Football in Glasgow is a zero-sum game


They come and go, some kiss the badge, they all talk about how great the fans are.  Of all those who played with Celtic in recent years, it was Christopher Jullien, in a private moment, who asked, “Why would anyone want to leave Celtic?”  At the age of 26, he found his paradise.

We rated him not for what he said in private, but for his performances on the field.  He was the most dominant central defender Celtic had since Virgil van Dijk departed four years earlier.  It was his head, chest, leg, on the ball, when we were under pressure.  He could then pass the ball out of defence with both feet.

Of all the glories during our second nine-in-a-row years and the Quadruple Treble, the 2019 League Cup Final holds a special place.  Celtic were on the rack throughout; with an inspired keeper, Christopher holding the defensive line and scoring the winning goal, the win felt so much sweeter.

His 89th minute winner against Lazio was a perfect example of his aerial dominance.  Celtic were a shambles a year later, when he collided with a post at an empty Celtic Park, but they were not yet out of touch.  Had he remained fit, who knows?  As it was, the shambles continued.

Chirstopher’s exclusion from action on return from injury was down to team tactics.  Ange wants his central defenders wide, leaving them plenty of ground to cover, in the event of a breakaway attack.  This is not Chris’ forte, it wouldn’t work.

Best of luck, Chris, don’t be a stranger.

Ignore it all you like, but the most important game of the season in Scottish football takes place tonight.  It will determine the competitive balance, perhaps beyond even this season.  Football in Glasgow is a zero-sum game.

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  1. Keevins thinks its 50/50 tonight. He says TRFC deserve huge respect given last seasons European campaign.



    He clearly hasn’t factored in that Bassey and Aribo have been sold, McGregor and now Morelos have been mothballed and Kent, Kamara and Goldson have been really poor.



    I fancy they’ll lose by 2 or 3 tonight.

  2. garygillespieshamstring on

    St Stivs



    I believe Mikey Johnston did but I don’t know if there are age / experience limits on who can play at B team level and who can’t.

  3. prestonpans bhoys on

    GREENPINATA on 24TH AUGUST 2022 6:12 PM



    Not surprised by that, mainframes my god I go back in time with that. Remember upgrading a adabas database 20 odd years ago. Mainframe comes back with the warning ‘ you have now approached the point of no return’. Looked at the guy beside me and said never seen that on a unix plaform😱😵

  4. SAINT STIVS on 24TH AUGUST 2022 5:42 PM


    I’ve been to the moon a couple of times maself.



    SAINT STIVS,I can beat that! I’ve been OVER THE MOON quite a few times over the last ten years or so and I’m heading that way again with Ange.



    Ave Ave

  5. 442 park the bus on

    TOM MCLAUGHLIN on 24TH AUGUST 2022 5:53 PM


    Celtic have invited representatives from various supporters websites and podcasts to Celtic Park tomorrow to watch the CL draw with the squad.


    Nice touch.





    Will any of these representatives – FINALLY – ask CELTIC why they put Oldco prices onto Newco tickets since 2016 to preserve the `Same Club Lie`or do the reps all play nice like you, and continue to £financially support a PLC who are helping with the cover up of the greatest sporting crime, keeping David Murray out of jail, and ensure that Newco retains Oldco`s trophies, history, stadium, everything except the £100+ million EBT Swindle debt from HMRC?



    Playing nice will get nothing done CSC

  6. When I worked for Wimpey in the 60s the job sites were full of Sweeney’s, in fact a jackhammer was known as a “Donegal Motor Bike” and the owner of Sweeney’s Cruises, a very successful leisure company in Balloch, is descended from the Donegal Sweeney’s who came to the Vale of Leven to work in the local dye works

  7. bournesouprecipe on

    Tonight Matthew I’m going to be …………………. a PSV Eindhoven supporter 👍

  8. Sat in one of the lunar capsule thingys in a WW2 aircraft carrier docked in NY ….. really incredible to think of its journey back to Earth … blokes were good at physics and the astronauts typing all the instructions into their tiny computer

  9. Hassan i Sabbah on

    Zero sum game? If only it were a zero hun game.



    That would be worth celebrating, although not I fear from the Celtic board.

  10. glendalystonsils on

    I’m googling the Dutch translation for ……



    ‘Mon the PSV , intae these huns!’



    Need something to shout at the telly .

