Flawless Celtic flourish


Do anything nice last night?  The consequences of what took place at Celtic Park are profound, but there will be plenty of time to discuss them later. For now, let’s concentrate on the small matter of how this result was achieved.

The record books will show 5-0, but there was more to this game than the thumping it turned into. For the first 30 minutes, Astana pressed Celtic high, unsettling our natural game, while forcing the occasional error. We didn’t have the luxury of time and space normally afforded us in domestic football.

This was a worrying period, although there were promising glimpses. Scott Sinclair latched into a loose ball seven yards from goal 3 minutes into the game, but could not find the target. Moments later James Forrest pitched a perfect cross for Leigh Griffiths. Celtic Park stood ready to celebrate, but again, the target was missed.

Those moments aside, the early flow of a game was not going to plan, but Celtic continued to pass the ball with precision, switching play , looking for space. Tom Rogic’s trademark surging run provided the breakthrough. His cross-cum-shot would have gone narrowly wide, but for the intervention of a disorientated defender, who turned the ball into his net.

This goal encapsulated the real chasm between the teams. Astana were good in possession and looked fitter in the opening period, but Celtic had no real weaknesses. A poorly marked corner one minute after the opening goal was the only genuine chance the visitors had all evening. Whereas Celtic probed for, and found, many vulnerabilities in their opponents.

Forrest foraged on the right, Sinclair was scintillating on the left. Ntcham’s neat passing swung the pendulum Celtic’s way, as Griffiths grew into the game through the middle, while Brown bossed proceedings in the no. 6 role.

Olivier Ntcham is still finding his feet in Glasgow, but he will be difficult to dislodge as Scott Brown’s central-mid partner. He’s a different player than Victor Wanyama, but Victor wasn’t as effective, this early, in his Celtic career.

Remember, Olivier has played very little senior football, only 37 games before his summer transfer. Practically everything he does right now is new. Wait until he realises he’s good enough to own the pitch.

Last night’s highlights…

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  1. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on



    is anyone actually going to killie on saturday?





    As mentioned overleaf…



    Hi pal – yes, me and Wee BGFC will absolutely, 100%, definitely, certainly be there.



    Wee BGFC would be SERIOUSLY miffed if we did anything else :-)



    Hail, Hail



  2. Eddie ( from previous thread)






    Great stuff bud.



    The atmosphere stays with you for ages after you leave the ground




    I remember going to my first European matches at CP. I was probably 8 or 9. The height of a ‘pit bit’ walking along the London road through a sea of legs, hanging onto my dads hand with a vice like grip in fear of being separated. Though I can’t see where I’m going, a glance up to the sky and the floodlights are warming up letting me know I’m going the correct way.



    Lifted over, placed at the front and listening to the atmosphere build. Never any thoughts of losing. This is the mid to late 60’s and it needs a pretty special team to beat us. As we emerged from the tunnel, there was a look of invincibility. The bright green and white hoops under the floodlights has always been a special sight.



    Afterwards, I can still recall the weird silence as you left the ground. It felt odd. Strange feeling. Like I’m in a vacuum. Still seeing the green an white hoops in my head, but the noise has disappeared. Am I deaf?



    I can tune into what your family were feeling afterwards. That first game is an awesome experience.

  3. glendalystonsils on



    The Green Brigade were everything I’d want them to be last night. Noise, colour, atmosphere , no flares, brilliant non-contentious banner.



    They will be a real weapon for us in the CL, and no negative headlines! (Unless the SMSM invent some).

  4. Imagine any English club earning £2m a year to win the league and compete like the Hoops have.



    Most can’t with £300m! ☘️ https://t.co/2UO3P2IpYa



    — Stan Collymore (@StanCollymore) August 16, 2017

  5. on a works call …………….. brazilian joins from sao paulo.



    first she says “i want to congratulate stivs for his celtic team, i saw on th enews this morning that they win 5-0”.



    on the news in brazil, wow.

  6. traditionalist88 on

    Tom Rogic’s trademark surging run provided the breakthrough. His cross-cum-shot would have gone narrowly wide,





    Need to see it again but I think Griff was on hand and would have had an easy tap in?




  7. glendalystonsils on




    Correct. Had the defender not got a toe to the ball, it was a far post tap in for Leigh.

  8. glendalystonsils on

    According to the Newsnow headlines, Stuart Armstrong will sign a new contract at Celtic.



