Fixture adrenaline would sink a lesser manager


It will not have escaped your attention that Motherwell, who host Celtic on Saturday, are above us in the table and have lost only once in their last six outings (at Tynecastle).  They won a point from Ibrox and left Livingston with three more than we took.

Ange Postecoglou will not be short of adrenaline when he looks at this fixture list.  Having already played two of the top four away from home this season, he is away to the other two (Motherwell and Hibs) in his next three league outings.  For a team still basking in their first away league win since February, that is a challenge.

The visit to Hearts came a week before we were ready, the visit to Ibrox was a missed opportunity that should have ended better than it did, the loss at Livi was abject, even that away win, at Pittodrie, was far from a classic performance.  This start would sink a lesser manager.

Tynecastle, Ibrox, Pittodrie, Fir Park, Easter Road and the Plastic Pasta Park is as difficult a mix as you could get from your opening round of fixtures.  When he leaves Easter Road later this month, Ange will know the remainder of the season will be easier that the round he has just completed.  The priority between now and then is to stay in touch.  A win against an in-form team at Fir Park on Saturday would go a long way towards the season’s objectives.

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  1. Interesting to see a club supposedly for all imposing such a draconian and unnecessary divisive and blatantly discriminatory policy without even a whimper of protest.



    The only uk country who deem this passport thing mandatory. The worst health record of any uk country. Sadly for me as a supporter of a genuinely independent Scotland our current first minister has presided over health for 15 years and we see a worse record now then when she took office in charge of health back then.



    This coming to pass is simply deplorable. As is getting kids to jab themselves without their parents even consenting or knowing.



    Zero evidence anyone jabbed or not jabbed are likely to spread this thing. If some seats a are believe it may be slightly risky for unjabbed who are not healthy but that is about it.



    Let’s spend more money we don’t have to score political points as we really are not able to deal with what will happen next as we try to come out of this self generated shithole we have created.



    The longer this covid drama goes on for Boris and Nicola the better it is for each of them.



    As for the those not vaxed going to celtic park I am sure those who want to will find a way if they really can be bothered.

  2. Sponsorship will be hard to come by. I’d be listening to anyone credible as long as nothing was done with the huns.

  3. CARDBOARDCSC on 14TH OCTOBER 2021 8:47 PM


    SS, Bada mentioned it, I’ve also heard some chatter also, hope it’s all nonsense.



    aye, but what is the chatter ?

  4. BURNLEY78 @ 8:47



    “Zero evidence anyone jabbed or not jabbed are likely to spread this thing.”



    In your view, how are millions contracting the virus, if not from others?

  5. Tom McLaughlin on




    It’s not Celtic’s vaccination passport rules.



    Are you really that dumb?

  6. Tom-I’m sorry but I don’t trust a steward to really give a fek when they are confronted by a supporter just wanting to get in to the game

  7. Petec: I know Garry will be in your thoughts tonight, and tomorrow, in particular.



    Just to let you know that I well remember that night in Belfast we first met and the time you both took time out to look after me on my next visit to Glasgow.




  8. Burnley78


    With total respect my friend may I ask who are you to question science?


    What exactly is draconian?


    What is continually divisive?


    Discriminatory against who exactly- could it be it is against what you have self educated yourself on?



    Passport i thought is applicable nigh on everywhere bar here in UK tho in scotland



    Zero evidence B78.i am sorry that is just wrong and admissible only due to the amount of self taught covid professors that seem to vociferously post stuff that when boiled down is an affront to every rational minded person out there as well as anyone who passed away with this is let it seep into the core of you and any other questioner who tie themself in confused knots as to how they go about things.


    Celtic are spending money on the safety of their support based on that support making the rational decision to take that vaccine.the majority don’t.


    Actions and responsibilities my friend this is a consequence of your own action.that aspect of learning bout this I loath as it is thatcherism personified-how you deal with covid in b78 world is different from the rest.i suppose too at the death end i have seen to many,now with headstones arguing their now empty logic!!


