First G.o.D. reaches age of majority



Walking to the ground yesterday my brother and I were explaining to the younger generation how special these moments were, in the context of some of years we’ve lived through. Our decade in the wilderness ended 18 years ago, but that’s our 12th title in that period. We’ve turned what looked and felt like a never ending period of subjugation into a complete domination.

As that league win in 1998 reaches the age of majority, it is indisputably a Generation of Domination. None of this came as a surprise, in fact, it was inevitable.

You win or lose individual leagues and trophies often on the bounce of a ball, but the structural forces behind football shift slowly. The path we were on when Fergus left us in 1999 led to what was to come. A policy of paying your bills and keeping debt within reach was going to lose the odd title here or there, but we were always going to win the long game against a competitor who got a little carried away.

The only question now, is how many generations will it last? Or perhaps more tellingly, will it ever end?  Don’t count on it.

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  1. ERNIE like WEEMINGER I am going to leave it there.



    It’s up to Paul67 to decide, if calling for a countries “Death” is acceptable on his blog.




  2. CultsBhoy can not relate to Celtic Board ambitions on or off the park on




    I’m clear you don’t value or care for my opinion but you are getting it anyway..



    Given the character references you have received from good atoms on this site I’m addressing you with respect.



    I think your comments are misplaced on Cqn. Regardless of where people fall on the Palestine / Israeli conflict my own view is that your choice of metaphor to highlight Biton’s lack of heart was in my view highly inappropriate. ‘ suggesting the killing of innocent children’ would be testimony to bravery not shown on the football pitch stinks.



    You are entitled to your views I’m just not sure when they are sensitive political views they should be shared on this site.



    As it happens I suspect most agree with your central point re Biton… But not references to murdering innocent children as a means of demonstrating courage.


    Bad craic

  3. traditionalist88 on

    scullybhoy on 10th May 2016 10:19 am



    You really don’t have much substance, do you?



    Your comment about scouting was telling.



    If we go with your logic all that the average football fan can take from a match is the identity of the goalscorers.



    Well I’ve news for you – it doesnt take a scout to spot when a player is hesitating in going for a ball he should be winning.



    Nor does it take an expert to know that the small details are very important in determining the flow and ultimately the outcome of a match.



    But go on, continue with your pointless little quips.

  4. ELLBOY on 10TH MAY 2016 10:18 AM



    You seem to be saying that the state of Israel has an absolute right to exist, but Northern Ireland, well, maybe not so much.



    Why the difference?



    Furthermore, what was there before the state of Israel was created?



    Did that entity have an absolute right to exist?

  5. traditionalist88 on

    Geordie Munro on 10th May 2016 10:20 am



    Any player can be a poor footballer if all you are going to do for 90mins is look for all his faults and highlight them.








    When you don’t have to look for them thats when you should be concerned








    Thank you Johnny for all the guid fitba that ye treated us to for the 6 years that ye played for us.


    From 1990 – 1996, you were the attraction for me, thee main hunskelper!


    You were the one that they tried to sell to Derby County and, Middlesboro.


    But, your steely resolve couldn’t be penetrated, not even by a tyrant like McCann who designed Celtic FC along the lines of a, PLC specifically to keep the fans out – aye……


    Johnny Collins, Souness wanted you from Hibs but, you wanted to play in front of the Jungle – bless you and, thank you.


    I only wish that, Wim Jansen had been granted his wish to bring you and, Pierre back to the club after he’d stopped the 10. WJ had you both lined up to tackle the financial car crash that was about to get underway over at ibrokes under Advocatte.


    A, more experienced Collins and, big Pierre, playing under a manager who was too savvy for McCann and, that spelled the end for him.


    Ye see Johnny, Celtic PLC don’t do – savvy managers.


    Wim and, MO’N being the exceptions – the happiest days since Mr Stein…imho.


    Johnny Collins, I believe that you would have had the ‘stuff’ to kick the dressing room’s erse into shape and, deployed a Celtic team onto the pitch in the mould of yerself.




    Celticness to the brimm










    But, as I said previously….Celtic PLC don’t do savvy-managers.


    Know why that is Johnny ?


    Cause, there’s a racket going on under the instruction of Lawwell – or it wouldn’t be going on.








    Employees, Confidentiality-Claused-into-silence.


    Your doing the right thing Johnny Collins, get out because no matter what the denialist’s say, Celtic FC is on the verge of free fall and, know what the worst bit is….innocent fans are financing the culprits of this scandalous demise of they’re own club.


    “There’s only one John Collins


    he bends the ball, round the wall


    walking in a Collins wonderland!”


