First G.o.D. reaches age of majority



Walking to the ground yesterday my brother and I were explaining to the younger generation how special these moments were, in the context of some of years we’ve lived through. Our decade in the wilderness ended 18 years ago, but that’s our 12th title in that period. We’ve turned what looked and felt like a never ending period of subjugation into a complete domination.

As that league win in 1998 reaches the age of majority, it is indisputably a Generation of Domination. None of this came as a surprise, in fact, it was inevitable.

You win or lose individual leagues and trophies often on the bounce of a ball, but the structural forces behind football shift slowly. The path we were on when Fergus left us in 1999 led to what was to come. A policy of paying your bills and keeping debt within reach was going to lose the odd title here or there, but we were always going to win the long game against a competitor who got a little carried away.

The only question now, is how many generations will it last? Or perhaps more tellingly, will it ever end?  Don’t count on it.

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  1. An Teach Solais on

    if the John James article is to be believed, lets hope Hibs beat “thems” in the final. If “thems” were to win, aided by one of the brethren no doubt, and SFA approve them for participation in the Europa Cup, would it be Hibs who would have to object as being the club denied a rightful place in a European competition and will they do so ???



  2. timaloy29 sleeps on the heated driveway on

    AN TEACH SOLAIS on 9TH MAY 2016 4:46 PM






    Nobody else cares enough

  3. An Teach Solais on 9th May 2016 4:46 pm



    It would be 4th place in Premiership who would take the EL place if Sevco win cup but are ineligible. At the moment that’s St Johnstone who have already said in previous years that European football costs them money rather than earns them any. I wouldn’t expect them to object.

  4. sixtaeseven - Gardez la Foi on

    Did you hear the one about the dyslexic, insomniac, agnostic, Celtic fan?



    He stayed up all night wondering if there was a GoD.




    Je vais chercher mon manteaux…

  5. dr ramesh and the love potion on 9th May 2016 4:10 pm



    Why the John Collins hatred? Never got that.



    That’s what I was thinking, Doctor. John Collins was an outstanding player for us and would have been outstanding in any generation. I met him once and he was a gentleman as someone has already said.

  6. An Teach Solais on

    TIMALOY29 and GARY 67


    Thanks for your responses. Shocking state of affairs in this bigoted backwater. HH

  7. I would be shocked if the new man was not in place weeks ago. Obviously they will delay the announcement until after the Motherwell game but I have no doubt that there is now someone else pulling the strings. John Collins announcement today would have been a face saving exercise, if he was always going to go he would have announced it at the time Ronny made his announcement, I have little doubt but the new Boss informed him that there wouldn’t be a place for him in new set up.

  8. theglasgowcelticway on

    Attended my nephews 18th barbeque yesterday,his birthday is actually today. 18 years earlier he was born as we celebrated the end of our title wilderness. Talking to a younger fan beside me yesterday when he was pointing out the fans who were prepared to leave on the final whistle. He looked at me stunned when I said to him” I remember the days when I’d have bit your hand off for a league cup.”

  9. timaloy29 sleeps on the heated driveway on

    AN TEACH SOLAIS on 9TH MAY 2016 4:55 PM



    Yeah, I didn’t mean to be flippant



    Many scottish football fans view all of their cheating as just a “Celtic/Rangers thing”

  10. ——



    Perhaps If We’d Had The Hamilton Hip’N’Trendy As Manager….



    Instead O’ Norwegian Woody..




    We Would STILL Hiv The MegaWattie…




    An’ One Of Oor Strikers Would Hiv Been The European “Golden Boot”….?






    Still Cannae Hear The Tanks Crunchin’ Up The Marble Staircase….



    Mebbies SFTB Will Lend Us His H.A. ??




  11. GOD has a hollow ring to it with the CL failures to teams with a fraction of our budget.



    Also when you see the team has been weakened in the last 10 years GOD is more apt for Generation of downsizing.



    Of course we are all delighted to win 5IAR ; however as as club we have seriously underperformed especially in the last 2 years.



    Another season without CL football would be criminal.

  12. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    OK I did leave [not long] after the final whistle but in my defence I stuck with the Ross County game ’til the bitter end.

  13. Tullybhoy…………….Yes it can be very frustrating, we get this over here all the time when English sport particularly the EPL gets first mention before Irish sport on RTE. I often wonder if Arsen Wenger is on a retainer at this radio station he gets so much airtime.

  14. tully57 on 9th May 2016 4:44 pm




    I listened to the main sport bulletin on Radio Scotland at 08:20 this morning driving to work. This is where you get more info than the sport presenter listing a few brief items. That is what happens after the news on the hour. At 08:20 they usually bring on a pundit who answers some questions put to him by the presenter on the various topical issues, and it last around 3 or 4 minutes rather than 30 seconds. On a Monday, they will discuss the weekend events.



    There was no mention of the Scottish Premier League being won yesterday….no questions, loaded or otherwise to the guest pundit.



    I wonder how much the annual BBC Scotland budget is for their coverage of Scottish Football. I would guess more money is spent on this than not only any other sport, but also any other area of interest covered by BBC Scotland.



    Yet on the first main sports bulletin on the day after the league has been won, they do not even mention it?!



    Even by their anti-Celtic standards, that very deliberate sports editorial decision is incredible given how much time and money they spend over the year talking about Scottish Football.








    Poor yesterday even right after the game……..was driving home from the game and it was Richard Gordon and Willie Miller bumming Aberdeen to the hilt and talking what might have been. Pat Bonner had to jolt them by effectively challenging about who actually won the league and in the end how comfortable it was.


