Football in Glasgow is a zero-sum game


They come and go, some kiss the badge, they all talk about how great the fans are.  Of all those who played with Celtic in recent years, it was Christopher Jullien, in a private moment, who asked, “Why would anyone want to leave Celtic?”  At the age of 26, he found his paradise.

We rated him not for what he said in private, but for his performances on the field.  He was the most dominant central defender Celtic had since Virgil van Dijk departed four years earlier.  It was his head, chest, leg, on the ball, when we were under pressure.  He could then pass the ball out of defence with both feet.

Of all the glories during our second nine-in-a-row years and the Quadruple Treble, the 2019 League Cup Final holds a special place.  Celtic were on the rack throughout; with an inspired keeper, Christopher holding the defensive line and scoring the winning goal, the win felt so much sweeter.

His 89th minute winner against Lazio was a perfect example of his aerial dominance.  Celtic were a shambles a year later, when he collided with a post at an empty Celtic Park, but they were not yet out of touch.  Had he remained fit, who knows?  As it was, the shambles continued.

Chirstopher’s exclusion from action on return from injury was down to team tactics.  Ange wants his central defenders wide, leaving them plenty of ground to cover, in the event of a breakaway attack.  This is not Chris’ forte, it wouldn’t work.

Best of luck, Chris, don’t be a stranger.

Ignore it all you like, but the most important game of the season in Scottish football takes place tonight.  It will determine the competitive balance, perhaps beyond even this season.  Football in Glasgow is a zero-sum game.

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  1. Ernie,




    Gerry mandering,rigged elections,restricted voting for Catholics.Civil Rights marches banned


    Internment without trial.


    Diplock Courts


    State ordered executions.


    Rigged trials.


    Bloody Sunday.







    Dear God,that’s only in Ireland in the last 50 years.Turkey would need to go some to beat that.



    Big Jimmy, don’t do any modelling in the Shipbank on the 2nd September ffs. You’ll get us all the jail.




    In my younger, GOOD LOOKING Days….I would be right at home on a Cat Walk.


    I used to be a Male Model….For Gents GLOVES !




    HH Mate see you next week hopefully.



  3. TURKEYBHOY on 24TH AUGUST 2022 1:23 PM



    You think Turkey’s history would stand up to scrutiny?



    Seriously. Go away and read some books. You’re an embarrassment.

  4. Madra Rua



    Thanks for reply and apologies misspelling your name.pred tex! you over for any CL games? 😊




  5. bournesouprecipe on

    BBC continues an unprecedented two day long build up to one CL qualifier second leg.

  6. Pot 2 looks stronger than Pot 1. We’re certainly due a kinder group but so long as the huns aren’t in the draw, it’ll be a good draw.




    BBC continues an unprecedented two day long build up to one CL qualifier second leg.





    Funny I will put a guess in I will here many many inferences/hints at a continuity that is not there lol


    -So many years since they played


    -Last time they played


    -Uefa stats since 2 socks were tucked into a ball



    It was a terrible thing David Murray done lols.




  8. Disappointed to see Julien go. How Ange could play Starfelt in front of him is a mystery.



    Just when I thought we had a leader all about Celtic, Paul couldn’t help himself.



    If we get Frankfurt as the Pot 1 team- any other team draw from 2 and 3 is a bonus




    I agree. I think Eintracht are overvalued as a Pot 1 team. They would be very difficult opponents though.

  10. garygillespieshamstring on

    Big Jimmy



    Is the ship bank only opened at weekends?


    Passed it yesterday and it was shut.

  11. Oh I say.Thats a bit below the belt from a Cravat wearing chap.


    I feel proper miffed.


    Ernie,you have hurt me.





    Its normally OPEN 7 Days a week.


    Although, I few months ago it was SHUT on a couple of Tuesdays, but as I wasnt out and about cos of my health, I didnt know the reasons why it was shut that particular day but the following week I was in the Pub waiting on a few CNR’s to come in, I spoke to Frankie the owner, who told me that his SON had just died within the last couple of weeks, and on hearing that, I didnt question him as to WHY they were closed ?


