Football in July, the brilliant Dave King


Celtic play their fifth and final preseason friendly tomorrow before Tuesday’s Champions League qualifier in Armenia.  Five games feels light.  Legs will still be tired after each game, the prospect of 90 minutes in extreme heat will not be welcome.

Opponents Alashkert will have played only three preseason games before facing Celtic, each against lower league Russian opponents, so while they will cope better with the heat, their underlying fitness will not be better than Celtic’s.

In theory, Tuesday’s game should be welcomed as an opportunity to increase preparedness before the tougher challenges that lie ahead.  But this is football in July, when normal rules do not apply, as Lincoln Red Imps demonstrated two years ago.

Loved the lack of logic in Dave King’s written response to BBC’s Alasdair Lamont’s question on the Takeover Panel’s Contempt of Court proceedings.  “The [Takeover Panel] know that I live in [South Africa] and that it will require exchange control approval to move the funds to London.  They are just bullying me”.

The Takeover Panel’s rules (which exist for everyone) that an offer has to have proven funds in the UK is not an actual impediment.  If King’s funds were not in the UK, he would be unable to pay for the shares three weeks after the offer is made.

Takeover Panel rules merely bring the date cash is required forward by three weeks.  Still, I am sure this talk of bullying will make the Takeover Panel think twice before crossing King again.

This guy is beyond brilliant.  He is behaving like this openly.  You know how it ends.

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  1. Starry,



  2. Thanks Paul67,



    We know how it ends ?



    They continue to operate with impunity and in contravention to any rule of the land.






    Big Wavy

  3. Taurangabhoy on

    Celtic will be well prepared for Aleshkert, our squad is talented enough without the players on international duty. May be difficult in the heat but over two legs we will progres to the next round.

  4. First time in a while where I waffle on and then find Paul’s put up another article – doh.


    So where was i…



    I had a short but blunt social media discussion with a proponent of abolishing catholic schools in Scotland. He ran away.



    First, he was completely unaware of the issues that led to the introduction of separate schools for Catholics in Scotland. The bigotry, discrimination & sectarian oppression of the Catholic community was news to him.



    Then when we got to the nub of it, he was ONLY for abolishing Catholics schools and NOT for full & comprehensive integration of all schools. For him, the abolition of Catholic schools was an extension of his antipathy to Catholics and had nothing to do with seeking fairness & social cohesion.



    In other words, keep the other schools & culture & attitudes exactly as they are BUT abolish Catholic schools only, and things will be fine.



    That is precisely the sentiment reflected in the Evening Times headline.



    If the headline was reworded to “Should schools in Scotland be integrated so that all religions & none at all are respected” then a reasonable debate might begin.



    As it happens, prior to the 1918 Education Act, the sentiment among many non Catholics in Scotland was NOT to have Catholics in their State schools at the time. They didnt want their kids being taught next to Catholics. This was the same era where eugenics was a heavy influence on racial policies in the USA & “separate but equal” as a principle was endorsed by the US Supreme Court.



    It suited the Establishment in Scotland that Catholics were kept separate from their kids at school.



    A cautionary tale for folk who support social engineering to make the world look the way they think it should look.




  5. South Of Tunis on




    ” I was pleased we didn’t qualify — if you aren’t in it you can’t be humiliated in it . Not qualifying had the added bonus of the incompetent clown ,Ventura, being sacked and the corrupt cretins. who appointed him being forced to resign . That said – some of the football on show has had me thinking – Hey we’re not that bad . . Have you seen England ? they’re in the last 8 !!!. ” .


    World Cup Pundit -Italian radio 6 7 18.

  6. As for Dave the Oppressed..



    He “misled” the Takeover Panel about using a wee company called Investec to arrange for the cash to be available for the Offer.



    Only he hadn’t contacted Investec at all & they verified this & were less than happy to be embroiled in the shady side of stuff. The Panel took this misdirection by Dave into consideration when they considered his application.



    Investec is FTSE 250 company & is dual listed on the London & Johannesburg stock exchanges.


    They KNOW all about Dave King & his 43 convictions for financial crimes.



    By the way – What was Investec’s profit in 2017?


    $2.3 Billion



    Dave is winner



    Gaun yersel Squinty.

  7. John51 – great post. They don’t want integration, they want extermination.



    Can you imagine if there were no Catholic schools, where would all the kids go? They need to build new, bigger schools, and even then neighbourhood kids would attend different schools based on abilty and family/class aspirations.



    Their entire argument is flawed and dangerous.

  8. John51 on 6th July 2018 12:19 pm –



    Aye – one of the main reasons that there are Catholic faith school in Scotland at all is the historic objection of the bigots of Presbyterian Scotland to Catholic “mudbloods” being in the same schools as their own weans has been somewhat lost.



    Now apparently it’s the Catholics fault for all the bigotry in the first place and they should all go to the same non-dom school?



    The irony.



