Five games to make their point


If Eddie Howe wants to learn about Celtic before taking charge as expected on 1 June, he will have plenty of scope to see how they perform in challenging environments.  Between now and then, we will play at Ibrox as often as at Celtic Park, with trips to Easter Road and Pittodrie and the possibility of two Hampden dates thrown in.

With no undue disrespect to Livingston, win, lose or draw, there is little to be learned about how we perform against them at Celtic Park on Saturday, there can certainly be few positives for our prospective new manager to take away.  After that, we have Ibrox, Pittodrie, Ibrox, then hopefully a Scottish Cup semi-final.  Those who want to be part of his plans going forward, or who want a move south, will have their stage.

There are a few at Lennoxtown who think they could have done better this season.  Prove it in the next five games.

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  1. timmy7_noted on




    Don’t waste your time he doesn’t believe any of this stuff it’s all Tory propaganda.


    He’s just doing as he has been told.

  2. TIMMY7_NOTED on 7TH APRIL 2021 6:26 PM



    Is neill McCann part of the 17%? Mo Johnstone?



    *I’ve always said tae anyone who tells me that they used tae be a Catholic that unless they don the black mass vestments then they still are as you cannae unbaptise yersell.



    Ooops they two did so they are no longer members of the one true holy and apostolic faith plus as part of the indoctrination intae that cult they probably bared their breest and rolled up their trooser leg.

  3. At AT’s request, here’s 10 full backs we ought to be looking at (or I think Howe would like):



    Right backs:



    Felix Passlack – Dortmund – 22 y.o. – OOC. Hasn’t really kicked on as hoped at Dortmund. Lots of potential and may see us as a good springboard to relaunch his career.



    Andre Wisdom – Derby – 27 y.o. – OOC. 150 games at Championship level and 50 at Premier League level. He may wish to taste the big club environment again having started at Liverpool. Mainly a CB but also features at RB, so would provide good cover.



    Jonas Svensson – AZ Alkmar – 28 y.o. – out of contract. A Norwegian international with around 150 games for AZ and 250 games for Rosenberg. Able to play right midfield too.



    Youssef Sabaly – Bordeaux – 28 y.o. – OOC. A Senegalese international who has over 200 appearances in France’s Ligue 1. He’s able to cover right midfield and left back as well. Probably at the higher range of our salary ceiling.



    Nathaniel Clyne – Crystal Palace – 30 y.o. – OOC. Played under Howe at Bournemouth on loan. Only reason I include him as he’s likely to need to take a huge pay cut if he comes to us.



    Adam Smith – Bournemouth- 29 y.o. – OOC. Again an old player of Howe’s which is why I include him here. Probably affordable and interested. Can also play left back.



    Left backs:



    Ezgjan Alioski – Leeds – 29 y.o. – OOC. 160 championship games, 30 EPL games and 50 in the Swiss Super league, he’s experienced. Can play anywhere in the left hand-side of the park. Likely to be expensive salary-wise though.



    Conor Townsend – West Brom – 28 y.o. – OOC. A bit of a journeyman, he’s done on for West Brom this year though it’s been tough. He’s also played 20 games in the SPL during a loan stint at Dundee United. I don’t think he’d be an upgrade on Taylor though, so would be a fall back if we couldn’t get anyone else.



    Diego Rico – Bournemouth- 28 y.o. He’s going into the last year of his contract and was a Howe signing. Plays left back, left mid and centre back. He cost Bournemouth c£13m from Real Zaragoza so may be outside our price range.



    Tymo Puchacz – Lech Poznań – 22 y.o. The Bhoysanalytics guy raves about this player as set out here:



    Stats look good and the sort of “hidden gem” we tend to look for. Much more attacking than Taylor which would suit. Probably less expensive than Rico.





    I think we need at least 1 right back and 1 left back. Taylor will do as left back cover – right back could be covered by Welsh or young O’Connor (potentially). I’d be inclined to go for Passlack and Puchacz given the room for growth in both players and the fact they are more attacking than Taylor or Welsh/O’Connor. If funds allowed, I’d also probably go for Wisdom as he is a more defensive option than Passlack and can cover CB.

  4. When first mention of Roy Keane came up I was not surprised as I’m sure many others felt the same, nothing new, Keane mentioned for manager again. Then Eddie Howe’s name started to gather more pace. Previous to this it was Fergal Harkin as DOF which I was intrigued by and thought we are heading in the right direction.



    Then we had Stories about Howe saying he would come to Paradise if could bring Hughes along with him and then the Harkin stories started to die down.



    This all leads to me speculating the same way the meeja are doing and that no pundit or reporter in Scotland knows whet is actually going on. The only ones that know are those inside the hallowed grounds of Paradise.



    Back to Keane an Harkin. I would be quite happy if Harkin was the new DOF and Kean the new manager along with Nicky Butt and Damien Duff as his assistants,



    My speculation for the day






  5. Ray Winstone's Big Disembodied Heid on

    Ernie Lynch.



    Genuine question. Which party do you support? I’ve been trying to figure it out for ages, primarily by a process of elimination, but so far nothing.



    Come on, be a man and put your head above the parapet.

