Football bubble, the app and key takeaway to look for tomorrow


With two St Mirren players, Jak Alnwick and an unnamed other, now confirmed Covid cases, it is highly probable the disease was transmitted within the St Mirren bubble.  Despite this, their game with Hibs goes ahead tomorrow.

While I regularly criticise the Scottish Government for following the Westminster Government’s idiotic pandemic polices, including allowing fans to congregate indoors at pubs, but not in easily policed, socially distanced, outdoor arenas – which ALL the scientific evidence suggests is safer, I don’t think the Government have good options here.

With players’ kids now at school, it is impossible for them to live with their immediate family and keep all interactions within the football bubble.  Infection will happen, we have to hope that the twice-weekly testing procedures keep contagion low.  Where testing and responsible actions are taken, normal business practices should continue.

On this subject, download and use the Protect Scotland app.  If we all used this, we would be living normal lives very soon.  No personal data is harvested, you will protect those close to you and play your part in the wellbeing and economic recovery of the country.  This is not a partisan SNP thing (although they have thankfully not followed Westminster on this occasion), it is a clear ethical imperative.

Get the app, save a life/save a job/just do the decent thing.

Onto even more important subjects, Celtic play their first competitive game in front of paying spectators in six months tomorrow.  Ross County are fifth in the table, an impressive five points clear of the playoff place, but this flatters them.  County opened the season with wins against Motherwell and at Hamilton, the league’s bottom two clubs, but they have collected only two points in their four games since losing to Dundee United and Livingston.

They have scored a single goal in every game, apart from against Kilmarnock, when a late penalty saw them score twice.  Considering they have yet to face a team higher than sixth in the current table, I don’t think we can expect them to do much attacking tomorrow.

The major takeaway from this game will be whether Celtic improve their conversion of possession into chances and goals.  For me, this issue has anchored more on our shape, than personnel, this season.

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  1. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Gene – hope your weather in Talacre is fine.



    Was in Colwyn Bay and Rhos-on-sea earlier this week.



    Bright enough but the peninsula to the east (which I assume was Talacre) looked like it was bathed in sunshine !!!



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  2. SID



    “Their was no them to keep in the top division.


    The vote was over 90%, its the only thing they got right imo.”





    There was no way after that vote but there was a way beforehand. Many clubs were pressured by their fans to just “get them to Falkirk” out of here and, for once, they respected the wishes of their fanbase.



    My point, and one I argued at the time, is that their crimes were more likely to have been successfully prosecuted if there was a large grouping of clubs who had been victimised by them, sitting in judgement over the crime.



    Once they were in the SFL’s hands, they were with parties that had not been aggrieved by them. They never did Stirling Albion out of a cup nor Stenhousemuir out of a title. Only the moral compass of Turnbull Hutton at Raith kept him from sinking into that position. Apart from him, only the sash singing Donald Findlay ever spoke up about the Big Lie.



    Now, we have reached a position whereby the Scottish Football Supporters Association is now more concerned about the injustice of the relegation decisions of 2019 than about anything to do with 2012. For most other supporters it is a non-issue.



    Only the cheated clubs had a dog in the fight and they were mostly SPL clubs.



    Yes we got to laugh at 4 years of their journey, during which time they continued to steal internationalist players from Hearts, United and Killie etc; But the real justice of dealing with their crimes and misdemeanours just never hapened and too many people today still parrot the Sevco line that the “demotion” to Div. 4 was the punishment, whereas it was in truth, and undue reward for a new club.



    They got away with it, as it stands.

  3. CQN…..CHUMP Quick News ?





    There are many fine and intelligent Posters on here…but there are a few Space Cadets/Roasters/Spangles/ CHUMPS on here also imho.




  4. Big Jimmy 2.12.


    Superb, I think the blog could do with a bit more humour.


    I think your problem , with the birds, was that you caught them. :-)

  5. I have tried to avoid the politics today but I have to state that we are all Unionists, whether that union is one of England, Wales and Scotland (with or without NI) or whether we are in favour of a Union of the Scottish mainlands and the Isles, because some of those Isles and many parts of that mainland will be reluctant conscripts to that particular Union.



    We know fine well that people use the Unionist jibe on here for one purpose only.



    It is done to create a connnotation with the Paisleyite mobs. Fair play, if your intention is to insult, you have used the right term. If your intention was to be accurate, not so much.



    But then too many of our fans equate voting in a referendum as their equivalent of the Easter Rising- now how’s that for an insult!





    There were a few who slipped thru the net…..they were Lucky Ones ! LOL



    PS…in my Prime…there was a few who chased me LOL



  7. SFTB



    I agree totally they got away with it, going through the league’s was effectively they’re punishment.


    If they had remained in top league any semblance of sport was gone, I would have been out.


    Clubs would be able to gamble and overspend with no worries, still grateful for Turnbull Hutton, saved the game imo. HH

  8. Anyone else really want Bakker from PSG?



    Quite prepared for Santa to be excused this year if i get my wish.

  9. Slabhoy - on the road to 10 on

    I gave up my season tickets after the LNS (non-)enquiry which was an insult too far unchallenged by our Board.

  10. Sid


    Absolutely. The weakest position in our team could be adequately filled by the excellent young Dutchman. Would feel at home too, playing beside our other two Dutchmen, Barkas and Frimpong. Pray this happens.

  11. Slabhoy - on the road to 10 on

    SID on 11TH SEPTEMBER 2020 2:33 PM


    Anyone else really want Bakker from PSG?






    Oh yes!







