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Hamilton manager, Brian Rice, has received lots of supportive comments since yesterday’s statement admitting to a gambling addiction, as well as breaking rules for betting on football over the last five seasons.  The SFA have a duty to discipline him in line with previous offenders when their disciplinary panel meet later this month, but there should be some nervous shuffling in the room, as much of the game’s finances in Scotland are underpinned by the gambling industry.  Do as we say, not as we write commercial agreements.

For me, gambling amounts to losing money on every race at my once a year visit to Hamilton Park Racecourse, a sensation that has never once returned an endorphin kick, so will never be addictive, but I go along and bet every year, so I cannot be snooty about others who earn from it.

Football’s rules on the matter are nothing to do with welfare; those who work in the game are subject to a flow of insider information and influence, which could compromise the game.  One player was recently disciplined for betting on his own team to lose (they won and he scored).  However, the issue has welfare consequence, both for high-earning players and the ordinary punter.

Brian Rice will hopefully overcome his demons, he will certainly have the best of support towards this end.  By speaking out so frankly, he has given the game an opening.  What can football and the gambling industry do to help the addicted fan?  Football has access to people the way few outreach programmes could ever hope for.  It has a job here.

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  1. …I feel a konvenient squirrell is loose…………..







    ” The Evils O’ Bettin’ “…….will allow a coming together o’ like-minded-freens from Hampden





    and the lesser-spotted Players Unionist – Cpl (retd) Wishart Frazier……





    ….hand in hand with wee Nicola they will gladly unite and rise in one voice to smite the utter obscenity o’ gamblin’………………..that pays for most of the game in Scotland.







    I’ll bet that there is a distinctly emerald hue to to some high-profile culprits……..







    A nice wee developing (non) story, guid enough to kover the tracks of the real issues in Scotland and scoddish fitba.








  2. Barcelona,now in for Morelos.Also an EPL team,at present,unnamed,shame that.20 million,screams the Hootsman headline.



  3. TURKEYBHOY on 21ST JANUARY 2020 12:31 PM



    Just putting stories out there because nothings happening.



    The huns will sign nobody. We’re getting Soro but that’s been done for a while.

  4. Meanwhile on the tinternet



    “A Leeds source has told Football Insider that the club have added Griffiths’ name to their shortlist of striker targets for the final 10 days of the window.


    The Scotland international has lost his regular starting place at Parkhead after well-documented fitness and off-the-pitch issues in the last two seasons.


    Odsonne Edouard is the first-choice striker at Celtic and Neil Lennon completed the signing last week of Polish forward Patryk Klimala for £3.5million.


    That has thrown Griffiths’ future at the club where he has spent most of his career into fresh doubt.


    The 29-year-old has a contract that runs until the summer of 2022 but may soon be the third-choicespearhead at the Scottish champions.”

  5. Garngad to Croy on

    Every club in Scotland has someone , player , staff, board member who gambles on football. The rules need to change to allow people to gamble on matches out with their own country.

  6. Betting on football,is like making love to a beautiful woman.


    First,make your selection,etc,etc



    Swiss Tony,Quick News.

  7. ….I’ll make a punt on this…



    “Odds-on Edouard”…….will be first to get pinched!

  8. See Champagne Charlie has a problem with Griff putting his fingers in his ears on Saturday.Shocking gesture that it was.”He is just trying to pick a fight”.Of course gesturing to fans that you want to slit their throats,or even blow their brains out,must be perfectly OK with Charlie,as he has had no comments whatsoever on the Hun players gestures.


    Absolute knob of a man.

  9. Compare Nicholas with John Hartson,and BBJ was not even brought up in a Celtic culture.


    Disgusting ,these lickspittles.

  10. I hope were buying the player soro that’s on YouTube. If so we look sorted there I’m still a bit concerned with our left back position .I don’t think we are too secure in that position . Happy enough on the right side if elhamed is fit . But we need cover at centre half , it’s a pity we cant due to injury and plastic pitches depend on Joso .

  11. jinkyredstar ‘Frimpong Merrily on High’ on

    I get the ‘gambling addiction’ issue and support anyone who seeks help, however when you can bet 24-7 on virtually anything why would someone involved in Football bet on the only thing which is forbidden to them? A cynic might think they were betting on outcomes they may be able to influence, that is a horse of a different colour!

  12. We ain’t buying a LB. We have 2 fighting for the spot & a Jonny Hayes option.



    I’m still holding out for a baby-eating centre half to arrive in the next few weeks.

  13. We are really going to miss Ryan Christie considering James Forrest isn’t going to be available. I’d say Wednesday is going to be one of our biggest challenges of the season.



    Reckon Neil will have to go with the same system as the Partick Thistle game. Ajer will step in for Bitton/Jozo.



    Other than that the only change would be Boli for Taylor. Undeserved in my opinion but generally, Boli has been the first choice LB this season.



