Five games to make their point


If Eddie Howe wants to learn about Celtic before taking charge as expected on 1 June, he will have plenty of scope to see how they perform in challenging environments.  Between now and then, we will play at Ibrox as often as at Celtic Park, with trips to Easter Road and Pittodrie and the possibility of two Hampden dates thrown in.

With no undue disrespect to Livingston, win, lose or draw, there is little to be learned about how we perform against them at Celtic Park on Saturday, there can certainly be few positives for our prospective new manager to take away.  After that, we have Ibrox, Pittodrie, Ibrox, then hopefully a Scottish Cup semi-final.  Those who want to be part of his plans going forward, or who want a move south, will have their stage.

There are a few at Lennoxtown who think they could have done better this season.  Prove it in the next five games.

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  1. ernie lynch on 7th April 2021 1:06 pm



    SCULLYBHOY on 7TH APRIL 2021 12:53 PM



    You’ll have to explain to me how that article, which is 11 months old, is in any way relevant to the point I made about the UK governments gamble on ordering vaccines early having paid off.





    Simple but sad question, what does the vaccine do for the people who unnecessarily lost their lives?

  2. Someone said on here that The Greens intended to abolish Catholic Schools. I was surprised so emailed the Greens. I received this reply:



    “Contrary to some claims, ‘closing Catholic schools’ will absolutely not be a Scottish Green Party manifesto proposal. We have consistently called out the anti-Catholic bigotry ingrained in Scottish society. That will continue to be our priority.






    Scott Lamb


    Senior Administration Officer


    Scottish Green Party


    08700 772 207”

  3. spidey.


    i would expect wwe report 4/5 players per position.


    still think covid will impact a lot on mobilty of labour..was reading tho potential financial collapse in a lot of leagues.france hit badly

  4. timmy7_noted on

    Hot Smoked on 7th April 2021 1:47 pm



    That will have the union flag gang in a tizzy.



    They were hoping for ethnic cleansing.

  5. SCULLYBHOY on 7TH APRIL 2021 1:44 PM




    Not only simple and sad, but stupid too.



    Here’s the thing.



    Tory UK government mishandled response to Pandemic.



    Tory UK government won a watch with its vaccine strategy.

  6. !!BADA BING!! on 7TH APRIL 2021 12:21 PM


    It’s possible Howe has delayed taking another job,as he could be on gardening leave, with bonuses he’s accumulated over the years,maybe he’s good to go on 1st June.






    More likely Neil Lennon is on gardening leave.

  7. HOT SMOKED on 7TH APRIL 2021 1:47 PM




    Maybe you should ask them to clarify whether they still wish to move towards a non denominational education system. Which isn’t the same thing as closing Catholic schools. Apparently.




    ”A spokesman for the Greens said: “The Scottish Greens’ policy remains to move toward an non-denominational education system in Scotland. The focus of this is not to close down schools but for greater integration.”



  8. These co called Celtic sites on Celtic news now , a story takes your interest and starting to read it ,it reverts to the story is from the hun or the daily ranger ,and mostly all negative stories about our club or drawing attention to any of our kids who happen to be playing well , and informing us all of the loads of teams who want them . do you ever read about the superstars sevco have and the clamour from England for them , they are not Celtic sites , that’s my last on them HH

  9. ERNIE LYNCH on 7TH APRIL 2021 1:57 PM


    Yes, I did wonder about the wording of the reply but their apparent awareness of `the anti-Catholic bigotry ingrained in Scottish society.` at least partially reassured me that they could be trusted.

  10. Ross Greer the Education spokesperson for the Green party has been unequivocal and clear on their party’s policy regarding Catholic schools on Twitter



    Replying to











    We will not attempt to defund RC schools either, no. I will freely admit that my party has got the tone wrong on this in the past but as our education spokesperson I’ve spent part of the last five years fixing that.



    Replying to







    and 2 others


    I truly wanted to but having been the target of serious threats from people likely to be the ‘hangers on’ at these marches, attending would have gone completely against the security advice I’ve received from the police and Parliament.



    Contrary to some claims this morning, ‘closing Catholic schools’ will absolutely not be a




    manifesto proposal.



    We have consistently called out the anti-Catholic bigotry ingrained in Scottish society. That will continue to be our priority.

  11. In the first TEN years of biting austerity in an independent Scotland – out of it’s primary market(UK) & it’s secondary market(EU), economic activity would ‘nose-dive’. Many firms would be forced to relocate south of the border.



