Fixture adrenaline would sink a lesser manager


It will not have escaped your attention that Motherwell, who host Celtic on Saturday, are above us in the table and have lost only once in their last six outings (at Tynecastle).  They won a point from Ibrox and left Livingston with three more than we took.

Ange Postecoglou will not be short of adrenaline when he looks at this fixture list.  Having already played two of the top four away from home this season, he is away to the other two (Motherwell and Hibs) in his next three league outings.  For a team still basking in their first away league win since February, that is a challenge.

The visit to Hearts came a week before we were ready, the visit to Ibrox was a missed opportunity that should have ended better than it did, the loss at Livi was abject, even that away win, at Pittodrie, was far from a classic performance.  This start would sink a lesser manager.

Tynecastle, Ibrox, Pittodrie, Fir Park, Easter Road and the Plastic Pasta Park is as difficult a mix as you could get from your opening round of fixtures.  When he leaves Easter Road later this month, Ange will know the remainder of the season will be easier that the round he has just completed.  The priority between now and then is to stay in touch.  A win against an in-form team at Fir Park on Saturday would go a long way towards the season’s objectives.

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  1. Thankfully Ange, unlike Paul, will not be lining up his excuses before a trip to Fir Park.



    Is this expectation management from Paul?



    How our standards have mightily fallen….




  2. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    JHB on 14TH OCTOBER 2021 2:41 PM



    If we have a tough first round of games, isn’t that balanced by an easier second, and a third countered by the fourth?





    Er .. Not quite.



    Easier second round of fixtures for sure.



    11 match Ying to previous 11 match Yang.



    Rounds 3 & 4 can’t be compared like for like due to the late split which results in a much shorter Round 4



    Also throws up 2 additional, compounding factors.



    1. Top six team may avoid a (statistically) difficult fixture in Round 4 if their prospective opponent is in the bottom six



    2. Top six team may be compelled to play a (statistically) difficult fixture in Round 4 for the THIRD time that season in order to ensure a 19 home/19 away full fixture list.



    No.1 actually happens quite often



    No. 2 less so but happens nonetheless


    (and at least once, “options” have been available. Process of determining the “preferred” option is unclear)

  3. park the bus n blootir it on

    Maybe Paul already knows that Ange has been brought here to blow the league by being and idealist in a corrupt swamp ?


    Maybe Ange knows that as well ?


    When he disappears the blogs will be full of….


    “He didn’t stand a chance!”


    “Undoubtedly cheated!”


    “He wasn’t allowed to win!”


    “Boohoo boohoo!” etc etc.

  4. Tom McLaughlin on

    Motherwell charging a respectable £12 for PPV on Saturday.



    Contrast that to Livingston pricing the recent Celtic match at a shocking £20.



    The sooner that club is relegated the better.

  5. lets all do the huddle on

    Motherwell charging a respectable £12 for PPV on Saturday.





    they gave us a reduced allocation for the game (which is their right obviously) so could have had more through the turnstyles but chose to deprive fans of tickets so i wouldnt be so quick to praise their PPV pricing

  6. Teenage midfielder Pedri has agreed a contract extension with Barcelona which includes a 1bn euro (£846m) release clause, the club has announced.

  7. Tom McLaughlin on




    I wasn’t praising them so much as making a comparison and slating Livingston.

  8. Getting_To_Yes on

    JHB on 14TH OCTOBER 2021 2:41 PM


    We really are clutching at the merest hint of a straw if we think that the fixture list is deliberately skewed against us. If we have a tough first round of games, isn’t that balanced by an easier second, and a third countered by the fourth?



    We need to be alive to this and take note- every advantage even minor advantage is played to better or worsen the opportunity of momentum being built – as always quoted -‘fine margins’ – this is not new it’s ALWAYS been there but in this era, 2021 – we cannot ignore that it’s happening or be on the wrong side of the discussion when pointed out.

