Football bites you in the bum if you are not ready


I was a bit surprised so few first team players participated in the opening preseason friendly against Pinkafeld yesterday.  We are in Champions League qualification action in 12 days and there are only two friendlies between now and then: against Wiener SC in Saturday and St Gallen on Tuesday.  There is a lot of work to do in those two games.  Lincoln Red Imps impact on our collective memories is still fresh, I hope the same is true of Neil Lennon, who was freshly installed at Hibernian at the time.  Football bites you in the bum if you are not ready, as Neil’s fellow-Irishman, Brendan Rodgers will attest.

Our Champions League opponents, Sarajevo, were also in action yesterday, losing 2-0 to Slovacko, who finished seventh on the Czech top flight last season.  Results count for nothing in these games, which are all about fitness, but you would rather see an opponent struggle to score and keep clean sheets than to prosper.

There is a very good chance we will add at least Christopher Jullien to the squad before facing Sarajevo, I’m not convinced we will add any more in the coming days, not that we could expect a new arrival to go straight into action so soon.

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  1. Tontine Tim @ ages ago



    Rivaldo Coetzee underwent surgery for the corrective operation on his foot sadly hasn’t kicked a ball in earnest apart from one game for Ajax Cape Town since 2017.



    Hopefully a very different situation David Turnbull’s minor knee problem.

  2. whitedoghunch on

    If Hemochromotasis is indeed the root


    I also have a condition that requires phlebotomy.


    should things not pan out I will be putting forward an idea


    Turbull & Hunch black pudding


    what’s that agents number…

  3. eddieinkirkmichael on

    As a Scotland fan I’m gutted for young Turnbull, seriously hope he makes a quick and full recovery and goes on to fulfill his Hugh potential.

  4. WeefratheTim on

    Hi all, just a quickie



    Just read on twitter “breaking news” Celtic are in advanced talks with Adidas to supply our kit in a 5 year deal worth a record £35. Starting next year. Don’t shoot the messenger. HH






    Turnbull aff. Medical I presume. Well Dunn the bored





    Enlighten us…..what would you have recommended ?

  6. In ither news………………..



    Hun urges Tim to leave Timdom……………………..



    *shakes heid wearily*






    Can anyone here imagine that if, let’s say…Walter…had agreed to be the ” something or other” at a. n . ither foodbaw Klub in scoddland – the pikture editor at iShortie would have chosen the type of pikture he did for wee Gordon’s on their landing page?



    Naw, me either.



    Relentless guff.




  7. The need for end product against Sarajevo is key.


    To achieve end product players need to have composure and accuracy in their passing , ability to retain possession.


    If we are saying a back 4 with Ralston and Hayes filling the full-back positions, then I think we have every right to ask the question… are we giving ourselves the very best chance of being successful in the tie ?



    I saw someone post earlier the possibility of playing with a back 3. Personally I can’t see that happening. Sure if Jullien signs, then the prospect of Jozo, Jullien, and Ajer seems a strong trio. It’s more the shape ahead of them, particularly in wide areas. Just don’t think we have personnel for a 3-5-2.

  8. Weefrathetim



    If true, i’ll wait for the next strip. I do every second one so was due to buy the dodgy new one.

  9. Weefrathetim –


    firstly, always good to see you posting.


    For years I’ve been on record (well, within my own family) as saying how much I’d love Celtic’s strip to be made by Adidas. Not sure how Adidas would complement the horizontal hoops with its traditional 3 vertical stripes but where there’s a will there’s a way. I go through a lo of running tops, vests as well as Golf polos etc and Adidas are by far the most durable.


    Please let it be true (even though my choice of running shoe has always tended to be New Balance!)


    On that note, aff oot for a short, hot run….

  10. I’ve been sent a screenshot of a WhatsApp chat in which Turnbull indicates to his pals that he is not happy with Motherwell not agreeing a revised deal.

  11. fairhill bhoy on

    Anyway-golfing at gleneagles,queens course tomorrow morning ?️


    Staying at Guthrie house is there anywhere for four sunburnt duffers to drink eat and relax afterwards ??️

  12. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    That’s no a surprise, the difference in treatment between how Celtic would deal with trying to get the boys match fitness up to our standards and Motherwells approach would be night and day going on investment resources alone.

  13. FOOL TIME WHISTLE @ 3:53 PM,



    Good statement by Celtic, open and inclusive.



    I’ve got to agree with Paul67. We seem to have very little game time to find our starting eleven in Sarajevo. Hopefully it’s because Lenny knows his team for this game.



    Hail Hail

  14. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    I was being ironic VP



    don’t risk him if he’s going to sit on the bench

  15. Tontine and BSR 5.30pm


    Re Rivaldo Coetzee . He signed for Mamelodi Sundowns and played most of the games in the second half of this season winning the SA premier league. I don’t know 2hether he would now pass a medical ,but at least back playing a good level of football.HH

  16. eddieinkirkmichael on

    Romain Perraud Celtic move to go ahead according to Turkish football fans on twitter. Who is he I ask?

  17. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    DUP has lost patience with Ian Paisley in wake of latest holiday claims



    Corrupt tosspot has surely got to go this time.

  18. Fairhill Bhoy. 7.46


    Plenty Cafe;s in Auchteraider ,the Star is where most of the bhoys drink ( haven’t been in for over 30 years as I’m teetotal now) but if I was you I would go into Auchterarder golf club good food and good value.HH

  19. fairhill bhoy on

    PAPAJOE55-thanks pal?


    Thought I was getting left in the wind there?


    Well done on your sobriety ?It’s a hard road I know ?

  20. Eddieinkirkmichael



    You can google him for some background info.


    I don’t have the stats in front of me. He is owned by Nice in Ligue 1. Was loaned out last season to Paris F.C in the 2nd tier of French football. However had an impressive, stand-out season by all accounts.


    He is a left-back.


    Scored 3 goals for Paris, and attributed with 5 assists.


    A young player (22 I think), technically sound and with an ability to get up and down the pitch. (from what I’ve read).

  21. Watching Spain v France u/21



    The guy Mateta upfront for France is a big unit. Looks taller and broder than Moussa who has just come on as a sub



    The midfield guy Gendouzi looks very very ordinary on evidence of this game

  22. fairhill bhoy on

    FRANNYB67-cheers,it’s my birthday from my wife,brilliant wife by the way??❤️

  23. Fairhill Bhoy,


    Did you enjoy Billy Joel,


    saw a couple of videos from the night,


    better than sleeping tablets.

  24. Fairhill Bhoy


    Commercial hotel in Muthill 5 miles from Gleneagles , big Celtic pub they have had the eight in a row champions flag flying outside all summer worth a pint if passing (no food) not open till 5 probably,all the Rebs on the jukebox.HH

  25. Papajoe55 that’s good tae know about Rivaldo, BTW I’m on that sober road tae, best I’ve felt in years, was hame 2 year ago, Dublin and Galway tae and still went intae the pubs, could nae get irn broo in the mother country though.

  26. Tontine…………………..



    Supervalu..(Corcaigh)……………………..Ba’ Bru regular.



    Next time yer over let me know.




  27. Tontine


    I have an intolerance to alcohol last time I was really drunk on a Saturday I was still being sick on the Wednesday even a couple of beers and I was rough the next day so gave it up about 38 years ago, I was over in Donegal myself a couple of weeks ago in Dungloe Burtonport and Arranmore was in plenty pubs but not tempted in the slightest. Met a pal and fellow season ticket holder today and he had a rumour about Paddy McNair coming anybody heard anything.HH

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