Fit & Proper test opens Pandora’s Box


I hear the SFA had asked for clarification on Craig Whyte’s alleged disqualification as a director, without getting confirmation one way or another, since the issue was initially brought to their attention by the landmark BBC documentary, Rangers: The Inside Story.  Rangers disclosure to the Plus Exchange (where the club’s shares are traded) on Wednesday that this specific BBC allegation was correct, was the information the SFA needed before they were in a position to act and apply a Fit and Proper Person (FPP) test to Whyte.

Dramatic though it sounds, failing a FPP test, in itself, is only likely to cause superficial damage to a club or its owner.  An owner would need to resign as a director but he could allow the other directors to continue running the business, or he could appoint a proxy to take control of the business, which is often the way controllers run football clubs anyway.

What is of more interest, however, are matters likely to be disclosed as part of the SFA investigation.  The Association would require Mr Whyte to explain what he did to be barred from holding a directorship for seven years, something the BBC lawyers would be able to question Whyte on in the witness box, should he actually sue, instead of repeatedly threatening to do so.

Of most interest to the SFA will be Rangers financial submission for their Uefa licence, which enabled the club to be nominated as Scotland’s participants in this season’s Champions League.  A condition of participation in Uefa competitions is that no debts to tax authorities due on 31 December the preceding year remains unpaid on 31 March.

In September HM Revenue and Customs gained permission from the court to freeze £2.3m of Rangers money in connection with an unpaid tax bill.  The principle element of this bill has not been disputed by Rangers.  The SFA will now be keen to establish if any part of this bill was in connection to taxes due in prior to 31 December 2010.  If it was, Celtic were entitled to be Scotland’s Champions League representatives, when overcoming the likes of Malmo stood between them and a £15m pay-day.

This is a legal minefield for the SFA chief exec, Stewart Regan, who has my sympathy. Things are about to become interesting.

While we are on the subject of that £2.3m tax bill, HM Revenue and Customs are due to get their hands on the cash after Friday next week, the last day Rangers are able to dispute the debt. If Rangers enter administration prior to that date, the cash would revert to the administrator and the club’s secured creditors would be entitled to it.

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  1. Kitalba.



    Yes i played football.



    I was a good youth player ,but not good enough.I played and captained some very very good youth teams and my high school team.



    My first love was always to go and watch Celtic .When work,and Celtic matches clashed with playing i eventually stopped playing.







  2. brimmer –



    if you mean the CQN coupon, we are still waiting on PF Ayr’s pick.



    If you mean my own lines then I’ve gone for –


    Newcastle (single bet, tempted by the very generous odds of 11/4)


    A treble of games to have 3 or more goals – Blackpool/Reading, St Mirren/Inverness and QPR/West Brom – around 13/2




  3. Paddy Gallagher on

    Not much peace in the old cqn today. If the religion, nationality or colour of a Celtic player/captain was ever an issue, that would make us all hypocritical.

  4. What with all this new-fangled online mags and interviews on the ole CQN I think a viable brand extension for P67 to consider could be a Soap Opera.


    We could do a fitba’ version of “The Steamie”….Waddyyyaw think?



    – working title “The Steamer”




    After all, we do appear have the material to hand.




  5. Jobo



    I’ve taken Newcastle also (sigh)



    But if the MIB had done his job properly,the hair bear bunch type


    chap would be in the bath the noo..




  6. The Honest Cover-up on

    dirtymac says:


    3 December, 2011 at 13:19



    Excatly. Every journalist in Scotland, except BBC ones of course, should be fighting to get in touch with this “source” first to ascertain the exact date the appeal was lodged. If the answer is any time after 31 March 2011 then they are on their way to uncovering possibly the biggest scandal in British sporting history.

  7. Kitalba



    Thanks for posting Scott Brown’s goal at Ibrox last season. Although the goal itself is clear in my mind I had forgotten the work the team, including Brown himself, put into creating the chance. Brilliant brilliant goal. Liked the use of black and white, ending in full technicolour, made it look like the Celtic of old. Hail hail!

  8. the hooped crusader on

    Great news about Scott Brown.



