Focus on Jullien’s return


International breaks are a chance for most Scottish Premiership players to recuperate from niggles and return energy to tired limbs.  National team burdens weigh most heavily on the successful, so Neil Lennon will have little company at Lennoxtown this week – he anticipated no more than four of the first team squad will remain behind, not even enough to practice a corner kick formation.

We travel to Easter Road in 11 days, between now and then, many of the squad will have played three games and traversed the globe.  The Salt ‘n’ Sauce Greens will not be so troubled.

Neil will focus on what can be achieved in the days ahead: Christopher Jullien’s return to fitness being top priority.  Chris was a titanic figure in our Europa League campaign last season and his League Cup Final intervention was one of the highlights of the season.  If we get through this break with no additional injuries, illness and with Chris back in the squad for Easter Road, we would all be happy.

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    Heard there was a service at St Mary’s , Calton on Friday. Anyone confirm ?



    hi Adi.there was the Brother Walfrid Mass 4 days ago.Brendan Sweeney author of Celtic The Early Years tweeted bout it. the one below it is St Patricks Hymn.









  2. Berlin 1945 on BBC4.


    Occupation that followed lasted to 1994.


    I know this because I was there when it ended.

  3. FRED C.



    Not at all my friend. When they leave Celtic that’s it.



    I don’t wish him any harm or ill-will for sure but he’s gone the way of so many others so I was disappointed especially him being a local lad.







    I’ve been to the Mass in St Mary’s these past few years. I did not see it advertised anywhere this year in advance of its taking place – probably not taking any chances with numbers re Covid.




  5. Celtic Mac , I’m recording Berlin 45. I’ll hopefully get to see the three episodes this weekend.



    This time last year , six of us were in Berlin for a few days. It’s the best city we had all visited. We only saw a small part of the city but once this is all over , we will be returning. The only downside was seeing Rangers painted on the remnants of the Wall on ZimmerStrasse .

  6. JVR



    That is why the wall had to come down!


    Just got back from Berlin last week, back in lockdown.


    Do not go back until things are back to something resembling normal, maybe next summer.


    Berlin 1945, not easy viewing nor should it be. But well worth watching still.

  7. Too shaggin bollix and fugg there’s a focus on julien’s return! My jaysus, we’ve missed him.



    Apologies for the gung ho up and up and at ’em approach of late the great cqn but it’s all we fuggin got we are so screwed that the reemergence of lennie the cnut the usurper of all is not just what we need but all we can expect and deserve and the means to the end that arsing the soul out of the 11 saviours will get us to the celtgrail and inflame the deathflames of the hun which will vanquish thetendestroyer kilclooney thief scum!




  8. Celtic mac JVR Berlin


    havent been in the modern day but it was a fascinating city in the cold war era..The walled city..seeing the brandenberg gate with a wall in front was weird.It was even more western.more neon.the kurfustendam was was a country within a city with airport,beach and forest.loved it.



    the east had streets that were untouched postwar and left once the wall went up.



    its on my list to do ;-)




  9. FB



    I think our wage bill will be cut next season so we will have to dig down and try and get the best of what we have.It’s a sign of COVID and not doing anything in Europe.

  10. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    Tontine : Great reminiscing and post as always….A wee anecdote, I played in the same team as Dave Holley in Glasgow U-16 (Hilley fn text) final trial versus London schools probables v v possibles. Some player even then.


    Btw moved to possible at half time😟 Didn’t tell them I had 4 stitches taken out my foot The day before….Nae teachers from St Joseph’s Kilma rnock there.


    Absolute shite posting here.. jumps all over the place

  11. Celtic Mac An Tearmann , our hotel was on BulowStrasse in the west of the city. . The furthest east we got was to AlexanderPlatz. If I ever get back , I would love to see Union Berlin’s stadium , it looks like a proper football stadium which is mostly terraced. .



    There is so much to see there especially relating to the history of city over the last 90 years . I only found out when we did the boat tour , the Spree was part of East Berlin and any one trying to escape across the river into West Berlin , could only be helped it if they managed to get onto the West Bank of the Spree.

  12. an tearmann



    Though I first visited Berlin just after the wall came down, it was interesting that it was West Berlin, the French, British and American sectors combined, that was the Island, the walled part if you like, and not the rest, which of course was the GDR. East Berlin was more interesting from the 1990s though, little bit hippy, little bit anarcho, and a whole lotta techno. Not as edgy as that now but once we get over the Pandemic I think it will be well worth another visit. There is even a museum dedicated to the DDR now…


    Truth to tell it was more prosperous than the photographs of parts of Glasgow posted on here, was it you, a few days back from 1980. By the French photographer. And that is a whole other story which we can talk about another time.


    Hope you are well Big Fellah, hope the vaccine (produced by a German couple of Turkish Gastarbeiter roots) works out and we can free OldTim67 from his own personal bunker!

  13. jvr



    Had hoped to go to a football match in Berlin, Union or Hertha, but relative Covid 19 infection rates put paid to that unfortunately. They have opened a new airport, just last week in fact, but with nobody arriving there. Tempelhof is closed down, but still there, and for now Tegel has more than enough capacity. No problem getting a flight there, or accommodation for that matter. Fantastic public transport system to get you around. Didnt we play Union Berlin a few years back?

  14. Celtic Mac.Jvr



    i was there early was a busy hub.As you say there was so much history.


    i will get there again as the wall had some point you came up against it,the renovated and united Berlin looks great.



    night now Celts



    celticmac- Top Pics/renovated updates were kindly shared St Stivs and McPhailbhoy.oldireland/ mcgrory was a link.they may help :-)



    Gave D a call couple of weeks back.managing ok.There is no goin to be enough beer lol


    keeo bloggin








    TONTINE Wardhaugh was a devout Catholic.



