Football fans: SFA worse than scandal-ridden Fifa


The Scottish Football Supporters Association Benchmark 2017 survey results were released yesterday.  Over 16,000 fans participated in the survey, conducted by academics from the University of Leipzig, and showed an alarming disconnect between the paying public and the sport’s governing bodies.

I was surprised at the optimism evident in the survey.  73% believe their club is committed to the good of football and 63% believe they are open and honest.

Worse than scandal-ridden Fifa
From a maximum mark of 5, fans rated their own club’s commitment to the good of the game at 4.01.  The SFPL and Uefa were almost tied on a low score (1.99 and 2.02 respectively), while at 1.58, the SFA ranked worse than scandal-ridden Fifa’s 1.86.

The SFA also ranked bottom of the pile when it came to perceptions of openness, honesty and trust; good governance and transparency; as well as to a commitment to fans affairs.

Although dissatisfaction with the SFA was across the board, “Rangers” (sic.) fans were significantly more satisfied with the national association than either Celtic fans or all other fans.  Perhaps an indication of the work Stewart Regan did in halting the SPFL’s request to review matters surrounding old Rangers.

Fans of all colours want an independent supporters’ organisation to allow fans access to the structure of the game, although, interestingly, “Rangers” fans are significantly less keen on this idea.

Former First Minister, Henry McLeish, said the report uncovered “some very concerning issues, but also provides a real opportunity for change.”

The SFA responded immediately, blocking any change while pointing to its in-house Supporters Direct Scotland body, as a source for their authorised fan liason.

When 16,000 of your customers tell you they believe you to be less honest than Fifa, you have a problem.  This is an ideal opportunity for the SFA to grasp the nettle and connect with their public.  But what’s the point in raking over old coals?  Better to let the game wither on the vine.

Well done to the Scottish Football Supporters Association and the University of Leipzig for this insight.

Tommy’s Runs for The Oscar Knox Fund at Solving Kids Cancer

The enormous pain Oscar endured during his five years, and the continuing pain carried by those who loved him will never be offset.  But it is an enduring inspiration that Tommy Melly (in particular) and many Celtic fans in general, work towards solving kids cancer in his name.

Tommy has completed five runs this year, his final effort before taking a winter break is in Glasgow on Sunday.  His commitment has been astonishing, this kind of work takes hundreds of hours training.

You can read a wee bit about the story here.  And if you want to do your part, you don’t need to run anywhere, just give the support him however you can.

Thank you.

The CQN Podcast: A Celtic State of Mind (EP21) Matchday Special v St Johnstone – When History Was Made…

Kevin Graham recorded the latest episode of The CQN Podcast at McDiarmid Park, as Brendan Rodgers’ side extended their unbeaten domestic run to a record-breaking 63 matches against St Johnstone.


Brendan Rodgers – The Road to Paradise The Official Autobiography is available now from CQNBookstore.com – the first 100 orders received will come with a free gift.

From a small village on the north-east coast of Ireland to the treble-winning manager of Celtic, Brendan Rodgers’ football journey has been a remarkable one of dedication, hard work, a desire to always keep improving and a determination to succeed at the highest level of the sport … and throughout his life there has always been a love of his team … Celtic Football Club.

In his own words, Brendan Rodgers tells his story – from a promising young footballer growing up in Carnlough and dreaming of playing for Celtic one day through to his professional career – as a player, a coach and now as one of football’s top managers. And Celtic supporters will also enjoy an insight into a remarkable season – from the first competitive game in Gibraltar through to the thrilling Scottish Cup final, with plenty of highlights in between, including the manager’s first trophy triumph and some unforgettable Glasgow derbies.



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    Your policy probably covers your home contents on a “new for old” basis.




    This means in the event of a claim for contents whatever is damaged/lost would be replaced by new.




    Hope this helps.



    C and P’d from last thread!

  2. What a surprise that the findings of the supporters’ survey have been so quickly dismissed by the SMSM, in the same way that calls for a review, following the final decision on the legality of Rangers'(1872-2012) use of EBTs were by the SFA/SPFL. The same treatment was meted out to the 1986 Insolvency Act ( Prohibited Names), the confirmation of UEFA’s view of Sevco as a new club by Traverso, and the Offshore Game report questioning the SFA’s fitness for purpose. If you can’t dismiss it, ignore it, seems to be the successful ploy.



    One thing neither the SMSM nor the SFA/ SPFL could ignore, though, would be empty stands at, say, a showpiece Cup Final being broadcast across the UK.



    I don’t imagine they’ll be losing any sleep over that prospect, however.

  3. The SFA will look to Supporters Direct as the SFA fund them, this is not an independent organisation be aware.

  4. Celticrollercoaster supporting @WalkWithShay on

    Congrats to Bundoran Bhoy for all those marathon runs in memory of Wee Oscar







  5. What a powerful body the SFA must be when someone of Roy Greenslade and the Guardian’s well known, hard earned, and renowned reputation for fair play and justice can be cowed into submission.



    It is a Dam………..It WILL at some point burst.


    JOPHES 11:52



    Your £250m per week is the figure paid after our negotiated rebate. It doesn’t include the c£9bn per year from EU funds which is fed back to predominantly poorer areas of the UK in much the same way as the pool of funds is distributed elsewhere.



    The biggest recipient of EU funds was Wales,which strongly voted to leave! Maybe their grateful tory pals in government-aye,them that think Wales is the other side of The Severn Bridge,and that’s it!-will help them out.



    As they’ve always done. (Not holding my breath,btw)



    There can only be one thing worse in a democratic system than having to live with a decision you didn’t opt for,and that’s realising you f’d up and have to live with a decision you did opt for.



