Football cannot look the other way on brain disease


The SFA’s impending ban on under-12s heading the ball in training is European football’s first step in reacting to the research into brain disease and death toll of former footballers from dementia.  The most comprehensive study into the subject, conducted at Glasgow University, found footballers more than three times more likely to die from degenerative brain disease than the rest of the population.

The problem for the game’s administrators is that it will take decades for the consequences of what is happening now in the game to be measurable.  Footballs are lighter than they were 40 years ago.  This may reduce the incidence of brain disease, but we will not know anytime soon.

The decision to exclude under-12s is arbitrary; there is no evidence that children under-12 are any more vulnerable than older children.  Conversely, we know they cannot fire the ball into the air with the same force.  It therefore seems unlikely this decision will have any impact on the health of football players, more it is an acceptance that, faced with scientific evidence, football needs to do something.

The game will change before this matter is finished.  Balls may become lighter or rules on heading could become complicated.  Research suggests that the genetic makeup of some people make them more prone to suffer degenerative brain disease following head trauma than others.  We could soon be able to find out which players have a genetic profile that makes them vulnerable from heading the ball.

There is plenty for the administrators, clubs and players’ unions to do in this area.  We have lost too many heroes to look the other way.

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  1. Lisbon Lions had a squad of around 16.The Seville squad you are going back,17 years.Exceptional squad which had the club in all sorts of financial difficulties.The squad at the moment is choice with talent.Up to the manager to get the best out of them.Maybe playing them would help.




    Thanks mate.






    If everyone is fit, we’ll be fine. Given our injuries this season (and last), additions are needed.

  3. Kymala and Soro here as first team players. Perform and make the shirt yours.



    Arzani looks terrific and the fit and raring young Aussie is a great thing.



    A more settled Shved is only good news. Looks a great talent with a terrific shot.



    Only a good thing that Lenny has singled them out.



    Look, we have a great bunch of talented young fellas. I’m excited to see us back and going on another long run.



    Glass half full csc

  4. Fair hill boy,


    You don’t agree that our squad is much stronger than the Huns.If you do agree,then who would be at fault for losing the league.




    How so?



    Can you not see the irony in you arguing that Celtic are mismanaging their finances because they’re not spending a large cash surplus?





    “Hardly gives much confidences for the run in.”



    You were confident enough about Shved being good enough for the SPFL a couple of days ago. Whats changed since then, other than the argument?

  6. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    @ CELTIC40ME on 16TH JANUARY 2020 9:40 PM



    “Can you not see the irony in you arguing that Celtic are mismanaging their finances because they’re not spending a large cash surplus?”



    No. Particularly when there is a decent chance we could lose the league. Sevco have more home games than us in the second half of the season. The next Glasgow derby is at Ibrox. The refereeing decisions will be ratcheted up; see Kent, Morelos and Christie incidents as examples.



    It would be criminal to lose the league to a team that is only 7 years old, has only been in the top flight for 4 years, has had 4 managers in that period and has been jumping from one financial issue to the next, all the while having £40m in the bank. It would be a complete failure of governance to lose the league in those circumstances. Particularly when we are told ad nauseam how well run a club we are; waiting for sevco to catch up with us before flexing our financial muscles (which we have still yet to do) does not represent a prudent business plan to me.



    Again, I refer to the BB’s post. Best guess is that the directors do not know what to do with the cash and so do nothing. Watch it disappear if we lose the league.

  7. The squad is very good IMO,but we must have different styles of play and adapt our formation, particularly on plastic pitches, if we play 2 up front and punt it,so be it.

  8. “Again, I refer to the BB’s post”



    Your own work please.



    From what I’ve read TBB suggests that the model has been “too” successful and it’s rigidity doesn’t allow for spending the big excess that we’ve made. There were never any provisions in the model for that sort of success. Not financial mismanagement, but a flaw in an otherwise successful business plan.