    The Celtic Captain is very well regarded at Celtic park, how do I know this? my mrs told me. Yes she hates football and she hates me watching it or looking up CQN to read about it, but one day a few months back when she was with my son attending physio for an injured ankle, she asked the physio who as well as the private practice he has also works for Celtic football club.


    ” who`s your favourite player at Celtic” she asked? Scott Brown says he but it`s not just me that thinks that he says everybody loves him and the man who regards him most is Mr Neil Francis Lennon. So that`s good enough for me.




  9. South Of Tunis on

    kitalba @ 13 19——–



    Absolutely !



    One of the tragedies of Scottish football is that so many people actually seem to care about what school someone went to. Another tragedy of Scottish football is that some people are able / see fit to put their pathetic prejudice about what school a person went to into practice when it comes to Administrating / Adjudicating the Scottish game.

  10. Jobo



    My treble is St Mirren, Ross county&Boro.



    A very generous 12/1 on betfair




  11. Celtic Mac says:


    3 December, 2011 at 13:31



    How many passes did we make with thems only putting in failed tackles?



    A fantastically worked goal with the only dark cloud being the booking for what was clearly time-wasting (by denying the orcs the ball for a couple of minutes)

  12. The Honest Cover-up on

    TopCorner says:


    3 December, 2011 at 13:30



    All the discussions there though are in relation to Criag Whyte’s “fit and proper person” status. A big issue yes, but insignificant in comparison to the UEFA licence.

  13. kitalba says:


    3 December, 2011 at 13:02



    ‘You were the one’



    A number of posters made the same points I made



    ‘that has been going on for days’



    The discussion is no more than 24 hours old



    ‘that no Celtic Supporter had a problem with Gordon Strachan’s nationality or religion’



    I don’t think anyone suggested that there couldn’t be one somewhere who held such views. Simply that none of us who live here and attend games and know and interact with a lot of Celtic supporters had ever encountered anyone who expressed such views. Obviously we wouldn’t be likely to have as much insight on the subject as someone like yourself who lives in Australia but we were only saying what our experiences were.



    ‘somehow I have this gut feeling that you are a liar.’



    You probably won’t be surprised to hear that I’m not unduly concerned what you think of me.



    As for Gordon Strachan not being ‘Celtic Minded’ I always assumed he was a Hibs fan, not that it ever bothered me.

  14. TinyTim:



    Similar mate but I was just a diddie that Willie Fernie tried to sign for Celtic when he was just the Kilmarnock manager.


    I was once just a weekend away from playing alongside Johan Cruyff for LA Azetecs, but racisim got in the way.



    We all have our stories to tell mate but what makes me want to withdraw is the enthusiasm some have for just being honest.

  15. Ach, scrub that, a soap is too downmarket to catch the eye in this rarefied milieu………



    Hows this instead?



    – A Festive Panto, celebrating the colours and culture of Glesga Toon





    No even if we call it “Whyte Christmas”???



    “Why we could even put the show on in the ole gazebo / barn”




    That’s all folks!

  16. South Of Tunis on

    Pete The Beat / Jobo Balde —



    Udinese ?



    The Udinese game will be interesting——



    Udinese don’t give a toss about the Europa League . They don’t need the money and certainly don’t want the play on a Thursday , pick up some injuries thing . Their priority is a Champion’s League place.



    The stadium will be less than half full . The Italian psyche is such that if they need a draw -they will play for a draw . They will field Udinese B.



    Could be an interesting night —–Who knows ?

  17. Ernie:



    Keep up man, Gordon Strachan’s allegiance has been discussed on here for more than five years.



    I note you don’t refute that you have a problem with the Scottish.



    Are you bigoted against the Scottish? Simple question.



    Oh and by the way I have and pay for two season tickets. The bus fare from Australia is not a problem but time is. I pay my way as a Celtic Supporter whether I can make it to the games or not. PWICK.

  18. Celtic Mac:



    I don’t have the time to create those vids, I only copy and paste them; others deserve the credit. However I am gald you enjoyed the build up and “brrony” as much as I did.

  19. Kitalba



    One of my main reasons for not posting often,is that more learned


    people than myself, say what I want to say far more eloquently


    & I therefore usually don’t bother.