    As I say my friend not personal at all.its the illogical and irrational message I know is wrong.i do hope your good health continues always and I do hope to meet at the home of football soon.


    Care always.




  9. itscalledthemalvinas on

    I see Mr Porteous of Hibernian FC has been subjected to sectarian and homophobic abuse on social media after being ordered off in the game against theraingers..


    Hopefully Marvin Bartley will be on the case soon and calling out both teams from Prague !



  10. The Red Bull sponsorship could be a rumour,but I’m sure I read about the government saying they would like to see the end of Betting Companies on Football Shirts, so if it’s going to be Celtic’s main sponsor and it’s beneficial then so be it ,maybe Red Bull could help to upgrade that old run down main stand.

  11. Tom McLaughlin



    I will ignore the personal insults Tom. Not needed.



    I know it is a policy imposed by the SG.



    My point is despite a huge number of concerns expressed to JPT by both vax and non vax folk as to this blatant challenge to people’s civil liberty the Celtic CEO has not uttered a word about it.



    Wales has lateral flow options as do airlines and most other countries. OK Australia is going crazy right now on it with their rules but given their leadership history on division and segregating society then no surprise there sadly for such a great country and so many great people there.



    I expected a club like Celtic to do as the nightclub industry has done and at least challenge this nonsense. Maybe I hoped rather than expected.



    Of course anyone who wants to get in probably could but the principle here feels wrong to me for Celtic. I see more challenging it on follow follow or even Aberdeen and Hibs blogs than Celtic strangely.



    Anyway I hope I explained myself a bit better Re why I am disappointed about Celtics leadership on this issue.

  12. SS, Usual sources , guy down the pub, whatsapp group etc saying they are interested in some kind of sponsorship. Probably all nonsense ☺ heard it all before. HH ☘

  13. park the bus n blootir it on

    Its gonnae interesting to see what BBC newsnight have to say about the “only” opposition to c19 passports in few minutes….


    What kind of country do we live in when…


    Labour party








    ….none of the above parties are providing “any” opposition to c19 passports which has split the country 50/50 over this subject.


    And yet, Tory back benchers are the “only” opposition in the “entire” UK with San Francisco based YouTube trying to ban a sitting UK MP [David Davis] for highlighting the ineffectiveness of vaxxines in terms of spreading c19 or varients to unvaxxed ppl, rendering passports utterly pointless.


    GB news did an interview earlier were DD MP said “it was utterly disgraceful for Jeremy Corbyn to be banned, I don’t agree with him but he has to be allowed to speak for heavens sake!”


    Even Jeremy Corbyn’s former Labour MP’s don’t even speak out for him.


    Well done David Davis MP. 👏


    So we have Tory backbencher MP’as the opposition. FRS !!!


    So we have….


    Labour party = cowed cult 100%


    LibDems = 100% cult


    SNP = cowed cult 100%


    Greens = 100% cult


    Is there an alliance brewing in the background to overthrow politics in entire UK and, hard left [not Starmer woke fake left] and hard right going to surprise everybody and combine what unites them and save us from woke dystopia ?


    BBC 2 News night NOW…..

  14. An T



    As you probably know I worked in health division SG at St Andrews house when Nicola ran Health dept. I am very familiar with how evidenced based policy works on health matters. Also familiar with how dear works to control masses. Even more familiar with how the media both online and old media can be controlled during special powers. I am also aware of the huge vested interests in drug co’s across both medical and government. That said I respect that fear is a huge motivator and totally respect if there is logical reason for folk to have that fear, or not, then it is real for them. Hence for me I would be really happy to test and prove I did not have any bugs before I ever came to Celtic park but despite that being ok for travelling to other countries or even to go to football in England or Wales it is not enough for Scotland.