    JOHN COLLINS – You’ll Never Walk Alone….in the Jungle.

  7. A very happy 30th birthday to wee Emilio I.



    A great servant to the club who, lest we forget, won both POTY awards during his first season with us in 2010/11 where he was outstanding.



    Never truly the same after his leg break, but a legend just the same.



    Vaya con dios Emilio!




  8. BONO – Happy – Hoopy – Birthday


    You’ll Never Walk Alone…in the Jungle.


    Tae FLUK wi awe thaim that don’t like ye!



  9. ERNIE



    I am not saying that at all, I am saying it’s a flawed comparison & therfore has little relevance to TBJ’s comments.



    As for your question “Furthermore, what was there before the state of Israel was created?”



    Replying would only serve to open a huge can of worms & I don’t have either the time or the desire to get into the minutia. Besides CQN is predominantly a football blog & I think it’s much best if it’s kept that way.

  10. TALLYBHOY on 10TH MAY 2016 10:46 AM



    Here’s my issue with those saying let Izzy go. For the last 20 odd years we’ve never had a decent LB with decent cover. Sometimes we’ve struggled to get a decent 1st choice in that position.



    Unless we’ve got a very competent youth in that position, I can’t see the sense in letting Izzy go. Surely we can put together some kind of deal that keeps both him and KT happy.

  11. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Weeminger, 100% agree with that, Izzy is the only player we have that will properly fill that place when not if, KT gets crippled next season.

  12. Geordie Munro on

    “When you don’t have to look for them thats when you should be concerned”






    I can’t ever remember a time when there were no mistakes.



    Even the lions went behind.



    If someone doesn’t like a player they seem to make more.




  13. I thought we were looking to sign Hendrie from West Ham as back up for KT. We also have McIlduff from the development team, same age as KT, who is another promising young left back

  14. Geordie Munro on

    Weeminger & canamalar,



    I’d keep izzy too. Good player and very likeable wee character.



    But after watching him after the game on Sunday I’d say he’s for the off very soon.




  15. On Izzy, I’d be keeping the wee man as he’s still only 30 & has shown great ability in the past.



    This season nobody has made the left side of midfield their own & I see no reason why we couldn’t push Tierney one up & play Izziguire in behind? Two left backs on the field at the same time, who can both attack & defend might just be ideal for Europe? I’d consider doing the same on the other side with Lustig & Janko then maybe move Roberts more centrally.

  16. Geordie Munro on




    I can’t see us signing him without a manager.



    So until someone is appointed we’re snookered.




  17. traditionalist88 on

    Geordie Munro on 10th May 2016 10:59 am



    “When you don’t have to look for them thats when you should be concerned”






    I can’t ever remember a time when there were no mistakes.



    Even the lions went behind.



    If someone doesn’t like a player they seem to make more.








    I have kept my powder dry on Nir because he is young. I haven;t however seen the progress I seen with the likes of Wanyama or Ki.



    Saying that, a slower rate of progress I can take, but a hesitancy and lack of courage to win a ball that is his for the taking…sorry, that is a red flag.



    Its these small things that conspire to cost us on the big occasion.




  18. traditionalist88 on

    Big Victor was the opposite – we had to calm him down and coach the rashness out him :)



    But I fear you can’t coach courage where it does not exist





    Btw,EMILIO is not a huge drain on our resources.



    We need a back-up for Kieran if he loses form or is injured. As a young player,that should be expected.



    Keep him. He gets us,he knows the players,why risk an alternative?

  20. Geordie Munro on




    Agreed. He’s definitely not progressed like big vic.



    I’m not for punting him yet though. It’s only months since he was going to be pl’s next big pay day and being likened to George Connoly.



    No-one in the middle has taken a grip of games for one reason or another. Let’s see if he kicks on over the summer




  21. Remember that Armageddon theory for Scottish football from Regan and is pals in the MSM



    Hertz are planning to upgrade the main stand to take capacity above 20,000 spending 11 mill



    2. Off the field, too, we will be extremely busy. You all know about our plans to develop our main stand. A number of you came along to the public meetings which were held at Tynecastle last week, where you heard more detail of what we are planning, of how we are approaching the development and of the likely timescales.



    In short, we are hoping to create the space needed for the larger stand by knocking down, not the current main stand, but the buildings behind the stand – the admin building, the shop building and the nursery. Before we can do this we will, of course, have to provide new temporary facilities which will be used during construction. The nursery will move to new facilities in Gerard’s Yard and everyone else will move into new facilities in the Wheatfield undercroft. Plans for these temporary facilities are currently being finalised. They should be ready for occupation in October, to allow the demolition of the old buildings in November of this year.



