Fletch lives!


And we’re back to 2009.  Steven Fletcher was wanted by Celtic in January that year.  The misinformation about why he ended up going to Burnley for £4.5m instead of Celtic is legendary, and we all like a legend, so there is no need to trouble anyone with facts.

The talent Scottish football fans knew he had back then has been confirmed by the 11 years he spent in English football.  If he accepts Celtic’s offer of a contract he will join former Hibernian team mate, Scott Brown, as one of the older members of the squad.

I read some are a bit animated about what this means for the other strikers but I don’t see it moving the dial much.  No first team player will be sold on the back of recruiting a 33-year-old.  If he arrives, we would have a better-than-Lewis-Morgan option in the event all other strikers are unavailable for a cup final or European game.  And remember, it is prudent to have as large a squad as reasonably possible this season; fixtures could be delayed, then come thick and fast.  This is a low risk cover option with no particular strategic importance.

Loving this #9inarow challenge idea; a 9k run is on the agenda later.  Maybe run past a few Darwin Award pubs, if you know what I mean……..

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  1. DAVID66…


    Let me know a couple of days in advance if you want to meet for a Bevvy…and maybe some others will wish to join us ?


    Who can say ?





  2. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    Here I am DAVID 66, been busy Celebrating my 73 rd birthday today.


    Just me and the princess, but somehow so many bottles of fine malt


    and exclusive rid biddy have appeared from family and friends who


    can’t join us, so all the more for me.




    Nice to see you up with the early birds, have a great wee break mate,


    as regards Lewis Ferguson, I think there’s a player there we could use


    especially if Lenny takes him under his wing.




    Starting to look forward to picking my top 3 just about as much as the


    game itself, and I may just put Broony in again , just for being there,


    and maybe to irritate some twats.




    You not up yet?


    The birds ur chirping lol.


    H.H. Mick

  3. Playing the development team in the Irn Bru Cup is not the same thing as playing a development player along side first team players.

  4. M.M .



    73 !! And still showing them young uns how to play the game ,guess you never lose it ..



    Have a happy hoopy birthday

  5. `No complaints in terms of the outcome but disappointed in the result.` Stevie G re last night`s game.


    I think he also said they weren`t pointing any pencils at anyone.



    The interview was quite an honest , overall assessment by Gerrard but, perhpas to be expected from a new manager,he does come out with some comments for which lennie would be ridiculed .

  6. Very H888py Birthday, to the champion


    Melbourne Mick



    Have a Gre9t day Mick



    Hail Hail



    PS, give Luca Connell a chance, looks a real player

  7. Good morning CQN from a bindingly sunlit Soof Side…so we jist missed out on a new CB from Nice…that the SMSM had no idea about…am shocked ;-))



    As fot Fletcher or Taylor…I suspect/hope that these both were false flags…but wen it comes to our bored…nothing is outwith the realms of possibility






    So…£2500 fines for both Hearts n Partick…wtf…if that’s the precedent…Celtic should b prepared to call out any and all SFA bullshit



    Enjoi yer day bhoys n ghirls




  8. Melbourne Mick on




    Just poured another wee/big rid biddy, the malt will be


    a nice nightcap.


    Just like you I can see a special player there, but been


    wrong before, many times, Vic Davidson, Owen Archdeacon


    and more.


    I suppose the special comes with making it to be a Celtic


    first team pick.


    But we’ll never know unless they get regular chances.


    H.H. Mick

  9. Fucking Hell…I thought Melbourne Mick was so old he wiz a ghost…a Happy Hoopy birthday to you ;-))




  10. The comments from Gerrard are an attack on his board. Obviously it’s not the football dept., who are continually giving the media the Alfredo stuff. He looks to me to be totally disillusioned with it all, por cierto.

  11. MM 7.30am



    Many many happy returns …



    By the way I am an early riser whether at work or on holiday, I sometimes try to not post too early during the week



  12. Melbourne Mick on




    Hope I get the time to show them again, but who knows


    in this Covid environment.


    H.H. Mick

  13. So Lyle was not on the radar, quelle surprise, I’ll wait for a minute to read the apologies from those who stated that he was! Could be a long minute! por cierto

  14. Many Happy Returns Melbourne Mick, hope you have a Fandabydozy day Sheila! por cierto.

  15. Happy Birthday Melbourne Mick !


    Off to the golf now and my target will be to match Mick`s age :-))



    PS Old Tim`s would be a more realistic target.


    PPS. Captain (?) Tom`s would bbe even more realistic !!


    Cheerio for now.