    We have a jab which was going to stop you catching the bug. Then it was going to lessen your chances of catching it. Then it was for vulnerables and old folk only. Now it doesn’t stop you catching it and it is not stopping it spreading. Some claim it stops you getting ill but 78% of those in ICU last week in Scotland had been jabbed at least once. And now young folk who were not an age group dying before from covid are not dying after getting jabbed. I may not just read the MSM or even what Google encourages. I research a lot. I have to as I have asthma and I am old. Zinc Vit D Vit C B12 and decent diet and exercise work for me



    Anyway hopefully see you soon at Celtic park as we are going for another treble and that lot implode. For now I am going to enjoy the moon over Luskentyre Beach on Harris which is without doubt the most stress free and probably Covid free part of our wee country.

  15. Burnley 78



    We have a jab which was going to stop you catching the bug.



    I don’t think any scientist or drug company made such a claim. They all published their trial data and we gathered information as the pandemic progressed to evaluate the effectiveness coverage that each gave, None claimed 100%, with most claiming 80-95% at best.



    Some claim it stops you getting ill but 78% of those in ICU last week in Scotland had been jabbed at least once.



    This is disingenuous. If 85% of Scotland are double jabbed and 91% of Scots over the age of 16 have had a single jab, then a figure of 78% in ICU is an under-representation of both groups and shos that the vaccinated group (1x or 2x) are less likely to be in ICU than the unvaccinated.



    The unvaccinated group are taking up the slack and are over-represented in the numbers of such who are contracting Covid, ending up in ICU and dying from it.



    This is Statistics 101 and I have to credit you with the intelligence to realise this.



    It is not fair to make the bald statement that 78% of those with at least one vaccine are in ICU without adding this context. It makes it sound as though it is ineffective when it is proving to offer greater protection and reduce risks.



    You know I have some sympathy for the unvaccinated who are regularly and honestly testing themselves regularly for Covid, amd I wish they were able to be included in the freedoms that those with Vaccine certification get, but too may of the unvaccinated (and even the vaccinated) are cheating on the useless self-tests that the Tories rolled out as you can fabricate your covid-free status very very easily.

  16. park the bus n blootir it on

    BURNLEY78 on 14TH OCTOBER 2021 11:02 PM


    Park the bus


    The liberal party in Scotland really stepped up against it here.




    Thanks, I missed that announcement.


    Probably put up to it by Sturggy remember SNP / Libdems have form as was evidenced when both parties gave Boris Johnston the votes that he was desperate for to have a winter election in 2019 were postal votes were rigged and Tory MP D.Raab and BBC’s Kuenessburg were both bragging about how badly Labour party had done in postal votes, 2 days before election, on BBC “Politics Live” with the episode being removed from BBC iPlayer preventing the episode being used as evidence. lol

  17. SFTB



    Thanks for polite, articulate and factually accurate response.



    I was not however being disingenuous. Or at least not intending to be.



    I totally appreciate that non jabbed are slightly over represented but as the basic statistics show the number of those vaccinated is massive given the super claims by the media about how effective it is to be jabbed.



    I grant you that the specific claims of the drug companies were vague / opaque as to benefits but the media messaging was that these ‘tested and safe ‘ jabs would stop the spread and stop people catching it. Esp the old and infirm. This was without doubt deliberate miscommunication to encourage uptake. I do not know a single jabbed person who did not take it thinking it would lessen their chances of catching it. The narrative about helping you deal with it came along several months later. I am sure you will agree.



    Anyway I hope you are well and looking forward to the real football again this weekend. Always loved fir park games back in the 70s when Dixie would run riot against his old club and even the massive Victor Davidson inspired 4-3 win in 79. Naka 4-4 debut Sadly black Sunday memory spoiled so much of the good memories. The 5-2 back at the start of last season brought the good memories back. Hopepfully we can keep it going and have one of those great and rare days when we win and the other lot lose when playing at the same time. Keep safe and well.

  18. BURNLEY78


    I’m originally from not too far north of Luskentyre Beach. Unfortunately, global warming will eventually turn it into Miami Beach.

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