  12. I wonder if the SPFL will try and postpone our match with St Mirren. It would be consistent with the theory that by allowing Sevco to get more games played and therefore more points then if the League is not completed like last year, then Sevco will be awarded the title and stop the 10.



    This covid has given the SFA/SPFL the opportunity to affect the competition.

  13. GENE on 11TH SEPTEMBER 2020 2:09 PM


    ‘The blog becomes an angry and spiteful place when politics takes over.







    I’ll stick to cricket.







    But what do they know of cricket that only cricket know?





    I’d rather have a Corbyn government to a Johnson government.



    I’m not sure you would.

  15. Ernie – all you need to know



    You have two sides, one out in the field and one in.


    Each man that’s in the side that’s in the field goes out and when he’s out comes in and the next man goes in until he’s out.


    When a man goes out to go in, the men who are out try to get him out, and when he is out he goes in and the next man in goes out and goes in.


    When they are all out, the side that’s out comes in and the side that’s been in goes out and tries to get those coming in out.


    Sometimes there are men still in and not out.


    There are men called umpires who stay out all the time, and they decide when the men who are in are out.


    Depending on the weather and the light, the umpires can also send everybody in, no matter whether they’re in or out.


    When both sides have been in and all the men are out (including those who are not out), then the game is finished.

  16. glendalystonsils on

    Any player who would rather fanny about as third choice at their club rather than come and make history with Celtic is nae earthly use to us.

  17. AN DUN 12.15.


    Totally! In fact, ST Mirren’s COVID seems worse that what we and the Dons got done for. Daft Boli broke curfew rules, not imported COVID into camp. But yet again our club bends in a Khyber-akimbo brace.


    That’s the thing about systemic bias, it makes the sufferers immune to injustice. Why the fack should that game go on when our campaign was interrupted in its early tracks? Operation ‘STOP10IAR’ is alive & well.



  18. Celtic TV are now advertising that they are showing game tomorrow, I’m getting confused thought it was Ross County platform.

  19. EL


    The last Labour government I wanted was a John Smith one. Sad loss, a great man, like my father’s good mate Donald Dewar.


    Oh for a John MacLean, James Connolly or John Smith today.


    Sir Keir Starmer reminds me of a right wing version of John Major.


    Democracy is dead in UK.

  20. Corkcelt.


    As far as I’m aware, it’s through Ross County TV PPV only.


    Celtic SLO did say, during the week, that Celtic would highlight how to purchase it, to help fans who wanted to buy it.

  21. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    CorkCelt on 11th September 2020 3:12 PM



    Been told me to me, audio only for UK/Ireland and pictures for the rest of the world. I’m not aware if that’s the normal for away league matches or a COVID change.

  22. Must admit I am surprised at the comments to TURKEYBHOY about living in Scotland & Turkey and wanting the best for him his family and his grandchildren in Scotland. So by the reckoning of others he must stay here to fully take part in the decision making process. What about the 60 odd million people who don’t live in Scotland yet have a direct say on what should happen in Scotland, sounds very hypocritical to me, por cierto.

  23. CORKCELT on 11TH SEPTEMBER 2020 3:12 PM


    Celtic TV are now advertising that they are showing game tomorrow, I’m getting confused thought it was Ross County platform.




    Saying live video to


    Ex Uk / Ireland subscribers

  24. KL @ 1.54



    HST is the best example of what is wrong with the country.


    There is a need for better rail infrastructure and HST delivers.



    So the usual suspects dig their way into the project with a view of delivering their own narrow agenda.



    The rail lobby smell money — spec it to the nines with all the best kit — money no object.


    They then want to willi wave by demanding and getting 225mph — fastest in Europe / World beating / state of the art.



    That means it takes up more land and can’t be flexible regarding the route.


    Cue more expensive tunnels and civil engineering.


    The contractors get on-board and are asked to take on risk and so they price the job accordingly.


    The railway Civils clique get onboard as consultants and charge huge day rates — very insular industry so they protect each others back and guess what the cost goes up.



    It is government money so there is always more.


    And so we go round again finding new ways to increase costs.



    It will get built but no-one will ask what we could have built with the extra money that had to be pumped in as the costs go up — what is / was the opportunity cost and what did we miss out on.



    The world will watch in disbelief and shake their heads and move on vowing never to use those companies for their own projects.



    Compare and contrast:



    The Humber Bridge got the UK a generation of bridge work across the globe.


    The HST railway will get us nothing but ridicule.



    Closer to home the Queensferry Crossing was probably and even bigger ego trip / waste of money.

  25. DD @ 3.22



    I fear you are bending the facts to fit your current prejudices.


    You have to face up to the fact that the biggest risk to your political ambitions is the return of another Labour government to Westminster.



    Consequently near and far you have to run down progressive politics in this country because it will deprive you of what you dream about — Brigadoon nationalism based on the politics of identity over social progress.



    You seem to be happy to take on independence even though it will not be a case of one less tatty in the pot — EDV @ 1922? — it will be a case of no tatties in the pot because we will have no pot.



    You want a political goal that will be paid for others with a lot less resources than yourself.

  26. here’s one i posted earlier on the live stream. Definitely looks like Celtic are helping other teams to get the game to us.




    i just registered and paid for the game tomorrow


    the RCFC site looks and works remarkably like the Celtic Pass site. Same presenters too e.g. John Hartson


    2 pico seconds after I got my payment conf email; Celtic Shop sent me a mail


    You can select Home or Away video for the pre match pish music


    There was also a discount code section so maybe RCFC have a code for their own fellas

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