Football bubble, the app and key takeaway to look for tomorrow


With two St Mirren players, Jak Alnwick and an unnamed other, now confirmed Covid cases, it is highly probable the disease was transmitted within the St Mirren bubble.  Despite this, their game with Hibs goes ahead tomorrow.

While I regularly criticise the Scottish Government for following the Westminster Government’s idiotic pandemic polices, including allowing fans to congregate indoors at pubs, but not in easily policed, socially distanced, outdoor arenas – which ALL the scientific evidence suggests is safer, I don’t think the Government have good options here.

With players’ kids now at school, it is impossible for them to live with their immediate family and keep all interactions within the football bubble.  Infection will happen, we have to hope that the twice-weekly testing procedures keep contagion low.  Where testing and responsible actions are taken, normal business practices should continue.

On this subject, download and use the Protect Scotland app.  If we all used this, we would be living normal lives very soon.  No personal data is harvested, you will protect those close to you and play your part in the wellbeing and economic recovery of the country.  This is not a partisan SNP thing (although they have thankfully not followed Westminster on this occasion), it is a clear ethical imperative.

Get the app, save a life/save a job/just do the decent thing.

Onto even more important subjects, Celtic play their first competitive game in front of paying spectators in six months tomorrow.  Ross County are fifth in the table, an impressive five points clear of the playoff place, but this flatters them.  County opened the season with wins against Motherwell and at Hamilton, the league’s bottom two clubs, but they have collected only two points in their four games since losing to Dundee United and Livingston.

They have scored a single goal in every game, apart from against Kilmarnock, when a late penalty saw them score twice.  Considering they have yet to face a team higher than sixth in the current table, I don’t think we can expect them to do much attacking tomorrow.

The major takeaway from this game will be whether Celtic improve their conversion of possession into chances and goals.  For me, this issue has anchored more on our shape, than personnel, this season.

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  1. Boli Bolingoli has been hit with the maximum fine Celtic could impose on him following his secret Spain trip.



    The defender ignored quarantine rules and headed off on his jaunt, without telling anyone, before returning to play for the Hoops against Kilmarnock. His actions forced the club to discipline the player, leaving Neil Lennon ‘livid’ at the situation. And now the manager has confirmed the left-back has been hammered.



    Lennon also revealed Boli’s representatives are hopeful of finding him a new club as it appears he has played his last game at Parkhead. “He’s been heavily sanctioned by the club,” the boss said. “The maximum sanction we could give him. He’s not back in training yet and I think his representatives are looking at options for him elsewhere.”



    Roma and Amiens in France have been credited with interest in the Belgian, but when asked if any offers had been made, Lennon said: “Not that I’m aware of.”



    Per the Herald

  2. NB out injured — RC must be heavier than I thought …



    Oh well at least our NT curse knows no borders.

  3. Barkas





















  4. lol


    I know the Nats talk guff bout Europe


    I know Labour’s only chance of getting power


    is within the union.hence the middle class and aspirational route.


    but Labour In Europe


    like with all its Dave Murray memory


    nothing.it is a vacant mess of ideas.


    it knows what it is not but can’t tell you what it stands for


    suppose that’s why they followed thatcher




  5. AT @ 12.40



    Is it lonely under that bridge?



    Quality frontier gibberish though – Johnson / Johnson style — Double BoJo ?!?

  6. BB @ 12.37



    Is that a guess or informed speculation — aka known as a leak.



    3 –2 — 4 — 1 with OE on the left?


    Is that allowed?



    Or 3 — 5– 2 for a more traditional look?

  7. One for later — any thoughts on why BoJo is trying to launch the “Brexit Suicide Squad in a vey Burnley fashion?



    Why is BoJo trying to make a hard Brexit happen?



    Is he under the spell of DC and his orders from “Moscow” are too crash the UK economy?


    Is he under the spell of DC and he wants the total transformation of the UK economy / society at any cost?



    This is what he wants to happen because the Brexit media have told him to finish the job?


    He actually believes in it and it is his route to political immortality?



    It is all a charade to get the EU to agree his deal which means more fish?


    He wants to get CoViD19 off the news programmes so that he can speak about something he is comfortable with — Brexit tripe.?



    Any thoughts appreciated — but please no John / Johnson frontier gibberish..



    For me it is a Blazing Saddles style negotiating tactic –don’t shoot or the UK gets it.


    On the basis that so much of the UK’s productive capacity is owned or controlled by the EU.


    If we go down the pan then they lose money from their assets.



    Bit high risk to say the least.

  8. MADMITCH on 12TH SEPTEMBER 2020 1:14 PM



    Brexit is needed for the destruction of democracy in the uk. It’s already inevitable IMO. If Scotland doesn’t become independent then we’re on the same death spiral. Oh, and that’s my last word on it, don’t want to bore the blog on a game day.



    Speaking of which, 2-0 (Duffy, Ajetic).

  9. Alloa full squad covid tested for a friendly against Kilmarnock on Tuesday.


    22 tests, two positive, a loan from Hibs and my bloody old man, who i live with.


    Now waiting on the phone call from NHS to self isolate for 2 weeks.


    Both showing no symptoms, probably came from me as I’m back at my gym.


    Been busting my ass getting my strength back up, last thing i need is another lay off.



    Times like this your even more grateful for Celtic, can we not fit those extra games in the next too weeks 😊



    Might be bugging the tits of you even more than normal now.


    Stay safe everyone, this thing has not gone away.

  10. Sid – we’re due to play St Mirren next Wednesday. That would then just leave us with the 1 game to catch up on, our home tie against Aberdeen. But the following midweek we’ll have a Thursday night Europa League tie.

  11. AN TEARMANN on 12TH SEPTEMBER 2020 12:40 PM




    ‘I know Labour’s only chance of getting power





    is within the union.’







    An idea that has been debunked by no less an authority than the sage of Bath.

  12. Jobo Baldie



    Excellent, plenty there to keep an interest, unfortunately my post count might rise, oh well if I’m bored you are too 😀





    Probably because you haven’t been on here long enough.



    How’s things in Turkey today?



    Scotland is bearing up, though some are still traumatised by no longer being able to watch The Dear Leader on terrestial BBC every day.

  14. Bada – that’s the team I got sent this morning.



    If it’s right there is still a mole.



    D :)

  15. Barkas





















  16. last time we played i took a look back at the “leaked” team news given in other games.



    seldom right.

  17. Today’s official starting line up v Ross County ……



    Barkas; Jullien, Duffy, Ajer; Brown, McGregor, Frimpong, Ntcham, Forrest, Ajeti, Edouard



    Subs: Bain Taylor, ElHamed, Welsh, Soro, Turnbull, Christie, Klimala, ,Elyounoussi,

  18. Ntcham and broonie in the same team is not for me.



    That said I obviously hope they play brilliant and we trounce RC.



    D :)

  19. Brown played 6 booked 4 – shouldn’t be starting every game now and more so with 3 CBs sitting behind him – still massive part to play but maybe seeing games out will be where

  20. lennon doesnt know what he is doing


    kennedy just puts the cones out


    biscuit tin mentality


    heated driveway


    desmond cares more about golf than celtic


    shape of the team


    no full backs


    two strikers up front


    broon is finished


    invisible james forrest


    callum is to deep


    smaller when he jumps


    manager doesnt rate – insert name


    no the managers signings


    why no celtic tv


    any sausages


    too much side to side passing


    not enough over the top


    we cant defend set pieces


    we cant score from set pieces


    we cant even take shys


    eddie doesnt look interested


    lennon sitting on his arse


    kennedy clip board


    possession stats mean nothing




    ross county 0 celtic 3

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