  9. Bognorbhoy. It won’t be long before wee Nathan has a similar buy out clause!


    He will be used sparingly this season as to avoid any major deficiencies that future suitors will see. I think he is a no bad player but it is over the top. HH ☘

  10. SAINT STIVS on 13TH OCTOBER 2021 6:46 PM



    incredible, dont know how i missed this, Greenock, Dumbarton, St Michaels , Saint Josephs Carmalite Nuns and former 2nd rangers directors.






    *Cheers SS, I was well aware of it only because Mrs TT who is on a Notre Dame FP site, has been reminding me on a daily basis for the last wee while.



    Coming from that side of Dumbarton, Notre Dame was the only school she attended as did her sisters, mother and aunties.



    The attached High School had a huge compliment of pupils as the catchment area ran from Whitecrook to down the Clyde coast past Helensburgh and north as far as Gartocharn and Luss. The likes of my mother and her sisters attended it.



    Although the school is no longer there and the replacement built in 1968 has also closed with a alternative built on the Boulevard/Great Western Road at the bottom of Bellsmyre, she was more concerned about the wee chapel in the Convent being demolished for the proposed redevelopment.



    The Sisters of Notre Dame and the Carmelites have been a fixture in the town for over 100 years and were well loved by all. Some of them taught at the school on Cardross Road while others at the wee St Pats in the town, they could be often seen walking down there while we bhoys were walking up tae our High School at St Pats about a mile south of the Convent.



    Earlier this week she asked if I knew sandy easdale, now there are easdales in the Renton so I replied the name rings a bell, however once she mentioned sevco my first thought was hun crook.



    Conversely, the fact he took the wee statue up tae the Carmelites seemed tae change the perspective toward him although let’s be honest it’s a huge PR exercise.



    It’s not only the convent that’s upsetting Dumbartonians but the redevelopment of Havoc, including Wallace’s Cave, at the bottom of the cliff which is putting noses out of joint.



    Dumbarton historically allegedly had underground passages some leading as far away as Roseneath while others went from the Castle to the fortress at Dumbuck.



    Among those was Wallace’s Cave, allegedly where Braveheart hid out, the construction of the Dalreoch/Helensburgh train line 170 years ago ended that at the area where the train passed through, in fact you can see the exit hole from the train as it leaves the tunnel under St Michaels, St Pats and Notre Dame.



    Incidentally, no one and I mean no one that I know or have heard of has ever walked the length of the existing cave; it’s still there though probably a hangout for teenagers to this day as it was when I was but a lhad.



    As for sandy easdale, I know nothing about him apart from having bus and taxi businesses which as we know are all cash flow, hmmmm.



    However, can he be any worse than the used car salesman or the kid on bookkeeper fae lower Chateau Lait.



    A wee bit of useless trivia here, after our discussion about easdale and sevco I asked her about the rumour that john lawrence’s granddaughter was a boarder at the convent, she confirmed this as she remembered her, in fact it was common knowledge that oul john used tae pop in tae see her on his way tae his development at Craigendoran often giving the good sisters an iron lung on leaving.



    Oh and seemingly there were more Celtic tammies on his site than hun ones, apparently a lot of Lawrence money made its way across tae Donegal as well.

  11. Bognorbhoy



    Pedri is only 3 months older than Karamoko Dembele. Gavi is a year younger.



    Missingtheboat CSC

  12. TT,



    I thought I knew quite a bit of Dumbarton history from Old McGinn and his wife and my time at turnkey, but I had never heard of the caves until I looked up that Havok on historical scotland,



    incredible amount of stroeis and tales.

  13. Tom McLaughlin on

    It really is the stuff of nonsense to believe that the SPFL fix the season’s fixtures to benefit one club.



    If there was one season when they might have been highly motivated to manipulate the fixtures to help Rangers-2012 it would have been 2020/21 – the potential 10-in-a-row season.



    When the 20/21 fixtures were released, Rangers-2012 supporters were up in arms, accusing the SPFL of ‘helping their pals’.



