine from the UEFA control, ethics and disciplinary body has been announced as the Scottish Champions and their fans travel to Italy for the second leg of tomorrow night’s tie against Inter Milan after last week’s 3-3 draw in Glasgow.

Reacting to the news, Hoops assistant boss John Collins admitted that it was disappointing the club had again been fined by UEFA and said he expected supporters to be on their best behaviour in Milan.

When CQN posted on Facebook this morning about the fine the supporters’ reactions were mixed. CQN wrote:

‘Celtic fined this morning for the flares being set off at the meaningless away fixture against Dinamo Zagreb. It is crucial that no such incident occurs tomorrow night. If there is a repeat the next sanction looks like being a ban on away support which would be awful.’

It is interesting to note the response from Celtic supporters to this post.

Steve Langan replied ‘I agree pyros look great, but they’re banned, so get over it. And stop undermining the club.’

However Martin Murphy disagreed saying: ‘Nonsense, the ridiculous fine was not for the use of Pyro. If was due to overzealous, aggressive polis who battered Celtic fans with batons. Subsequently the Croatian authorities had to take action for police involvement in the away section. Pyros are lit in every arena across Europe.

‘Don’t buy into the hysteria and drivel, Pyro in my opinion adds colour and atmosphere to the fan scene. However, I appreciate it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. This fine however, was not for that. Watch the video, stand with the away support that again done our great club a great service on yet another European tour.’ Daniel Hampson too supported the pyros saying: ‘ On way to Milan. No pyro, no party.’


Neil Doncaster


Neville Chamberlain


Referring to the latest nonsense spouted yesterday by Neville (Neil) Chamberlain (Doncaster), James O’Donnelly had this to say: ‘So a club can be sanctioned for the behaviour of fans even if they have taken reasonable measures to prevent it…Mr Doncaster knows better though I suppose.’

That sounded too much like Whataboutery for Garry Chalmers who said: ‘Stop deflecting just stop doing them and trying to act like gangsters/casuals at every away game put it to the fans vote once and for all to see if it’s really wanted…’

Derek Harvey was getting rather exasperated, asking: ‘how many times have they been told not to do it yet continue to do it at most away games?’

Stephen Dineen reckons Celtic fans are not alone in letting off flares but seem to him to be the focus for the punishment. He commented: ‘How come nothing happens to European teams with their flares? Sometimes the stands look like they’re on fire with the amount going off. We let off one or two and we get fined?’

It is time to look after Celtic’s interest and ban these flares reckons Richard Morrison who commented: ‘These flares add nothing to the atmosphere for 99.9% of the fans, apart from frustration and anger that the actions of a few muppets are leaving the club open to fines and potential bans. They are banned, so just don’t do it you twats, and never mind anybody else, just look after Celtic’s interests. If the people letting them off at home or away are identified, ban them for life.’

Danny Mcmanus brought some humour to a serious matter with this suggestion: ‘Why didn’t we just blame it on the big bad Chelsea fans it works when they say it’ in a reference to Ibrox fans.

Stefan Slim was forthright in his condemnation of those letting off the fireworks: ‘Incredible that the neds desperately need their fireworks to go away and watch Celtic, selfish and brainless. It’s UEFA’s opinion that matters.’

James Gordon expressed these concerns: ‘There are people with breathing difficulty at games guys stop it now we are giving the SFA sticks to batter us with playing to the Whataboutery.’

And talking of whataboutery, Tony Dempsey remarked: ‘Meanwhile, across the City, that other mob are let off Scot free with their bile chanting!!!!!’

Michael Tonner sees a benefit in a ban saying, ‘If a ban is what it takes to stop these idiots then so be it. Then the fans can police themselves!!!’

Callum Tracet tried to clear up exactly what happened over in Zagreb: ‘Anyone who actually knows why we were fined is because the police attacked the Celtic fans and they retaliated so don’t jump to conclusions.’ Why did the Police do this? ‘I have no idea but for singing in front of the police a policeman pepper sprayed a teenager for no reason also a policeman hit a fan with a baton for the same thing go watch the videos and you will see exactly what happened.’

Paul Buckie wants the fine passed on to those responsible saying: ‘If Celtic get fined again then Celtic should give bill to whoever is at fault for the club getting it.’

Christopher McEwan had just the one word to say, presumably directed at those who brought the fine to Celtic. He observed: ‘Clowns’…


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