Fit and Proper faux precipice


There was a flutter of excitement yesterday at news from the Court of Session that Rangers liquidators, BDO, did not object to Dave King becoming a director of newco.  King sought permission from the court to prevent a subsequent challenge from one of Rangers unpaid creditors, but the phoenix club are now free to appoint him as a director.

The question of whether he is fit and proper to run a football club remains.  King has employed professional PR and appears to have a clutch of journos doing his bidding, I even heard one ask yesterday if the SFA would dare hold him to a higher bar that that of the highest court in the land – either deliberately or accidentally misunderstanding legal process.

The ‘highest court in the land’ was asked to adjudicate what turned out to be a matter which was not contested.  The SFA is another matter.

The SFA will not seek the view of Rangers creditors, they will consider the words of Lord Nimmo Smith’s inquiry into some of Rangers misdeeds while Dave King was a director of the club:

“There is no evidence that the Board of Directors of Oldco took any steps to obtain proper external legal or accountancy advice.

“The directors of Oldco must bear a heavy responsibility for this. While there is no question of dishonesty… we nevertheless take the view that the nondisclosure must be regarded as deliberate.

“Given the seriousness, extent and duration of the non-disclosure, we have concluded that nothing less than a substantial financial penalty on Oldco will suffice”.

The SFA will also consider Mr King’s 41 criminal convictions last year for breaking tax law in South Africa.  They will consider an earlier assessment by Judge Brian Southwood’s that King is a ‘glib and shameless liar’.

They will not consider some of the 281 charges of dropped as part of his plea bargain, including charges of money-laundering and racketeering.

They will consider the actions taken by King to displace the previous newco board, which led to the resignation of nomad WH Ireland and the subsequent de-listing of the club from the stock market.  The possibility of shareholder legal action in light of the de-listing was disclosed last week, opening another new stage for reputational damage.

Newco Rangers can go ahead and appoint Mr King this afternoon.  There is no SFA ‘Fit and Proper test’.  Instead, clubs are liable for retrospective punishment should they appoint someone who the SFA subsequently regard as not fit and proper to run a football club.

To avert retrospective action, Mr King has asked the SFA to settle his fitness in advance.

If the SFA consider judge-issued phrases such as “directors of Oldco must bear a heavy responsibility”, “nondisclosure [to the SFA]must be regarded as deliberate” and “glib and shameless liar” as being appropriate to run a Scottish football club, we have no fit and proper criteria whatsoever.

His fitness is linked to his suggestions made some months ago that tens of millions of pounds will need to be invested in newco and that he was the man to make it happen.  If he has the money, he will invest whether the SFA pass him or not.

This entire issue is a faux precipice.  King could easily appoint his own people to the PLC board, he would be able to attend board meetings and bark whatever orders necessary.  So why not just appoint a board full of experienced non-execs and set about running the club?

It could be that the tens of millions required are not there and he’s looking for a get-out, but I honestly don’t see that.  Whether he invests the necessary money or not, he’s there for the long haul.  This is about authority over the SFA.

Our fabulous Open Golf Hospitality auction for Mary’s Meals ends tomorrow, fill your boots…….

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  1. Until…….



    The kow-towing-colluding-with the establishment….



    Being surprised by the LNS-verdict(aye right)….



    Charging more to be cheated by the huns…



    Type of Celtic hierarchy is replaced by a board of…



    Rebellious Celtic Fans, then….



    Timmy will be the orc-establishment bitches….



    …..Off oot.

  2. jungle jim hot smoked



    11:48 on 8 April, 2015




    Re .Herbo`s identity. Do you have any friends who smoke funny stuff? Or graze?






    Stoned cows?! :-)

  3. While CFC PLC have a chairman called Ian Bankier we will always be back of the bus material.



    Is it too difficult to appoint a chairman who at least is a club supporter?

  4. Herbo



    This is the last place I expected to see you :-)



    I hope you’re well P.

  5. !!Bada Bing!! on

    jerry cornelius



    11:52 on 8 April, 2015Did you know Bobby Lennox in his 18 seasons at the club never finished as top scorer.



    amazing stat,Bobby is the most underrated Celt of all time for me.You see guys posting best 11s regularly,because of the world class strikers we have had over the years,the Buzzbomb gets lost in the rush.His goals and assists are second to none.HH

  6. So what you are saying Paul is that the SFA fit and proper test is actually worthless? Pointless? And that sevco are simply establishing their supremacy.



    Given that celtic are party to all this and colluded in the 5 way agreement shouldn’t we be looking to replace the celtic board as not fit for purpose?



    Bobby we can cling onto telling them they died. But then again that is now consider offensive and will no doubt be deemed illegal in Scotland at some point.



