Five games to make their point


If Eddie Howe wants to learn about Celtic before taking charge as expected on 1 June, he will have plenty of scope to see how they perform in challenging environments.  Between now and then, we will play at Ibrox as often as at Celtic Park, with trips to Easter Road and Pittodrie and the possibility of two Hampden dates thrown in.

With no undue disrespect to Livingston, win, lose or draw, there is little to be learned about how we perform against them at Celtic Park on Saturday, there can certainly be few positives for our prospective new manager to take away.  After that, we have Ibrox, Pittodrie, Ibrox, then hopefully a Scottish Cup semi-final.  Those who want to be part of his plans going forward, or who want a move south, will have their stage.

There are a few at Lennoxtown who think they could have done better this season.  Prove it in the next five games.

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  1. squire danaher on




    You can add Kirsty Wark to your list, another one for the watching.

  2. Guys,



    We are all thinking the usual reasons for the reluctance of Eddie Howe to commit to Celtic.



    However, could it be a simple point of principle. For example , who pays the extra tax on a salary of circa £2m.



    If EH is bringing his own people to Parkhead the additional taxation compared to England will be a substantial amount.



    Unlikely perhaps, but deals have fallen through for less.




  3. ST TAMS on 7TH APRIL 2021 4:35 PM


    For the rest of the season I would like to see us play the guys who are going to be here next season.



    Which means no loanees or wantaways





    I think we are required to play 11 players 😀

  4. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    A source close to Eddie Howe has said he is definitely joining Celtic.



    (The source is a lady called Edie Lowe.


    She has never met Eddie Howe but her first and last names are only a single letter different to EH’s – close enough?)



    I think he’ll sign.



    (I know how to tie my shoelaces but I don’t know anything about this negotiation so my thoughts add little value)



    I feel confident he’ll sign.



    (But I also feel a bit queasy after that sushi and might have to lie down for a bit – so my feelings on the subject add little value)



    I suspect he’ll sign.



    (But then, the other night, I suspected Colonel Mustard and was completely wrong – so my suspicions add little value)



    I understand the deal is done.


    (but don’t understand APR so maybe my understanding shouldn’t be given any credence?)



    If, and when, he signs – I’ll know it.



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith



    We’re Not Half of Anything

  5. BSR,



    It is widely believed Eddie Howe has been offered the Celtic job. Paul 67 alludes to this with a starting date of 1st June.



    However,as of yet he has not committed to Celtic.


    Unless of course you know differently.




  6. “GREENPINATA on 7TH APRIL 2021 5:07 PM




    It is widely believed Eddie Howe has been offered the Celtic job.”



    Is it really?




    An unsigned offer doesn’t mean that he has shown a reluctance to commit to Celtic.



    We don’t know the terms of any offer never mind whether one has been made .Just because the support thinks he should start yesterday or tomorrow doesn’t take into account what his offer is? – or what he’s agreed to, or not. Very few football contracts begin, with a caretaker in place, and the club are 20 points behind their main rival, and a handful of games remain.



    What manager would want to start instantly from there? not many if any, I’d assume.



    An agreement to start from Paul67’s 01/06/21 is much more likely, and would do for me, anyway.

  8. squire danaher on

    SAINT STIVS on 7TH APRIL 2021 5:05 PM



    This is a quote from an article in the Herald from 29/9/2019. I’m not posting the link so that they don’t get the clicks.



    Macpherson, who was brought up in Glasgow’s East End, was also a teacher in the North Lanarkshire village of Glenboig in the 1950s. Speaking to the Herald on Sunday, he said he hopes his book will be out in the spring.



    “Not a sociological book. My own personal experiences of it,” he said.



    “There is probably much less sectarianism in professional and working life [than there was], but within the parameters of the Old Firm it is still there. There is still bitterness there. It is all about attitude of mind. Of course, attitude of mind means bigotry.”



    However, Macpherson said the conversation had to be wider than football and suggested education must be part of the discussion. Under the 1918 Education Act, Catholic schools were brought into the state system and retained their distinctive religious ethos.