    We will then commence the structural work for the new stand, building up and over and behind the current main stand…without impacting our use of current facilities throughout next season. We may seek to play the last two or three fixtures away at the end of the season, to allow us to start the work on the new seating and facilities in May 2017. Our objective is to complete the seating and essential services over next summer, enabling us to open the new stand for the beginning of the 2017/18 season. We will then continue the work behind the stand, to provide a new nursery, a new shop/ticket office, new community hub, etc, throughout the 2017/18 season, again without major disruption to match-day operations.



    So, in short, we have a two-year development plan, starting very soon, which will see us have one of the finest stadiums in Scotland…with a capacity of 20-21,000…and UEFA standard facilities.



    However, all of this is still at pre-planning stage and we still have to get the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) approval and be granted full planning permission by the City of Edinburgh Council before this can go ahead. So…yes, it is exciting…but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. There are still obstacles to overcome. We will do everything in our power to overcome these obstacles but nothing is, as yet, guaranteed…and it is possible that delays could put things back by up to a year. We will, of course, keep you all posted.



    3. Funding plan for stadium redevelopment



    I am sure you all want to understand how we are planning to fund this major project. Our estimates of cost are circa £11m. Allowing for some contingency (10%), we are working to a budget of £12m.



    Our funding plan is, in summary, as follows.



    Financial Reserves from the club: £3m


    Benefactor Contributions: £2.5m


    Commercial Contributions: £0.5m


    Total available today: £6m


    Clearly, this leaves a potential funding gap of up to £6 million. However, I would ask you all to remember this. Over the last two years, with the support of the fans and with sound financial management, we have built up a financial reserve of £3 million. There is nothing to stop us doing the same again, over the next two years, with your continued support.



    What does this mean? Unashamedly, I am asking you to keep doing what you have been doing.



    We need season ticket holders to sign up again in their numbers.


    We need corporate members and sponsors to continue to back the club across the season.


    We need FOH pledgers to keep pledging.


    We need to continue to sell-out the stadium…and our hospitality suites…on match days.


    We need to make our new in-house retail operation a big success, by offering our supporters goods they want to buy.


    In short, we need to continue to work together…the Club…the Foundation of Hearts…and the supporters…to deliver this project. By doing nothing more than has been done over the last two years, the club can once again build up £3 million of reserves.



    While that will be a wonderful achievement, it would still leave a £3 million gap. So, what else are we planning to do?



    We will shortly be announcing details of a debenture scheme – which we are confident will be a great success. We have also been asked by many fans to consider a number of other ideas in relation to the new stand development. More information will be provided on these schemes over the next few months.



    The other major initiative revolves around the FOH/BIDCO agreement. According to that agreement, repayment to BIDCO should start on 1st June 2016. I have made an offer to the FOH Board that they can defer repaying the BIDCO loan for a period of up to two years, and that all donations made during that period, should continue to be paid to the club. This money would be allocated to the new main stand project. At current levels of contribution (£125,000 per month), this would generate £3 million.



    At the end of the two-year period, or when £3 million has been donated, if earlier, FOH contributions would then revert to repaying the BIDCO loan.

  22. traditionalist88 on

    Join us for a five-in-a-row title party against Motherwell



    By: Newsroom Staff on 10 May, 2016 09:36



    THIS Sunday is shaping up to be a day of great celebration in Paradise as Celtic Park stages the Bhoys’ crowning as Scottish Premiership champions after the final game of the season against Motherwell (KO 12:30).



    A 3-2 victory over Aberdeen confirmed five-in-a-row for the Hoops and sparked jubilant scenes among supporters, players and backroom staff.



    The champions will be out to end the season in style with a win over the Steelmen before Scott Brown and his team-mates are presented with a fifth consecutive SPFL Premiership trophy.



    There will be celebrations after the final whistle as everyone connected to the club enjoys yet another league success.



    Your support has played a vital role in this season’s hunt for honours, so make sure you get along this Sunday to join in the fun.



    Secure your seats for Sunday’s Title Party with tickets available now, priced as follows:



    – Adults from: £26



    – Concessions from: £17



    – Under-13s from: £10



    Buy Online and Print at Home



    Our Print at Home service is again available when you buy a ticket online for Sunday’s game. Beat the matchday queues by printing your tickets at home before setting off to Paradise – especially useful for fans travelling long distances.



    To print your tickets at home simply visit http://www.eticketing.co.uk/celtic, select your seats, add the tickets to the shopping basket, and then select the Ticketfast option at the checkout. (Booking fees apply)



    You’ll receive a confirmation email which will have your tickets attached in the form of a PDF file for you to print out. When you arrive at the stadium all you have to do is scan this at the turnstiles to enter the stadium.