    It’s what he’s posted previously, but I might have misread it, or put my own interpretation on it. But it’s his thoughts not mine, anyway.



    It’s not a perfect model but it’s worked up to now to the stage where we’ve missed out on champions league participation for 2 seasons in a row but still have a huge contingency fund in the bank. We could, god forbid, lose the league and still be financially stable.




    Please answer why you’ve changed your tune about Shved?

  9. !!BADA BING!!



    Our record would suggest there’s no need for an overhaul of tactics against the rest of the league.



    Except of course for the Sevco match at Ibrox. I expect to see us match up in midfield against them that day.

  10. People who think we have enough wingers ir centre halfs etc miss the point imho.


    By that rationale, we had enough goalkeepers in August but we signed FF.


    If we had continued with Gordon or Bain in goals, i believe, we wouldn’t have qualified for EL last 32, won the league cup or be top of the league.



    We don’t need the next Messi or VVD, we need MEN for the next 18 weeks.



    McGeady and McLean and guys like Johnny Russell should be signed…



    If people inside Celtic think that Frimpong, Mikey and Soro will win the league then we are fekd.



    Scott Brown can’t win this league single-handed.



    Lenny wants experienced players not the next best thing.



    18 weeks of serious pressure approaching and we’re miles short.



    Football isn’t played on a computer- mental strength will win this league.

  11. How uncorruot administrators deal with rogue clubs:-




    “Saracens are facing relegation from the Premiership if they are found to have breached the salary cap again.



    The defending champions received a 35-point deduction and a £5.3m fine in November, having broken the cap for the past three seasons.



    However, there is widespread belief they will once more struggle to get under the £7m limit this season.



    The BBC has learned Saracens have been told to comply with the rules immediately or face relegation.



    The bosses of the top-flight clubs met at a Premiership Rugby board meeting in London on Tuesday.



    It was decided that unless Saracens could prove their compliance, they would face the unprecedented step of dropping into the second tier.



    Although Saracens interim chief executive Edward Griffiths revealed to the BBC earlier this month that the club may need to trim their squad to fit under the cap, no players have yet been released.



    The contract season has already run for seven months – since the start of July – with all the money paid to players who have featured for the club during that period counting towards the cap.



    Furthermore, any money paid as compensation to players for cutting short contracts would also be included in the wage bill.



    Meanwhile, Premiership Rugby announced last month a comprehensive review of the current salary cap regulations, conducted by former government minister Lord Myners.



    Saracens have been contacted for comment.”

  12. Bada



    We didn’t play a ‘matched up midfield’ at Ibrox in September and we won 0-2, neither did we match them in midfield for the League Cup Final, and could well have won 2-0.



    These two results showed why Neil Lennon went for two wide men not matching up in midfield in the third game at Celtic Park.



    The Celtic support wanted Mikey Johnston at Celtic Park and got him in place of Ntcham



    Que sera sera CSC

  13. Good evening friends.


    We have, of course, already played Partick Thistle this year in a league Cup tie that we won 5-0.


    Our starting 11 was as follows –


    Craig Gordon


    Jeremie Frimpong, Hatem Abd Elhamed, Kristoffer Ajer, Jonny Hayes


    Olivier Ntcham, Callum McGregor


    Mohamed Elyounoussi, Tom Rogic, Lewis Morgan


    Vakoun Issouf Bayo


    Our used subs were Scott Brown, Scott Sinclair and Jack Hendry who replaced Callum, Mohammed and Jeremie respectively.


    I wonder how many of those 14 players will feature this coming Saturday?


    Looking back at my old ‘CQN PLayer Of The Year’ records, this was the game where every single person who voted included Olivier Ntcham in their top 3 making him the CQN Man of the Match. At Celtic Park, from memory the award went to (making his debut) Jeremie Frimpong.

  14. No club wins everything indefinitely









    Gross Negligence?






