Firhill is the stage, fickle looking form


You can imagine the anticipation Celtic players as they arrived for training this morning for Saturday’s visit to Firhill. They must be bursting a gut, just desperate to get onto the field and do their stuff. You and I have seen lots of this team, but right now, today, they will have an edge that’s been missing for so long. They have questions to answer, points to prove and a league title to win.

Firhill will be their stage. If anyone at Lennoxtown is in doubt about the job required, I still have my boots, just let me at them.

It’s indicative of where we are that those two draws (Hamilton and Dundee) plunged us into a form crisis. Since the turn of the year we’ve won 9 out of 13 games, failing to win twice with 10 men, once away to our nearest challengers, and that awful Dundee game at Celtic Park. Were it not for the two red cards, I expect the dip in form would be scarcely noticeable.

Over the same period Aberdeen have had a far easier programme, playing only 9 games (in 9 weeks). They’ve won six of these games, including the last two, which has put a more respectable look on their form. It’s still not any better than Celtic’s, though.

We’re still playing fixture catch-up, as we’ve six games in the next five weeks, to Aberdeen’s four, but that’s the price of reaching the latter stages of cup competitions.

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  1. The Battered Bunnet,


    You’re bang on the money as usual. My information is that the SFA’s Operation LAMO (Let’s All Move On…for the good of the game) relays on BDO’s appeal dragging on as long as possible. They have been encouraged that several club chairmen support LAMO, (see Stewart Milne’s recent comments) and believe that, in time, more will fall in line.


    BRTH’s revelation of UEFA’s time limit is worrying. This looks like an escape route for the SFA and SPFL. I hope Celtic are aware of it and, more to the point, plan to tackle the issue. I’m not confident.


    PS: LAMO is my creation but their strategy is real.





    Wear your dress,mate. You’ll look a treat.

  3. ....PFayr ..SACK THE BOARD on

    This current CFC team have failed to deal with pressure all season



    They have capitulated , often with barely a whimper , in the face of the slightest adversity



    To suggest that they will respond positively to greater pressure is wishful thinking

  4. The situation at Celtic Park is simple enough….


    Give the hierarchy your money – take yer seat at the back of the bus.




    Don’t give the hierarchy your money – the hierarchy will head for the hills.


    Folk say to me that this scenario will hurt Celtic ?


    Celtic don’t exist anymore.


    Apart from the hooped jersey – the 200 wee bhoys & ghirls from the Green Brigade, show me one semblance of Celticness.


    Even the green seats in the stadium look false.


    Celtic don’t play in green.


    They play in white – with green hoops on the jersey.


    Lazy journalism is a topic on here.


    Lazy seating arrangements in the stadium screams out.


    The lay out of Celtic’s seated stadium that – WE ALL built – should have been, 1 row of green seats / 2 rows of white seats all round the stadium – C’Mon the ‘hoops’ stadium.


    Anyway – prayers need to be said for LG to stay injury free.


    If he gets injured – Plastic Celtic FC / PLC could hit the wall!


    Anyway, as for denying the hierarchy yer money – hurting the club – define club ?


    Celtic supporters under the current set-up of the club, remain outside the stadium, the club, that you built.


    So, stay outside and keep yer money with you.


    Only folk who’ll get hurt will be the billionaires who control the club and, hold the club back with their let them eat cake – downsizing policy that has chased, 40,000 Celtic supporters out of the stadium as well as, 12,000 off the waiting list.


    If, Celtic fans see fit to continue to back the pursuer’s of this, stadium emptying policy – well, the jokes on them.


    Only ones to get hurt in denying the hierarchy yer money will be – hierarchy.


    Make no mistake, the absence of fans is not a mood-swing this is confrontational verging on anarchy among the Celtic support. Who brought us to this point ?


    Them who did deserve to be hurt – financially….imho.


    You’ll Never Walk Alone…..in the Jungle.


    God Bless All CQN-Celtic Fans.



  5. whitedoghunch on

    Dharma Bam


    no self respecting eatery in Scotland has a dress code jeans and a shirt for me everywhere


    It is only in the antiquated lounges and thinking of Celtic that such snobbery exsists

  6. Henrik Dylan on

    The management team have no part to play in us securing this double other than to put the same starting eleven out barring injury or suspension from now until the end of the season thus generating, all be it late in the day, a sense of consistency, spirit, camaraderie and backs to the wall type defiance. The players need to show some personal pride and show us the players they are and that despite poor management they have enough experience and ability not to need the failed management project to tell them what is required. Almost as importantly as anything else we, the fans, must support the players through and through, thick and thin – all these guys on the phone-ins threatening to refuse to renew their season books are not supporters – they are the opposite of supporters – jeer all you want at the final whistle but for 90 minutes get behind the team especially when they are playing poorly – it will definitely make a difference – it’s what the best supporters in the world would do

  7. CultsBhoy can not relate to Celtic Board ambitions on or off the park on

    Had to laugh ( ironically and with a sense of deep pathos) at Celtic marketing of Hearts game…I paraphrase but ‘don’t miss your chance to get a ticket and pick your seat…’








    Another new moniker? You must be running out of them by now,surely…



    I’m sure he’s came under considerable pressure from some quarter.