    Tickets are also available via our sales line by calling 0871 226 1888* or in-person from the Ticket Office at Celtic Park which is open until kick-off.



    Please allow enough time when travelling to the stadium on Sunday. London Road is currently closed to Westbound traffic and a single lane heading East could cause delays on approach to the Celtic Park.



    Join us to Party in Paradise. Buy your tickets today.



    *calls cost 13p per minute, plus your phone company’s access charge. Booking fees apply online and via our sales line

  23. You seem to be saying that the state of Israel has an absolute right to exist, but Northern Ireland, well, maybe not so much.




    Why the difference?




    Furthermore, what was there before the state of Israel was created?




    Did that entity have an absolute right to exist?




    The "difference" quite simply is that Israel is an independent sovereign state recognised by and is a member of the U.N:


    Northern Ireland is not an independent sovereign state. It is an ad on part of the UK.




  24. traditionalist88 on

    Geordie Munro on 10th May 2016 11:14 am



    Agreed, all he needs to do is look at KT to show what is possible if the drive is there




  25. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    KT will suffer a long term injury next season, nothing surer, I’m tempted to advise the bhoy to get out of dodge now before his playing career is ended, call it paranoia (no para enough) but I expect the refs and beaks at the SFA have a hit list on who they declare open hunting season on, KT will be high on that list.

  26. The Emilio/KT argument.



    KT was often deployed on the left of midfield for the youth/development squad sides, and did very well. He has boundless energy and drive and will only improve. He’s still a teenager, remember.



    No reason, imo, why the two of them could not be teamed up together.



    I would keep Emilio, therefore.







    For me Bitton is a similar player to Rogic, both technically gifted & neither likely to go flying into tackles. Unfortunately the game in Scotland is refereed differently than elsewhere & physical contact (unless you’re wearing a hooped jersey) is encouraged. You don’t get that in any other league which is why combative players like Wanyama have disciplinary issues. The game in Scotland needs to adapt to the rest of Europe or we’ll never progress. It’s not about blood & thunder anymore, European football has moved on to technique & athletisim. It’s time Scottish football did the same.

  28. thetimreaper on

    ‘We need to continue to sell-out the stadium…and our hospitality suites…on match days.’



    Hopefully money will talk and Hearts will restore the full away allocation next season. In the 3 matches we played at Tynecastle they would have received around £40k less per match. If they do the same with Sevco next season that would cost them £160k over the season not including any cup games.

  29. GERRYBHOY on 10TH MAY 2016 11:18 AM



    Well I’m sure that’s of great comfort to The Protestant people of Ulster



    And how did Israel ( “ a little loyal Jewish Ulster in a sea of potentially hostile Arabism”) come to be an independent sovereign state?



    Was it as a consequence of of the democratic demand of the people who lived there? Or was a colonial imposition?

  30. The country of Israel are facists. It’s ok for Palestine to be obliterated, but don’t say anything against Israel?, how does that work?. They never had any claim on any land, except in the bible, the only mention of the Israelites in proper history is as hill tribesmen. What is claimed to have been Israel was actually Canaan. To claim ownership of land based on a fairy story is reprehensible, to exterminate the former occupants even more so(but usa/uk needed a large aircraft carrier in the region, a country size one). I believe in no religion, but will defend any needing defending( like I’ve been defending catholics in Scotland these past few years). I have nothing what so ever against Jews, why would I?, Israel the country are war criminals. Not all the nation supports the genocide either, as over the years the country has often been evenly split politically, so the right then take on board fanatics to achieve power!. To equate anti Israeli sentiment with anti sematism is the old tactic of trying to shut up criticism of genocide, by calling someone a racist or bigot, ring any bells guys?. And why anyone would be criticising any of our players for their nationality, creed or colour is……., well we also know what that is on here I hope, I know(the guys are playing football not politically campaigning). No country should be able to carry out the actions of Israel, and be above criticism. Try finding the Israeli soldiers statements that were collected by a woman author or poet I think, and made into stories/poems using their exact words.

  31. ERNIE LYNCH on 10TH MAY 2016 11:28 AM



    Don’t forget what might be considered a successful campaign of terror by the future governors.





    Too much hate on the blog.



    Horrible word hate, but it’s been on show since last night.



    For those spouting about acts of violence you may wish to reflect on some recent cases highlighted in the MSM.



    My suggestion, leave it, park it. Its divisive during a period when we need to be together.

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