Fletch lives!


And we’re back to 2009.  Steven Fletcher was wanted by Celtic in January that year.  The misinformation about why he ended up going to Burnley for £4.5m instead of Celtic is legendary, and we all like a legend, so there is no need to trouble anyone with facts.

The talent Scottish football fans knew he had back then has been confirmed by the 11 years he spent in English football.  If he accepts Celtic’s offer of a contract he will join former Hibernian team mate, Scott Brown, as one of the older members of the squad.

I read some are a bit animated about what this means for the other strikers but I don’t see it moving the dial much.  No first team player will be sold on the back of recruiting a 33-year-old.  If he arrives, we would have a better-than-Lewis-Morgan option in the event all other strikers are unavailable for a cup final or European game.  And remember, it is prudent to have as large a squad as reasonably possible this season; fixtures could be delayed, then come thick and fast.  This is a low risk cover option with no particular strategic importance.

Loving this #9inarow challenge idea; a 9k run is on the agenda later.  Maybe run past a few Darwin Award pubs, if you know what I mean……..

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  1. Alex Rae – trying to predict the style of corner to be taken :


    “If I remember correctly it will be an inswinger” – as the player lines up on the left to take it with his right foot.


    “Right on top of the keeper” – as the actually delivery is along the ground


    “Quite a clever corner with everyone expecting it to hit the man at the near post”






    On blocking a shot Alex Rae describe perfection the Rangers player as


    “Getting his body between the keeper and himself”…





    My observation:



    By the way, the wee fat Comlombian has been their best player, their = Leverkusen.

  2. GENE on 6TH AUGUST 2020 6:54 PM


    If it’s first team player testing positive don’t the huns have to isolate for 14 days.





    The short answer is yes. We’ve just had a company Email stating that anyone in any of the named pubs in Aberdeen has to isolate. If anyone currently offshore was in one of the said pubs they must make themselves know and isolate.



    As you are aware, different rules for the huns.




  3. I’ve switched it off. Can’t stand the unreserved praise and optimism from the EBT user.

  4. Ffs that bhoy could have had a hat trick.



    Rob McLean another 1 and this game is over…wtf does he think sevco can come back here.






    D :)

  5. According to stats Huns have not had 1 attempt at goal, no shots off target, no shots on target, none blocked, but Rob and the wee ugly hun orc can come back.



    Dearie me



    D :)

  6. If you look at the chance Havertz missed in the first half and the goal, the huns are holding a highish line but have no pressure on the ball whatsoever. Schoolboy stuff.

  7. They have been awful, could easily be 3 or 4 down. Not a solitary attempt at goal so far. Had we performed like this the clamour would be for Neil to stand down.

  8. On my …rae reckons ” the club ” have a price for moreorless that they are holding out for …£20 mill …



    I can’t have heard that right

  9. I can now vouch that making lunch for the better half is more agreeable than watching the Huns and listening to Rae make a mockery of language and objectivity.

  10. garygillespieshamstring on




    He’ll be there a long time if they are waiting for that.

  11. aye 18 mullyin Aramatheann Zinglottis……………



    or at today’s exchange rate…………. in the known universe……



    ……just under 4 mullyin ( Euros)




  12. BBC putting a positive spin on things – “Now Rangers can focus on the Scottish Premiership and this year’s Europa League campaign”



    Unbelievable. Feel the pain



    Oh, and I guess there are no cups this year?!

  13. weebobbycollins on

    McCann…huns didn’t get the chance to show how good they are because of the 3-1 defeat at ibrox…


    Shame, eh?

  14. lets all do the huddle on

    “Ranjurz can still turn this around in the 3rd leg”


    – Alex Rae (probably)