Focus on Jullien’s return


International breaks are a chance for most Scottish Premiership players to recuperate from niggles and return energy to tired limbs.  National team burdens weigh most heavily on the successful, so Neil Lennon will have little company at Lennoxtown this week – he anticipated no more than four of the first team squad will remain behind, not even enough to practice a corner kick formation.

We travel to Easter Road in 11 days, between now and then, many of the squad will have played three games and traversed the globe.  The Salt ‘n’ Sauce Greens will not be so troubled.

Neil will focus on what can be achieved in the days ahead: Christopher Jullien’s return to fitness being top priority.  Chris was a titanic figure in our Europa League campaign last season and his League Cup Final intervention was one of the highlights of the season.  If we get through this break with no additional injuries, illness and with Chris back in the squad for Easter Road, we would all be happy.

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  1. GREENPINATA on 10TH NOVEMBER 2020 2:14 PM



    Odsonne Edouard is still recovering from Covid 19.? Percentage wise, the odds are that he never even knew he had it when he tested positive. I think we really need to focus on alternative reasons for his loss of form.



    *from the beeb gossip site:



    Coach Andy Millen has revealed the draining effect coronavirus has on his body as he launched a passionate defence of Kilmarnock ahead of their SPFL disciplinary hearing today

  2. some suprises, or maybe not, Alex Ferguson likes to study Irish history and talks greatly on Michael Collins,






    Mikey Stewart likes to hear President Joe read Seamus Heaney






    Michael Stewart Retweeted


    RTÉ News






    Nov 7


    US president-elect




    reads the words of Irish poet Seamus Heaney



  3. AN TEARMANN on 10TH NOVEMBER 2020 12:00 AM



    Alec Byrne rip



    *that article fae the Star is how I remember Alec or Alice as the support labelled him, not as much derogatory I hasten tae add but similar tae Charlie Gallagher being called Bridie.



    He unfortunately was similar tae other fine prospects such as our first goal scorer in Europe Bobby Carroll, Junior Cup winner and Player of the Year scoring 75 goals from the right wing position.



    Also the scorer of our first goal in the honest and NIAR run John Divers son of the legendary Exhibition Cup winner and grand-nephew of the Mighty Atom who made his debut while still attending Tradamus Lampada at least won 3 Scottish League caps.



    Those on here and other sites that deride our current CEO all I can say tae quote Alec Macmillan “you’ve never had it so good”. Sir Bob was a nightmare.



    The article mentions the quarter final replay against the Hi Hi after a typical Celtic performance on the Saturday, at the time I was trying tae play the game so missed it.



    However as I was told on the Sunday morning after Mass by colleagues who fervently went, we took the lead early doors before going in 1-3 down at the half, we came roaring out of the traps in the second to take a 4-3 lead before Thirds equalised near the death, all in all though a fair result.



    So here we were on the Wednesday morning and my da wakens me as he’s leaving for work “meet me at the Estate Bridge the night we’re going tae this game”, I’ve never been tae Cathkin, and as it turned out never will, as in anticipation of a huge crowd the game has been moved tae neighbouring hunden.



    Say what you will about the scottish freemason association but they’re no daft. The Celtic team that night contained 7 full internationals plus one League cap as well as the scorer of our 5,000th goal and 4 players who within 6 years would win the Big Cup.



    The Hi Hi team were also no slouches, they had the smallest goalie in UK fitba, jocky robertson, only 5’5” and yet his ability tae command his penalty area allowed him tae be their first choice goalie for 12 years.



    They also had an inside forward trio, Hilley, Harley and Gray, that would be held in the same esteem as the calvinists “Terrible Trio” of Wardhaugh, Bauld and Conn, at their peak.



    That night we were explosive, with Alec coming in for Bobby Carroll, especially like the first game in the 2nd half with Alec scoring one of the finest goals I have ever seen, a left foot volley fae outside the box that no even the agile jocky robertson could stop.



    Unfortunately for Alec he would be in the team for the semi at the bigot dome where our support shamed us with a hail hail of bottles after being 3 down within half an hour, he did score our consolation goal that afternoon.



    As David Potter’s excellent article says he fell victim to the dark side of the game then with robust defenders having a “they shall not pass” approach, especially the player he called captain cutlass who I refer tae as the wee fat thug.



    Fast forward tae the 70s and I’m getting ready tae leave the country, one of my last jobs was tae take a wee Tim apprentice and inspect the benches in Dumbarton Town Centre.



    These benches were brick built with wooden slats on them for sitting on and back rest. In those seats were brass fittings tae separate the brick fae the wood.



    There was a concern over the deterioration of the wood and we were too find out of the brass existed. It didnae, the owner of the company that built them was the same wee fat thug.



