Football bubble, the app and key takeaway to look for tomorrow


With two St Mirren players, Jak Alnwick and an unnamed other, now confirmed Covid cases, it is highly probable the disease was transmitted within the St Mirren bubble.  Despite this, their game with Hibs goes ahead tomorrow.

While I regularly criticise the Scottish Government for following the Westminster Government’s idiotic pandemic polices, including allowing fans to congregate indoors at pubs, but not in easily policed, socially distanced, outdoor arenas – which ALL the scientific evidence suggests is safer, I don’t think the Government have good options here.

With players’ kids now at school, it is impossible for them to live with their immediate family and keep all interactions within the football bubble.  Infection will happen, we have to hope that the twice-weekly testing procedures keep contagion low.  Where testing and responsible actions are taken, normal business practices should continue.

On this subject, download and use the Protect Scotland app.  If we all used this, we would be living normal lives very soon.  No personal data is harvested, you will protect those close to you and play your part in the wellbeing and economic recovery of the country.  This is not a partisan SNP thing (although they have thankfully not followed Westminster on this occasion), it is a clear ethical imperative.

Get the app, save a life/save a job/just do the decent thing.

Onto even more important subjects, Celtic play their first competitive game in front of paying spectators in six months tomorrow.  Ross County are fifth in the table, an impressive five points clear of the playoff place, but this flatters them.  County opened the season with wins against Motherwell and at Hamilton, the league’s bottom two clubs, but they have collected only two points in their four games since losing to Dundee United and Livingston.

They have scored a single goal in every game, apart from against Kilmarnock, when a late penalty saw them score twice.  Considering they have yet to face a team higher than sixth in the current table, I don’t think we can expect them to do much attacking tomorrow.

The major takeaway from this game will be whether Celtic improve their conversion of possession into chances and goals.  For me, this issue has anchored more on our shape, than personnel, this season.

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  1. Just a few thoughts on the important matter of the Huns getting away with it and being rewarded for getting away with it:-




    One of the things that has been missing from the narrative since 2012 is a sceptical legal appraisal of the steps being taken. Yes, we still have the Scottish Football Monitor, we have Auldheid, we have various football blogs where amateurs like James Forrest and Andy Muirhead can express our disdain for the way events have turned. We also have the relatively untrustworthy writings on the johnjames site, but nothing like the Random Thoughts blog provided by Paul McConville.



    It baffles most amateurs, like myself, as to how a Prosecutor could lose a case, far less be successfully counter sued, by an administrator who sought to sanction a player purchase, against the interests of the creditor, for a club entering administration. And I have yet to see any detail of the views expressed as to how or why the prosecutions were wrong, far less malicious. Successful prosecutions of tax avoiders are rare as they are expensive to mount and find proof hard to come by, because Capitalism is designed to allow shell companies and offshore accounts to disguise illegal activity. But, in most cases, the prosecution is quietly dropped. Rarely are the villains emboldened enough to prolong the battle by counter sueing for damages. An apology and an official clearance are usually significant enough rewards to encourage them to carry on with their piracy knowing that the regulatory bodies are weak and underfunded. The villains have bigger and better lawyers than the prosecution.



    The long, slow build up of the Big Lie narrative was willingly aided and abetted by every Scottish Media outlet, including the medium that employed Gerry McCulloch, now at Celtic, who willingly followed that narrative too. It wasn’t Masonic influence in that case (they were willing prostitutes rather than financially seduced or intimidated virgins) but it is hard to escape the conclusion that high level forces did operate to influence the legal outcomes.



    I was never in favour of tramping the Old Rangers into the dirt and oblivion. Tempting as this sounds, it was highly unlikely to find widespread favour outwith Celtic fans. In fact, I always favoured keeping them in the top division and letting the Premiership clubs, the ones most deprived by their cheating, sit in judgement against them. Maybe it would have turned out the same way but I will always argue that handing them over to the tender mercies of Jim Ballantyne and co was the equivalent of Pontius Pilate washing his hands of the matter, while handing them over to the, in this case, friendly rather than angry mob.



