Football bites you in the bum if you are not ready


I was a bit surprised so few first team players participated in the opening preseason friendly against Pinkafeld yesterday.  We are in Champions League qualification action in 12 days and there are only two friendlies between now and then: against Wiener SC in Saturday and St Gallen on Tuesday.  There is a lot of work to do in those two games.  Lincoln Red Imps impact on our collective memories is still fresh, I hope the same is true of Neil Lennon, who was freshly installed at Hibernian at the time.  Football bites you in the bum if you are not ready, as Neil’s fellow-Irishman, Brendan Rodgers will attest.

Our Champions League opponents, Sarajevo, were also in action yesterday, losing 2-0 to Slovacko, who finished seventh on the Czech top flight last season.  Results count for nothing in these games, which are all about fitness, but you would rather see an opponent struggle to score and keep clean sheets than to prosper.

There is a very good chance we will add at least Christopher Jullien to the squad before facing Sarajevo, I’m not convinced we will add any more in the coming days, not that we could expect a new arrival to go straight into action so soon.

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    Romain Perraud Celtic move to go ahead according to Turkish football fans on twitter. Who is he I ask?




    Lettuce hope he’s a guid yin.



  2. Was at a wedding on Arranmore about 25 years ago


    Pappajoe55, you will probably know the family


    Sure Peter is the postman and fireman on the island now

  3. quadrophenian on

    Why is CFC seemingly obsessed with amassing midfielders when we’re still crying out for an out and out RB.


    Other than Killie’s O’Donnell and the Arse’s second-string Jenkinson, any word on progress on that front or flank?

  4. Weefrathetim, about Adidas, it’s apprently 100% true and the stumbling block has been the three vertical stripes down the arm breaking up the Hoops.



    After some of the aberrations offered by New Balance, I think I could live with the Adidas branding…



    I have only been to Arranmore 3 times ,my dad left in the 1930s came over here to work and stayed all his family left or passed away by the time I was born. A lot of people from the island came over here to live. My daughter in law works at the school in Cowie with your ghirl she is a classroom assistant .its a small world. TAL we were in three pubs in Arranmore Phil Banns ,Earlys and I think the other was called Bernie’s. I don’t know where on the island the Celtic bar is.HH

  6. If we get the centreback over the line and sign a rightback and leftback i well be very Happy.



    Signing up connell and/ or harper,if possible, seems like a good idea given they are both highly thought off and have lots of development in them.



    shved and bayo should offer us something a little different in attack too. The return of the walking wounder and the introduction of dembele, henderson and oxo-flex etc.. should offer freshness. our biggeat challenge last year was our injury list.




  7. quadrophenian on

    Allan, Arzani, Benyu, Kouassi, Morgan – all signed to realise their potential with us. Despite the promise that model offers (source cheap, develop and profiteer) mibby we’d be better served with as many ready-mades as promising prospects. Still happy and confident we’ll get the right bodies in. HH

  8. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Michael Sheen on BBC Hardtalk,been a fan of his work for a while, Frost/Nixon, The Damned United, and loads of other stuff, a guy who uses his fame and status, to try and help and publicize causes for the homeless, and others,an inspiration guy.

  9. QUADROPHENIAN despite your concerns about the kids we sign, its worth noting these, often, very cheap punts have paid off with guys like rogic, ajer and christie making the breakthrought. Yes we will sometimes came across an allan or benyu. However, more often than not a mixture of loans and resales reduces the overall cost.



    Kouassi and Arzani suffered serious injury and both are what 20/21? i personally think both have potential to develop some. Morgan has just came back from A loan. i dont think he has future with us, but could be proven wrong.



    we should always be looking to purchase and bring in the best young player we can. The earlier we sign them up The better because they are cheaper, in our budget, get to know the club and get a good feel for the place. often they stick around a good few years also.



    There is also a bit about having players in our squad ready to take the place of outgoing players, albeit, we are not so good at that and must get better.



    Dont think these kids are holding back investment in quality additions. The purchase of journeymen like hayes, gamboa, izzy (second time), doris dv, mulumbu and compper will account for a significant account of money that never sees a return on the pitch or in the transfer market.



    We are also guilty of letting players run there contracts i.e. boyata, ledley and holding on to players beyond their usefulness i.e. bitton, gordon.



    Another recent think that annoys me and hinders our own players is the loanees we get. Dont mind one oe two quality loanees but we have been takimg the piss and they have been taking a wages as will as a fee.



    I like to think that our improved academy and early recruiment of kids will gradually lead to the end to the gap filling transfer activity




  10. Papajoe55


    The Celtic bar was on the go around 1971( I was 13).


    In my mind, I always imagined it to be still there. Maybe some older Donegal Bhoys will remember it.


    Same part of the world where the Perth Duffy’s hailed from.


    NorrieM, wee fishin’ boat fae Burtonport. ?


    Nice reminiscing.



  11. ??This is how it feels to be Celtic



    Champions again as you



    Kieran Tierney is here



    For ten in a row….



    Ten in a row??




  12. A quick skim back guys…



    Some brilliant blogging.



    Muthill (is it Mut..hill or mewthill) never knew that as never stopped for a pint



    Used to always see wee ‘guy fawkes’ types of characters on the pavements



    And loads of Celtic tops. Heard it was a right Tim place



    Passed it every day for weeks on end when I was working on the roof at the new school in Crieff.



    Hail Hail ??

  13. I’m feeling good about Celtic getting 9 in a row.



    The Young Ones are starting to come through, very well noo.