    *actually I knew that. I worked with a wee gentleman over here who was on the calvinists books and Jimmy was his mentor. Although brought up in a wee mining village in Midlothian through his da coming fae the good and the bad he supports us.



    I try to stick to one device, and only explore others when totally locked out. What is puzzling is that I might not encounter any issue for a couple of weeks, then be completed precluded or regularly papped off the following week. This problem is relatively recent, as I have been on this site for many years with no issue. It is obvious I am not unique, as many other posters periodically sound off about it, including recently THE EXILED TIM, CORK CELT and SAINT STIVS, just to name three. Eventually, it will drive me over to Sentinel Celts.

  17. In the absence of any other Matin greetings, Good morning from a damp and windy Arbroath.


    Golf? Hmm..

  18. 🙋‍♂️Hi Fellow Celtic Fans! 😊



    I read a nice story this morning on this morning about Mohammed Elyounoussi being positively tweeted in response to his recent Hat-Trick.


    [Read here: ]



    What really struck me though is that there is an amazing photograph contrasting in one half of the picture Neil Lennon joyfully putting his arm around Mohammed Elyounoussi’s neck as they joyfully celebrate, while the other half of the picture shows the, supposedly impartial, linesman and referee looking seriously p***ed-off!!!



    If anyone is in any doubt what we are up against this season, more than any other season, then have a long hard look at this picture which really does ‘tell a story’… There is no denying that The Rangers have found a new gear this season, and credit to them for that, but I wonder how many extra goals in their ‘Goals For’ column, and how many extra points, and how many decisions against us and how many fewer points for us at the end of this season, will be directly attributable to overt or not-so-subtle CHEATING by our biased refereeing fraternity (sic)? 🤔



    That picture should be put in front of our Board and they should be asked, nay instructed, to fight EVERY refereeing INJUSTICE, assaults included, LOUDLY and PUBLICALLY! That picture should be framed and put up where every Celtic employee can see it…



    I don’t *mind my team being beat fair-and-square if the other team deserves to win, but it makes my f***ing blood boil if I think we are being cheated! 🤬. The Clubs and the Fans (you and I) pay these guys a lot of money to be PROFESSIONALLY IMPARTIAL; I don’t think that it is too much to ask of them that they referree impartially and simply do their job correctly? 🤔


    (I DO *MIND, but you know what I mean! 😊)



    Come on Celtic, grow a pair and start calling this out before it is too late! A Fair and Level Playing Field should be the PROFESSIONAL NORMAL, not something that we have to ask for or fight for, but if we do have to fight for this then for f**k sake FIGHT THIS CELTIC!!!



    If you want/need a good Business Reason Celtic then, God Forbid, think of the impact on the Balance Sheet of losing out this season and also losing one or more of our ‘Saleable Assets’ through a referee-encouraged career-ending injury…



    Time to ACT Celtic!!!



    Yours in Celtic,



    Take Care, Keep Safe, Hail Hail and God Bless,



    TB&F. 😊



    P.S. Apologies if this ‘Rant’ is not my normal mild-mannered self; must have been something in my morning coffee ☕! 😊

  19. Good morning friends, golfers, ranters and all from a pretty windy and dreich looking East Kilbride. COYBIB ;-)

  20. Neil Lennon & McCartney on




    Great post ~ absolutely no apology required as far as I am concerned




  21. P.S. If I was in the Insurance Business I would probably be charging Celtic higher Insurance Premiums on the impartial and objective assessment that a Celtic Player in the SPFL is more likely to be injured…

  22. PHILBHOY on 10TH NOVEMBER 2020 8:44 PM


    We need a midfield with a bit of a dig.




    Calmac, Ntcham, Christie, Moi , rogic , couldnt tackle a fish supper.





    That my friend hits the nail on the head . Midfield soft as putty . Imagine Davis , jack , arfield . Kamara . Bullying a celtic midfield . Everyone can see it bar the people who count . That victory at celtic park last December ,young frimpong on the wing ,had there superstar barasic blawing out his erchie, then he was dropped back to cover that wee scouse runt . Too much faith put on our midfielders , who when met with aggression bottle it . The ten is not gone ,but some steel needing pumped into our team .



    Hankray .


    That defence you posted looks a bit better .more like it pal .

  23. We Pursued David Turnbull on two occasions, I assume because he was a standout prospect in the SPFL. He needs to get games and in the role that he excels in. Please Celtic, do not spend months trying to reinvent him. Wiping his circuit, and rebooting him as a holding midfielder or a defensive midfielder would be a crime. Just how many players will we buy and then ask them to play out of position?



    The lad himself says:



    “My best position, I’d probably say a number eight or number 10 box-to-box position. I like to do it all. I believe in my ability. I feel like I can come here and make an impact. I always believed in my ability. “

  24. Deniabhoy.


    Totally agree.The boy scored 17 goals for Motherwell,no mean feat,as a middle to box player.I did notice when he got some game time,he was not operating there.No idea why we do this.We have already done it to an extent with Calmac.To his detriment.Madness.

  25. I see more coming to the conclusion we should play a back 4 of Elhamed,Ajer,Jullien,Laxsalt.Been saying it for a week.We need stability.Wee Frimpong,does not give us this.Much to learn,the wee man.Duffy,too much of a gamble at the moment.

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