    Paul67 I tend to agree with Neganon, re this current team. On the occasions they have been asked to go to the well, they have come up empty, and other than a spirited 45 mins against Morton, I have seen nothing recently to indicate they have the fight needed to take on a full blooded challenge from the Dons.


    I only hope we can continue to keep our noses in front, because our current hoops do not have a good record of coming from behind.



    Paul67, your pushing on a bit now, and no Stanley Matthews, so I would recommend you put your boots away. However, If you could only give the team talk ….

  10. CultsBhoy can not relate to Celtic Board ambitions on or off the park on

    Bobby Murdoch



    Who is the real Henrik Dylan



    I think I might reinvent myself as a pro Lawwell poster… Merge in with the consensus :-)

  11. traditionalist88 on

    ‘I will continue to comment on CFC, but I do not condone the actions of those who are choosing to walk away from their club as they have chosen not to challenge the tax impropriety that occurred at Ibrox. The SFA and SPFL are the architects of the current state of affairs. It may be a compromise too far for many who have contributed to the 8,000 comments on this site, but my decision to put Peter Lawwell in the dock for complicity in what many perceive as a conspiracy, was probably ill-considered. ‘








    Whats brought this on?




  12. CultsBhoy can not relate to Celtic Board ambitions on or off the park on




    Paul67 could never give the team talk – he’d need to push big Peter aside … And that just ain’t going to happen..

  13. eddieinkirkmichael on

    At any given time this season 1 in 4 of the players have been unavailable through injury. I think Ronny is aware of his best 11 but has never had them available this season.


    Just on a side note if you thought we were so bad and our coach so useless why would you make a rare journey to Glasgow to see the team take on the form team in the land who have the superest coach in the whole world? Surely you already know that no way can Ronny set his team up to beat these world beaters and their super duper coach and as such you are just setting yourself up for more misery?



    Someone saying we need to win convincingly this weekend, why? I’ll gladly take 1-0 wins till end of season. Even 93min injury time penalties will do me.



    BTW since we were beat against Aberdeen they have actually dropped more point than us, so much for them having a great coach eh or maybe he’s the manager who has lost the dressing room?



    For me and I know for sure a few others Europe was a disaster this year, so many good starts to games only to be thrown away by rank rotten defending or individual mistakes. I remember going home from a couple of Euro games not really understanding how we managed to lose the game.


    What I did see at times though led me to believe that Ronny knows what he is doing but some of the players have difficulty in implementing his ideas on the pitch when put under pressure. So while this does give me some concerns I’m prepared to go along with it for a while longer, by that I mean give him the CL qualifiers.



    Since about the beginning of December we haven’t really played the football we all want to see, some would say it’s been the whole season but look back at the games and the performances and you’ll see some great games in the league.


    Johansens dip in form was at it’s peak around mid December/January with most fans calling for Ronny to drop him. I’ve seen an improvement in his play and especially his through balls for other players to run in on goal over the last couple of weeks. Hopefully with a re-vitalised Johansen we can kick on from here and go on a bit of a run, thankfully without the Neganons/CULTSBHOY of Celtic Park on the teams back from the 1st whistle.



    1-0 to the Celtic, I’ll happily sing that chant on a weekly basis from now till end of season.

  14. The Battered Bunnet on




    Yip. There’s a time to move on, and it’s when the issues have been settled equitably and transparently.



    There’s no demand for blood, just the due and proper application of the Rules of the Game to the circumstances (that have yet to be) established. The next 12 months will provide clarity on many of the circumstances.



    A thorough and public washing of the soiled robes of Scottish Football is a prerequisite to any renewal of the Game. Then, let’s all move on.

  15. Thomthetim (from last article)



    Thanks for the reply.



    I can understand a small creditor not wishing to stick their head above the parapet, but HMRC?



    The pressure on them to ignore Insolvency legislation must be emanating from somewhere high above the pitchforks of the hordes.



    Enjoy the rest of your birthday.

  16. Geordie Munro on

    “no self respecting eatery in Scotland has a dress code”






    My local drive through requires that you are in the correct gear.




  17. glendalystonsils on

    Rubicon on 9th March 2016 1:45 pm



    If our board are complicit in LAMO they better prepare for the ALAMO.

