Firhill is the stage, fickle looking form


You can imagine the anticipation Celtic players as they arrived for training this morning for Saturday’s visit to Firhill. They must be bursting a gut, just desperate to get onto the field and do their stuff. You and I have seen lots of this team, but right now, today, they will have an edge that’s been missing for so long. They have questions to answer, points to prove and a league title to win.

Firhill will be their stage. If anyone at Lennoxtown is in doubt about the job required, I still have my boots, just let me at them.

It’s indicative of where we are that those two draws (Hamilton and Dundee) plunged us into a form crisis. Since the turn of the year we’ve won 9 out of 13 games, failing to win twice with 10 men, once away to our nearest challengers, and that awful Dundee game at Celtic Park. Were it not for the two red cards, I expect the dip in form would be scarcely noticeable.

Over the same period Aberdeen have had a far easier programme, playing only 9 games (in 9 weeks). They’ve won six of these games, including the last two, which has put a more respectable look on their form. It’s still not any better than Celtic’s, though.

We’re still playing fixture catch-up, as we’ve six games in the next five weeks, to Aberdeen’s four, but that’s the price of reaching the latter stages of cup competitions.

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  1. thetimreaper on

    MT – sorry to hear of your loss, thoughts with you.



    Thoughts also with CRC and family.

  2. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    I was on the BBC site there looking for the St J v ICT score ( 1-0) and noticed an article by Tom English about our semi-final against Sevco. It really is a ridiculous article. He concludes that we won`t be able to truly judge Sevco until after they have played us but the general thrust of the piece is that Sevco have been transformed and we are dreadful.Mind you, that does sound familiar. Nevertheless, I was left feeling that there was no point in Celtic turning up for the game as we will undoubtedly be outclassed by this remarkable team…….from the second tier.




  3. prestonpans bhoys on




    Let them believe there own media spin, makes the shock of a convincing defeat all the more fun :-)

  4. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    Prestonpans Bhoys


    You are quite right , of course. I think my response was because whenever I have heard Tom English speak, I feel he believes he is quite the intellectual. I don`t share his apparent view of himself and think he is very much an Uncle Tim.


    Goodnight to one and all but particularly to Mountblow Tim and CRC.




  5. weebobbycollins on

    Only logged on to send my sincere condolences to Mountblow Tim and his family.




  6. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Interesting that when Di Maria moved over to the left he supplied the cross for the winner. Think we could be switching our wide players now and again to give a bit of variety.

  7. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Oscar Knox, MacKenzie Furniss and anyone else who fights Neuroblastoma on

    Good Evening.



    I can now confirm that Celtic PLC have not written to UEFA and asked them to intervene in any respect re the matter of the UEFA licence granted by the SFA in March 2011 to Rangers Football Club.



    Celtic PLC did raise concerns about the process with the SFA prior to Res 12 coming before the Celtic AGM in 2012 and, subsequent to the resolution being adjourned by agreement, the board of the PLC have openly accepted that information has come to light which is worthy of further discussion with the SFA.



    They have discussed this with the SFA compliance officer informally and formally, and were very keen in encouraging shareholders to write to the SFA formally intimating both complaints and concerns regarding the licensing process.



    On being advised that this had been done through a large corporate firm of solicitors retained by the shareholders for this very purpose, those representing the board advised that they would now be keen to discuss the matter further with the SFA.



    A copy of the solicitors letter was obviously copied to Celtic PLC.



    The SFA’s response to that letter and subsequent correspondence was that they would only discuss the issues raised with, by and through the member club – namely the board of Celtic PLC.



    There have been discussions between the SFA and Celtic on the matters raised but neither party has seen fit to advise shareholders on the nature of those discussions and their outcome, or what progress, if any, has been made in clarifying what was and what was not submitted to the SFA in support of the licence applications.



    Nor has there been any comment or fresh information provided on whether or not those discussions have clarified the steps taken – or not taken – by the SFA during the licensing process or the reasoning behind those decisions and actions.



    The SFA conduct in relation to these matters remains of considerable concern.



    At the outset, you will recall that the Celtic PLC board took the view that Res 12 was not necessary. That view was then changed as it became apparent that the board were not fully conversant with either the salient facts and information surrounding the application, nor the rules surrounding UEFA compliance procedures.



    Following the resolution being adjourned, the board and shareholders worked together to put presuure on the SFA to address various issues including documents which were sent out by HMRC which, on the face of it, had not been disclosed to the SFA or UEFA as part of the then licensing process.



    As mentioned above, the shareholders, with the agreement of the Celtic PLC Board and the compliance officer of the SFA, formally intimated all matters directly to the SFA. Consequently, the SFA said they were happy to take up all of the matters raised with the board of Celtic PLC.



    Those discussions, may or may not, be ongoing.



    In the interim, the board of Celtic PLC have encouraged shareholders to write to UEFA and in particular the CFCB who regulate licensing matters, and bring that body up to date with the correspondence sent to the SFA by the shareholders and the replies received from the SFA compliance officer – including those replies which state that the SFA will discuss the matter with the Celtic Board and only the Celtic Board.