    I will be out and about tomorrow as I have Two Nurses appointments, and then hopefully a few Beers in the city centre and then The Shippy ?



  13. PSV ultras give Rangers wake up call as fans let off fireworks outside hotel in revenge mission


    Gio van Bronckhorst is looking to lead the ibrox side to the Champions League group stage for the first time in a decade.


    Apparently PSV fans also set off fireworks during the night at an Hotel some Hun fans are staying in ?



    That Hun MOB arent worth a Banger !





  14. AN TEARMANN on 24TH AUGUST 2022 1:38 PM



    I doubt if I will get to Glasgow. Have to admit, I always try to get to a couple of away games in Europe.


    Get to see a new city, museums etc.. and then enjoy the banter and singsongs with fellow supporters.


    I just love away games in Europe. !



    GGH 2.30. Go into the Shipbank tomorrow and keep an eye on the old rascal. 😁




    if you come in a bit later than 2.30pm….you will probably find me lying upside doon DRUNK in a corner !



  16. Scott Brown was Captain during the 10 in a row flop. He knows what Julien was up to. He was one of the want aways, A malingerer, and broke curfew in Dubai caught Covid resulting in18 players having to isolate costing us 4 points.



    There was no way back for him at Celtic

  17. big jimmy



    You’d be made to measure Jimmy. No, seriously.


    I know you have had problems with suits Jimmy. Lawsuits! Geddit?


    Just remember Jimmy the Celtic tracksuit doesn’t shrink to fit……


    So don’t go wearing it in the bath!




  18. CELTIC MAC on 24TH AUGUST 2022 3:18 PM




    I never BATHE mate…I Shower, although its getting a bit tricky to be in the Shower with Two Babes………Im gonna need a Bigger shower !





  19. CELTIC MAC on 24TH AUGUST 2022 3:18 PM




    Ive been heavily involved in several Lawsuits since 2010, against my former employer, The Scottish Legal Aid Board, The Law Society of Scotland, and THREE Solicitors that I SUED. I also won a Criminal Injury ” Case” during this time.


    I am pleased and very PROUD to say that I WON MOST Cases.


    All my own work…and WITHOUT a Legal Brain in ma heid.


    I had more Court Cases on my hands than Feckin Joe Beltrami !



  20. IF any of the GOOD BHOYS on here, EVER need advice etc on how to SUE a Solicitor…Im your Man.



    CHUMPS on here need NOT Apply.



  21. big jimmy



    At least you knew where you were with Joe Beltrami


    Good Celtic Man into the bargain



  22. Willie Collum in Hibs vs Rangers cool down as whistler handed Championship clash after Easter Road fallout


    Collum will be the man in the middle for Queen’s Park against Cove Rangers on Saturday.




    Was Wullie Collum ever ” DEMOTED/PUNISHED” even for just ONE Game after he gave a Penalty to the Huns against Celtic, at Celtic Park, when Kirk Broadfoot DELIBERATELY ran into Big Danny Mastoviric…and THREW himself to the ground


    This was the game and incident that Wullie Collum could NOT have possibly SEEN, as he had his BACK Turned as the ball hit him about shoulder high, and wee Wullie turned away as the ball broke off him and into the Celtic penalty area, by the time Wullie turned around, Broadfoot had ALREADY bounced off of Big Dan and had thrown himself to the ground.



    Just ONE of the numerous ridiculous, refereeing decisions that I have EVER seen given against Celtic.



  23. It looks like Colak has now risen to the top of the scum, to become the Huns’ most likely player to carry them to European glory.


    Poor Alfredo will be consoling himself at home with a Gregg’s home delivery order for tonight’s CL exit. Only his weight has risen recently, and not his sell on value.

  24. “BIG JIMMY on 24TH AUGUST 2022 1:32 PM


    MON the PSV…



    Just Feckin DAE it….as they say in Holland.”



    I doubt the most elevated of wordsmiths could capture our feelings on this matter any better than Big Jimmy has done in the above ! :-))

  25. AuroraBorealis79 on




    Bu comparison Ireland is at number 5 and the UK is at number 14



    Phony article



    Irish government is probably rhe most corrupted in Europe… Britain’s history… Well it speaks for itself

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