Fletch lives!


And we’re back to 2009.  Steven Fletcher was wanted by Celtic in January that year.  The misinformation about why he ended up going to Burnley for £4.5m instead of Celtic is legendary, and we all like a legend, so there is no need to trouble anyone with facts.

The talent Scottish football fans knew he had back then has been confirmed by the 11 years he spent in English football.  If he accepts Celtic’s offer of a contract he will join former Hibernian team mate, Scott Brown, as one of the older members of the squad.

I read some are a bit animated about what this means for the other strikers but I don’t see it moving the dial much.  No first team player will be sold on the back of recruiting a 33-year-old.  If he arrives, we would have a better-than-Lewis-Morgan option in the event all other strikers are unavailable for a cup final or European game.  And remember, it is prudent to have as large a squad as reasonably possible this season; fixtures could be delayed, then come thick and fast.  This is a low risk cover option with no particular strategic importance.

Loving this #9inarow challenge idea; a 9k run is on the agenda later.  Maybe run past a few Darwin Award pubs, if you know what I mean……..

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  1. Ferguson might well be the player many think,but just to reiterate from last night,apart from seeing him score the odd goal in highlights,he has never stood out for me in any games I have watched.Good luck to the boy.

  2. Big Jimmy…it’s a god-damn lottery…if u do book…do it through an ABTA site…you might get something back if it all goes tits up




  3. Melbourne Mick on




    Used to go watch the reserves regularly, and Vic was a standout


    not just for his general play, he could waltz by opponents with ease


    but he scored multiple goals as well, so much so that when some


    of the press pack were waxing eloquently about Dalglish in the


    Quality Street Kids, big Jock said ” if you think he’s good wait till


    you see Vic Davidson ”


    But Just couldn’t satisfy a harsh Celtic Park Crowd because he couldn’t


    tackle, Charlie Gallaher syndrome.


    I remember we let him go and he came back with Motherwell? and


    scored a hatrick against us.


    H.H. Mick

  4. Thull git less than 4 for Fat Charlie…….


    ………LESS than 4…….






    <4 HHH.

  5. Melbourne Mick on




    And why shouldn’t you give your opinion, as they say opinions


    are like me and my assessment of the first time I saw big Paul Elliot


    ” Bambi on ice ”


    Opinions eh ?


    H.H. Mick

  6. Ernie,



    There has not been a Covid 19 death in Scotland for 20 days.


    Is there a continued justification for wrecking our economy and throwing millions on the dole.



    On a slightly different note , best wishes to the young protesters in George Sq today who have had their futures destroyed because they live in a deprived area.


    Grade snatcher indeed.




  7. Big Jimmy


    It’s a very fluid situation in the north west – I’d leave anything till last minute – some hotels are offering free cancellation.

  8. Big Jimmy – It’s a very fluid situation in the north west – I’d leave anything till last minute – some hotels are offering free cancellation.

  9. Go tell the Spartim on

    As someone more eloquent than I has stated



    Some people stopped reading after it said pubs were OPEN

  10. So three days of SMSM guff


    Wednesday – I’ll have no hesitation in picking him”


    Yesterday “he wants to play”


    Today ” he’s had his head turned”

  11. We are our worst enemy…Covid 19 is just the latest sleekit confrontation we have to contend with.



    We may have followed most of the rules, some more so than others…..ithers…………but my growing fear is that none of us have taken this as serious as might have.



    That STUPID economy is blinding some to the obvious



    Dealing with this pandemic in a way that respects our family friends and neighbours – never mind the rest of humanity probably means a lot more “economic” pain to come.



    Mother Nature will extract whatever cost she thinks is right nothing more nothing less.



    All we can do is support test, trace and the search for a robust vaccine….until the next thing.



    I like pubs but not to the detriment of my health and those around me.







  12. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Happy birthday Melbourne Mick


    Hope it’s still today and not tomorrow I’m Melbourne 😀




    Happy, happy birthday! Watching the news everyday seeing you Vic folks doing it tough so look after yourself.



    From the badlands of Adelaide (If we don’t watch out we’ll be joining your restrictions).









    Although welcome,I don’t think the deaths totals are the yardstick to measure the dangers of Covid.The rate of new infections will restart the cycle,resulting in more intensive care patients,then more deaths.The reason we have had so few deaths recently,was a result of good management and co-operation of the majority of people in Scotland.The relaxation of the rules,IMHO,are the causes of the spikes all over Britain.Since day one when we were informed of Covid,nothing has changed,its still as dangerous and virulent.Sad to say,giving people leeway,is a recipe for more and more infections.I don’t know the answer.

  15. RANGERS REFUSED to meet Scott Brown’s wage demands as the resentment it would have caused could have torn the Ibrox dressing room apart, Sir David Murray claimed last night.