  18. Geordie Munro



    That’s a cracker! Need to file that one away and plagiarise :-)

  19. eddieinkirkmichael on

    ….PFayr ..SACK THE BOARD on 9th March 2016 1:46 pm


    This current CFC team have failed to deal with pressure all season


    They have capitulated , often with barely a whimper , in the face of the slightest adversity


    To suggest that they will respond positively to greater pressure is wishful thinking.————





    Can’t argue with that, well you can because it’s rubbish imho.



    August 2015 Celtic 3 – 1 St Johnstone we went down to an 11th min goal came back to win.



    4 October 2015 Hamilton Academical 1 – 2 Celtic we went down to a 4th min goal again came back to win.



    29 November 2015 Inverness CT 1 – 3 Celtic, Inverness drew level in 39mins yet we went on to win with ease.



    23 January 2016 Celtic 3 – 1 St Johnstone, SJ drew level yet we recovered and won game convincingly.

  20. are we up for the fight, we better be because they are.



    posted this comment last night following the PT game, I’m not convinced we have the b***s for this task, players with no confidence, a head coach struggling with tactical awareness , defenders with no pace and cannot defend corners, midfielders who hide during games not getting into positions to receive a pass and only one striker who can score goals.



    But hey ho if I read the blog I should’n worry as we will win all remaining games by 3 or 4-0 , win league by 10



  21. WDH,



    Many thanks. You have helped reassure me. I’m helping someone celebrate a significant birthday, so I didn’t want to be the centre of attention.



    Now, where did I put my viv Westwood snow white T-shirt…

  22. Afternoon Timland from a cold hun free mountain valley.


    Thom Feliz Cumpleanos mi amigo and I hope you have many more of them.






    Some kwality stuff today.


    Now as I am a tad on the thick side and slow on the uptake, am confused re the time bar thingy.


    Does it have to be a club that instigates proceedings with uefa ?


    I thot that uefa had some sort of hotline to report fraud etc, no.

  23. !!Bada Bing!! on

    I hope the Board are as well read,and up to speed on vital matters,as some of the guys on here are.

  24. oneofthe70percent on

    All this crap aberdeen have dropped more points since they beat us,they beat us thats the point,one shot and we chuck it,the idiot in charge sits in the dugout looking out to space,seems some celtic fans believe the shit about the sheep being this great side,they are nothing of the sort,made up of lower league players rejected by their previous clubs,and a manager sacked by a lower league side for being shit,since Lennon,s last season the margin in points between us has went from over 30 to 17 last season,and now at best 4 if we win our game in hand,we are going downhill faster than a skier,and the board look on totally at a loss ,or are just happy that the wage bill is falling.i would not back this present set up to beat anyone just now,no pride no passion no skill,and bugger all ideas,i want one thing before i kick the bucket 10 in a row,and that is looking a long way off just now,meanwhile all the trots who attended the agm only wen,t on about the living wage and let the board away with the downsizing that has seen us become a very average side,and a laughing stock in europe

  25. johann murdoch on

    Dharma bam




    Dont be put off by the external scaffolding around the building to deal with the…. er structural issues!..so I am thinking hard hat-hi viz vest-safety shoes and youll be fine! :)

  26. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on




    I think we will see a big improvement in the team on the run in!!!

  27. eddieinkirkmichael on



    Griff scores about 1 in 3 of our goals, of which we’ve scored about 100 this season, if he gets injured someone else will take his place and the guys that have scored the other 2 out of 3 will hopefully continue to do so. We’ll continue to win games. We’ve scored 3 goals or more on 13 occasions this season in the league so I think we have shown we are capable of doing that on a regular basis.


    If Aberdeen are so up for it why is there recent form worst than ours?

  28. traditionalist88 on

    jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on 9th March 2016 3:00 pm



    I think we will see a big improvement in the team on the run in!!!





    Keep up the constant chopping & changing and that will be less likely




  29. quick check online showing Celtic 1/14 and Sheep 9/1 for the title. Reckon I should put a grand on the Sheep as it sounds like Celtic have blown it :-)



    when we had the huns 1 point and one game more behind us , were we this nervous?



    Game on in my opinion and I for one will enjoy it from now to May



    hail hail

  30. Why would our players be busting a gut?



    I may have missed something, and have just checked the Aberdeen result from last night.



    Al of us could say, that ‘s what should be happening every game, but unsure why Paul refers to this about this game specifically.



    I’m not being factious, genuinely interested.



    Árd Macha

  31. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on




    True but i think hes learning imo. Praise the Lord and H H

  32. eddieinkirkmichael on

    oneofthe70percent we went 12 games unbeaten domestically between oct-dec that is a run of decent form. We drew 0-0 with both Hearts and Killie . We actually went 18 games undefeated but let’s ignore that as it doesn’t suit the no bottle/crap coach agenda.


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