    Spending would be cut and taxes would rise. The national debt would be well over £200 billion and rising as the £10bn+ fiscal transfer would be no more – the IMF would be called in and those prominent SNP characters who led the separation charge would be long gone and living off their substantial pensions.



    Under those circumstances how long would it take for a “rational” view to be taken on the education system – not very long!



    Finally, if the SNP had conned enough with their ‘thick’ White Paper in 2014, and we were now in the EU – far from having vaccinated over 50% of the population, we would be sitting at under 20% like all EU countries – that means at least ONE AND HALF MILLION fewer vaccinations in Scotland.



    We are Better Together and the majority know it.

  12. This season will either conclude on 15th May or IF we reach the Scottish cup final, a week later, at that point loan players returned, and those seeking new clubs will have their agents on the case wheeling and dealing on their behalf, Eddie Howe will have had no relationship or dealings with these players until they depart for their hols or pastures new faces a tough task convincing them to stay on 1st of June, this delay is of no benefit to anyone



    If as the speculation has suggested Howe wants to have a say in the backroom team including a DOF and recruitment man, will Celtic wait till the 1st of June for these appointments?



    From personal experience, assessing squad players is best done by being involved on the training pitch and in the dressing room, observing understanding all the dynamics at play will allow the coach to get the full picture of the squad, i just see no positives from delay

  13. !!Bada Bing!! on

    D17- I think NL is on a years salary from the day he left? Think that’s how the rolling contract works

  14. timmy7_noted on

    Not Nostradamus just the same scare stories from the Express that get dropped here every day.



    Propaganda, he appears to have moved on from ethnic cleansing as the threat to schools now its just money. I feel safer now I may be skint but I won’t be in a concentration camp……..phew.

  15. timmy7_noted on

    I wonder of those who led the brexit charge are long gone and living off their substantial pensions?

  16. Quiet spell at work….


    Given the players we have available at the moment, I would pick the following for our cup game against der hun.




    Kenny, Ajer, Welsh, Laxalt.


    Brown, Soro,


    Forrest Turnbull


    Edoaurd Griffiths


    Subs, If no injuries.. to be used before 70th min. Rogic, Elyounoussi,

  17. Lionroars67 14.40



    IF Howe has formally agreed to commit as our manager


    Why is it not being announced now ?



    Surely if he has to potentially repay part of his severance pay to Bournemouth.


    That payment would only be due if he is on the payroll of another club before the date of the contract overhang ?



    I don’t think that this is a done deal.




  18. squire danaher on

    LIONROARS67 on 7TH APRIL 2021 2:22 PM



    Can you provide any links to or evidence of The Scottish Greens having



    “ consistently called out the anti-Catholic bigotry ingrained in Scottish society. That will continue to be our priority.”

  19. garygillespieshamstring on

    I hope I am wrong but I have a feeling that Howe is playing us here, using us as a stalking horse to stimulate a move from an EPL club.

  20. SQUIRE DANAHER on 7TH APRIL 2021 3:05 PM



    I’m not a member of the Green party, I do not speak on their behalf, however, I consider Ross Greer as one of that rare breed of being a genuine conviction politician, he is honest has integrity, his word on this issue on behalf of the Green party as the Education spokesman is good enough for me.



    I believe he has been subjected to abuse and threats from those at the extreme edge of those who wish for the continuation of Queen and country to remain together such as the OO, as he has alluded to in his twitter posts today, he has as they say has skin in the game


    MURSHEEN on 7TH APRIL 2021 2:39 PM


    is it JHB or nostradamus?



    Was NOSTRADAMUS as clever or opinionated as jhb.


    Sweeping statements all day long CSC.

  22. TINYTIM on 7TH APRIL 2021 3:04 PM



    Are they waiting to announce Howe to sell season tickets ?



    Or as you suggest ongoing discussion on the finer details



    Either way the support is being played

  23. Meanwhile at hamdump they are wondering how to delay confirming the Huns ban to 19th April.

  24. The Greens in Scotland did have a policy to abolish denominational schools as recently as 2007:-



    Their manifesto stated that they wished to “move towards the integration of state-funded religious schools into non-denominational education”.In other words, they intend to abolish almost 400 Catholic schools in Scotland or to force them to become private schools.And all of this because – the Greens claim – schools across the world have become ‘secularised’.



    I don’t think for a moment that they consider themselves to have a sectarian bone in their body. Their proposals are as popular with people who are conscious of their bigotry and those who are blind to it, alike. But the effect would be the closure of over 350 schools, largely of the RC persuasion, or to drive a few into the private sector.