  6. Might be wrong here but I believe Catholic schools were set up in Scotland as the indigenous Scots didnae want their weans going tae school with the sons and daughters of “tattie howkers” so the parishes took it upon themselves tae educate them.




    The influx of large numbers of Irish immigrants in the nineteenth century led to the establishment of Catholic schools, particularly in the urban west of the country, beginning with Glasgow in 1817.



    Over here there are 2 main school systems Public and Separate aka Catholic, except in the Province of Quebec where the Public Schools are Catholic and the Separate non-Catholic.



    Other faiths have their own schools i.e. Jewish, Hindu, Sikh etc but they are not funded from the public purse.



    When the country was formed in 1867 it transferred the country’s highest law, the British North America Act, BNA, from the authority of the British Parliament to Canada’s federal and provincial legislatures.



    Let’s not forget who founded the country and the first PM was born in what is now known as the Merchant City into a Presbie family but later converted tae Anglican and yet accepted the 2 system education that the brits offered.



    That authority was completely removed from the UK by the passing of the Canada Act 1982 on March 29, 1982, by the Parliament of the United Kingdom, as requested by the Parliament of Canada.



    This achieved full independence for Canada by allowing the country to change its Constitution without approval from Britain. It also enshrined the Charter of Rights and Freedoms in Canada’s Constitution, the highest law of the land.



    Prior to this occurring the then Prime Minister, Pierre Elliot Trudeau son of Grace Elliot of Scottish heritage, stated everything under the existing Constitution was “on the table”, except the education system which had been enshrined under the BNA as it works. There was no opposition to this, not even from orange Ontario.



    The 2 system education seems to be popular in every other civilised country except the most anti Catholic ones, my birth pace as well as my paternal grampa’s and maternal great grampa’s.




    Readers of @FourFourTwo have named @ivantoney24 as the EFL’s best player – spoke to him about his 28 goals for Brentford, recovering from Rafa rejection and nearly joining Celtic:



    “It was close. Their season would have been different, is all I’ll say…”https://www.

  8. ernie lynch



    Well we all know who the new CEO is, and he is leaving the SRU next Friday, and if Paul67 is correct joining us a few days later. May not be announced formally as CEO but if we start paying him he’ll start earning. Might want some kind of say on who is Director of Football, if we are going down that particular road.

  9. Part 2 – Centre backs.



    Paulo Oliviera – Eibar – 29 y.o. – OOC. Former Sporting Lisbon man, he’s been at Eibar for three years. Eibar are second bottom, but he’s part of a back line that has shipped only 35 goals in the league – the joint 9th best defensive record.



    Marcia Kaminski – Stuttgart – 29 y.o. – OOC. Polish international with over 50 games in Bundesliga. Left footed and can cover left back.



    Filipino Benkovic – Leicester – 23 y.o. We know about him a his post-Celtic career has been disappointing. If Howe arrives I think Rodgers would trust him to regroup and rebuild during another loan season.



    I’d take all three – we are likely to only have Julien and Welsh so these three would be a cost effective way of building a defence for a season or two, allowing breathing space to bring in some younger and better players.

  10. CELTIC MAC on 7TH APRIL 2021 7:35 PM


    ernie lynch







    ‘Well we all know who the new CEO is,’







    He’s not yet in post, so is a completely unknown quantity.

  11. stpatricksbhoy on

    Catholic schools debate in full flow today ,the biggest threat to our schools is Catholic parents who send their children to non denominational schools in ever growing numbers.



  12. GREENPINATA on 7TH APRIL 2021 5:32 PM



    Why would anyone trust the Scottish Green Party.



    The only green party not to have their main focus on the environment.





    Trust Greenpinata



    The same way some will ask why Labour and Tory and snp and any other party.



    people vote for what they think best.


    as they did with the liar


    howd that work out?.


    the greens policies are wide ranging


    and like labour oarty economic policies there to be broken down




  13. spidey many thanks for your diggin and research.



    hopefully it will happen soon 🖒




  14. AN TEARMANN on 7TH APRIL 2021 7:59 PM



    ‘the greens policies are wide ranging’







    So were they too wide ranging, or not wide ranging enough, for Andy Wightman?

  15. Cheers guys – I can’t wait for a new man (Howe or anyone) so my inner need can have a rest!

  16. lets all do the huddle on

    sky sports headline doesnt bode well for EH



    hes not near signing for any club




  17. Let’s all


    1st June is at least 6 weeks away – do not exactly near – think I’m clutching at straws.

  18. It is surely significant that Catholic schools are a ‘problem’ only in Scotland. More children in England attend Catholic schools than do in Scotland yet I’ve not once heard any suggestion that they pose a threat to the cohesion of society.



    Catholic schools thrive in continental Europe, North America, Australia and in Africa but it’s only here in Scotland that a persistent and organised lobby seeks to shut them down.

  19. lets all do the huddle on

    Let’s all



    1st June is at least 6 weeks away – do not exactly near – think I’m clutching at straws.




    it’s smells like his agent is touting him around, which i suppose is his job

  20. Ernie.


    did Andy wightman murder any iraquis


    did he shaft your marketing exercise from the inside?



    explain the war criminal then you can slate whoever.


    fil then keep apologizing

  21. Are they going to build super multi storey schools to fit the current pupils from Catholic schools in


    Or is it just they have the name Catholic in the school name

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