Firhill is the stage, fickle looking form


You can imagine the anticipation Celtic players as they arrived for training this morning for Saturday’s visit to Firhill. They must be bursting a gut, just desperate to get onto the field and do their stuff. You and I have seen lots of this team, but right now, today, they will have an edge that’s been missing for so long. They have questions to answer, points to prove and a league title to win.

Firhill will be their stage. If anyone at Lennoxtown is in doubt about the job required, I still have my boots, just let me at them.

It’s indicative of where we are that those two draws (Hamilton and Dundee) plunged us into a form crisis. Since the turn of the year we’ve won 9 out of 13 games, failing to win twice with 10 men, once away to our nearest challengers, and that awful Dundee game at Celtic Park. Were it not for the two red cards, I expect the dip in form would be scarcely noticeable.

Over the same period Aberdeen have had a far easier programme, playing only 9 games (in 9 weeks). They’ve won six of these games, including the last two, which has put a more respectable look on their form. It’s still not any better than Celtic’s, though.

We’re still playing fixture catch-up, as we’ve six games in the next five weeks, to Aberdeen’s four, but that’s the price of reaching the latter stages of cup competitions.

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  1. BT



    The one bit of surprise in the proceedings is the duplicity.



    It may not be surprising to many to hear of the Board’s inactivity and reluctance on these matters and it is not surprising that they were initially opposed to mount any legal challenge.



    But it is surprising that they have given strong and demonstrable private encouragement to the Resolutionists and Shareholders whilst being, at best, cringingly non-commital as a Board, or at worst, destructively antagonistic behind the backs of the Resolutionists.



    The only CQN poster who I have seen come close to accurately describe anything close to this schizoid behaviour from the Board was Tony Donnelly, but I think that he was expecting some masterly sleight of hand demonstrating some financial acumen that others do not possess from Peter Lawwell.



    Instead, what we have as a charge, in BRTH’s post, is either craven cowardice or an active part in the Sevco/SFA corruption from our Board. Both of these behaviours ARE surprising, especially if it is the latter.



    It is one thing not to be surprised by the Board letting us down. This goes far beyond that.



    They have not “played” the Resolutionists because that suggests they had some marvelous plan to execute and makes them look like “players”. What they have done is precisely nothing- no plan involved at all- merely an absence of action.



    It is shameful AND surprising but, you know what, they will consider that their tactics are justified if there is a sell out crowd at the Celtic end for the SC semi-final. How many times has there been a complete sell out at the semi-final stage since Rangers died?

  2. Canamalar,



    I’d just like to add my appreciation for you especially and all the Res12 dudes working hard to fight the corruption in the Governing Body.




  3. South Of Tunis on

    The Old Firm have been engaged in persistent mutualism for the best part of 120 years . Mutt n Jeff .

  4. I have seen it suggested that if no complaint is lodged with UEFA by the end of the month the Res 12 matter is ‘timed out’. Surely the board aren’t just stalling in the hope of it all going away?

  5. My friends in Celtic,



    Certain things make Football irrelevant. Condolences MT.



    Hope Mrs CRC and the kids are fine. They will feel the blunt of the scumbags actions. Chisel, : in hindsight probably just as well you were all out. Scumbags no excuses.



    Celtic are not as bad footballing wise as some would have us believe. Of course there is room for improvement, and I still think we can do that with RD in charge. But I would not bet on that, the die is maybe cast.however improvement will come, with or without Ronny.



    Off the park is where the real quandry for Celtic lies. For many of us generally classed as ” Happy Clappers” we have given the club time ( Ample Time ) to demonstrate that they share the same feelings as the supporters.



    I make no apology for reittering : silence = complicity. The club, not supporters must make our feelings known.



    We have excellent legal teams ( we are repeatedly told ) which leads me to conclude that if the club maintain their current position, then it would be justified to assume that they are complicit.



    I would seriously hate the current custodians of my club to adopt that stance.



    Hail, Hail to all. Football is not more important than life and death.

  6. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    They have a turnover in England from TV money and are dealing with multi million pound superstars


    We on the other hand!





    As you know I will buy mini her ticket because I won’t let my dislike of the Plc ruin her love of Celtic

  7. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    “After today’s bombshell re Res12”


    What `bombshell` is that?




  8. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Morning Celts.



    Well, Well, Well….The truth is out now eh.


    And to think of the garbage ive had to put up with, for being right.


    Mineshafter’s, what do they know eh.



    KevJ…Neganon 2



    Hail Hail Bhoys….and they said we were daft eh:)

  9. BT



    I was drawing attention to their ‘CEO’ payment table. It would appear (given income streams) that >50% earn less than PL!!

  10. Complicit by the silence.



    Celtic Plc & Oldco / Newco.



    Different cheeks of the same arse.


    Given time they will be acting in unison for the interest of the old new firm.