    I genuinely don’t believe that the Masons are as influential as they once were but , regardless, some person or group was important enough to not just keep this mob from being adequately prosecuted but to actually reward them for their villainy and for being unsuccessfully prosecuted.



    It will be interesting to see if any of the old club’s unpaid creditors see any of the money that will head into the villains’ pockets.

  2. Ernie.


    I know your a Labour man and upfront about it.


    Going by social media and I’m aware that’s just a bubble, too, it looks like a major own goal by Foulkes and Jackie Baillie to be doing the Tories bidding and celebrating helping have the daily briefings taking off.


    It has gone down like a lead balloon, I continue to be confused by Labour politicians, who don’t appear to realise that sucking up to the Tories, is a vote loser.


    People are becoming more polarised Unionist v Nationalist and Labour are being badly squeezed.


    No matter which political party anyone supports, we are in a pandemic and people, particularly those not on line, want to hear information first hand.


    Here’s a tweet from The Scottish Green Party Trade Union Group.


    Imagine being a former chair of Age Concern and being proud of taking away daily briefings on a medium heavily used by older people, on a virus that will affect them most.


    Foulkes and Baillie should be ashamed of celebrating Tory politicising of the BBC on constitutional grounds.

  3. BIGJOCK67 on 11TH SEPTEMBER 2020 12:33 PM


    ‘Well said Turkeybhoy, can’t believe the amount of unionist apologist’s on this site.’







    Wasn’t Jock Stein a Unionist?




    Sorry, but that’s bullshit.



    No one was relying on watching live broadcasts from Sturgeon three times a week to know what was happening.





    He was a history teacher. No wonder you got the belt. You were in the wrong class.

  6. JNP @ 12.38



    The continual coverage of Sturgeon when she was talking lots but doing little is bad for democracy in Scotland — it was just giving her a public platform to talk herself up at the expense of real government action.



    It has become the Sturgeon / Not-Jacinda show with nobody else allowed substantive input or a chance to answer the limited questioning that is allowed.



    The 12.30 show has turned into pure political propaganda where the importance is that it provides her with publicity rather than the public with facts and leadership.



    It is being worked to her advantage not our understanding.

  7. …..☘️☘️☘️☘️….








    …☘️……………. ☘️




















  8. Ernie, I honestly think that’s the rudest response you have given to me.


    Even when you were challenging me on seeing my beloved Goshawk you remained polite.


    A lot of people are scathing of Foulkes and Jackie, it really hasn’t gone down well,that they are doing the Tories bidding.


    When TU groups are tweeting about it, Labour should be at least thinking about the perception of what is going on.

  9. Bob Crampsey — aka BC — the joys of old school Scottish sports journalism.



    Early 90’s when you only got the last 5 minutes of first half on RS — Egg chasing must have been off for the weekend / maybe I was suspended — driving in the car wanting football chat and got a 30 minute tutorial on the state of Scottish golf and whether or not we should have more 36 hole competitions vs Pro Am “medals as the way forward.



    Not a golfer — totally over my head — but interesting nevertheless to hear the panel fight it out with conviction.



    Those days seem to be gone now.

  10. SFTB



    Their was no them to keep in the top division.


    The vote was over 90%, its the only thing they got right imo.


    All the cheating was subsequently dropped because they ” had suffered enough” sic.

  11. Pingback: Football bubble, the app and key takeaway to look for tomorrow Paul67 - Celtic FC News Aggregation

  12. ernie lynch



    The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland


    Any part of that Union you do not support?

  13. JIMMYNOTPAUL on 11TH SEPTEMBER 2020 12:57 PM



    It’s the Scottish Greens who are just a subset of the SNP, so hardly disinterested Trade Union group. It was their comment my bullshit comment was aimed at.



    Sturgeon and the SNP have been gaming the Pandemic, just like Johnson.



