Fletch lives!


And we’re back to 2009.  Steven Fletcher was wanted by Celtic in January that year.  The misinformation about why he ended up going to Burnley for £4.5m instead of Celtic is legendary, and we all like a legend, so there is no need to trouble anyone with facts.

The talent Scottish football fans knew he had back then has been confirmed by the 11 years he spent in English football.  If he accepts Celtic’s offer of a contract he will join former Hibernian team mate, Scott Brown, as one of the older members of the squad.

I read some are a bit animated about what this means for the other strikers but I don’t see it moving the dial much.  No first team player will be sold on the back of recruiting a 33-year-old.  If he arrives, we would have a better-than-Lewis-Morgan option in the event all other strikers are unavailable for a cup final or European game.  And remember, it is prudent to have as large a squad as reasonably possible this season; fixtures could be delayed, then come thick and fast.  This is a low risk cover option with no particular strategic importance.

Loving this #9inarow challenge idea; a 9k run is on the agenda later.  Maybe run past a few Darwin Award pubs, if you know what I mean……..

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  1. SFTB


    You’re hilarious, it was only because he was peeved at not getting a China move 😂😂😂😂😂😂



    Paul67 done a header on the reason we missed out on McGinn by boasting we’ll wait until January, McGinn got fed up waiting, my Dad is very, very, close to John McGinns dad.

  2. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    Sky Posted this about an hour ago….



    Celtic are in talks with striker Lyle Taylor, who is a free agent after leaving Charlton.


    Celtic boss Neil Lennon this afternoon told @SkySportsNews he’s holding talks with Steven Fletcher plus a couple more strikers




    SSN can reveal one of those is Taylor #Celtic




    4:30 PM · Aug 6, 2020 from Loanhead, Scotland

  3. Steboy



    It makes you wonder how ham-fisted Celtic, who seem to do nothing right, have managed to win the last 11 competitions. Meanwhile The Rangers are doing brilliant with winning nothing

  4. barker for hagi makes sense to me – he is lightening fast for breaking away and I think will be better than Roland rat this season.

  5. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    St Tams @ 5:40pm.



    I don’t KNOW what the strategy is.



    It COULD be that we genuinely need two teams for the period August – December.


    (one for Europe, one domestically) and getting experienced old lags in on 1 year contracts to augment the domestic team is required.

  6. Will el gruffalo manage to get sent off in his final game? Bound to be some good dives tonight.

  7. SID



    When did you start believing John McGinn’s dad? He’s just backing up his boy’s story.



    If it don’t make sense then it is nonsensical.



    Let’ s look at the narrative. John McGinn is desperate to go to Celtic, his boyhood love, but Celtic were not arduous enough in his pursuit so he got pissed off and signed for Villa????



    Spare me!



    If you can swallow all that then you have a desperate need to find a scapegoat.



    My narrative- John McGinn has a chance to sign for either Celtic or Villa and he chose Villa- fair play to him- he wanted the money and he wanted the EPL- all very understandable- but spare me the sob story and spare me the cover up



    It won’t fly

  8. Alex Rae Midfielder who arrived at Ibrox in 2004 and spent two years there.




    He played 34 games and scored once.




    EBT received £569,000



    There’s yer dinner Timmy CSC

  9. Lyle Taylor? ok he’s a classic #9 – I hope he’s an alternative to Ajeti rather than Toney

  10. Stebhoy



    Stop farting regards John mvginn


    Your posing your theory based totally on your own bias.


    Simply put.


    It did not happen over a season ago


    If John had wanted it- it would have happened


    If Celtic had wanted it.it would have happened




    It is in the past.


    We won our 2nd 9iar since that,inagine all that without the aston villa midfielder.


    It’s gone,let it go,farting of bout maybe,would have,should have,could have, don’t cut it.Next!!!



    Celtic dynamic and all encompassing since 1888……(and all without mcginn)



    Hope your well mate..let it go






  11. ST TAMS on 6TH AUGUST 2020 6:36 PM


    Troy Deeney. Now there’s centre forward



    Now there is a player.


    With a back story of achievement from adversity and poverty.


    He’d be a monster in the Hoops.



    HH jg

  12. First half 0-0 and Bayer playing like a team in pre-season. They are showing glimpses of flair but no real urgency. Just a training exercise for them.


    Helander looks decent in defence for the huns. Nobody else doing anything of note.



    Off out for dinner. I was hoping they’d be 3 down by now.