    BCW the truth is I didn’t do enough. But I did expect the board at celtic to ensure that justice was done. So far they have done the exact opposite.

  7. HT



    Absolutely fine mate. I’ve been reading intently over the last Couppla weeks. Thoroughly enjoyed it, so I decided to join in.

  8. In a normal universe all the above would be relevant,


    But sadly it’s Campbell & Co we are dealing with ,


    He is still in situ as his work is not finished yet,


    Though for me the “glib and shameless liar” will backfire on them ,as there are too many unknowns (thanks to Green ,Whyte and Mash) since the Hun plot was hatched a few years ago .

  9. jerry cornelius



    11:57 on 8 April, 2015


    I was at school with Bankier and I can assure you he is a Celtic supporter.




    Then again, so is Keevins.

  10. jerry cornelius



    11:57 on 8 April, 2015


    I was at school with Bankier and I can assure you he is a Celtic supporter.






    I have a colleague who studied with Bankier. Now my colleague is one of those people who never has a bad word to say about anyone. He was less than complimentary about our chairman. He was astonished when he was announced as he’d never known him to display any interest in Celtic.

  11. Geordie Munro on




    From previous.



    I’m car-ing it mate. Will be struggling for a drink unless it’s in the oak.






    Has stood me up I hink :))




  12. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    NegAnon. I was talking to Auldheid about resolution 12 and told him I thought he was getting the run around from Celtic.He said I was wrong and the club were still working on it and there was a lot that would come out eventually I of course have to accept he is trying to progress the matter but the wheels are turning slowly. H.H.

  13. herbo



    It’s not a bad old place most of the time. You’ll need to watch yer language on here though :-)





    Aye,I’m sure there is! I’ll send you the photie fae Bristol-I’m going there on Saurday,wee sesh wi BILLYBHOY05-you’ll love it. Very subtle.



    And thanks so much for signing that petition as it really sucks being homeless,without being a criminal just cos you haven’t got a bed to go back to!

  15. BMCUW



    The statue of Billy in Glasgow isn’t particularly well known because he’s resplend in Roman Emperor attire so most folk don’t recognise it as him.



    I’m not sure if you read about the removal of the anti homeless spikes a while ago in Glasgow. It was a good ole Tim who had the humanity and compassion to take them off.



    To criminalise some of the most vulnerable in society is a disgrace.





    Bobby Lennox was voted in our all-time top team though



    I admit that I loved the guy to bits,being local and a classmate of my uncle. But I still remember his shocking penalty against Aberdeen which gifted Fergie his first title!



    Having said that,we would have found another way to cock it up,so no harm.



    Bobby Lennox deserves his place amongst our legends.





    His lack of a Celtic background is not a barrier. His lack of any form of leadership is.



    He must be the most inept chairman since Fergus took over. My CV reads better than his.

  18. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on



    No matter how you word it, you have been stood up! The Oak is too busy to find you among all the other Tims……wear a sash 0:-)




  19. Bobby “buzzbomb” Lennox


    is my all time favourite Celtic player.





    Till later all


    NEGANON. 1157



    I’m seriously considering referring to them as ‘the not very nice peepul’ in future due to the ridiculous way a ridiculous law is enforced.



    But I’ll take my chances in court wi anyone who arrests me for stating that Rangers ceased to exist,dead parrot,Trigger’s broom,etc.



    Offensive behaviour may be subjective-sadly.



    But facts aren’t.

  21. T. H. are the initials


    Turnbull Hutton is the name


    He was the Chairman of Raith Rovers


    And the defender of the game


    They bullied and threatened him


    We will burn your park down


    But Turnbull never budged


    He just stood his ground


    He is no longer with us


    And it really is a shame


    So when they talk of truth and integrity


    You will remember the name


    Of Turnbull Hutton.








    Another good man with a social conscience.



    Yer a credit to that lovely couple I spoke to all too briefly a dozen days ago!

  23. BMCUW



    His comment about wanting the Celtic support to be more like the Tartan Army displayed astonishing ignorance.

  24. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    It might not matter if any of The Board are supporters but it does matter that they know how supporters feel.


    Unfortunately, most supporters are greatly influenced by the MSSM so, if that is the case, the Board probably do reflect the majority `opinion`.


    Right, time to start the rituals for my visit to Paradise. Might be a tricky one tonight. Perhaps surprisingly, I would like a slowish start followed by an increasing build up ending with a crushing power.


    Cheerio for now,







    Paints a pretty picture,that.



    The player in question must be black-affronted at his naivety,I’ll bet he is raging at his agent.



    Still,he can always pawn the Bentley.

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