Football bites you in the bum if you are not ready


I was a bit surprised so few first team players participated in the opening preseason friendly against Pinkafeld yesterday.  We are in Champions League qualification action in 12 days and there are only two friendlies between now and then: against Wiener SC in Saturday and St Gallen on Tuesday.  There is a lot of work to do in those two games.  Lincoln Red Imps impact on our collective memories is still fresh, I hope the same is true of Neil Lennon, who was freshly installed at Hibernian at the time.  Football bites you in the bum if you are not ready, as Neil’s fellow-Irishman, Brendan Rodgers will attest.

Our Champions League opponents, Sarajevo, were also in action yesterday, losing 2-0 to Slovacko, who finished seventh on the Czech top flight last season.  Results count for nothing in these games, which are all about fitness, but you would rather see an opponent struggle to score and keep clean sheets than to prosper.

There is a very good chance we will add at least Christopher Jullien to the squad before facing Sarajevo, I’m not convinced we will add any more in the coming days, not that we could expect a new arrival to go straight into action so soon.

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  1. eddieinkirkmichael on







    To be specific and accurate




    “Donald Trump has tried to stop other people from having Abortions.”




    He is a hypocrite and a liar, and dangerous

  2. It’s clear that Turnbull will not play a part in the qualifiers Celtic player or not. Julien adds needed depth at CB.



    The focus needs to be in the full back areas.



    I’m still advocating bringing back Adam Matthews on what the Americans would call a ‘prove it’ deal. Short-term deal, low pay but with the intention of improving that if he shows fitness and form. We did that with Stan Varga back in the day. Would give Celtic the chance to send Ralston out on loan for the season.



    If Celtic have better ideas then good. Get on with finding a replacement for PC Lustig.

  3. @BBCSportScot


    Following Following @BBCSportScot




    David Turnbull’s proposed move to Celtic from Motherwell has collapsed after an issue was discovered in the midfielder’s medica

  4. eddieinkirkmichael on








    “He is a hypocrite and a liar, and dangerous”




    I would say that statement could be attributed to every American Leader in both our lifetimes with the exception of Jimmy Carter.







    Not sure what happened with last post

  5. I cannot thank enough to all you who responded to my item on depression, it really is very much appreciated and proves the point “never walk alone” Thank you all so very much.


    QyeenLubo always says when I’m in “the black hole” , could be worse, you could be a hun. So True.



    Many thanks to all




  6. Not impressed with the lead article suggesting little action


    on the transfer front.

  7. Will we turn our attentions now to the cheaper and possibly better Harper of West Brom?

  8. quadrophenian on

    P67 – perhaps this merely suggests that NFL will stick pretty close to the formation that lifted the Scottish Cup:



    Scott Bain, Right Back, Jozo Šimunović, Kristoffer Ajer, Jonny Hayes, Scott Brown, Callum McGregor, James Forrest, Tom Rogic, Mikey Johnstone, Odsonne Édouard.



    Given Lustig is away and Rogic resting, maybe he’ll play a three-man backline, and bring in Olivier or Nir to bolster the midfield?

  9. Should never have worn the hoops until the deal was finalised. If any team should be wise to this it’s us.

  10. quadrophenian on

    Reading back King Lubo, thanks for your honesty, godspeed your restored wellbeing.

  11. I feel for David Turnbull right now: the young man must be gutted with events. Motherwell have not conducted themselves in the player’s best interest by running to the media with their stories. However, there may well be a deeper issue.



    Anyway, a reported 4-5 month recovery period after an operation rules out something simple needing done. Either (1) Motherwell did not know about this condition before it was discovered by the Medical; or, they knew and did not tell Celtic. In any case, they have failed in their duty of care towards the player.

  12. JC2 on 27TH JUNE 2019 12:57 PM






    Thanks for updates, was in a meeting when you messaged me.


    Until we meet again…


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  13. Don’t worry, Celtic will have a relpacement lined up…………to join or other new recruits for first qualifier

  14. Sorry to hear about Turnull but our history with signing injury prone players urges extreme caution.



    At this stage we are a considerably weaker squad than what we were at the end of the season. I wouldn’t expect any team from Bosnia to be mugs and am just thankful that they are at the same stage of preparation that we are. One secure signing (Shved) and one possible (Jullien) at least look to be of a high standard. I really hope we keep KT and if we did sell for anything less than £35m, I’d be extremely pissed off.

  15. Totally amateurish when it comes to transfers, yet again..



    One thing’s for sure .. Lawwell won’t be giving a sh@t .. he’s got his yes man, Lenny. Who’s lucky to be back at Celtic after being pi$$ed of by Lawwells reluctance to spend in his first spell.



    Suppose.. It’s better than the Hibs job! With a slightly bigger transfer kitty..

  16. I doubt Motherwell or DT had any idea of his problem. For all we know he could have played for months to come before it ever materialised. If ever.


    Its a bit like putting your beloved home up for sale and then the survey report coming back and telling you that there is a “wee” problem – it scares the buyers off and you are left up SC without a paddle.

  17. This transfer window starting to look like something we will look back on in 11months as how it all started to go wrong.



    A team that looked like it needed freshening up, looks like it will, for the most part, be asked to go to the well again.



    So far it’s untidy and uninspiring – here’s hoping it is not a sign of how our season will go.

  18. Amateur?



    I would say not signing an injured player is the complete opposite



    (Rolly eyes)

  19. Lennybhoy….



    Any news on the Harper rumours?



    Wondering if we’ll move in after today’s events.

  20. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    Nothing more entertaining than the uninformed critics of our Celtic being shown up for what they are.





    Perhaps antagonistic.






    Are they really Celtic supporters ?


    Frankly , who gives a proverbial ………?



    We`ve seen them off before and will do so again.




  21. Really hope we’re not in for another summer of being told why it’s (almost uniquely) difficult for Celtic to sign players.



    No excuses. We must step up our efforts.

  22. To be fair every player is signed ‘subject to a medical’



    Everyone assumes there will be no issues.



    Sky Sports were there and it was all over social media



    What did u want Celtic to do?



    Celtic never offically announced the signing so i dont know what the issue is

  23. Of course Lawwell knew about the lad’s dodgey knee and new the final outcome – just playing the support all along

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