    If Ross Greer has been fighting to educate his colleagues about their bigotry or their tone-deaf nature, then he still has work to do. Just 10 months ago the Green Party proposed, and were backed by Liberal Democrats, that the Catholic Community be stripped of its voting rights on the Education Committee in the Edinburgh local Authority.



    The only assurance we have received since then has been that the Green Party in Glasgow has said it has no current plans to follow its Edinburgh colleagues. A spokesman for Glasgow’s Green Party councillors said: “We are not actively considering any action but are watching the outcome of events in Edinburgh with interest.



    Earlier in 2019, Perth & Kinross became the first local authority to remove voting rights from church representatives

  25. TIMMY7_NOTED on 7TH APRIL 2021 2:52 PM



    Could you remind us what the SNP’s Sustainable Growth Commission predicted would be the state of public finances in the first decade of an independent Scotland?

  26. ernie lynch on 7th April 2021




    SCULLYBHOY on 7TH APRIL 2021 1:44 PM



    Not only simple and sad, but stupid too.



    Here’s the thing.



    Tory UK government mishandled response to Pandemic.


    Tory UK government won a watch with its vaccine strategy.




    Why do you always resort to patronising people?



    My father died, and I have been unable to access proper care for cancer – is that due to my stupidity.



    Tell the families of those who died unnecessarily that they too are stupid (as is your want).

  27. I am unsure of any football reason why EH, if he is coming to CP, needs to delay this announcement.



    The idea that he could be tainted by the remaining results of this season is risible. Edie Howe would not be sacked or harmed much at all, even if he lost both Ibrox matches meaning we had lost the final trophy we have to play for. Neither would John Kennedy’s position be strengthened by winning both these matches or landing the Cup Final. The mood for a change of management is too strong to be affected by anything that happens in the remaining games.



    The idea that he has a set honeymoon period away from the game agreed with his previous club or his family is also not a barrier to an announcement. He could still state openly that he has committed to sign a contract on the date this honeymoon ends and will have no “official” role till then. This would stop all the speulation and anxiety and he could still influence events between now and the set date of his contract starting.



    The only plausible reasons I can see for delaying the official announcement of his contract are:-



    1) He has asked to bring his own DoF and/or Asst. Manager and that Celtic would prefer not to inform current staff they are getting laid off as EH is bringing his own team, because of the potentially demralising and demotivating effect on the team.



    2) He is playing us off against an EPL option he really wants



    or 3) He has got cold feet.

  28. I’m not feeling with howe at the moment – I didn’t feel it with Rodgers either so that shows you hoe much I know about manager selection. Rodgers tho had a celtic connection – howe doesn’t. This slightly concerns me.



    What concerns me more is Howes ability to attract players to the club – does he have a big enough name or reputation?



    Anytime Celtic has needed a new manager , there has always been “obvious” names in the hat – this time we are searching – hoping Keane could’ve would’ve should’ve.



    I personally would go for Henrik Larsson with an experienced #2 – He would attract the players we need and he would be box office , albeit a bit risky!

  29. SFTB



    A note to Ross Greer , Archie McPherson Lorraine Kelly and whoever else clearly blames ‘Kafflik schools’



    Calling for the removal of Catholic schools, however, is a sign that some people don’t know, ignore or have forgotten Scotland’s history. Banning Catholic schools which is what he is in effect calling for ( I agree ) would remove the symbolic value of the equal treatment of Catholics and more than 100 years of progress would be reversed overnight.



    This would actually deepen any sectarian divide that exists.



    A good Kafflik education teaches the importance of loving your neighbour, showing forgiveness, embracing humility and undertaking charitable works.



    Mon the Labour CSC

  30. For the rest of the season I would like to see us play the guys who are going to be here next season.


    Which means no loanees or wantaways

  31. squire danaher on

    SFTB – 4:21



    I would suggest all three are live reasons.



    Primarily though, I’d suggest again that Celtic are reluctant to allow him to dictate his own DoF.



    As a seasoned Kerrydale-ologist of 55 years man and Bhoy, I’d almost be inclined to suggest Celtic are now stalling for time to allow us to be gazumped by an EPL team rather than come clean and say that Howe’s demands are untenable.



    SFTB 4:10 – See the Facebook link I posted earlier from the Archdiocese of St Andrews and Edinburgh.



    I have often suggested that in 21st Century Scotland, the bigger enemy of the Catholic community – due to wider apparent credibility and ready access to power – are the militant secularists as opposed to the OO.

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