    He said: “It is not a case of looking at football, it is looking at society. How do we educate people? How do we bring them together? How do we have social cohesion? We separate children at the age of five. We’ve got to look at that, as well.”



    Asked his view on this “separation”, he replied: “I don’t like it. I never have, as a teacher and a headmaster myself, I never liked it.”



    Asked about phasing out faith schools, he said: “I think the discussion of it should be open and bold. It should be discussed. One of the aspects of our society is we acquiesce. We don’t question enough.” He added: “What sort of education system do we want in an increasingly secular society?”



    He also mentioned a recent column on Catholic schools by Herald columnist Rosemary Goring, who wrote: “Complete integration, however, should be the goal. The building blocks of society must mirror the kind of world we want future generations to inherit. No matter how you look at it, denominational schools have become an anomaly. If sectarianism is to become a thing of the past, then so should they.”



    Macpherson said: “I saw Rosemary Goring had a piece in…about these things. These are profound matters that unfortunately spring from looking at the Old Firm.”



    His comments come after Tom Wood, the former deputy chief constable of Lothian and Borders police, called for Catholic schools to be abolished in a bid to end divisions.



    Responding to a recent eruption of sectarian violence in Glasgow, he wrote: “I have no doubt that the provision for separate Roman Catholic education . . . was a good idea 100 years ago, but is it acceptable that in the 21st century we emphasise differences by separating five-year-old children based on their parents’ religion?”



    Peter Kearney, director of the Scottish Catholic Media Office, responded that Catholic schools were not the reason for the West of Scotland’s sectarian problem.



    He said: “Around Europe, and across the world, Catholic schools exist and prosper in societies bereft of the bigotry and intolerance found here. The historical religious divisions that still leave us tainted with sectarian bigotry, pre-date the existence of Catholic schools, so cannot have been created by them.”



    Historian Sir Tom Devine, professor emeritus at the University of Edinburgh, backed Kearney’s claims. He said studies had dismissed a link between Catholic schools and bigotry. He pointed to an advisory group set up by the Scottish Government in 2013 found that sectarianism did not have its roots in Catholic schools and that sectarianism would not be eradicated if Catholic schools were to close.

  9. squire danaher on

    FRANKTERRY on 7TH APRIL 2021 5:23 PM



    Absolutely and fair play to him in that respect.

  10. BSR,



    The 1st of June would do for me to.



    A very short simple statement would end all speculation. Similar to the Dominic Mckay situation where elaboration could follow at a later date.

  11. Why would anyone trust the Scottish Green Party.



    The only green party not to have their main focus on the environment.

  12. GREENPINATA on 7TH APRIL 2021 5:32 PM


    Why would anyone trust the Scottish Green Party.







    The only green party not to have their main focus on the environment.






    Their main concerns seem to be independence and trans rights.



    It’s significant that the only one of them who was any use, Andy Wightman, left them and is now an independent MSP.

  13. Bigbhoy – I think Julien does want away but he’s out until September I think so with us until January window at least.



    AT – I’ll see what I can do – may need to be in instalments though.



    Stebhoy – Larson or Keane won’t attract players because of their name – it’s not like that anymore. Players now look for what’s best for development pathway or what’s best for bank balance (or both). Howe is a much more attractive pull thank Keane/Henrik/Stevie G as he knows what the EPL standard is like and has a good coaching reputation.




    Any of our kind who doubt that Catholic schools will be phased out in the unlikely event of an independent Scotland should look no further the centralisation of the police. Eight forces, each accountable locally, merged for purposes if budget & control.



    In a cash-strapped de facto bankrupt Scotland why would education not suffer the same fate? SNP have no special affection for education in general. Scotland, once a shining light in world education has, since the SNP came in to power, fallen like a stone in every international league table – so much so that the SNP politburo now refuse to publish some and censor others.



    If our schools go, then so too will our distinct culture. Is Celtic a part of that culture – sure it is.



    Ditching Catholic schools for non-denominational education will be accepted by 83% of the population – our 17% will be indulged then ignored.