    But I enjoy reading most peoples posts & have done for several years.



    Do I always agree? Of course not.



    Have I seen myself shouting at my screen like a nutter because i’ve read


    what I consider to be,total gash? Of course.



    But the good thing is,and you being a seasoned poster should know,


    that opinions will ALWAYS vary.



    I’ve not always agreed with you,nor Ernie or James or other seasoned


    posters,but i’d much rather read you guys than read the rags any day.



    So mate,if you feel you wanna post ANYTHING then do it.


    I for one will read it,as i do with 95% of them.



    The other 5% are not hard to figure out btw.



    Not everyone will like/agree,but how boring would it be if they did!!



    Also the last time i looked,there is a wee roller on a mouse that anyone can just scroll


    by who they like. Easy.



    Btw a wee word on WGS. I remember talking to him outside the San Siro


    after Milan beat us in extra time. His great quote of ‘Maldini in the 89th minute


    could have pulled the ball down,but what does he do?Launches it into the stand.The


    guys got a thousand caps and he launches it into the stand,just shows you’.



    Never forget that.




  20. kitalba says:


    3 December, 2011 at 13:45


    ‘Keep up man, Gordon Strachan’s allegiance has been discussed on here for more than five years.’



    The thread of discussion you referred to is no more than 24 hours old. I didn’t instigate it I responded to an expat who was prepared to smear any Celtic supporter who criticised Gordon Strachan as being motivated by some form of religious sectarianism or racism.



    ‘I note you don’t refute that you have a problem with the Scottish.’



    I didn’t dignify the suggestion with a response.



    ‘Are you bigoted against the Scottish? Simple question.’



    Simple answer. No.



    ‘Oh and by the way I have and pay for two season tickets. The bus fare from Australia is not a problem but time is. I pay my way as a Celtic Supporter whether I can make it to the games or not.’



    And how is that relevant? The point is that because you live in Australia you have less of a handle on what Celtic fans had to say about Gordon Strachan than others who were closer to the action.






    Aye. Very Good.

  21. Gordon_J backing Neil Lennon says:


    3 December, 2011 at 13:50


    ‘MON has now signed a contract at Sunderland’




    Pre season friendly?

  22. The Battered Bunnet on




    I can confirm that Tiny Tim played the game at a lower level – about 5’2″ :¬)

  23. Please do not compare Scott Brown with Stan Petrov. There is no comparison.



    Stan Petrov joined us in 1999 as a young man from Bulgaria. He took a year to settle and then consistently delivered the goods until he left in 2006 earning us a handsome £7m fee.



    Scott Brown was an experienced SPL player when he joined us for a huge fee and wages.


    He has not consistently delivered on the field, has a poor disciplinary record and has been injury prone.



    The slate has been wiped clean Scott. The Celtic support on the whole have been extremely patient with you. It is now time to deliver.



    No excuses.

  24. The Ghood will prevail on

    RE Huns’ Euro licence


    Like many of you I’ve signed the petition at askthesfa but I wonder what else we can do to make sure these questions get answered. Is it a time to wheel out McBride QC? Any ideas out there?

  25. South Of Tunis on

    brimmer @ 13 54



    ” Never forget that “—



    Yes ——-



    Milan thought they had been given an easy tie. Their post match comments featured them admitting that it had been a struggle . The Italian media were full of praise for the efforts of that Celtic team . They said that there had been very little between the teams over 2 legs. I piece of brilliance from mega millions Kaka was the difference.

  26. Kitalba



    Good work wherever it came from! Bit of a debate over flags on here recently, but I think you will find there is no debate in Ernie Lynch’s mind. It is not the Tricolour Ernie flies, and it is certainly not the Saltire, no no no, it is the Union flag circa 1801, the good old fashioned butchers apron!

  27. Celtic Mac says:


    3 December, 2011 at 14:05



    You’re not the sharpest knife in the drawer, are you?

  28. ernie lynch



    Some very clever guy invented the telephone. It is instant communication. I know what is going on in Celtic Park because I know so many who go there. Do you still go there?