Five games to make their point


If Eddie Howe wants to learn about Celtic before taking charge as expected on 1 June, he will have plenty of scope to see how they perform in challenging environments.  Between now and then, we will play at Ibrox as often as at Celtic Park, with trips to Easter Road and Pittodrie and the possibility of two Hampden dates thrown in.

With no undue disrespect to Livingston, win, lose or draw, there is little to be learned about how we perform against them at Celtic Park on Saturday, there can certainly be few positives for our prospective new manager to take away.  After that, we have Ibrox, Pittodrie, Ibrox, then hopefully a Scottish Cup semi-final.  Those who want to be part of his plans going forward, or who want a move south, will have their stage.

There are a few at Lennoxtown who think they could have done better this season.  Prove it in the next five games.

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  1. I suspect that, lke many others, I started reading CQN to gain more reliable information/news than was available in the truly awful MSSM.


    Now, with a few admirable exceptions, posters on the site pretty much reflect that dreadful MSSM.

  2. IF Howe’s agent speaks on his behalf then withdraw the offer and move on. Crystal Palace do not have CL qualifiers to prepare for. We need someone before June 1, someone to run the rule over the squad while it is still together and get transfer targets agreed ASAP.

  3. Call_of_Juarez on

    The Club could easily have quelled the optimism that arose last week over the possible EH appt. Now it seems the deal is far from complete. Very disappointing.

  4. Deniabhoy 11;14



    I agree with that approach,withdraw offer focus his mind,I think he now is apprehensive and could easily cuddle up to Palace with a 50% success rate.

  5. Sandy Lyle and Ian Woosnam both teeing off just after 2.00pm if anyone is interested.


    Always fancied having a pint with wee Woosie. Tells it as it issued

  6. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Howe should be chased If there’s even a whiff he’s using Celtic as a backstop in the event nothing better turns up.



    If it were me, I’d want nothing to do with this team and season, so I’ve no problem with him starting in June. It makes sense to me.



    But there’s no reason not to commit and sign a contract, unless of course, you’re hoping something ‘better’ comes along.

  7. There are some on here who would close down debate, unless of course the debate is from preferred posters.


    Some can literally say ” Good morning CQN” and the swooning begins.


    Personally I put it down to indoctrination in their previous occupations They have been instructed that personal intuition is wrong and is to be condemned in favour of teamwork.



    In their world there is no room for individual thought. Those who think for themselves are considered mavericks.



    The pack or clique if you like are always right no matter what they say or do not say. In my opinion that viewpoint is shameful , indeed juvenile and has chased many posters away.



    This is not new on CQN and ” The clique” has been discussed many times.


    It is totally contrary to the concept of CQN. Play the post not the poster and defer evaluation until you read the post objectively and individually.



    HH to all.

  8. GREENPINATA on 8TH APRIL 2021 11:17 AM









    You may be right, but it looks like very poor leadership.















    It is.



    And as I said yesterday it can only be a matter of time before this shambolic mess starts to damage TGD’s personal reputation as a slick businessman.

  9. 31003 on 8TH APRIL 2021 11:29 AM



    I met Woosnam at Carnoustie a few years ago. I was far from impressed.

  10. The next manager is looking at a minimum 3 years to sort things out


    in my opinion. Fly by nighters need not apply

  11. Greenpinata @ 11:37am



    “Those who think for themselves are considered mavericks.”



    1).Is it possible to think for one`s self?


    2) Who are the members of this oft mentioned clique?

  12. Philbhoy


    Maybe we should.


    We might be surprised at who we get.


    Think Eddie has probably given Brendan a phone.

  13. HOT SMOKED on 8TH APRIL 2021 11:47 AM.



    The answers you desire are self explanatory, if you use your initiative.

  14. Philbhoy


    Missed that mate sorry.


    Couldn’t agree more – with you and myself ;)))

  15. GREENPINTA @ 11:37



    Agree – it can be like a primary school playground with first, name-calling , then pals join in with “na na na na na na” in an attempt to drown their target out. If they ever get a ‘dose of their own medicine’, they run off to tell the teacher(moderator) – pathetic really for grown men.

  16. “GREENPINATA on 8TH APRIL 2021 11:55 AM


    HOT SMOKED on 8TH APRIL 2021 11:47 AM.


    The answers you desire are self explanatory, if you use your initiative.”



    Ah well. I will have to remain ignorant as I obviously do not have the required initiative.

  17. If bringing a manger in before DoF is an issue, and is our preferred model, why don’t we recruit DoF first?



    I’m sure there will be a number of counter arguments outlining why this is uniquely difficult for Celtic.



    I’m not convinced we have a plan

  18. Ernie


    I’m with you on that…..thank god it’s golf we’re watching though, right?


    Hot Smoked



    I’ve never met him but, going by tv interviews he came across to me as someone who calls a spade a spade. I like people who don’t pull punches

  19. I must say that the daily debate on the Eddie Howe will he, won’t he, is getting a wee bit like the kids in the car asking “are we there yet?”.



    Brendan was an exception because of his ‘love’ for Celtic, however getting an EPL type manager, or, player, for that matter, will always be difficult – most times our reach will exceed our grasp.

  20. EmeraldBe \0/







    Agree fully with that. But …….. IF you were running the Club and wanted to keep your fans/supporters on-side would it not be really, really easy to make an official statement (via the SLO or other source) to clarify the steps that are being taken right now (in the most general of senses) in the pursuit of restructuring the Club. At a stroke the supporters are informed, they can dismiss the various ‘experts’ and their (perhaps) tainted views and can give the Club a bit of breathing space as they await developments.




    Instead the vacuum is filled with some well – meaning (and some less well – meaning) gossip and viewpoints, lots of crud from media sources that are not terribly well known for favouring and promoting positive news about Celtic, and a growing feeling (which is not discounted by the Club) that things might be continuing as we have witnessed for a number of years now (and THAT doesn’t fill us/me with great enthusiasm and positivity).



    We just don’t KNOW and that fact lies at the door of the Club. They are in a business that relies heavily on commitment and engagement from their customer base yet they seem to dismiss the idea that they should communicate, how ever generally, with that customer base. That I don’t understand. If they are not aware of the disquiet among the fan base, that I don’t understand either.





    The under lying problem is there is no trust and trust is a two way St.



    I suggest the Board are reluctant to say anything because whatever is said will be seen via mistrust spectacles by a number of supporters with reasons to be mistrustfull.



    There has to be a change of attitude on both sides but the responsibility to take a lead lies with the Board, having set the scene first.


    Being truthful would be an epic start but that is not a discernible quality of those at the helm.


    Go Tell The Spartim has it right in terms of the Boards attitude to the support. It stinks, condescending and arrogant, the natural outcome of not being accountable for their decisions.



    I like to think, and why wouldnt I, that if Res11/12 has done anything it is to send a message to Celtic that the support are no mugs and if properly led by CST who have grown in size with new members with a voice in the CST democratic process – their AGM is on 27 April – can endeavour to seek trustworthy relationships with the new CEO.



    Res11 at last AGM, where Celtic undertook to engage with relevant authorities on non application of the judicial rules, surrendered under the toxic 5 Way Agreement, was the result of recognising supporters/shareholders were no mugs with a handle on the truth, a point forcibly made.

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