    Expect a carved up voting structure in the best interests of the bigot pound not Scottish fitba which after all ,is all about the big2.



    Back to the future.



  11. BIG NAN on 10TH MARCH 2016 8:47 AM




    ‘Doesn’t this make those who raised & supported RES 12 look rather foolish?’






    That’s a bit unfair. Naive and over optimistic perhaps.



    I said from the start I thought it would get nowhere but I had started to hope I might be wrong. It seems not.



    On a purely personal note I do recall Paul67 once offering me the possibility of actually getting to meet and speak to someone within the hierarchy of Celtic in order for whoever to allay the doubts and concerns I had expressed on here about what was going on. Not being entirely daft I declined his gracious invitation. I think with hindsight that was probably a wise decision.

  12. What Time is Love?



    Buy Every Corrupt ticket and Burn them all somewhere – Together.



    The Support have this option.



    Take it.



    The Real Celts will perform on the day, anyway.



    location location.



    The League is the priority Always, the Cup we get cheated every Time we get to play 2nd (same weekend) on that sh1ttiest of Hampden pitches.



    SKY will be Broadcasting this Worldwide.



    FFS Nail these Bast***s.

  13. Bhoys


    Hamilton racecourse have freed up two more places at our table on Friday 13th May ( evening meeting)


    They will only hold until tomorrow though so if anyone interested in joining those of us already booked in let me know please. It’s £90 odd quid plus VAT.

  14. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    We said they were wicked serpents, out to fill their pockets.


    But would anybody listen?


    Dont say we never warned you.


    Sad to say.




  15. From early on there were a few voices on social media who predicted Celtic would suffer greatly if they remained silent. The narrative was to not interrupt your enemy while they were destroying themselves. This was always a near sighted view & sadly too many have buried their heads in the sand for far too long. Celtic were never going to pursue fairness through the SFA, as the simple truth is they are the SFA.



    It saddens me greatly but every fan now has a tough choice. We either gladly accept our place at the back of the bus or don’t get on the bus at all.



    I know my choice.

  16. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    ” ‘After today’s bombshell re Res12″ What `bombshell` is that? ‘ ”



    No need to reply. I have just read the link furnished by The Clumpany at the top of this page. Certainly does not show the Board in a good light ! Their ` response` will be interesting.




  17. It is indeed a strange time to be a Celtic supporter. We are “enjoying” a run of league titles that a lot of us won’t have experienced before in our lives. Our rivals financially doped themselves into oblivion and the new club bearing their colours seems financially hamstrung. We seem in decent financial health despite a lack of European success (where the big money really is for us). We are top of the league with a potential 93 points available to us if we win our remaining games and we are in the semi-final of the Cup.



    Despite all of this, you would need to be wearing very dark sunglasses to fail to see the huge discontent among our fans. Attendances are down for a myriad of reasons, the team isn’t performing as well as it should be on the park, the team management don’t seem to have much of a bond with their team off the park and the divide between fans and board is as wide as it has been since Fergus McCann saved us in the 90s.



    People have suggested all sorts of solutions but the only viable solution I can see is for our supporters to start supporting the club again. Compared to winning the league, the debate about the management team and the boardroom concerns all pale into insignificance. If we want to do 10 in a row or at least have a decent crack at it we need to fill Celtic Park. The only guarantee we have is that if we fill Celtic Park and make a noise we will spur the team and we will see a reaction.



    The article on etims about rallying the troops really struck a chord with me. We need to bring the thunder back to Celtic Park because that is the only sure fire way to spark some electricity on the pitch.




  18. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    I will also be interested in what Paul67 has to say about this important matter…….and it is important. We could be talking thousands of Season Tickets here.




  19. I should probably add that this does not mean we should drop our pressure on the board regarding resolution 12. While I want everyone back at Celtic Park singing their hearts out, I’m not daft enough to expect that to happen or happen persistently unless the Board address the elephant in the room.



    I would also like to add my thanks to Auldheid and everyone else behind resolution 12. Every Celtic fan owes you a huge debt of gratitude.




  20. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    I tell you…Ive met some real dangerous people in my day..super intelligent and violent.


    Ive met loads of people you wouldnt turn your back on.


    But i dont think ive ever seen a group of people like the PLc who are ready to deliberately shaft their own so readily.






  21. ELLBHOY – Noone goes to Hampden for a start, that is an SFA tournament showpiece, for the WORLD to see.



    New Club will be Confirmed when the Money Monsters SKY/BT have no product to showcase.



    I know the Burning of All the tickets is fanciful. The Total non attendance to the ‘eagerly anticipated’ Sky “Jim White and all that uber sh!te” is MOS DEFinitely required.



    Horrible situation to be put in. Disgraceful Celtic Board.

  22. Dear John Paul



    I’m sure many supporters will be contacting you as a result of the confirmation via cqn that our Board will not seek to contact UEFA within the 5 year statute of limitations vis a vis the former Rangers FC.