    Oh, and he’s also signing for Everton AND Swansea!



    That’s what you call a versatile midfielder!

  9. Think TR said as much to Griff as they celebrated goal, as he indicated he was crossing it for him.



    A cross gesture. He won’t get into trouble for that, will he??

  10. traditionalist88 on

    glendalystonsils on 17th August 2017 12:15 pm



    Thought so! Somewhat frustrating for Leigh as he won’t get credited with the 5th either – still if thats a frustrating night lets have lots more of them :)




  11. Only one critical comment from me about that report Paul – ‘neat passing’ from Olivier? I’d have described it as demonstrating a range and variety of passing I don’t think we’ve seen from a new signing since Paul Lambert or nakamura – and they arrived as seasoned pros. I’d also add his ball winning, reading the game, breaking up their play, being a platform for ours and generally the standout player on a night where others shone nearly as brightly.



    I am astounded by Ntchams game last night

  12. glendalystonsils on

    I think big Ollie is going to weigh in with a few goals as well. He likes a pot-shot from distance.

  13. Right, after today everyone shit up about ntcham – if any EPL types are asking he’s bang average and only fit for the backwaters of the SPFL.



    Some chance…….

  14. traditionalist88 on

    glendalystonsils on 17th August 2017 12:26 pm



    Yes, on both feet seemingly – had a powerful left footed drive blocked in the first half. Looked like it was on target,




  15. What is the Stars on



    Lets not get carried away


    Kazakstan ..Lets be honest its not really a country ( in a proper footballing sense)


    We needed 2 own goals and a controversial decision for another goal to scrape by these minnows.


    Armstrong contract still not sorted ( we prefer to gamble on projects like Ntcham and Ebouie,hmmm,lets see how that works out)


    Jonny Hayes frozen out ( best player in Scotland last few years,Rodgers mustnt like him cos hes Irish)


    Demebele “injured” ( yea,course he is,He wants away,take the 5 million from Southhampton or Burnley)


    Paddy Roberts ( Biscuit tin mentality again) Southampton of Burnley for him


    Scott Brown ( Honest pro but best years behind him)


    Scott Sinclair seems to be struggling to find last years form but he is the managers favourite so wont be dropped.


    Rodgers ,well I have said it many times,One hit wonder.


    We should have gone for David Moyes.



    Now,hows that for a bit of negativity

  16. ROBERTTRESSELL on 17TH AUGUST 2017 12:29 PM


    Right, after today everyone shit up about ntcham – if any EPL types are asking he’s bang average and only fit for the backwaters of the SPFL.



    I agree no chance he could play well on a cold February in Burnley

  17. By Xmas,we will be as sick listening to the clubs lining up to sign Ntcham in the January window,as we are at the moment,and have been since last Xmas,with the Dembele stories.


    The boy has it all.Wondrous 1st touch,instant control and movement.Quick feet.Good tackler.Superb passer of the ball.Astana struggled to get near him last night.Make no mistake,we have a future Megastar on our books.

  18. Zidane said “if you watch a game you won’t see Ntcham, if you watch Ntcham you’ll see the whole game”



    wise words for our bhoy








    Another hurting hun ‘journalist’





    I read this too.


    It struck me that the writer will have written it through gritted teeth, bitten nails and a keyboard smashed to smithereens, oh and a puddle created with tears.



    Objective? Nah


    Bitter? Oh aye!

  20. Not taking anything for granted but…



    After such a fantastic result last night we have an excellent opportunity to go to Kazakhstan next week and implement/fine tune our Euro away-day tactics. I think we should go over there with the aim of being organised, keeping a clean sheet and punishing them on the break. These will be our tactics away in the group stages so we should take this golden opportunity to practice them against Astana with reduced pressure on the outcome.

  21. Going to Newcastle for my bhoy’s stag weekend….aaaaaaaaaaaggghhhh


    Any bars in town showing the game on Saturday, or is it only the Irish Centre? Ta


    Man Ure game on at same time as ours….

  22. WHAT IS THE STARS on 17TH AUGUST 2017 12:32 PM,




    Brilliant,but you missed out some of themore precious fans on here,



    “I did not really approve of the sentiments expressed by the GB Tifo.Its not the sort of thing we want to see at Celtic Park.What would Brother Walfrid have said.Must dash,just remembered I have not gave my hands a right good ringing for at least 8 minutes”

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