Five in open battle for central defensive places


After the dust settled on Sunday’s game I considered the four central defenders we fielded.  Acknowledging his poor performance, Brendan Rodgers reminded us Dedryck Boyata was just back from injury and will improve.  Jozo Simunovic coasted through the game but got drawn into the spate of off the ball acts which was a feature of the game.

Kris Ajar (19) continued his excellent recent form, while Jack Hendry (22) didn’t miss a beat when introduced after Jozo’s red card.  There will be tougher challenges ahead, but these two are more than comfortable at this level and have a genuine claim to a starting place at Hampden.

The Morton game a week earlier gave Marvin Compper an opportunity to show how match-fit he is – not sufficiently, was the outcome.  Marvin is at the club to bring experience and stability to the defensive line.  Our four games before the split are all against lower half of the league opposition.  The German international must be given plenty of game time in the coming month.

What our central defence will look like for the qualifiers remains an open book.  All five players discussed above are under consideration.  I expect comings and goings throughout the window in this area too.  Brendan will expect Marvin to play a significant part, but it will be a battle for all of them; which is a good thing.

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  1. THELURKINTIM on 13TH MARCH 2018 5:29 PM



    I’ll give it a miss then!









  2. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    I ‘tried’ a wee joke about Morelos runnining in the Close Bros race early doors today but it was obviously up to my usual standard! Sh1te?

  3. Mahe the Madman on




    would have a moment of your time if you dont mind ;)



    Hail Hail

  4. fairhill bhoy on

    MARSPAPA-in my opinion kevj says stuff that’s relevant,but maybe just maybe he over eggs the pudding:-)) Hope your well to mate.should have been in the PV yesterday,but theirs to many women in our family:-))

  5. James Mortimer just spotted next to Swallex at Manc’s game.



    Maybe he has abandoned his real team after Sunday!




  6. Cosy Corner Bhoy on 13th March 2018 9:04 pm



    I saw it but couldn’t think of a witty reply :-))



    someone did refer to it later again ,,,,,,,



    never mind what anyone says if it makes you smile keep posting xx

  7. Mahe the Madman on

    Vfr, Vfr,



    okay so I dont know how close you were following the exchanges last week, but i mentioned i dont like the phrase more than a club right?


    And then I found out, just yesterday I swear, that you had actually written an article on that very subject.



    Now i read it and i want to tip my hat,, a very good read, well worded with conviction. Well done.



    But I,,,






    Loo i really didnt mean it to happen but,,,,,,,,i “bolded” it.


    Look Im sorry mister it wont happen again ;)


    Its mostly banter rather than point scoring or whatever but might raise a smlle.


    So,,,busy? ;)



    Corkcelt will kill me,,Corkie us young ones might be getting riled,,just a warning ;)



    Hail Hail

  8. MAHE THE MADMAN on 13TH MARCH 2018 9:13 PM



    I followed the debate last week with interest and found none of it offensive.



    I don’t know if anyone else found it offensive; if they did, they probably didn’t understand the arguments.



    I value others debate and opinion (contrary to some other posters views) and they certainly stimulate the blog!



    Keep it going!





  9. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    With all the talk about goalies it’s great to see young Conor Hazard


    has been brought into the Norn. Ireland squad for their next friendly.


    Presently out on loan from Celtic this lhad is very highly thought of


    by manager Michael O’Neil and at Celtic Park i might add.


    Any time i’ve watched him on CTV he looks a huge presence between


    the sticks, lets hope he fullfils his potential.




    Last shout for our St Patricks day celebration this Saturday 17 th, the


    rebel town of Mornington will be covered in the green and white so


    please be early, most of the cafe’s and restaurants are booked solid .


    Some of our bhoys are kicking off at the Dubliner bar for some Irish


    stew and bread just to soak up all that Guinness you understand 8-))


    Hope to see you there.


    H.H Mick

  10. Jose Mourinho, a manager who has totally run out of tactical ideas.







  11. Just saw Seville go 0-2 up against ManUre and karma has arrived at last for our old friend The Special one – remember Seville 2003 – it is FATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just could not make it up. LOVE IT!

  12. Mahe the Madman on



    im not sure you understand,, im referring to your artcicle.


    however bikers are tough right? ;0


    put your dukes up ;)


    ill find it now


    be very afraid ;)

  13. Sevilla have been the better team and the sub has been inspirational .


    The special one’s tactics have been second best.

