Focus on Jullien’s return


International breaks are a chance for most Scottish Premiership players to recuperate from niggles and return energy to tired limbs.  National team burdens weigh most heavily on the successful, so Neil Lennon will have little company at Lennoxtown this week – he anticipated no more than four of the first team squad will remain behind, not even enough to practice a corner kick formation.

We travel to Easter Road in 11 days, between now and then, many of the squad will have played three games and traversed the globe.  The Salt ‘n’ Sauce Greens will not be so troubled.

Neil will focus on what can be achieved in the days ahead: Christopher Jullien’s return to fitness being top priority.  Chris was a titanic figure in our Europa League campaign last season and his League Cup Final intervention was one of the highlights of the season.  If we get through this break with no additional injuries, illness and with Chris back in the squad for Easter Road, we would all be happy.

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  1. TURKEYBHOY – In my opinion, Calmac was our most exciting midfield player during the BR years and the obvious next captain. He was the one player above all others I really hoped would not be sold.


    He now only produces that brilliance in brief spells, looks burn out and yet still being asked to do too many jobs.



    A young player’s error is perhaps to utter the immortal line: “I’ll be happy to play anywhere the manager wants me to. . . “

  2. Between playing for Celtic and Scotland, Calmac has been overworked. He, imo, needs resting more than our captain (who shouldn’t even be playing every Celtic game).



    It baffles me that neither Soro nor Turnbull aren’t even getting a half-hour. They should both be given a run of games.

  3. Minutes played this season


















    Flogged to death.


    Needs a break.


    Doubling up for a partner in CM who needs lots of help due to age.




  4. glendalystonsils on

    Callum’s talents are being misused in any case when he is played too far back. He is far better offensively than defensively.

  5. In terms of motivation for an elite athlete – playing a game they love – how does that work?


    Is a change as good as a rest or is it just rest???



    Is the motivation thing somethin’ that’s either “on” or “off” – I don’t know………



    Maybe sumbdy does?



    LiesDamnedLiesAn’Statistics CSC




  6. The huns goat away with withdrawing players from Internationals – we wouldn’t be allowed to.



    Steve Clarke has so far played the role with a straight bat, but the hun meeja will eat him as soon as he even blinks in Celtic’s direction…………and btw, the “Tartan Army” seem happy enough to accept such behaviour in scoddland……………….

  7. Whatever back 4 we choose i would have laxalt in front of taylor on the left and Frimpong/Forrest in front of El Hamed it is utterly stupid to have the full backs constantly overlapping even when we are winning, we are trying to get to many footballers into the centre, McGregor competes with Rogic for the ten role Christie with Turnbull and when the starter has to come off his replacement comes on , we resort to Ntcham who is not for me and I would sell at the first opportunity , Brown forSoro , we need to know what we have or a fortune has been spent on duds or players who do not suit the way we play.


    The issue is the way we play, not the players, and that is coaching, familiarity of what the team does and practice , I dont buy this we only see them a couple of times a week a working day is 8 hours use it , we need to.

  8. CQN- ” not even enough to practice a corner kick formation.”



    do we practice these? one player to kick it out of bounds and one to go pick it up, plenty. Dont even need goalposts.



    just joking, we dont need to practice this, we have it down pat.



    moonlander CsC

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