    Hell mend them all. My conscience is clear. My future is as uncertain as yours.

  7. PHILBHOY on 8TH NOVEMBER 2017 12:35 PM






    Your policy probably covers your home contents on a “new for old” basis.




    This means in the event of a claim for contents whatever is damaged/lost would be replaced by new.




    Hope this helps.




    Cheers mate,


    In the letter this morning my Insurance Co blame the UK Government…and I quote………



    Dear Big Jimmy,


    “On the 16th March 2016 the Government announced that with effect from 1st October 2016 the standard rate of Insurance Premium TAX ( IPT) would increase from a rate of 9.5 % to10 %. then in November 2016 the Government announced that insurance Premium TAX would increase further to 12 % from 1st June 2017.”



    So it’s the UK Government who have imposed this 2.5 % increase on folk like me who have Home contents insurance.



    feckin robbin bassa’s !






    Sorry to read of our sad news.


    Condolences to you & your loved ones.


    May your father RIP.

  9. I hope that when Pritti Patel gets sacked later today and has to sign oan the dole in order to get her ” Boat fae Cairo” ( GIRO)….she canny maintain HER Home contents Insurance cos of HER Governments IPT ( TAX) Rise ?


    Sweet Irony sometimes exists ?



  10. I fully intend to be in the BV at lunchtime this Saturday to meet up with some of the Bhoys ( and Ghirls ?) from here….however as I STILL not feeling too great ( I had to cancel my Physio yesterday) due to being unable to leave the hoose…I may refrain from pertaking of too much Beer ?



    then again….once I get 8/10 pints doon ma neck…my body begins to enjoy itself….see me I know ma body too well !



  11. Putting TAX on Home Contents Insurance……………….what’s feckin next…putting TAX on Beer, Fags,,,,,SEX ?



    Wait a minute………




  12. Big Jimmy – I am sure that Ms Patel will continue to sit pretty – she won’t be signing on any time soon. Both she and Boris are loose canons

  13. JOPHES on 8TH NOVEMBER 2017 1:19 PM


    Big Jimmy – I am sure that Ms Patel will continue to sit pretty – she won’t be signing on any time soon. Both she and Boris are loose canons





    I’d put them ( and others) right in front of Tony Montana’s Cannon ( his little friend)




  14. I meant to ask….How can any media outlet,…. interview and ask Edwina Currie on any sex scandals, and expect her to criticise any Tory MP involved in sex scandal ?



  15. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Shortbread had a pretendy “debate” on it last night, but in reality it was a defence of the status quo. Broadfoot was wheeled out to try to discredit the findings.


    Every time the supporters guy started speaking Broadfoot immediately interrupted him and prevented him from making his point.


    MacIntyre let it go, but he might have been busy dreaming about McInnes at the top of the magic staircase in a pair of brown brogues.


    It’s an absolute disgrace that the SFA pays talentless clowns like that. Leeching money out of the game. Then they wonder why Scotland can’t qualify for tournaments!

  16. South Of Tunis on




    Used to be a lobbyist working for the likes of British American Tobacco – earning £165 an hour for promoting the wonders of tobacco while the poor souls in Burma who were producing the tobacco were earning £15 a month… She is very much looking forward to Brexit and the Bonfire of Regulations .







    I had the pleasure of meeting Tommy Melly-all too briefly-on Tuesday evening as I was waiting for my “taxi”



    His many charitable endeavours deserve recognition and recompense.



    There’s a wee do,apparently,on the eve of his next attempt at entering The Guinness Book of Records for Madman,eejit,well done glad it wisnae me category.



    I’ll put my hand in my pocket for him on Saturday. If he feels like fuelling up for a few minutes on the carbs,I’ll hand it over in person. Otherwise,I’ll give it to one of the regular charity intermediaries!



    For sure,there’s a cause and a fella who deserve it!!!

  18. Celtic youngster Kundai Benyu excited by ‘new adventure’ as he prepares for Zimbabwe debut


    Benyu chose the African nation over England and is set to win his first cap against Lesotho.







    Mark Walker


    10:58, 8 NOV 2017UPDATED10:59, 8 NOV 2017





    Kundai Benyu in action for Celtic






    Get Daily updates directly to your inbox



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    Celtic starlet Kundai Benyu will make his international debut today for Zimbabwe and insists he has made the right decision to choose to play for the African country.



    The 19-year-old was snapped up on a four-year deal this summer from Ipswich Town by Brendan Rodgers and he’s already featured in four games for the Scottish champions this season.



    He’s eligible to play for both England and Zimbabwe, but has decided to play for the African side, despite them previously having being banned by FIFA for the World Cup after financial irregularities.

  19. It is reported in smsm that ticket sales for Scotlands match v Holland are not going well /


    Who is it that Scotland play after this game v the Dutch ….and when ?



  20. Bhoys my daughter has just told me all of my emails from before 1st November have completely gone from my computer anyone any idea . I checked on bt website but it can only restore from date you know all emails where ok (which I don’t) Everything is wiped !!!!!!!!!



    Thanks in advance




  21. Not much of poster these days, tend to be more of a lurker, generally just reading Paul’s article.


    But to hit the Podium without even posting? Well that deserves a post ;-)



    Also thank for the Birthday wishes. Much appreciated folks.



    Life is great being a Tim just now. Long may it continue.






  22. Man Citeh turnover £400m + with £1m profit and wait for it no debt – don’t think oil be believing that





    Debt for equity swap. Soon to be happening at a shithole near you.

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