    Against this backdrop I’m not sure I can continue to support the Board by purchasing a season ticket for myself and my son.



    I’ll stand up for and alongside my Club while we’ve been cheated. But I can’t stand by while our Board effectively colludes with and implicitly condones such activity. Activity that had such detrimental effects upon our Club.



    Please add my name and correspondence to what I’m sure will be a large list for Messrs Lawell and Desmond.



    HH jamesgang

  23. squire danaher on




    Have a read of BRTH comments on page 8 approx 10:00 last night



    My worst fears look like being confirmed.



    Welcome to the Return Of The O** F***.



    Same as it ever was.

  24. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on



    Before reading the Res 12 stuff, I would probably have agreed with you. At this moment though (and I might be over-reacting) , the `Celtic` of my mind is just as much a metaphysical entity as the Club referred to by a judge recently.




  25. Mountblow Tim




    Sorry to read yer sad news pal.


    Thoughts & Prayers to all who


    are close. So, so sad.


    God Bless.

  26. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on 10th March 2016 9:20 am



    I will also be interested in what Paul67 has to say about this important matter…….and it is important. We could be talking thousands of Season Tickets here.






    Don’t hold your breath. I reckon he has been used.



    That Pyramid that the Masons/Secretive wans use, You get illumination at the top, by then you have been brought into Believing a False God, You must have Belief to start with though – it is a pre-requisite.

  27. Now’s not the time for saying – “Told ye so…”


    …..but, yeez were bliddy well telt….every day!!!!!!!

  28. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Seriously…If you think Dave King is bad, he has nothing on DD and PL and Lackeys.


    Glibby has an excuse, he is a bent Hun.


    Peter Lawell, you are a disgrace to Celtic.


    Sold your a***, for bigot money.


    Enjoy, you muppet.

  29. 5 season books in my household, none of which will be renewed. Shameful by the board, utterly shameful.


    This is what happens in any walk of life where individuals or groups, put their own interests ahead of what is right.


    Given that to be the case, a petition presented to the board in the next two weeks from 20,000 season ticket holders who will not renew, is guaranteed to see them change their stance.


    Despicable bastards is the only apt description for them.

  30. TheClumpany on 10th March 2016 8:49 am



    If it can truly be shown that inaction on Res 12 isn’t in the best interests of shareholders then moves could be made with AIM regarding the suitability of the directors.

  31. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on



    All the wee guys in the playground are up in arms.



    See thon heidy . See me. I hate thon heidy.


    He`s pure rubbish ,so he is.



    See me.


    See ma school.I pure love my school.



    Grow up for god`s sake.



    There is an alternatve.


    Sod off and give us peace.


    But please do so without further antagonising real Celtic supporters ,the raison d`etre of this blog.

  32. I wanna give you Devotion.



    Come on the Celtic. The actual Celtic. Ronny D, get us that Title.



    An empty Celtic side @ Hampden will have so much Spiritual effect on the Celtic players, The Lord Almighty will himself will be that 12th Man. I have no doubts about that.

  33. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on



    a) I hope you have let Celtic know of your intentions;


    b) They might change their stance but their `morals` will remain;


    c) Will you set up the petition ( Not online.Open to abuse)?




  34. This from the Scottish Government JAG progress report in December 2011






    National Football Policing Unit


    9. In their 6 point Action Plan, presented to the Football Summit in March,


    Rangers FC, Celtic FC and the Scottish football authorities called for the


    establishment of a national football policing unit in Scotland [I.E. FoCUS]



    Linked to Football Summit Commitments 7 and 8: To support the expansion of the excellent existing community and social the Old Firm to take every opportunity to demonstrate mutual respect and cooperation.



    Celtic and Rangers instigated FoCUS and cemented the Old Firm brand into the bargain. They discussed the OB Bill for months before it came to parliament and didn’t record a word of criticism of it until later when they saw how the wind was blowing they offered token opposition to it.



    Our chairman’s publicly stated purpose in the drinks business was to associate his product Scottish Leader Whisky with the Old Firm and his purpose in the football business was to do the same.



    To me JAG meetings only days after the so-called shame game were telling. They showed our club to be all about money and power and little else.



    Any Celtic chairman with one ounce of nous would have told the Scottish Government to put Rangers’ house in order after the so-called shame game and leave Celtic out of any meetings.



    Bankier didn’t because that would be the opposite of what he wants, a cosy Old Firm partnership.

  35. As I said yesterday – NOT SURPRISED!!!



    This PLC has no regard for shareholders or fans. The’re only interest is in putting their hands in our pockets and extracting every single penny they can. They are looking, and in my opinion are, COMPLICIT i the re-establishment of any form of Rangers to it’s rightful place. They will bow and accept whatever cheating that now brings.



    It’s no wonder I’m done with them and no longer have the feelings I held for my old club like the feelings I had for the club run by this shower of cretins.




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