    The shareholders will write such a letter through their solicitors.



    However, shareholders believe that this is really a function that should properly be carried out by the executive board of Celtic PLC. There is ample scope for the PLC board to explain their current position and ask that UEFA take note of the discussions and explanations provided by the SFA in correspondence and at meetings. Further, they are free to ask UEFA to examine all the documentation thus far presented and compare that documentation with their official records in relation to the licence application concerned.



    If necessary that communication could have been sent in confidence with a request that the procedures to follow remain confidential during the course of the criminal proceedings instigated by the Crown Office.



    For whatever reason, Celtic PLC have not written any such letter and are not, apparently, currently considering writing any such letter – but are encouraging the shareholders to do so instead.



    Personally, I can’t fathom why that should be.



    The executive function of the board of directors is to preserve, protect and maintain the interests of shareholders in the company.



    It seems odd that the same board, who previously said that they would take all necessary steps to look after the interests of shareholders in realtion to matters of Governance in Scottish Football, should ask shareholders to formally write to UEFA instead of doing it themselves.



    If they felt there was no merit in such correspondence they would surely say so?



    If they had felt there was no merit in writing to the SFA in relation to these same matters they would not have facilitated and encouraged, such correspondence between shareholders and the SFA, have met with the SFA to discuss the matters concerned, or have taken such an active and supportive part in the Res 12 process from the outset.



    If , as a result of that process and the subsequent correspondence between all parties, the board of Celtic PLC had received information from the SFA which persuaded them that everything to do with the 2011/2012 licensing processes had been completed in accordance with the UEFA rules and regulations, then surely they would have advised shareholders of their conclusions and on what facts and circumstances those conclusions were now based? Equally, had they been provided with such an explanation they would not be encouraging shareholders to write to UEFA as of today’s date?



    For the avoidance of doubt, the Celtic PLC Board have never intimated that they have received satisfactory explanations in relation to any of the matters raised by them, or by the shareholders, and have at all times encouraged shareholders to further press the SFA for answers to the points raised.



    Accordingly, the position of the board in not seemingly wishing to write to UEFA with regard to these matters and the application of UEFA rules is baffling in the extreme under these circumstances.



    Some of us will be writing to Celtic PLC to advise that this stance is incongruous with their previous statements to the shareholders and raises serious concerns about the board’s desire to actually have the matters raised independently investigated.



    For the avoidance of doubt, what is or should be the subject of independent investigation and scrutiny is the information submitted, and processes followed and considered by the SFA or the UEFA Licensing officials, in realtion to the UEFA licenisng applications presented in season 2011/12.



    The same information and documentation concerned would have been germane to the commission chaired by Lord Nimmo Smith and would have been considered by that commission had the original dates of reference for the commission not been changed prior to the start of the hearings.



    Why the oriiginal dates of that commission were changed has never been explained to shareholders.



    If any shareholders wish to express their opinion on the board’s stance re this then obviously they are free to write to the chief executive, the liaison officer or any other representative of the PLC.



    I wish to reiterate again, that the board of Celtic PLC have been fully supportive of the aims and objectives of Res 12 and have played a full and active part in having shareholders press the SFA for satisfactory answers which have not, thus far, been forthcoming.



    However, the same board are not willing to take the same matters up with UEFA on any kind of official basis but are instead relying on the activities of individual shareholders.

  8. Jungle Jim…



    Talking to huns in work, they have the same attitude as the smsm have.


    Can you blame them having their arrogance as they fill their cowp, whilst ours is empty?



    When the ball is in the air and Pierre isn’t there… It’s Di Canio.



    When the the ball is on the ground and Andy Thom is not around its Di Canio..



    When the ball is in the net and Caddete is not about it’s Di Canio.



    My kids don’t go to CP much anymore, they were season book holders since pups…the ditty above explains why…. No entertainment.



    Our board have sat back and counted the pennies watching monkeys chasing and catching our weak tail. HH

  9. A few thoughts.



    Firstly, sincere condolences to Mountblow Tim. All else recedes in significance relative to such a tragic loss.



    Reading back, there are quite a few posters dismissing the chances of the undead at our upcoming semi final, based simply on their position in a lower league. Not so long ago, Bradford City comprehensively cuffed a superb Chelsea at Stamford Bridge in the FA Cup. We beat Barcelona – who can forget it? Being the underdog can be an enormous incentive, so let’s not ignore it, or it may come back to bite us. Our PR department (such as it is) should issue firm instructions to all players to reply “No comment” to ALL questions re Sevco, otherwise their answers will be twisted and posted in the Sevco changing room at Hampden.



    I mentioned Chelsea, and just watched them getting turfed out of the CL. I always make the mistake of watching these CL games before the SPL fare. It really spoils you, watching speed, teamwork, skill, movement, instant control, one touch passing in triangles – it seems like a different sport. Ah well, c’est la vie – I’ll still be watching the Hoops at Maryhill on Satutday.




