Fit & proper waste of time


The proposed SFA rule change, that clubs must conduct an investigation into prospective new owners, went through unopposed at the Association’s AGM, currently underway at Hampden.  No formal rules must be observed during this investigation, not even the ‘Gandhi criminal rule’ postulated by (still) SPL chief executive, Neil Doncaster, so a club can look into the matter as deeply as they see appropriate and the former owner can claim he was “duped” after the money appears in his bank account.

This does not strengthen efforts to keep unfit people from owning Scottish clubs, if anything, it provides errant clubs with a defence.  Previously it was explicitly the club’s responsibility to ensure owners were fit and proper, now the club’s responsibility is limited to carrying out an unspecified value judgement.  Tune in soon to hear “We carried out an investigation consistent with best practice, why punish us?”

In this instance, value judgements are worth as much as Ibrox valuations. It’s not the rules that are wrong, the only problem is one club didn’t respect the rules and doesn’t like the medicine.

No mention yet of the dark Fifa cloud hanging over the Association. Perhaps it’s slipped their mind.

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    Too many parts of the SFA/SPL rules and regulations allow wriggle-room.



    This needs to be sorted.



    Rules should be clearcut.





    Don’t talk to me about being beaten on the line.




  3. It’s another fudge…………….like the conjoining of “offensive” with “sectarian”.




    Not fit for purpose.

  4. Tin hat on.



    Ireland probably wouldn’t have qualified if they had drawn anybody else in the playoffs other than Estonia.



    (And I’m Irish).

  5. jude



    totally feel your pain, couldn’t we rule that the above bloggers are offensive or something, make some rule up to suit our circumstances

  6. In the disastrous Mowbray’s season “Skippy” sure lost his skip…he moved more like the wee fat German boy, Augustus Gloop, in Willy Wonka & the Chocolate factory…



    Mogga: “Skippy don’t eat your fingers!”



    Skippy: “…but I taste so good!”



    We were definitely a fit team under WGS

  7. Imatim and so is Neil Lennon on

    2010 Never Again



    Before the usual suspects arrive….another gentle reminder of the magnitude of the hun cheating.



    Take it away Paul67…






    The tens of millions Rangers denied SPL clubs laid bare


    Posted on 18 May, 2012 by Paul67



    The SPL deadline for clubs to provide information on improper registration of players was six weeks ago today but the league has yet to report findings to clubs, while the chief executive rallies support to allow a Newco access to the league.



    Time has expired on this policy of non-disclosure until it’s too late.



    If the SPL chief executive ever tells us that Rangers fielded improperly registered players between 2000 and 2012, resulting in years of 3-0 defeats being awarded, there will be an enormous amount of anger, not only among supporters, but in boardrooms across the country, as they ponder money which was rightfully theirs but which went to Rangers – perhaps including Rangers prize money for finishing second this season.



    We have made an attempt to quantify this money. Some of the losses were easier to calculate than others. For example, it was easy to calculate that when Rangers won the title in 2009 with improperly registered players, earning automatic qualification to the Champions League group stage, they denied Celtic £15m European earnings, plus £340k SPL prize money. Other losses are less clear, specifically when a club was denied a place in a qualifying round for the Champions League or Uefa Cup, which they may or may not have progressed from.



    We have established three figures for each club in the SPL during the season just finished, to cover the period from 2000 to 2012:



    Minimum loss:


    The absolute minimum each club was denied from European and SPL prize money as a result of Rangers finishing above them with ineligible players.



    Weighted loss:


    The figure based on Scottish clubs gaining entry to Champions League/Europa League (Uefa Cup) group stages from 20% of their qualifying campaigns (which is slightly less than trend).



    Maximum loss:


    The maximum a club could have achieved if it qualified for the European group stage it was denied entry to.



    Out estimates take no account of the subsequent effect money has on future years. For example, If Celtic earned an additional £15m from entering the Champions League group stage in 2009-10 their league challenge for that season would have been £15m stronger, and Rangers £15m weaker, potentially resulting in consequences in future years.



    This multiplier effect would have benefited Celtic but it would be likely to have a greater effect on other clubs, some of whom would be denied the enormous percentage increase in budget automatic qualification to European group stages would have brought.



    Hearts finished immediately behind Celtic and Rangers more often than any other club over the period and suffer the greatest potential losses, even more so than Celtic. Hibernian, Aberdeen, Dundee United and Motherwell also suffered significant losses.



    Several clubs got nowhere near European football over the period, and some of the 11 spent only a few years in the SPL but each club lost over £1m.