    Here are Celtic’s first quarter fixtures for last season:



    Hamilton Academical H


    Kilmarnock H


    Dundee United A


    Motherwell H


    Ross County A


    St Mirren A


    Livingston H


    Hibernian H


    St Johnstone A


    Rangers H


    Aberdeen A



    The first 2 opponents were relegated.



    The 3rd had just been promoted.



    We didn’t face Hibs, Rangers-2012 and Aberdeen at Pittodrie until the last 4 fixtures.



    This is what happens with random computer-generated fixture lists. Sometimes it goes for you and other times against you, if you want to concentrate on the opening quarter.



    We need to stop embarrassing ourselves with this paranoid nonsense.



    PS. When I say paranoid I am referring solely to our obssession with fixture fixing. On the subject of referees, we’re not paranoid enough.

  14. stpatricksbhoy on

    TONTINE TIM on 14TH OCTOBER 2021 7:11 PM


    Hi, John Lawrence’s grand daughter was indeed a boarder at Notre Dame at the same time Sir Bob Kelly’s granddaughter Yvonne was also a boarder she was a stunner.


    Hail Hail stpatricksbhoy

  15. I hate red bull, gives me heartburn.


    Don’t want to think about it heading to the red bull arena after a few in the Vaults to watch red bull Celtic 🤮

  16. lets all do the huddle on

    im willing to bet not 1 person gets refused entry on tuesday if they cant provide their vaccine status



    the government has already given some wooly expectation about not everyone needing to be checked



    and no way are the stewards at the gate going to enforce it



    the only ones that will enforce it would be the cops



    but i doubt they will either, going by how they havent enforced the mask law inside the stadium so far



    the laws are a sham, and dont make any sense



    if someone sittiing beside you is unvaxed and you’re double jagged up it doesnt make any difference to you



    if you dont feel safe going to the game then dont go



    life isnt risk free and i think i will be fine after the game on tuesday



    if im not then its through my own choices

  17. Tom McLaughlin on




    Not every supporter’s covid status will be checked on Tuesday. It’s random spot checks only.

  18. Tom-if it’s just random,which will probably mean non existent.What’s the point.


    I won’t be using my 2 seats because it’s just random.

  19. Tom McLaughlin on




    How do you see random as non-existent. The SFA/SPFL appealed to Holyrood to allow random checks on the basis that 100% checks would cause chaos outside stadia. So random checks it is.



    Anyone who is checked and can’t provide proof will be refused admission. That is to discorage people from taking the chance.



    TONTINE TIM on 14TH OCTOBER 2021 7:11 PM




    Hi, John Lawrence’s grand daughter was indeed a boarder at Notre Dame at the same time Sir Bob Kelly’s granddaughter Yvonne was also a boarder she was a stunner.



    *didnae know that about Sir Bob.

  21. Tom -let’s wait and see then.


    I won’t be there.So you can tell me how random it was.

  22. BANKIEBHOY1 on 14TH OCTOBER 2021 7:52 PM



    TT My mum ( God Rest Her) went to Notre Dame – travelling from Dalmuir.



    *must have been in a one or two language class, knew lots of Bankies at both schools in my time there,

  23. She talked fondly of her time there matey.


    I wish I’d talked more with her on subjects like that.



    Time flies!

  24. Your the biggest eejit turkeybhoy.ya talk some roaster of a man.when was the last game you were at????

  25. Tom McLaughlin on




    If any club checks random fans and decides to overlook those who could not provide the certificate and let’s them into the stadium anyway, that club will soon find their stadium closed again because they can’t be trusted to administer the rules.

  26. I was at the Undertones concert at the Academy last Friday and was asked for verification I had been double jabbed .



    The following night at the Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbott concert at the Armadillo , no verification of being double jabbed was required to access the venue.



    We will do random checks as if none are done , the media will do their usual with us.



    Ps both concerts were excellent.

  27. What’s our team for Saturday against der Motherwell?


    I’ll start us off with Hart in goal….

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