Five in open battle for central defensive places


After the dust settled on Sunday’s game I considered the four central defenders we fielded.  Acknowledging his poor performance, Brendan Rodgers reminded us Dedryck Boyata was just back from injury and will improve.  Jozo Simunovic coasted through the game but got drawn into the spate of off the ball acts which was a feature of the game.

Kris Ajar (19) continued his excellent recent form, while Jack Hendry (22) didn’t miss a beat when introduced after Jozo’s red card.  There will be tougher challenges ahead, but these two are more than comfortable at this level and have a genuine claim to a starting place at Hampden.

The Morton game a week earlier gave Marvin Compper an opportunity to show how match-fit he is – not sufficiently, was the outcome.  Marvin is at the club to bring experience and stability to the defensive line.  Our four games before the split are all against lower half of the league opposition.  The German international must be given plenty of game time in the coming month.

What our central defence will look like for the qualifiers remains an open book.  All five players discussed above are under consideration.  I expect comings and goings throughout the window in this area too.  Brendan will expect Marvin to play a significant part, but it will be a battle for all of them; which is a good thing.

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  1. 4 minutes added and Moaninho berating the4th official because it is not more.


    Maybe Fergie time is over at Old Trafford.

  2. Goodnight Timland




    Play nice………………………




    we’re all Celtic supporters



    and for that I will be forever thankful





  3. Fairhill Bhoy


    Had a heated discussion with a Hull supporting brit a few weeks back, he was scathing about scottish football, he was totally ignorant to the fact that we get virtually feck all TV money, he was under the impression that we got squillions, he really wisny happy when I pointed out that his club had wasted mega millions on pish players the past few years and still managed to get themselfs relegated, I honestly thot he was going to hit me, he was getting so wound up, it was magic so it was, the truth hurt so it does.



  4. Mahe the Madman on



    Im here to be convinced.


    But I really like the idea of just your own.


    I havent read up on them and im no expert,,but thats really ethical to me and great ethos.


    Now throughout any organisations span, chances are there will be bad eggs. The larger the organistioan the greater the chance.


    Should you point to the actions of bad eggs,,then fine. Fine.


    But point to the actions of the club rather than the individual please when judging ethos.


    like i say ,,, i dont know much,,but playing just your own is music to my ears.



    Thats an ethos to be proud of surely? really really proud of no?

  5. Kilmarnock v Aberdeen going to extra time is bad news on 2 fronts. Kilmarnock visit Ibrox on Saturday. And I’ve taken Aberdeen in Last Man Standing 10. :-(

  6. MAHE THE MADMAN on 13TH MARCH 2018 9:25 PM



    I’m out this evening so have only just read your post; I will have time to respond tomorrow.



    However, as usual, it seems well reasoned and heartfelt.



    Discussion in a bar seems like a damn fine idea!




  7. Hi Bhoys



    Re Man U game at half time the three wise men in the studio, Ferdinand,Scholes and Gerrard said Sevilla won’t score they don’t have a goal in them.



    They were correct of course they had 2.



    HAHA again




  8. Melbourne Mick on

    Just reading back now and caught ANTEARMAN’S post from Celtic


    Underground regarding wee Jinky’s finest game.


    Well i was at that game in 1969 and i’ve never witnessed a performance


    like that from any player in my lifetime…but…but…there’s was always


    that clown behind you in the jungle shouting ” fur fecks sake johnston


    part wi the baw ”


    Wonder who that was? 8-)))))))


    H.H Mick

  9. TONYROME on 13TH MARCH 2018 9:46 PM



    The commentary team and studio were incredibly disrespectful in their attitude towards Sevilla. They’re a top team and thoroughly deserved the win. English football is so far up it’s own backside.

  10. C’mon Killie, we owe you a Cup Final defeat…..hopefully we’ll both win our Semi finals.



    GIRFUY Jose.

  11. Mahe the Madman on



    your education shall continue tomorrow and


    guess what my next post is about? ra ta da daaa,,,,


    the songs debate,,served mahe style, cool but filling ;)



    Hail Hail





    Looks like my response lasted about five minutes before being deleted.



    That’s disgraceful. Nothing that I wrote could be construed as deserving of moderation. And it’s far from the first time it’s happened.



    So come on ,mods,I’d like an explanation for that one.

  13. MELBOURNE MICK on 13TH MARCH 2018 9:20 PM



    Hello again all you young rebels.



    With all the talk about goalies it’s great to see young Conor Hazard has been brought into the Norn. Ireland squad for their next friendly.



    Presently out on loan from Celtic this lhad is very highly thought of by manager Michael O’Neil and at Celtic Park i might add.



    *As is the lhad that was on the bench Sunday he has been called into the Scotland u/21 squad.





    And your comment was deleted too,presumably for referring to it.

  15. Posts disappearing here faster than a hun title challenge.


    Read what was the last comment by 31003, refreshed the page, and whoosh….it was gone. And Bobby’s post was gone before i even saw it….very impressive censorship going on tonight. :-(





    The original post was allowed to stand for three hours. I make a polite response which in no way contravened blog rules,and it all disappears in seconds.



    Not the first time this has happened either.



    I can understand some of my posts being deleted,but when it happens again and again,and with no reason or explanation,I find myself somewhat miffed.

  17. Ok. Mods have a job to do and I could have said it with a bit more decorum. Would like to see the trolls treated the same way though. Their only reason for coming on here is to upset decent people and they seem to revel in and worse, get away with it

  18. Melbourne Mick on



    Just reading that now, thanks for the heads up ,always catching


    upon our Celtic news here in Oz.


    Well done both lhads, maybe we won’t need to rush and buy a


    goalie, wonder what Tom thinks?


    H.H Mick