    8 x Scottish Premiership trophies






    5 x Scottish Cups






    5 x Scottish League Cups






    3 x Domestic Trebles



    🏆 🏆 🏆



    Probably never repeated CSC

  15. An Dun- BSR- We need to adjust as and when, as you Bhoys suggest. When things aren’t going to plan,we need to change quicker IMO.Plastic pitches are a nightmare, teams sit deeper, no room in behind, and we pass from side to side all day long, get 2 up front and get the ball in the box.

  16. Loved the BB post the other day for reasons why we are not spending



    the consensus seems to be that we are set up as a business to purely to run a tight ship financially



    and now we have 50M cash , we don’t have the people or skills or experience to go out there and invest in experience.



    surely we should have so me former foreign players we could use to entice players to plays for us



    something has to be done and fast, NL said he wanted experience in.



    Do I think we will win the league, yes, but on a knive edge. If peter lawell does what Neil really wants then we will win with a canter


    Please do not talk to me about the board. tell me how many board members earn a salary form Celtic? 1 , 2?



    Peter pulls all the strings at celtic park



    he even promoted the boy who put out the cones at Brendan Rodgers training sessions to assistant manager , helping with tactics god help us

  17. The last 2 games against the huns, we were swamped and mugged in midfield.



    2 wing backs and 2 wingers, not exactly playing in the same game. The writing was on the wall.



    Ffs learn and bolster our midfield, hopefully the boy Sorro will be a good addition strength and movement forward wise.



    Still would like a midfielder that will lay down his mark from the off.



    Here’s hoping.

  18. Bayo ,Shaved, Arazani and others,They might have been good players under a new manager,but in honesty Lenny has favourites ,and to me that’s not right.

  19. glendalystonsils on




    Not sure about ‘could well have won 2-0’ in the league cup final . I think we pushed our luck a bit to win 1-0 .

  20. Alfredo Morelos was booked by referee Kevin Clancy for his ‘game over’ gesture to Celtic fans,booked after a red card? So no suspension? These fkrs are making up new rules every week to protect this mob




    Ntcham should have started at CP, Paul67 tipped Mikey Johnston as the populist choice the day before the game as did many Celtic fans.



    A fourth game missing out the midfield and playing two wide, won’t happen again this season


    against our dead(ly) rivals




    Licence to exaggerate.



    If Mikey had scored when he should have? 2-0 to the Good Ghuys.



    Sevco could have played till 3.00am without scoring.




  23. SIPS



    Agree, but NFL went for three wins in a row with his widemen.



    If Christie scores the penalty who knows, or who can say we’d have the game.



    NFL doesn’t fancy matching them head for head with the players he has, hence


    Ismaila Soro?




  24. SydneyTim



    Please do not talk to me about the board. tell me how many board members earn a salary form Celtic? 1 , 2?



    Make your mind up





    Not sure about ‘could well have won 2-0’ in the league cup final . I think we pushed our luck a bit to win 1-0



    Tonsils we played our get out of Jail card in the League Cup last month we need to change


    our tactics when we play Sevco in future & don’t let our midfield get too easly over-runned


    like the last two matches against Sevco that’s a no brainer also the whole team should be


    able to take spot kicks not just Ryan Christie that was a poor penalty against Sevco what


    makes taking a good penalty is 1) Confidence 2) Composure 3) Giving the Goalkeeper the


    Eyes & sending him the wrong way & 4) Hitting the Target (Not Leaning Back) Penalties


    should be practiced on the Training Ground (Lennoxtown) not left out

  26. Why has this been covered up until now,nearly 3 weeks after the game? To let the huns get their ducks lined up,and to collude with the SFA.

  27. celtic40me



    its a question how many 1,2,3 etc, of course the answer is the board is only there for PLC rules, PL runs all



    I read you answer from a concerned fan about the mismanagement of our cash reserves and you said how is it mismanagement



    I suggest you read the excellent BB post where he thought one reason and a lot of fans agree, that our business just does not know what to do the all this cash,



    funny if not true but looks like that is the case , no top class experience at higher end of the market