    Noone would begrudge Kieran moving on to become an even better player than he is now. I just think he will stay for hopefully 9 in a row, and then 10 in a row and a couple of good European campaigns, hopefully getting last 16 in the CL.



    Money won’t be any sort of factor IMO. Clubs will be able to talk to the Bhoy, I just think it will be a waste of their Time.



    Noone knows anything Howevaaaaaah.



    Patience is a virtue.

  14. Cant believe its this time already.


    Very good night with my wife,daughter and daughters boyfriend.


    All of us at home few drinks and good music of a few genres.


    Great finishing off with the dubliner’s,wolfetones etc.


    I thought my garngad upbringing was “bad” enough but my daughters boyfriend beats me with the tunes. ☘☘????

  15. Never that keen on hot weather.






    I hope these Bhoys cement their first team places This Season.



    I hope Celtic phase the Incredible Broonie oot and he disnae play EVERY game. Broonie is LEGENDARY, COACHING TIME BROONIE, need the new yins to really make it impossible for Neil to leave them out.



    I reckon we are gonnae have a very fruitful Season.



    Who needs Information?






    ps. Lenny getting the 10. That would be sweeeeeeet in a Country that demonised the guy despite him being attacked and Bombs sent to him.



    The Big Man is the Ultimate Judge. Anyone that says that the Murder of small babies is ok, especially in front of so many. hmmmmm – don’t get so upset progressives. I have made many transgressions, my sheet is gonnae be aff the scale when I meet the Maker. Donald Trump – and he might turn out to be a brutal President – he has protected the unborn Baby like no other, and for as long as possible.




  16. Jobo is mega In my Mind.



    Others urnae.



    Anyone that is Group thinking is so Yesterday..



    I’m delighted that there isnae any info leaked out of the CELTIC dressing room.



    It was a Big weakness. A very BIG weakness.

  17. Good morning CQN from a lovely Garngad (bring on the sun, a wee half day today to enjoy)?



    With regard to David UTURNBULL, I feel sorry for the bhoy. BUT we have done everything we should have to protect our club. Although we are being portrayed as the bad guys. Motherwell could easily still have made a deal and got nearly if not all of the £3m. I think Murderwell have acted appallingly in this situation.



    Onto new targets, the big Centre Back Julienne looks a big unit, if he can play then I think he will do nicely, call me old fashioned, as I like my backs or centre backs at least to be over 6feet.


    Young Luca (Nedved lookalikey) I think will be a good deal too.


    Add in a couple more, another centre forward and a RB and LB, I suppose 4 more then and we are good to go.


    Anyway life is still good being a Tim ?????


    Wherever you bhoys are in Europe, stay safe in the expected heat wave.? and drink plenty of liquids?????






    D. :)

  18. David66,



    Motherwell have been bang out of order.



    I Hope the boy gets his Celtic Move.



    Motherwell have been out of order.



    Chancers even.

  19. Fairhill Boy, I’m just 10 miles down the road in Dunblane. If you and your mates fancy a few in the pubs down here after your golf i’m quite sure I could manage a couple after i finish my work at 1pm. Not got a clue where Guthrie House is, but it can’t be far away!!



    Hope you enjoy the Queens course, my favourite of the 3 up there. Swing Slow…….



    Hail Hail

  20. Good morning, friends from a hazy gray but warming up by the minute East KIlbride and a Big Happy Friday to you all. A wee 3 – 4 hours at work then it’s (another!) holiday time for Jobo’s Gang, off to Santa Ponsa very early tomorrow morning. A big shout out to all the teachers on here, many of whom will also be excited that they stop today for their well earned summer break.


    As for transfers, for me it’s first team picks I’m keen on rather than squad fillers. S not concerned at all that we “appear” to be quiet on the rtansfer front so far. We have Shved aleady in and hpefully Julliene over the weekend, both of whm would be the right type of signing. Bayo still to be given his chance so I remain optimimistic there too.


    Off to work and please remember, play the ball not the man.


    Hail Hail

  21. HUTCHYBHOY on 28TH JUNE 2019 6:48 AM


    Fairhill Boy, I’m just 10 miles down the road in Dunblane. If you and your mates fancy a few in the pubs down here after your golf i’m quite sure I could manage a couple after i finish my work at 1pm. Not got a clue where Guthrie House is, but it can’t be far away!!





    Thank Fek you’re no a postie! ????‍♂️???




    Hail Hail

  22. Petec



    Donald Trump – and he might turn out to be a brutal President – he has protected the unborn Baby like no other, and for as long as possible.



    Obviously it was a different hotel owning Donald Trump who, in his autobiography, stated that he gave Pro Choice groups free use of his hotels.



    He also stated on an NBC interview he was very Pro Choice

  23. Jamesgang



    The one and only around these parts :-), hope you’re doing well pal HH

  24. NL confirms that we are interested in Paddy McNair. He doesn’t come cheap at £5 million.



    What position are we signing him for? He generally plays as a holding midfielder but can play at right back and center half.



    Add to that he’s a massive bluenose.



    Completely puzzles me. Especially if Luca Connell is coming.

  25. Now in julienne ,that’s the size we’re looking for . Could do with something of quality and of similar stature for the middle of the park , as we are too soft in there ,a big aggressive ball winner required to stop us getting bullied by Halliday ,jack, arfield etc dear god .


    As for McNair . There is more chance of sally McNair signing for the hoops . HH

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