  15. Really unsure what is happening regards the New manager. The various clickbait and ITK pundits all have different stories. At Celtic there will be very few people in the key positions who are involved in negotiations and in the Interview process.



    Celtic process includes asking advice from friends like Martin O’Neill and Gordan Strachan and then internal discussions with DD primarily followed by a shortlist and then a invitation for interview, After that the Board will consider the options including Individuals demands, They will then commence negotiations with the First Choice and a result from that taken to a Board meeting, Then there will be an appointment.



    I dont know where we are in the process or how many candidates are involved.



    Celtic will be aware of the requirement that a New Manager will need to be announced before Season ticket Renewals are due. We have a management and coaching team in place for the rest of this season. We have a CEO(or two) and Executive team. We even have an expanded Scouting Team in Operation.



    People have to be patient. We operate in a hostile Environment to our club and its ethos. We have few friends in SFA and SPFL, little influence in the media and few friends in the various mediums. Many people would do us wrong given a chance. There appears to be a large number of so called Celtic people who wish the club ill. We are right to play our cards close to our chest.

  16. timmy7_noted on

    17% hurrah. It’s back.



    Jhb what are this week’s lottery numbers?



    Got any opinions on the monarchy?

  17. Talking Scott Brown.



    We made him an offer, Aberdeen made him a better offer.


    Hes off to Aberdeen at the end of the season.


    No dithering, no ambiguity.

  18. I‘ll be very surprised , no shocked to the core if Eddie Howe turns up at Celtic park as manager . This will he won’t he has been seen down kerrydale street on many occasions , I feel a right good slap in the face heading the fans way .

  19. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    JIMTIM on 7TH APRIL 2021 6:36 PM


    I‘ll be very surprised , no shocked to the core if Eddie Howe turns up at Celtic park as manager . This will he won’t he has been seen down kerrydale street on many occasions , I feel a right good slap in the face heading the fans way .






    Hope you are wrong, but I would not, unfortunately, be totally surprised.






  20. squire danaher on

    JIMTIM on 7TH APRIL 2021 6:36 PM









    I said earlier that I think we are not happy at the DoF idea of him demanding his own guy



    We can’t come out and say we’re no longer interested. We are hoping that we get gazumped or he will be tempted elsewhere, while we play our “WE TRIED OUR BEST BUT COULDN’T GET IT OVER THE LINE” for domestic media consumption.

  21. SCULLYBHOY on 7TH APRIL 2021 6:41 PM




    The stupidity relates to being unable to distinguish between the UK Tory government’s response to the pandemic (A BAD THING) and the consequence of their gamble to preorder a vaccine still in development (A GOOD THING).



    I’m not sure I can make it any simpler than that.

  22. If Howe isn’t appointed TGD is going to look like a bit of a laughing stock.



    There must come a point at which the utter shambles at Celtic under his ownership and control will start to cause him personal reputational damage.

  23. Simon Jordan made a telling point on Talksport this morning on being informed that Eddie Howe wanted to bring in his own Director of Football should he agree to become Manager of Celtic FC.


    As in asking, “Why doesn’t he appoint the CEO and the Chairman while he is at it?”


    And stressing that the Director of Football is “employed” by the Club, not by the Manager.


    Cannot not see our Board agreeing with Eddie on this one.

  24. JHB



    Good Protestant men ( ahem ) like wee Nicola in a predominantly



    Protestant country don’t IMO harbour clandestine hopes to close all Kafflik schools – shirley? Thats restricted to the Lorraine Kellys.



    It won’t be a vote like the inevitable second ‘YES’ vote that Red card, Red card Ross is campaigning vigourously to avoid, it would require a Universal (like the religion ) approval to even begin to look at, never mind overturn the unique 1918 act.



    Keep the faith CSC

  25. CELTIC MAC on 7TH APRIL 2021 6:51 PM



    Except that he’s (apparently) being asked to move to a club with no CEO or DoF in place, and a squad ‘in transition’. That is not normal.



    So I can understand why he’d want to remove some of those uncertainties by at least knowing the DoF is someone he is familiar and compatible with.

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