  14. Mahe the Madman on

    You wrote,,


    IS Celtic more than just a club or is that just a clever statement used by the club’s marketing department?



    So they are paid millions and cant even come up with a logo! SACK THE BOARD ;)


    No but seriously,


    Its worth asking these questions you know,,always healthy to question.



    My thoughts (blog rolls eyes ;) ,,



    Its a catchy logo, Ill give it that. Not unique though, used by others.



    Logos are associated with most organisations, never mind football clubs, and are designed in such a way that they will mentally comfort you , by helping you to form a bond ,, into using that companies services,,or buying that brand,,or watching that team.



    Tesco’s “Every little helps” implies were doing you a favour,,ie the help,,rather than thanks for making this not very ethical company richer. Its multi faceted that logo.



    Theres many I dont like, but theres one in particular I cant stand,,


    “ We dont do walking away”



    The hidden innuendo and implication behind that particular collection of words that is used by the supporters of the club playing out of Ibrox ( sorry I dont actually know the name as I stopped listening after sevco or the next name possibly.) is one of the reasons Scottish football is in the mess its in.


    I intend to dissect it at a later date.



    You wrote,,


    “The Club has changed in many ways since I started to watch football in the early/mid-sixties; some for the better, some maybe not so”


    So it was you bhoys let the rot set in eh,,shoulda been lanced there and then . And your still on your arse! Lazy Bassas ;)



    You wrote,,


    “In my opinion, one thing that has not changed is the fact that we are still more than just a Club.”


    I yearn for that feeling again but ill come to the logo in due time.



    You wrote,,,


    “ We are the greatest football club in the world; not because of our achievements on the field of play, but because of our raison d’etre, ethos, and wonderful fanbase worldwide. “


    Woah, woah, woah, re the greatest part,,


    Youre expressing your view here, not a fact as it cant be proven . And it cant be . I know many fans that think their chosen team is the greatest in the world.


    And you know what,,to them ,, IT IS!.


    Its in the head partner, can and never will be proven, because the parameters involved are too wide.


    I smiled when I read that , I really did. Still am.


    But The Gods honest simple truth is Glasgow Celtic Football Club is not the greatest football club in the world on paper, or words , or song, or acts on a field of green, but it is the greatest football club in our hearts and you cannot measure a mans heart.


    Only the good Lord can.


    You make a judgement on his heart based on his actions and words if you wish. I suggest walking a mile in his shoes first though.



    Youre right, the achievements on the field of play are over shadowed by many others.



    Our raison detre is not unique, not now, a sporting organisation formed to feed the hungry and needy, is not unique and if you wish I will elaborate, but a quick search does show others.


    This has been emulated elsewhere.



    Ethos,,,Our founding Fathers ethos was tossed by the wayside long , long ago in search of profit ( by the the main football branch , not all branchs have strayed far from that ethos) and right now today we could be any larger club,,millionaire businessmen on the board , with zero fan input at higher levels.Thats the standard in the modern game and we are no exception..


    I would point out that I am not finger pointing here at the current custodians re the ethos part as this happened long ago. And again the lazy bassas then never lanced the boil ;)



    Wonderful fanbase worldwide,,would never argue against them words but this will lead to my main point.



    You wrote,,


    “This was summed up in Paul67’s article on how the Res12 funding continued to build on the great work already completed by CQN in supporting Mary’s Meals (read HERE).  “


    Why im on this blog. Good men and women on here. Damn good people.



    You wrote,,,


    “It was taken to a new level last night with a suggestion we should have thrown the game against Alloa rather than potentially coming up against The Rangers in the semi-final or final of the League Cup and the assertion that those supporting their team in the League Cup were mugs “


    Wasnt around but ;) Peaks and troughs my old china plate ;) Peaks and troughs.



    You wrote,,,


    “ the days when the fans had no say or input to the club”


    Cough,, ;)



    You wrote,,,


    “; the days when the symbiosis of the Old Firm was accepted “


    Splutter,,, :)



    You wrote,,,


    “ Days when the Establishment and the Footballing Authorities openly worked against our Club for the benefit of Rangers. “



    !@!$!^$!$# *(^&*%$ , Sorry my head just sank radiply and hit the keys,,get that lent money you bassa you owe me a laptop! :)



    You wrote,,,


    “Nor am I an apologist for Peter Lawwell; again he has made mistakes along the way. I have met him a couple of times and he seems, to me, to be a decent and honest man who has a great love for the Club and is doing what he thinks is right. However, some of his decisions have baffled and angered me. “



    I agree with your last sentence , wholeheartedly. Of course hes a decent and honest man with a love for the club,,this is business,,not personal.