  16. Ferguson is a yes from me. Can’t see any downside to signing him. Means that Broonie could eventually be used as a shut up shop sub here and more importantly in Europe for a few more seasons, por cierto

  17. Melbourne Mick on




    Not so much a ghost, more a spectre, as my wee princess said


    ” Mick don’t make a spectre of yourself ” 8-))


    H.H. Mick

  18. Go tell the Spartim on

    Don’t know you from Adam, Melbourne Mick, but I always read your posts.



    Happy birthday, stay safe, 🍀



    And happy birthday to any Celtic supporter who is celebrating today

  19. Melbourne Mick on




    And why not. as I said, ” I’ve been wrong many times before ”


    H.H. Mick

  20. Terry McGuinness on

    Shouldn’t RFC player’s be shielding after playing Aberdeen last Saturday?


    Hopefully we’ll get a striker of repute, because i think OE might be prized away from us.


    Patryk might feel the strain if he’s asked to shoulder OE’s duties.


    But for me, the biggest danger to 10 in a row, will be c19. Hail, Hail.

  21. Melbourne Mick on




    Thats quite prophetic as Adam is my grandson aka ( weemhan )




    H.H. Mick



    Sorry my fingers must have slipped a moment ago when typing….I can not honestly remember ever being impressed with Lewis Ferguson, and as I asked…he was posted missing like all his other team mates against the Huns last week.


    I didnt rate Vic Davidson or Archdeacon either…although to be fair to Victor…he was competing with some great Celtic players at that time…but for me he didnt quite cut it at Celtic ?


    I think he ended up at Motherwell ?


    Owen Archdeacon…didnt he end up playing down south ?



    Im probably wrong…LOL ?


    Have a great Birthday during these difficult days, and it wouldnt surprise me if Scotland was shut down again very soon ?


    hopefully, I am wrong about that also.



  23. Call_of_Juarez on

    It’s daft that any player or athlete would take a risk with covid when its long term effects could be career ending. I expect AFC to discipline players involved.

  24. POR CIERTO on 7TH AUGUST 2020 8:31 AM


    The comments from Gerrard are an attack on his board. Obviously it’s not the football dept., who are continually giving the media the Alfredo stuff. He looks to me to be totally disillusioned with it all, por cierto




    Ive not seen or read anything from Gerrard …yet…..what did he say ?


    It was only Wednesday/Thursday that he was singing the praises of his Two new signings…so I cant understand if he was slagging the Sevco board, who appear to have given him licence to sign everybody and his dug ?




    HH .

  25. I had the first 5 Winners at Newmarket last Saturday, with my 6th choice finishing in 2nd place.


    I had all 6 horses on betting slips, and I managed to get the Placepot up..it paid £71.20 for a £1 stake.


    It was a very odd feeling before the 6th race, as in some ways I wanted my selection to win…but a part of me didnt…as that would have been the 1st time that I would have had 6 Winners on a Placepot….and I would have been pissed off at not having the Jackpot on with the bookies…however I still did okay.



    My 5 winners were all good Early prices…with one horse winning at 13/2…but I had it at 9/1…likewise a 3/1 winner…I had it at 9/2 etc etc.



    Maybe we should offer the Huns…3 empty Ginger Bottles for Morelos ?



  26. Good morning from a sunny and warm North staffs.


    Happy birthday to Melbourne Mick demonstrating wisdom doesn’t come with age 🤭


    Have a great evening

  27. Ernie…the idea was and is sound…it just means that it should be restricted to responsible and adult people ;-))




  28. Ernie – alcohol and social distancing are not happy bedfellows. Opening up leads to large crowds of mainly younger folk congregating around pubs and city centres.

  29. My friends in Celtic,



    Re Odsonne Edouard.



    A very insightful poster on the net has made a very sobering point.


    No team can possibly refuse an offer circa 25 to 30% of the paper value of the club.



    I really hope Odsonne stays for the ten, but a mega bid puts that into financial perspective.



    HH to all.

  30. Does anyone know the present COVID situation with the North West of England, as I read a few days ago that Preston had a COVID Hike…and I havent felt confident enough to book my Hotel and/or Train to Blackpool…yet ?


    I was hoping to spend a week in Blackpool getting bevvied by mid September…on my own….but maybe chatting up some English Burds straight away, and giving them some Glesga patter LOL ?



    I am obviously concerned that NOT only that Bars etc will get shut in Blackpool while I am there, but that I end up stuck in Blackpool paying for an Hotel and cant travel home either…that wouldnt be ideal !



  31. Many Eejits shouldnt be allowed in Pubs at the best of times.



    I can be an Eejit at times…but I do try to respect the rules as I am in someone else’s Hoose….albeit…a PUBLIC Hoose !