First G.o.D. reaches age of majority



Walking to the ground yesterday my brother and I were explaining to the younger generation how special these moments were, in the context of some of years we’ve lived through. Our decade in the wilderness ended 18 years ago, but that’s our 12th title in that period. We’ve turned what looked and felt like a never ending period of subjugation into a complete domination.

As that league win in 1998 reaches the age of majority, it is indisputably a Generation of Domination. None of this came as a surprise, in fact, it was inevitable.

You win or lose individual leagues and trophies often on the bounce of a ball, but the structural forces behind football shift slowly. The path we were on when Fergus left us in 1999 led to what was to come. A policy of paying your bills and keeping debt within reach was going to lose the odd title here or there, but we were always going to win the long game against a competitor who got a little carried away.

The only question now, is how many generations will it last? Or perhaps more tellingly, will it ever end?  Don’t count on it.

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  1. dr ramesh and the love potion on

    The future depends on how European football restructures itself.

  2. These are good times, trust me.



    I was really disappointed to see so many fans leave before the final whistle and even more before the team did a lap of honour.



    Sometimes I wonder !!

  3. Geordie Munro on




    Can’t really argue with much of that, but what I will say is our domination stretches back further than some would have you believe.



    Apart from the 90’s when Rangers were spending beyond their wildest…most titles 60’s Celtic. 70’s Celtic. 80’s Celtic. 00’s Celtic whatever this decade is called, Celtic.



    Long may it continue :)




  4. Without the cheating it would have been utter domination. I want those titles won by financial doping and breaches of the rules to be withdrawn. I want action on this from our board, because whatever anyone says they will be seen, de facto, as the same club.

  5. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    All this talk of the ole GofD, surely an offer for Mikal Kadlec is just waitin’ for PL to press ‘send’?

  6. 16 roads - Celtic über alles... on

    Anyone else seeing a Sevco season ticket advertisement on the blog?



    Going for 55 like?






    Hopefully it’s only a hallucination.




  7. thetimreaper on

    As long as we continue to improve year on year we won’t be caught. All hell will break loose in this wee country when we make it 6, then 7, then 8…



    Ps. From now on we should budget for a 20 point swing in refereeing decisions.

  8. Paul 67



    CQN Friday, May 23, 2008



    “I am not going to succinctly analyse why we won the league, because frankly, I don’t have the energy at the moment. It was such an enormous campaign with so many pivotal points; those late goals against Gretna, the 94th minute winner against Rangers and then coming from behind to beat them for the first time in 15 years, to name a few, but there are underlying trends worthy of analysis.



    While Celtic were significant net spenders in January (without buying Robson, Hinkle and Samaras I am sure we would not have won the league), Rangers were even more significantly net sellers; their most valuable player plucked from his manager midseason.



    These title deciding changes did not take place because Celtic were suddenly overcome by imprudence and Rangers were under the control of an ogre, they happened because the underlying financial strength of each club is massively different.



    While Rangers have gorged on bipolar buy-and-sell policies, Celtic have been slowly brought back into profit with a debt that is very much under control. As well as the short-term benefit of being able to budget for next season with a guarantee of Champions League income, Celtic retain their long term structural advantage over Rangers, who will be without a retail operation for a further eight years.



    I told you four years ago, when we were watching our team disintegrate before our eyes, that we were then four years into a Generation of Domination. That the controls and plans were in place that would secure our place at the top of Scottish football for years to come.



    I can hear the pennies dropping everywhere I go today; even my optimistic Rangers supporting friends can see the long-term writing on the wall.



    Six out of eight league titles has been bettered only by Willie Maley’s six-in-a-row and Jock Stein’s nine-in-a-row. I don’t know what lay behind Maley’s success, but Jock Stein’s was based on a football manager who was years ahead of his time meeting some extraordinary footballers.



    This period of success is different; this one was planned. Coaches, players, merchandising, sponsorship, facilities, communication; all of these elements combine to make Celtic a successful football team.



    Enjoy your Generation of Domination, it’s going to be around for a while.”

  9. There’s no doubt about it. All the huns in the SFA/SPFL will do anything they can to stop the continued dominance of Celtic.