  10. Margaret McGill on

    Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Oscar Knox, MacKenzie Furniss and anyone else who fights Neuroblastoma on 9th March 2016 10:06 pm





    Celtic FC will not approach res 12 licencing matters with UEFA and will wait a 100 years if necessary on an SFA response?


    In the meantime you Celtic supporters you Celtic shareholders knock yourselves out!



  11. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    I’d like to thank Celtic’s management team and first team squad for their conduct since the week-end. The general media in Scotland have been a disgrace, as usual.



    I’m only ever one seat in a ground wherever Celtic play, there’s many more who fill our space, I want my team to win the league.



    Celtic forever.

  12. Celticrollercoaster supporting Shay,our bhoy wonder along the way on

    Mountblow Tim



    Whilst I am truly sorry to hear your news and your loss, I can only hope in time that you can take comfort in the fact that Mrs MT is now at peace. I know from talking with you previously that you both have had a tough time.



    Gents thanks for all the caring thoughts as well. The kids are all decanted to my parents and both MrsCRC and myself will know doubt be on sentry duty tonight. Busy couple of days ahead to sort the mess out. The feckers that broke in made a mess and cut themselves and bled on the brand new carpet in the hall (amongst other places) and then, I kid you not, tried to chisel the area of the carpets with the blood stains, without much success but causing damage. They kindly left the blood stained chisel behind.







  13. TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on




    When he’s hung like a horse and it’s not big weighorst it’s di canio

  14. Margaret McGill on

    I also just watched Chelsea eliminated.


    Saw David Luiz elbow Pedro towards the end of the game and it reminded me of greatest football moments in history TOP 10 . ….#7



    David Luiz bubbling like a baby on TV at the end of the Brazil World Cup semi final in 2014 where an arrogant fouling referee assisted Brazil in Brazil were annihilated 7-1by Germany!

  15. !!Bada Bing!! on

    BRTH-The Celtic Board are not fit for purpose,no balls,hiding behind individual shareholders. Oh for wee Fergus to be still in charge.

  16. Neustadt-Braw on

    Ach sure they are just waiting till the 1916 celebration to be issuing that wee letter ….calm doon now buoys..



    Would that not be the reasoning now….bejesus am sure you,be all had too much Sun now….just for the record that mail will be couriered before the heraldis dispatched…


    Ktf….and be Braw to wan anither…



  17. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    Mountblow Tim



    I wish I could remove my previous post.



    From along the road in Old Kilpatrick, I ask my God to console and nourish your family tonight.

  18. Thanks for that, BRTH (and to all the team working on this).



    I like your use of the word ‘odd’ to describe the Board’s mystifying lethargy.



    I can’t see this stance doing the club anything but harm in the months ahead.



    I fervently hope they see some sense, and soon …




  19. BRTH.


    Seems like operation” lets all move on” is the new strategy. The board are playing a dangerous game. CQN is only a small representation of the Celtic support, but I’m sure this information will not be well received when it gets hits on other Timternet sites.


    Many thanks for the work you and the others have put into this.HH

  20. Mountblow Tim, sincere condolences to you and your loved one’s.



    CRC- Thats shit mate. Bassas. Be sure and beef up your security now. Cameras, signage… the works. As I’m sure you know they have been known to come back after they think your insurance has paid out. Not meaning to worry you… just deter the feck out of them!

  21. !!Bada Bing!! on

    More guys will walk away due to the cowards in charge of Celtic,than the cheating Huns/SFA collusion

  22. Thanks BRTH for you’re efforts along with Canamalar and Auldheid.


    As I said in my earlier post, our board have already given assurances to the authorities that nothing will be done by the board but if the fans want to Complain go ahead. The summer of 2012 when Lenny did a u turn everything was finalised then.


    I’m sickened, to think I went in to debt as a 18 year old to buy shares to help my club survive yet our board collude with the Huns and the authorities that cheat us.

  23. GreeninbingleyinOslo on

    Sincere condolences on your great loss Mountblow Tim. Thoughts with you and your family tonight.

  24. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    My condolences to Mountblow Tim on his very sad loss. Will light a votive candle for him in Jerez tomorrow RIP

  25. Most,if not all, of our supporters know exactly what what happened and what were the ramifications of the ‘Big Tax Case’, i.e. EBTs, their misuse, sporting advantage and tax evasion.



    The same cannot be said regarding the subjects covered by BRT&H @10:02.



    Unless we can communicate more cleary and in layman’s language, this case, and I do not doubt its probity, will just sail over everyone’s head.

  26. Saint Stivs says SACK THE BOARD on



    sorry to hear of your troubles mate, its a horrible experience, been there.



    keep going. what else can you do.



    best wishes.









    your summary there has me in a sort of total perplexed , wtf, foggy head feeling.



    So, the executive is not acting in the best interests of the shareholders.



    unless offcourse they only act in the interest of the majority group of board member shareholders.



    its disgusting.



    more tomorrow as i digest what it means.



    old-firmist board.