Football bubble, the app and key takeaway to look for tomorrow


With two St Mirren players, Jak Alnwick and an unnamed other, now confirmed Covid cases, it is highly probable the disease was transmitted within the St Mirren bubble.  Despite this, their game with Hibs goes ahead tomorrow.

While I regularly criticise the Scottish Government for following the Westminster Government’s idiotic pandemic polices, including allowing fans to congregate indoors at pubs, but not in easily policed, socially distanced, outdoor arenas – which ALL the scientific evidence suggests is safer, I don’t think the Government have good options here.

With players’ kids now at school, it is impossible for them to live with their immediate family and keep all interactions within the football bubble.  Infection will happen, we have to hope that the twice-weekly testing procedures keep contagion low.  Where testing and responsible actions are taken, normal business practices should continue.

On this subject, download and use the Protect Scotland app.  If we all used this, we would be living normal lives very soon.  No personal data is harvested, you will protect those close to you and play your part in the wellbeing and economic recovery of the country.  This is not a partisan SNP thing (although they have thankfully not followed Westminster on this occasion), it is a clear ethical imperative.

Get the app, save a life/save a job/just do the decent thing.

Onto even more important subjects, Celtic play their first competitive game in front of paying spectators in six months tomorrow.  Ross County are fifth in the table, an impressive five points clear of the playoff place, but this flatters them.  County opened the season with wins against Motherwell and at Hamilton, the league’s bottom two clubs, but they have collected only two points in their four games since losing to Dundee United and Livingston.

They have scored a single goal in every game, apart from against Kilmarnock, when a late penalty saw them score twice.  Considering they have yet to face a team higher than sixth in the current table, I don’t think we can expect them to do much attacking tomorrow.

The major takeaway from this game will be whether Celtic improve their conversion of possession into chances and goals.  For me, this issue has anchored more on our shape, than personnel, this season.

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  1. GENE



    I wish I knew as much about football as some posters on here know about football.



    Heart warming for Celtic to know we have so many competent budding Neil Lennons.

  2. Football authorities confirm St Mirren v Hibs goes ahead but also reveal St Mirren will be without all three goalkeepers. First and second choice tested positive. Third being retested under Test and Protect protocols.


    Hibs are 4/5. with Skybet.

  3. SS 6:59 Alexandria Dumbartonshire was named after Alexander Smollet who’s mother was Celia Renton.



    Alexandria Ontario was named after Bishop Alexander McDonnell fae Glengarry and of Sacred Heart Brigton fame.

  4. Oh and the Torpedo Factory that was named in the photie was the reason Inverclyders moved tae the Vale of Leven as their place of employment closed down and some of the staff were transferred over the water with the promise of key workers houses in the Mill of Haldane, as it was known as then.

  5. Past Glasgow Retweeted


    Robert Perry






    Aug 29


    Further shots #1. I had an idea that came into my head to include Oscar Marzaroli’s daughter Marie Claire and put her her in the position of the mystery 4th lad. Here they are L to R : Charlie Gordon, Peter Jackson and Robert Carnochan. ⁦




    ⁩ ⁦













  6. BSR. 😂


    I hope they can’t get an emergency loan keeper until Thursday.


    Can you imagine the meltdown in the Scottish Press.


    Original date postponed because of Boli going AWL, then we play them without a keeper in rearranged fixture.


    I know it’s unlikely, but it would be hilarious.😂

  7. TONTINE TIM on 11TH SEPTEMBER 2020 7:17 PM


    SS 6:59 Alexandria Dumbartonshire was named after Alexander Smollet who’s mother was Celia Renton.







    Alexandria Ontario was named after Bishop Alexander McDonnell fae Glengarry and of Sacred Heart Brigton fame.






    am just tormentin bud, i did a daft thing a week ago or so explaining how hannibal came over the arrochar alps on elehents to attack the roman occupied rock, and i missed out a nod to alexandria.





  8. Saint Stivs on 11th September 2020 7:22 pm



    I worked with Peter Jackson 24 years ago in CIBA GEIGY in Paisley.



    What’s the picture all about?




  9. Here’s The full statement.


    The Joint Response Group has been in dialogue throughout the day with the Scottish Government’s medical advisers to establish the facts and implications of St Mirren’s positive COVID-19 tests.



    The club informed us that two goalkeepers (Goalkeeper A and Goalkeeper B) have tested positive for COVID-19, confirmed by follow-up NHS tests. As a result, both players will be excluded from the squad for 10 days and pending the return of negative tests.