  10. Tontine Tim on

    frannyb67 on 9th May 2016 1:40 pm



    John Collins to leave Celtic good riddance I say will not be missed



    *not what Sparky thinks, he suggests that JC helped make him the player he is and not RD. BTW I’ve met John Collins twice and he was an absolute gentleman both times. Knew how tae score against the huns while with a poor Celtic side.

  11. Got txt to say John Collins has announced he will be following Ronny.



    True or rumour ?

  12. timmy7_noted on

    I like it Paul, never really realised just how dominant we have been. I enjoyed myself yesterday the part timers in 405 were out in force. You would have thought something was going on……….:-)



    Holding off renewing until I see how far our ambitions take us this time, ideally if they were to offer a no sevco ticket I would have renewed straight away, I have no interest in attending either of those matches so would have preferred a small discount on my ticket price. As it stands I’ll hold off until the start of June or until an announcement is made.



    Just pump the DLs next week and I can enjoy the close season.

  13. GOD? They only way that will continue is if we win the most important battles. The establishment refereeing is quite simply and evidently bent. Maddens performance yesterday was utter contempt and hatred for our dominance. Secondly, Celtics PR department is is very subservient to a bully media. Make no mistake, they are winning the psychological battle in the information world and most Celtic fans are still heavily influenced by rag newspapers and the lies off radio.



    I’ve no doubts we can buy better players and coaches but those factors weigh heavily, and will significantly affect results and performance and ultimately GOD.

  14. For what it’s worth I’v just been told that Brendan Rogers has said yes to the job as manager of Celtic, But! Wants the full backin of money from DD, as I said for what it’s worth, my source is sure if it all falls into place, it’s a done deal, let’s see.? Could be gossip, who knows?

  15. GreeninbingleyinOslo on




    John Collins announced he is going this afternoon.

  16. From Johnjamessite



    Worth a read ,,,,,,,,,,,,




    The SFA Ride Again




    The report by the Tax Justice Network that asks serious questions about Scottish football governance has resulted in a a Level 5 lockdown in the red top rags that pass for journalism in Scotland. If they ran with the story it might lead to scrutiny in regard to Rangers Europa Cup ambitions, which is the last thing that anyone wishes to discuss at One Central Quay or Hampden.



    The SFA and SPFL have gone out of their way to assist Rangers. They set up a commission that resulted in a desultory fine for what was described prior to the commission as tantamount to match fixing. They approved Paul Murray even though he failed their articles of association. There is no transparency whatsoever on King and no explanation as to why he is not represented on the SFA member club’s board.



    Rangers are getting by on loans and if the truth were known they would have serious problems convincing UEFA of their Financial Fair Play credentials. They produced an unaudited financial report for the SFA that projected losses of just over £400,000. There was no reason for this report other than to ease their path to the Europa Cup. This unaudited report, that was filed with the SFA prior to their March 30 deadline, is their ticket to ride, but does it bear any semblance to the true financial picture at Ibrox? The most optimistic projections for next season predict a deficit of £10m-£14m, however if this were known by UEFA, it would disqualify Rangers from participating in The Europa Cup. However the SFA fix is in just as it was in 2011. The SFA know they can get away with anything in regard to Rangers in Scottish football as there is no press to hold them to account. The SFA provided Rangers with the home Scottish Cup ties that were a necessity for their solvency this year, and will provide Rangers with a UEFA licence on the basis of unaudited accounts. Have the SFA learned nothing from the debacle of 2011 and their mantra that a ten years old tax debt had not ‘crystallised’?



    There is no consequential learning at Hampden and they know that no matter what they do to assist Rangers that there will be no push back from Peter Lawwell. No Pistol Pete will have no objection to Rangers participating in UEFA tournaments next season just as was the case in 2011. Rangers have a white-collar criminal as their chairman and de facto CEO, but at least he has a spine unlike the box jellyfish that is Inaction Man.