    The 22-year-old Hibs midfielder was this summer at the centre of the biggest Old Firm transfer tug-of-war since Mo Johnston, before agreeing a £4.5 million move to Celtic which guarantees the player £25,000 a week for the next five years.



    According to Murray, however, the choice of destination owes less to a difference of ambition between the two halves of the Old Firm and more to the fact the Ibrox side didn’t want to disrupt the harmony of the other Scots in his dressing room.






    “We wouldn’t pay the wages – it’s as simple as that,” said Murray. “We have a template to take the club forward. If Celtic decide to pay the wages that were reported of £25,000 a week, £3-4,000 a game, and massive signing on fees for a young Sottish boy then that is their decision.



    “We have then got to deal with all the other Scottish players. Do you think all these other Scottish players would be re-signing their contracts if we were paying one more than twice the wages they earn?



    “We’ve got to get parity through the squad, unity through the squad and try to treat them all fairly. If a young boy comes into the first team, he can expect £2-3,000 a week – which is a lot of money for all of us. If he does well then after a couple of years it could be £6-7,000. If he improves and becomes a regular he can be £10-12,000 a week, which, with bonuses, he can take to £16,000 a week. I think it is fair, reasonable, and all that we can afford.



    “Both clubs could afford the transfer fee but the wages were their choice. When you look at the total package it could be £14-15m for one player. He is a good player and we would have liked to have had him but it is up to them how they do their business.”



    Murray was giving one of his rare but typically productive briefings that have punctuated his 19 years as Rangers chairman ahead of yesterday’s 2-0 victory over Chelsea, and next week’s announcement to the stock exchange – which is expected to reveal that the club’s failure to qualify for the Champions League has seen debt double from around £6m to £12m.






    How did that work out for you, David?

  16. Cheers Bhoys for the info/advice about the North West of England, I will now wait til the end of this month and see how things are then before booking anything.


    How are those English Burds gonna get by without me…it will be their loss I suppose ?





    I was seriously looking forward to a wee break for about a week…and as I cant walk too far these days…holidaying in Scotland is mostly a no no ?


    Apart from Edinburgh, any holiday in Scotland is going to mean a lot of walking etc ?


    I am not too keen on Edinburgh either, despite its many Pubs…..and being ripped off with prices.




  17. Headline in Sunsport this morning,


    Morelos would be a target for Barca,Real Madrid,if he were not Columbian.


    Really,where do you start with this garbage?

  18. Spike in cases now will sadly lead to deaths in a fortnight or so.



    Being stuck in London throughout. I’ve missed my son’s birthday, my daughter’s exam results, time being with them. And a sprightly but high risk near 84 year old father who lives alone.



    I thank God for every day Scotland is Covid death free. But we’re far from Covid free, and it’s an insidious bassa of a virus.



    I’m sure medieval tories extolled the virtues of popping a lemsip in the face of the plague and getting the economy back on its feet again!



    HH jg



    PS the irony being that those peasants who did survive the plague actually ‘enjoyed’ a modest rise in income. Conversely, the poor who have been hit hardest during Covid, will be hit still harder post Covid.



    I dont remember Vic Davidson scoring three against Celtic…but obviously your memory is better than mine.


    I DO remember Vic being part of The Quality Street Gang, and trying to break into the 1st team on a regular basis, but as I said, he was competing against many fine Celtic players at that time to be fair to him.



    As for Paul Elliot…I think he got “Booked” around 17/18 times in his 1st season with Celtic…the Refs certainly had it in for him.


    He became a real fans favourite and many of us were sad when he left…although there were different rumours going about at the time about him making the Celtic Board very angry etc ?


    I dont know if any of it was true ?



  20. MM



    A happy hoopy birthday today Mick have a wonderful day with the wife.



    I will be in your beloved Govan today. I’ll have a thought of you at Govan X.




  21. Happy birthday, MM.



    My Uncle Eddie, whose favourite player was Stevie Chalmers, always extolled the virtues of Vic Davidson. I think he even preferred Vic to Kenny Dalglish. Bit like me with Charlie Gallagher over the likes of wee Bertie. I see a lot in the bhoy Connell that reminds me


    of them: a football player. Hope he has a bit more dig than them.

  22. I honestly don’t get people that admire or compliment Gerrard for his honesty. A manager has to man manage and be a diplomat. “I’m not pointing fingers BUT Alfredo… “ – it is excruciating stuff which has been the norm for two years now. Always someone else’s fault but he takes full responsibility…A clown. Glad he’s here for the ten.

  23. Seethin,totally ignored Morelos when he was subbed last night.The only reason he was played,risking injury,was in the hope he would show a bit of form to any,hardly any,suitors watching.That went down like a lead balloon.Just imagine he played for say,another club,and we had shown an interest in him.After watching him for the last 6 months,and last night,there would be hell to pay if we went in with an offer.

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