    The whole Radio Scotland Aberdeen love in is enough to make you puke.



    ps. on a slightly different subject Derek McInnes went up in my estimations yesterday by going round all the Celtic players to shake their hands

  15. The Battered Bunnet on




    That post of mine has been up for over 5 minutes and none of the usual suspects have posted a picture of Christina Hendricks entitled “Scouting Talent”.




  16. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    I take comfort in the ‘Peter and Roughie’s Saturday football show on STV.



    They look like a bunch of jaikies skipperin’ on the Vale golf course, waitin’ for their wee Shuggie to come back from the offie with a six pack of Kestrel and a half of British sherry.



    BFDJ and Jabba aren’t allowed on the show in case they break the ‘set’.



    It shows Scottish football’s true value in the world; like the plaque on the ole City Chambers that tells you if two feet is really two feet.

  17. glendalystonsils on

    I can just see it now……….



    May of season 2020/21. The SPFL post-split fixtures somehow have us going to Ibrox for the last game of the season. We have a 2 point lead and only a Sevco win can prevent 10 in a row.



    The match officials are announced…..



    Hugh Dallas coming out of retirement to referee, Bobby Madden running one line, Steven McLean on the other. Wee wullie Collum 4th official.



    0-0 in the last of the 10 minutes of added on time with the eight men of Celtic looking comfortable……..



    Make up your own ending .

  18. See Ronny saying Scott Allan didn’t suit his style .. Why sign him then ??



    Hope Scott gets a run of games before we make a decision on him. Looks like a player who likes to play it on the deck and create chances. Players like that should be encouraged and given a chance.

  19. glendalystonsils on

    PROUDBHOY on 9TH MAY 2016 5:21 PM


    See Ronny saying Scott Allan didn’t suit his style .. Why sign him then ??



    Unless Ronny didn’t sign him…………

  20. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    TBB- wee Christina is sooooooooooooo first GofD.



    We’ll need a new muse for the second.



    Might I respectfully suggest wee E.H



    What larks,Pip!

  21. Nice to see a shirt-sleeved crowd basking in the sunshine and some of the fine football played by the team yesterday, indeed summer football could be like this. Now we hear that Pat Roberts may not be available for the Champions League qualifiers. This is nonsense and let’s hope the club ensures he can play in these games.

  22. The interesting thing for me is that in this millennium only one league loss has been by any margin at all. Indeed all of the losses bar that one were live until the last day.



    Arguably we blew 3 of them. GS last season, MON helicopter and Seville season ( by not really hammering teams like Motherwell and Dindee when we could have).



    We have won 90% of our wins by more than a fair distance.

  23. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    John Collins was a fine player for us and if our first team were as fit as John we would be in good order. I would like to thank John for his work in the last two seasons and wish him well for the future.We were told yesterday David Moyes already had the Celtic job today we are told its Brendan Rodgers I think it is clear none of us know so we will just have to wait for the official announcement in order to see who gets the job.H.H.

  24. itscalledthemalvinas on




    That’s just too far fetched. . . . . . . . . . . . Sevco won’t be here in 2021

  25. An Teach Solais on

    If “thems” win the cup and, despite not fulfilling the financial criteria etc, are given a licence to play in the Europa Cup I shall write to their prospective opponents (hopefully get it translated into the local lingo) suggesting that each put in a protest to EUFA.


    Fat lot it might do but will salve my conscience at least. HH

  26. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    See TSFM latest article bleats about two senior SMSM reporters went fishing, got them to do all the work then done nothing with the info, why would you no want to expose people like that ?

  27. John Collins was sheer class in a Celtic jersey. I remember his free kick against rangers at ibrox – the silence was deafening. i remember his composure in the 18yard box, i think at ibrox, where he dragged the ball and politely stroked the ball home thank you very much – the entire pub was screaming for him to shoot for what seemed like a minute.



    He was classy and and fulfilled his potential through sheer dedication and hard work. he got the very best out of himself!!!



    Thereafter, in a similar vein he worked to get his coaching badges and applied the same disciplines to this path.



    If JC is open to any criticism, its his absolute demand that players get the best out of themselves and seek the perfection he sought as a player. Do you think Commons works as hard as JC? if he did, just think how good he could really be!



    There in lies the friction in his coaching methods.



    Celtic has to set the bar very very high – if the standards of the our great clubs are to be reached again! For me , JC and RD have asked the question.



    Moyes Bhoys to take them to the next level!

  28. Lucky Cody



    Surprised you can remember champions league football.



    I think you might be confused.



    Celtic won THE major competition in domestic football for the fifth consecutive season yesterday.



    No hollow rings …. Or 5 pathetic wee made up stars !

  29. STEBHOY on 9TH MAY 2016 5:51 PM



    i loved his penalty in the world cup against brazil, he was so confident of scorting he was celebrating almost before he’d kicked the ball

  30. An Teach Solais on

    Firstly, do not buy the rags. If you buy one with the morning rools, stop buying rools. Bleached flour and simple carbohydrates with added sugar are not good for you. Therefore it is a 2 for 1 bargain. Better diet, better for your heart and no read top, better for your blood pressure.


    Watch the lying, cowardly “journalists” having to redeploy to other employment.


    For the shock jocks who refuse to discuss on stage-managed phone-in programmes, don’t waste your time and as listeners drop off so will they. All in my most humble opinion. HH

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