    Is it just me, but have we not seen this movie before? Let’s call the sequel ‘The SFA Ride Again’. Regan and Ogilvie were the leading men in the 2011 original, but the latter has left the silver screen with a generous studio pension and a £95,000 tax free bonus. David Murray was alive to how he could use Ogilvie’s growing influence at the SFA when he insisted on paying his former secretary with an EBT.However even he must have taken pause from his convulsions of laughter as a compromised SFA President led evidence for the SPL in regard to Murray’s tax evasion. Mr Murray knew that if he told the truth then he would incriminate himself. As Ogilvie was the SFA/SPL’s star witness on Rangers and the only former employee to give evidence in person, Regan and Doncaster had a problem to address. They had to change the scope of the commission to exclude 1999 as Ogilvie’s involvement with the Montreal DOS/VSS had been leaked. Neil Doncaster duly obliged by changing the scope announced in March to the restricted scope he announced in August 2012. Perish the thought that Mr Nimmo-Smith would be exposed to an illegal tax scheme, the DOS/VSS, which had Ogilvie’s fingerprints all over it. Of course, the SPL and SFA, who were conspiring to influence the recommendations of this commission, adopted a belt and braces approach. They insisted that Regan chaired the LNS commission. Allow me to repeat this. The President of the SFA led evidence to mitigate any title stripping and the SFA CEO ensured that any recommendations avoided the thorny issue of competitive advantage. What astonishes me is that they got away with it.



    Today’s red top copy is not about celebrating CFC’s fifth title as this does not interest the Rangers demographic. It’s all about promoting the challenge of Aberdeen and the new Rangers acquisition/loan of a 19 year old crocked player who has muscle fibre deterioration and has not kicked a ball since an under 21 game in December. Radar Jackson is running with the classic oxymoron of Celtic and UEFA ambition, which is usually good for a laugh. CFC’s financials are projecting a profit to June 30 2016 therefore their CL licence is not in jeopardy. There are those who think that Lawwell is going to give a new manager a warchest to compete in Europe. If he does it will be of the Dave King variety which is high on promise and low on execution. The fat lady will be singing on CFC’s CL ambitions in August, if not July. They will be fortunate to earn a place with Rangers in the Europa Cup. The fact that Rangers should not be in this tournament won’t concern Lawwell.What better way to assuage the anger of another failed CL misadventure than the remote possibility of a Europa Cup payday? As the SFA sign off Rangers UEFA licence application, Peter Lawwell will be providing the pen, just as he did in 2011.

  17. South Of Tunis on




    Aretha Franklin – – Moon.River .



    Poor you ! An absolute turkey from an Lp ( Once in a Lifetime ) which is absolutely stuffed with turkeys.US of A bargain bins struggled to shift it @ 75 cents a pop.



    An Lp which is up there with Captain Beefheart’s Bluejeans / Moonbeams atrocity in that wtf – Love the artist but wouldn’t allow that guff in the house -list.

  18. glasgowdave on

    jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on 9th May 2016 4:30 pm




    What’s this G O D????



    ‘Generation of Domination’ Paul67 coined the phrase about a decade ago


    It has certainly come to pass in ways we never expected.




  19. Thanks Paul67 – I hope our kids & grandkids never experience a decade like the 90’s. Despite wanting more in Europe, this feels pretty good.



    I listened to the main sport bulletin on Radio Scotland at 08:20 this morning driving to work. This is where you get more info than the sport presenter listing a few brief items. That is what happens after the news on the hour. At 08:20 they usually bring on a pundit who answers some questions put to him by the presenter on the various topical issues, and it last around 3 or 4 minutes rather than 30 seconds. On a Monday, they will discuss the weekend events.



    Tom English was the pundit today and these were the news items he was asked to comment on:



    • Ray McKinnon of Raith Rovers being given permission to speak to Dundee United about the vacant manager’s job.



    • Andy Murray being gubbed by Novak Djokovic



    • Glasgow Warriors being gubbed by Connacht



    There was no mention of the Scottish Premier League being won yesterday….no questions, loaded or otherwise to the guest pundit.



    I wonder how much the annual BBC Scotland budget is for their coverage of Scottish Football. I would guess more money is spent on this than not only any other sport, but also any other area of interest covered by BBC Scotland.



    Yet on the first main sports bulletin on the day after the league has been won, they do not even mention it?!



    Even by their anti-Celtic standards, that very deliberate sports editorial decision is incredible given how much time and money they spend over the year talking about Scottish Football.

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