    Moreover Holyrood is now back sitting, so there’s no justification for continuing to give Sturgeon the amount of airtime she thinks she’s entitled to.



    How are the goshawks? I’m saw two raptors the other day which might have been goshawks but I can’t be certain, they were too high up and far away for me to be sure. They were raven sized (they were being mobbed by a raven), powerful, soaring high above an area of coniferous forest and one had a white band like a ringtail harrier. So either peregrines ( but too big) or harriers (but too powerful looking) or goshawks.

  14. CELTIC MAC on 11TH SEPTEMBER 2020 1:14 PM


    ernie lynch







    ‘The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland





    Any part of that Union you do not support?’






    I’d like to see a United Ireland.



    I’d like to see Scotland (and Wales) remain in a Union with England.



    So, I’m pretty much in lockstep with the views of the vast majority of Celtic fans since the Club was founded.

  15. JNP


    The Tories and Labour Party are doing more for the cause of Scottish Independence than the weak SNP have ever done.


    Bring it on!


    Saor Alba

  16. Ernie.


    Thanks for that, appreciated.


    I misinterpreted your post to me.


    It’s sounds by elimination that it was Goshawks you seen. You know your stuff, so go with your instinct.


    I’m like you but, unless I can confirm I.D. I don’t add it to list.


    It’s been a poor year for me because of lockdown, last year I had a fab number of species of birds, this year, not even half.


    I got to my wee place in Rural Stirlingshire, as soon as lockdown ended,saw 4 buzzards mobbing an Osprey over the loch and a Peregrine taking out, believe it or not, a blue tit, hardly even a snack for it. That’s the highlights, though, no doubt there has been a lot less migratory birds, I think a lot were taken out by that freak storm in Africa.


    I’m hoping to head North east later in year, but who knows what will happen.

  17. ernie lynch



    So you do not support the United Kingdom as presently Constituted.


    You’re not even a proper Unionist.

  18. NS is a fantastic ambassador for Scotland but she isnt being honest , we are not being offered Independence …we are being offered the opportunity to APPLY to join the EU independent ( we don’t meet the financial criteria ), from the UK …what would our border look like in that scenario or our currency ????



    Give us an answer please .

  19. Not heavily into politics, to me the majority of MP’s are what I term, educated idiots. But not an ounce of common sense.


    The biggest problem I see is that UK has the best this and the best that, world leaders, bla bla bla.


    That is rubbish. I is now almost a third world country, and way behind the likes of Germany etc. We have the largest number of Covid deaths, the sharpest falll in growth, ( minus 10%) while all others are predicting 5%.


    UK must not be so arrogant, accept we are no longer a major power, and live within their means.


    We are about to hit a massive depression, yet this government bull headily continues with HST, FFS. But it’s going to create , 20,000 jobs, and only cost £160 billion, peanuts really.


    I’m off, getting me depressed.




  20. CELTIC MAC on 11TH SEPTEMBER 2020 1:34 PM




    If you can be bothered to look into the history of the word Unionist in British politics you’ll find that it was a term of art that related solely to Ireland.



    It is indicative of the low level of political thinking within the nats that they think that simply calling anyone who doesn’t agree with them a Unionist is somehow a clinching, slam dunk argument. It isn’t. It’s just an indicator of their general ignorance of history and politics.

  21. ernie lynch



    Act of Union 1707


    Act of Union 1801



    There is a clue in there somewhere.


    Even a birdbrain could understand that




    Certainly the Tories are.



    Which of course is why the nats wanted Johnson to win the election, and did what they could to help him.



    A Corbyn government would have been a disaster for them.

  23. CELTIC MAC on 11TH SEPTEMBER 2020 2:00 PM



    You’re doing nothing to dispel my opinion of you as being ignorant of history and politics.

  24. EL


    In your words.


    The Labour Unionist Party are a subset of the Conservative and Unionist Party.


    I see no difference whatsoever.


    Saor Alba

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