  11. Will watch the start of the hun game. Simple philosophy if they are getting gubbed I will continue watching enjoying their pain.



    If they are not getting gubbed I switch off.




  12. In mid 60’s NASA decided that it was impossible to get to land on the moon and decided to produce global false info to dupe the world that all was possible. First of all they produced a movie in 1966 of England winning the world soccer Cup. Then decided that more was needed and produced a movie of a Scottish team winning the European Cup.

  13. Odds have lengthened on the huns as the day has worn on. Can now get them at 4/1 to win tonight.



    Hopefully PSV have their shooting boots on and don’t give away any silly pens.



    I’ve seen nothing particularly impressive from the huns so far this season. It would be a considerable shock should they pull this result out of the bag.

  14. Davey ☭








    I want to wish Polska No.1 CSC Member and proud Irish Republican Szymon Marciniak the best of luck refereeing tonight’s PSV game against The Huns



    I’m sure he will be quite fair and honest 😉 🍀

  15. prestonpans bhoys on

    Watching footage of the team busses arriving. Those PSV fans are too close to the huns bus, police must be on strike😱😂

  16. GrandOLTeam






    Aug 22


    Replying to











    I can help.



    In 21/22, Celtic was awarded 7 PKs: 5 when leading, 2 when level & the cum score at time of award was 13-0 Celtic.



    Rangers were awarded 10: 2 leading, 4 level, 4 trailing. Cum score was 4-6.



    Celtic benefited 0 points; Rangers 15.



    PKs at 3-0 & 5-0 was a big help!

  17. I have an intense contract to review, so will do it while streaming a (probably) foreign language show and listen for crowd noise.



    If TFOD win tonight, they will likely deserve it – if the bookies are giving 4-1 for a win, then they have even less hope for them than I do.



    Straight forward business decision for me – c’mon PSV.



    On an emotional level?….c’mon PSV.

  18. SAINT STIVS I was over with Mrs TT whose family had been trying to have a family reunion for 3 years, so we finally made it, 25 wonderful days, on the 2nd morning went for a walk down Levengrove Park where we saw the Waverley heading down to the Firth of Clyde, she had a tear in her eye as this was a popular day out for her and Dumbartonians, us from the Vale much preferred Loch Lomond which we visited on a regular basis even took a cruise up the Loch first time ever , also took a walk down Havoc which hosts the famous Wallace’s Cave as well as Cardross and Helensburgh although I must admit the latter is a mess now, Covid and being part of Argyll and Bute has left its toll as had Covid on that fine tory infested town, boarded up shops and broken curbs/pavements seemingly the locals wish they had never left red West Dumbartonshire.

  19. TT,






    I discovered a wee spot a few weeks ago . the car parl at aldi dumbartom, looks over the bend in the river where denny yard was, and the cutty sark was built under the rock, its magic.



    haste ye back.

  20. One for the Greenoakiephobes


    across the street would be the present day celtic club, the road being would be where the Greenlion lived as a wee (giant) bhoy.






    Inverclyde Heritage Network





    Pic of the day number 884,



    Dalrymple St, Mitchells, 25-8-67. Greenock. Eugene Mehat Collection (restoration 2022) ©McLean Museum



  21. Sorry should have said, the link i posted earlier to the PSV fans singing we love you Celtic.



    Is from tonight and they are singing it at some “Rangers buses” trying to get to the ground 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  22. Greenoakiephobes



    I offcourse meant greenoakaphile



    like people who like frecn things are call frankiephilles

  23. FFS Ernie,



    You are getting support from the sites resident ,but thankfully infrequent moron, Bwian F ( Fud ).


    Not a good sign old boy.

  24. Not terribly surprised at PSV supporters chanting “we love you, Celtic.” Eindhoven is in North Brabant, which is in what used to be in the Catholic part of the Netherlands. (Holland is only a part of the country.)

  25. itscalledthemalvinas on

    Huns taking the cheating abroad, Gio(errrrr) wants the kick off delayed because the PSV fans were shouting at the bus on the way in

  26. itscalledthemalvinas on

    Wait till after the game Gio(errrrr) the huns will firing their scarves at the bus




    Yes, there are at least four Separatist parties in the Netherlands.




  28. I want thum humped, humbled…embarrassed and thur horrible support shown -up for all thur bigoted badness……….


    but I’ve been let down repeatedly in the last coupla years………..




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