    Would Neil Lennon go back to 4-2-3-1 with Arzani and MJ on the wings? Probably not.

  14. Timaloy29 – I’d say Wednesday is going to be one of our biggest challenges of the season.



    Why? Killie are crap. Don’t be fooled by the Queens Park score.



    In December they played 5 times in the league, lost every one of them and scored ZERO goals.



    Our nervousness seems to elevating the mediocre up a few levels.



    I expect a standard 3-0 win.

  15. Just heard on radio that Soro is having a medical and coming on loan , is that right.


    Also , phone tries to autocorrect Soro to Siri

  16. First priorities should be a quality CB alongside a commanding DMF to give us much needed muscle in the centre of the park. Whether Soro is that player will remain to be seen and is a gamble. I do think we still need a LB particularly considering how reliant our play is on our full backs. I think I’ve seen enough of Boli now to know he isn’t going to cut it. For me Taylor is the best of our LB choices, but even he is OK for SPFL level but short of the quality of player we should be looking for. Jonny Hayes puts in a lot of effort but he isn’t a full back and it shows, he also consistently gives the ball away.

  17. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    BORGO67 on 21ST JANUARY 2020 2:08 PM



    Soro coming on loan?




  18. BIG WAVY on 21ST JANUARY 2020 2:05 PM



    Why? Killie are crap. Don’t be fooled by the Queens Park score.



    In December they played 5 times in the league, lost every one of them and scored ZERO goals.



    Our nervousness seems to elevating the mediocre up a few levels.



    I expect a standard 3-0 win.





    I’m worried because of our injuries, the plastic pitch and the stubborn display they put on at Ibrox.



    To be clear, I believe Celtic will win but I’m leaning more towards 1-0.




    5Live reported it on their 2 o’clock sports report. They’ve been wrong before. Was hoping someone on here would know.

  20. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    I too wouldn’t be overly confident of a walkover tomorrow night either.



    I’d sacrifice a traditional right winger and play Griffiths right sided CF, cutting in and with licence to shoot on sight.



    Give Frimpong licence to get up and down the RHS which he tends to do anyway and get linking with Griff and Edouard.




  21. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    BORGO67 on 21ST JANUARY 2020 2:21 PM



    yeah hopefully they’ve got it wrong and its a permanent deal




  22. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    However follow my tactical advice and we will cruise it ;)




  23. Celtic boss Neil Lennon says Ismaila Soro is having his medical & the paperwork is ongoing. Hopeful visa can be finalised & he can fly to Scotland in the next few days



    Not on loan btw

  24. Rangers forward Alfredo Morelos has been named as the perfect replacement for injured Barcelona star Luis Suarez – according to Colombia’s greatest ever boss Jorge Luis Pinto.



    Must be strong gear,this guy’s on….




    I think Griff and Eddy will start with a diamond behind them. Expect them to drift wide.



    I’m a bit nervous but I’m hoping to see vintage Griffiths and Rogic tomorrow. That’s too much for any SPFL team to handle.

  26. Thanks BADA . Serves me right for listening to 5Live. The radio channel that compared Saracen’s troubles with the huns , as in they were relegated.

  27. Barrybhoy .agree 100% . Like you I am not convinced with our left back position . A mark reiper type centre half would also be a bonus . Probably wishful thinking though. I know you tube videos are not to be totally depended on .but if this time they are , then soro looks a good yin . We are badly lacking of midfield battlers. Ball winners .enforcers .or the likes .hopefully the positions mentioned will get improved .HH

  28. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    TIMALOY29 on 21ST JANUARY 2020 2:50 PM



    Thats another good option of course.



    Tomorrow is not a night to try and walk the ball in/score the perfect goal, rather… get in good positions and fire shots away and create as much confusion as possible.



    With Rogic and Griff having got game time on Sat I think they will be raring to go.




  29. glendalystonsils on

    We struggled to pass our way through the massed Partick Thistle ranks on Saturday and I am expecting more of the same against a slightly better Kilmarnock side . Unless we rediscover some free flowing goal scoring form . of course.

  30. The Battered Bunnet on

    I was away at the weekend, missed the match and the highlights don’t provide much information.



    However, I thought it was interesting that Lenny set the team up in the shape he coulda/shoulda used in the Sevco match: Broonie sitting behind Calmac and Ntcham, Rogic one ahead, and Griff playing off and around Eddy. Is that the way it played out on the pitch?



    While the team might have been set up this way due to injuries and form, I wonder if this is him trying out a new formation for the rest of the season.



    If so, we have a surfeit of wingers.

  31. What about match officials betting? when the range of bets involved then bets like red card can easily be identified,



    Also Gambling addicts are rumoured to bet on anything with Horse Racing the favourite. So there is no need for football people to gamble on football. Horse racing is global



    This is not a squirrel but an important issue to identify the corruption in our game which is not confined to Gambling

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