    The Scottish Government’s Clinical Adviser on COVID and Sports, in conjunction with Greater Glasgow and Clyde Health Board Health Protection Team and Health Protection Scotland, have confirmed to the JRG that there is not enough evidence to support postponing tomorrow’s Scottish Premiership fixture between St Mirren and Hibernian.



    As a result, the Scottish Professional Football League – as the league body with jurisdiction – have confirmed that the game will go ahead as planned. All St Mirren players will be retested on Sunday ahead of their midweek Scottish Premiership fixture against Celtic.



    In addition, after analysis of club GPS data, the local health board’s Health Protection Team also consider a third goalkeeper, Goalkeeper C, to be at potential risk of transmission given close proximity to team-mates. To mitigate the potential that Goalkeeper C – who returned a negative test – may have the virus in incubation, he will also be excluded as a precaution on the advice of the local health protection team, public health experts and government’s clinical advisers and be re-tested on Sunday.



    Neil Doncaster, SPFL Chief Executive: “I understand this is an extremely challenging situation for St Mirren but it demonstrates that the current testing regime is working, by detecting positive COVID-19 tests expeditiously, enabling the appropriate health boards to implement test and protect protocols that isolates those individuals who test positive, but allow football to continue safely and with confidence.



    “We have been in dialogue with the club throughout the day and are grateful to the Scottish Government’s Clinical Adviser on COVID & Sports for joining today’s JRG meeting to provide reassurance, clarity and recommendations for consideration based on expert clinical advice.”



    ‘Football authorities confirm St Mirren v Hibs goes ahead but also reveal St Mirren will be without all three goalkeepers. First and second choice tested positive. Third being retested under Test and Protect protocols.’







    There was a piece on the radio the other day, I think it was the news on radio 4, about American football.



    Apparently some clubs are keeping players on their books who don’t mix with the rest of the squad so that in an emergency they can be called in as subs for players who test positive.



    It makes some sense.

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  12. BIG WAVY on 11TH SEPTEMBER 2020 5:47 PM



    My Team ra morra…





















    sound team I could go with that


    somehow tho I just think ajeti with Patryk on the bench.Get the goals going.






    ‘re 6.02 there are no goodies and baddies.


    just politicians.all parties,lying,betraying cheating.bollox mate.best stick to football.:-))




  13. Tonyrome,



    Ciba Geigy : Were you in the office, if not what colour did you go home ?


    Reservoir Dogs eat your heart out.




  14. Should have added I agree with AT with Broonie to out and Ntcham slotting in his place but i dont think Lenny will do that.



    D :)

  15. saint stivs @ 7.07



    Great picture! Just curious though, who was the best player?


    I’ll give you a clue.


    It wasn’t you!

  16. lets all do the huddle on

    for those of you having a blazing row with the missus because she wont let you watch the cricket – you can stand down



    Bairstow just got out and that probably ends the game as a contest so you can keep Corrie on




  17. Daniel Church 13 yrs at the club, being told he has no future with Celtic ,you know what son ,I hope you find another club ,stick in become a better player hopefully you meet up playing against Celtic in an important game score the winner

  18. Timbhoy2 – Do you know the lad??



    Why would you want him to score the winner against our beloved hoops?







    D :)

  19. SPIRITOF67 on 11TH SEPTEMBER 2020 6:41 PM


    David Turnbull is our players name not Turnball






    well said that man.:-)



    I suppose 5 mins in to updates there will be somebody waiting to take him to the airport lol 😊




  20. Reading between the lines.


    We beat Ross County tomorrow


    Our game against St Mirren gets postponed…

  21. lets all do the huddle on

    Reading between the lines.



    We beat Ross County tomorrow



    Our game against St Mirren gets postponed…





    i think that is exactly the agenda at play here



    our game against st mirren isnt live on the telly from what i understand so that removes that hurdle from them cancelling the game

  22. Tontine Tim – 7.21



    The house I lived in in Gourock was part of a development whose occupants where known as ‘the Woolichers’ – folk from London who came up to the Clyde to work on munitions. This include the Torpedo factory, you will recognise the relationship to Woolwich Arsenal aka The Gunners. There was, until the 89’s a Social Club in Port Glasgow called ‘The Gunners.’.



    They used to run an annual flight from what is now known as Inverclyde to meet relatives in America.



    Local history Csc