    Figures for each club are:





    Maximum: £72.3m


    Weighted: £16.3m


    Minimum: £6.2m





    Maximum: £46.7m


    Weighted: £21.9m


    Minimum: £17.4m





    Maximum: £34.8m


    Weighted: £8.4m


    Minimum: £3.6m





    Maximum: £21.1m


    Weighted: £5.5m


    Minimum: £2.7m



    Dundee United


    Maximum: £20.8m


    Weighted: £5.2m


    Minimum: £2.4m





    Maximum: £16.7m


    Weighted: £4.4m


    Minimum: £2.1m





    Maximum: £5.1m


    Weighted: £1.9m


    Minimum: £1.3m





    Maximum: £3.4m


    Weighted: £1.8m


    Minimum: £1.5m





    Maximum: £1.3m


    Weighted: £1.3m


    Minimum: £1.3m



    St Johnstone


    Maximum: £1.1m


    Weighted: £1.1m


    Minimum: £1.1m



    St Mirren


    Maximum: £1.1m


    Weighted: £1.1m


    Minimum: £1.1m



    In the event Rangers fielded ineligible players during the period under consideration, which everyone apart from Neil Doncaster knows, and even he will be unable to deny next week, we know the following:



    Rangers received a minimum of £40.9m which should have gone to the 11 other clubs, assuming each club lost all their European group stage qualifying campaigns. This calculation does not include earnings from clubs now in the Scottish Football League, such as Hamilton Accies or Dundee.



    If Scottish clubs progressed to the group stages of European competition on only 20% of their qualifying campaigns the loss would be £69.0m.



    The figure for total potential losses if clubs successfully progressed to every European group stage is, as the figure for 100% failure, more illustrative than likely, but the maximum cost to the 11 SPL clubs is £224.6m.



    Results will be changed, trophies can and will, be re-awarded, but these are the harsh financial consequences clubs, their lawyers and supporters, will consider when the facts are presented to them next week. The SPL executive has had six weeks to consider if there is sufficient evidence to commence disciplinary proceedings; they have failed to do so. They have failed you and every other football supporter in the land, while shamelessly pursuing an accommodation for the errant club BEFORE REVEALING THE FACTS TO YOU.



    Time will be up soon, Mr Doncaster. You’ve had your chance but you have convinced no one. The people who really matter in this entire debacle are those who buy tickets for Celtic Park, Pittodrie, Easter Road, Tynecastle, Tannadice, Fir Park and the rest, they will hear the truth and read these figures. You have failed them.

  8. myboysnowatim on




    As I read your blog there, I could just picture you taking deep breaths, beginning each paragraph, whilst muttering “and another thing”.



    What a mess.


    GORDON J 1245



    Canny be asking the right type of people.



    There’s plenty on here would do it-and it’s not as fanciful as you might think



    Unless I’m mistaken-again-any creditor can apply to the courts to wind them up or to question the running of the administration.



    Me.I l-o-v-e winding them up…….



    PS,apologies for the typo on yer blog.

  10. Bawsman on 6 June, 2012 at 12:43 said:


    Is Campbell in the chair?



    Preferably a chair with good electrical conduction or a James bond ejector seat…

  11. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    On the Jon Stewart (USA) prog re the juubbalee.



    “she’s been on the throne for over 60 years? “Someone feed her some fibre for heavens sake”



    Now thats funny!!!!

  12. myboysnowatim on

    Aye Gordon, someone just needs to put them out of our misery once and for all.



    This farce is past their kill by date.

  13. The Battered Bunnet on

    Rules are all well and good, but we overlook the fact that the fundamental requirement on a member of any accociation or club is the requirement to act in good faith towards the association and the members.



    If you fail this requirement recklessly, you undermine the purpose of the association and will be sanctioned accordingly.



    If you act purposefully in bad faith, compromising the interests of the members for your own gain, there can be only one outcome. No association can tolerate bad faith. The outcome is expulsion. The rest is just garnish.

  14. SFFS@12:47



    ‘Pete, Czech repulic were in the Playoffs and they had to cheat to get past Scotland and scotland are rank’



    Granted the Czech boy dived, but lets not forget the stonewall penalty the Czechs were denied in the first 10mins when Baros was fouled





    Where actions of bad faith can nevertheless be shown as being within the letter of the law,they can be defended.



    The spirit of the law is one thing,the letter another.



    The rules should be clear and explicit.

  16. Fortunes Favour Mibbes on

    No surprise there then.



    Let me make sure I’ve got this right.



    Any Zombie FC will have carte blanche to commit the same list of crimes all over again and expect the same lack of punitive attention from the publicly funded SFA.



    Now I know why Green keeps referring to quantum this and that. I feel like I’m quantum leaping between the 21st, 20th and 17th Centuries again and again.



    The transit of Venus has confuddled the elusive space time continuum of the SFA.

  17. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on




    Maybe you could arrange for wee Oscar to be on the podium for the next N A?? Keep it stooosh mind??!!

  18. The only get-out I can see for the SFA on this is that should another Craig Whyte situation arise, they can investigate the fit and proper test carried out by the club and if it’s found to be shoddy apply sanctions for bringing the game into disrepute based on the club’s poor investigation of the person.



    That said, if a club is in need of a new investor how much can you trust the information in a fit and proper test? Even one that looks thorough.



    I suspect they will have in mind how good internet investigators are at finding the truth about almost anybody in business.

  19. Paul67



    Does the passing of this rule not now ensure the Appeal Tribunal can be more lenient with rangers in administration.

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