    “Celtic Football Club is a Scottish football club with proud Irish links.  The primary business of Celtic is as a football club”



    That phrase primary business seems to have been forgotten or at least it has diminished, the idea behind it that is.. I for one always try to draw distinction to whichever branch of the Celtic family im referring to, and its rarely the primary business these days.


    This is two prong,,


    One ,, so if others are disaffected and wish to leave Scottish football but not the Celtic family then there are many other , just as rewarding in their own way, branches for you to try.


    Two,,the other branches deserve to have a light shone on them,,they are just as important in their own way.




     “ However, the Club has a wider role and the responsibility of being a major Scottish social institution promoting health, well-being and social integration “



    Theres an argument to be made there that without finger pointing, without casting blame, this side of the clubs role has failed.


    History will repeat itself if allowed.


    A new approach is needed toward that integration and acceptance of the Celtic family, after all 130 years later we are still


    fenian b!@#$5ds.



    “Celtic will continue to change in order to meet the aspirations of its fans and to live up to the principles behind Brother Walfrid’s reasons for founding the Club.  This will be carried out within a sound business plan ensuring development of the football set up and continued improvement for Celtic Park.”



    Sweet music to my ears. Go for it ! Do you have any idea when this was wrote? Serious question.




    You wrote,,,


    “The recent news in the last week that the Club is back in the black and has sufficient cash reserves should be welcomed “



    Youre teasing me now. Troll! :)



    You wrote,,,


    “No doubt the hand-wringers will see this involvement in the Champions League as anathema to their moral rectitude; the fact that The Rangers fans being charged £49 was succumbing to “the blue pound”. They will still see the rest of us as mugs or sops to the Board. I’m past caring to be honest. “



    In all fairness, what I would say to that is, this article we are debating was wrote in 2016. We are now in 2018. Still, daily (and thanks you know who , im serious ) , we hear of the great 49 quid swindle,,,,this generations 12 pieces of silver ( Corkcelt just gripped his chest! :),,,


    Maybe its time to get it all out there and done with?


    Properly. Actually done properly.



    You said,,,


    “(except in Amsterdam “



    Then thon mob in the Gallowgate,,,


    That episode left me shaking my head at those running the primary business thats for sure.


    I could say stronger things about my feelings on this.




    You wrote,,,


    “ The original ethos of the Club is still there and should be celebrated. “


    Id feel a hell of a lot better if we were closer. A good fair bit closer.



    You wrote,,,


    “ WE, the fans, are the Club.  The PLC Board are merely custodians.


    We were always more than just a club; we are still more than just a club; we will always be more than just a club.


    That’s what separates us from all other clubs in the world!”



    I see praise for the fans and the fan based actions surrounding the primary business. A lot.


    However I for one do not like the phrase more than a club . Or a club like no other.



    Have zero hestitation in sayin “ Celtic, Best Fans in the World” though.


    I could have ten (unique! ) logos that I feel sum up the Celtic family better in minutes,,thats just to me now remember.


    Number one choice for me, as I showed above,,” Celtic,,best fans in the world and lazy bassas!” When we sack the board,,its in ;)


    If you were sitting across from me in the bar and asked Mahe who in your opinion is a club like no other? Barca my arse!


    Athletico Bilboa would be the first words from my lips. Theres ethos for you.




    Hail Hail.



    Hope this finds you in good health

  15. i'vehadtochangemyname on

    hope SS is ok – he’s had some knocks this season – come up against scum, proper cowardly hater scum and he’s been in and out of the team, lost his mentor and was attacked wasn’t attacked the other day. Glad he’s still with us and scoring and bloody hell does he work hard on the pitch.

  16. A propos of nothin’ in particular……..



    I’m actually a ninety-nine year old,hermaphrodite, unicorn from a universe, far far away…….. (from Clydebank)…



    Every second Tuesday, answerin’ to the handle”Big Brenda”, I take to the airwaves with my Citizens Band radio and gab away to lonesome truck drivers lookin’ for chats an’ stuff……………



    Imagine that………..On CB radio you can pretend to be something you’re not, and come oot with all sorts of made up, sleekit guff……



    I ask you……… where else other than CB radio could you get away with that kinda patter!?



    Ten – Four Bhoys? CSC

  17. Athletico Bilboa [sic]? Selective employment policy?



    Yeah, I suppose that is an ethos