    I had great pleasure in relating this tae the engineer and thinking that’s for John Higgins, Alec Byrne and Frank Brogan ya wee fat DOB.

  4. JINKYREDSTAR, thats was my first game at parkhead, big frank missing that penalty ill never forget, he was a good singer tho 😍




    I don’t remember seeing John Higgins, but my Dad always spoke highly of him and was angered that he was kicked out of the game.



    Alex Byrne was one of my first heroes, along with my all-time favourite, Charlie Gallagher. They were football players.



    Frank Brogan was never one of my favourites, although he was, imo, a more entertaining player than his brother.

  6. In hindsight we should have punted Eddy and bought Toney



    agree , hope this doesn’t come back and haunt us, this season especially .

  7. Jeso ghuys I know we have to try and keep positive and upbeat but jack hendry?


    And big Julien seems to get better and better the longer he doesn’t play so I can’t wait to have him back 😉

  8. Julien has been badly missed and good news that he’s due back soon. Ideally I would pick a back three or four depending on the circumstances choosing from Elhamed, julien, Duffy, Ajer, Laxalt. Conceded from a set -piece as usual on Sunday but nevertheless a good three points from a tricky fixture after the trauma and severe criticism aimed at the manager and squad after Thursday and the Czech disaster. Defensive work still needed to be done.



    Glad to see Neil started Ajeti with Eddie strill recovering from that nastry illness coming off the bench. The Swiss lad did not disappoint with his intelligent use off the ball and holdup play. Combined well once again with his old Basle teamate, Moi, for the all important early nerve settling goal. Ajeti to me looks like a guy chomping at the bit to play football and just hates to substituted, a good sign. Moi and his mobile like all young lads are conjoined to their phones from a very young age which Chris Sutton and the rest of us old fogies can find irritating, but that’s the modern age we live in. Moi responded in the best way possible with a brilliant hatrick.



    A lot of Celtic players on International duty over the next couple of weeks and this time we want them all back healthy.

  9. Jullien posted stuff with his personal trainer yesterday….NL said he would be back after international break

  10. PCS, as a lhad I worked with a journeyman whose uncle was the legendary Firhill Flyer, as such he was a Harry Wragg supporter. He used tae say the best full backs in Scotland were Dunky and the President meanwhile we were playing Young and Gemmell although Jim Kennedy was left half at the time.



    I learned from a decent source that Dunky reckoned Sir Bob was what we called a J Arthur Ranker and he found out, so Dunky’s strip was on a shoogly peg.

  11. glendalystonsils on

    !!BADA BING!! on 10TH NOVEMBER 2020 6:55 PM


    BBC Scotland could have shown Lyndon Dykes scoring for Scotland….but instead….



    Did he score three against us that day or did the Beeb just decide to show it three times ?

  12. BADA BING 7.58


    What an incredible shot a bit of luck required but to have the skill to skim the pond alone was amazing.HH

  13. Umpteen attempts to log in with no comment box on show.


    All North/ Central American World Cup Qualifiers postponed tomorrow due to Covid-19, yet there are a slew of International friendlies scheduled in Europe. This is sheer lunacy.






    Most of us have no issues logging in so I sympathise with those who do.



    Someone posted a wee while back that if you are trying to log in using various devices that doesn’t help.



    Stick to one device.



    Alternatively PAUL67 disney like ye an he’s makin’ it as awkward as possible!




  15. We need a midfield with a bit of a dig.



    Calmac, Ntcham, Christie, Moi, couldy tackle a fish supper.



    Play Soro, or get rid of him.



    Same goes for Turnbull.



    These players cost millions to sign and I’m guessing their wages are substantial.



    Our midfield with with usual suspects is being overrun.



    See Motherwell on Sunday.



    Play Soro and Turnbull _ how could we any poorer than we are with them in the team?



    And both have a point to prove,



    Or get rid of the manager.

  16. PHILBHOY-it’s a dilemma so it is.


    I canny see both Soro and Turnbull playing together unless injuries dictate




    I fear you are correct, however, the way our injuries are stacking up, that might be soon!



    Hope you and your family are a well as can be.

  18. PHILBHOY-we do seem to get our fair share of injuries that’s for sure.


    Pretty sure the wizard is due a couple a weeks out with a strain shortly 🤔



    Getting through it mate.funeral next Wednesday.

  19. Tontine 6.32



    cheers for your reply.your tales make me be there 😊.i posted that for an old pal of mine who lived thro those times who sometmes you he talks of the influence of Bob.not to complimentary at times tho.



    keep the history coming


    funnily enough tonight coming through Gordon St on my way home i noticed the building named Tontine House.



    all the best





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