    Also – there’s no such thing as a non-denominational school – they have CoS all over them.



    So what’s their problem?

  9. South Of Tunis on

    Non denominational school .?



    No faith me of no faith parents went to two Glasgow non denominational primary schools .I did the biblical stuff in the classroom but never attended anything in a church . I went to a non denominational Glasgow Secondary school . The Rules dictated that I had to do something called RE . I never attended any of the Church stuff . I simply absented myself with parental approval.. Arguing the toss in class with the relevant teachers saw me being given punishment exercises , the belt , being sent to see The Heedie , letters to my parents etc before eventually being excluded from the thing called RE and doing Domestic Science instead . Result ! – me and a bunch of girls and learning to cook and iron !!

  10. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Bada Bing, my son got his blue season ticket for the standing section , today.



    He is not amused . Other season ticket holders & The Green Brigade may be a tad miffed also.

  11. SOT



    Nice story.



    Good for your parents & yourself.



    My cousin lived in Clutha St off Paisley Road West.


    Knock on door reveals a census taker & chum with a sheet of questions.



    Usual stuff until it came to questions about his daughter aged 2 years


    “What religion is your daughter?”



    Answer..”I don’t know – I haven’t asked her.”



    Response was thon labrador quizical tilted head thing.

  12. Park Road 67 on

    Every time i log on i’m getting a message from amazon rewards can’t get rid of it ! Driving me nuts any ideas ghuys ?

  13. See the lying racist Logans at it again.


    Claiming he was and will be racially abused by Celtic fans.


    A despicable runt who knows he will get airtime in the best wee country if he accuses Celtic of anything.

  14. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    I was reading an article in newsnow celtic there . It was from the paper in Aberdeen ‘s interview with that wee horror , Logan.



    Very hunlike interview with him blaming everyone but himself for his behaviour and he fully expects racist abuse from Celtic fans next season .



    He stated he was racially abused when he went down the tunnel afer our last ame against them and does not know why he was sent off.



    A Killie fan I work with told me Logan was riling the home support at Rugby Park a few weeks earlier and he had done previously.

  15. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Fan a tic, snap. Lol .



    Our first game against Aberdeen next season will be interesting.



    I would rather we ignored him and his team mate, Shinnie when we play. The two are a pair of zeroes.



    The article also failed to mention, unsurprisingly, all the stuff Logan has got away with against us, particilarly booting the ball at Broonie .

  16. Hi Paul67,



    The travelling, the conditions and the unfamiliarity are going to be among our sternest tests in Armenia – but I think we look sharp for this stage of the Season. Some of our key players are rocking… I’m nervously confident we will get a result.



    “Loved the lack of logic in Dave King’s written response to BBC’s Alasdair Lamont’s question on the Takeover Panel’s Contempt of Court proceedings. “The [Takeover Panel] know that I live in [South Africa] and that it will require exchange control approval to move the funds to London. They are just bullying me”.



    The Takeover Panel’s rules (which exist for everyone) that an offer has to have proven funds in the UK is not an actual impediment. If King’s funds were not in the UK, he would be unable to pay for the shares three weeks after the offer is made.”



    So this is what the BBC (Scotland) has become – a new low – Alasdair Lamont is a mouth piece for a convicted (Scottish) South African criminal who is trying to subvert the course of due legal process in the UK.



    No subsequent analysis or emendation required to a statement which is totally misleading.



    So as usual we can’t expect the SMSM to help clarify what is REALLY happening nor can we expect the Scottish football authorities to take action, to seek clarity…



    On the Craig Whyte affair, Stewart Regan was clear



    …And he’s [Stewart Regan] insisted it was impossible to point the finger of suspicion while Gers seemed happy to have him [Craig Whyte].



    Well who would argue. Yet it does raise the issue – at what point should the authorities act?



    An observation was made recently regarding the lack of confidence in Scottish football governance and stated the following…



    “…Scottish football is an important national asset and must have levels of probity and governance that are beyond reproach and that are transparently so.”



    This came about when the possibility arose, that someone may be in a position that if he was so minded, might feel compelled at some point to contravene certain rules and regulations as yet unknown.



    It was asserted that this person should be suspended and the SPFL mount an investigation into the possibility of a PreCrime.



    Now Mr David Cunningham King was the fellow that made this pronouncement as the self appointed PreCog on this one.



    Some “prominent” Scottish “journalists” observed DCK had a legitimate point…



    If so minded, maybe they could precognitively look into ALL the current issues surrounding the G&SL, pore over them and previsualize how this is going to work out.



    On the other hand let’s stick to tradition, let’s not point the finger of suspicion while Gers seem happy*



    It worked out ok the last time;)



    *The futures bright, the futures Orangey…



    Hail Hail

  17. glendalystonsils on

    Any abuse Logan gets will be nothing to do with colour and everything to do with being a sleekit , snivelling wee sh**e…………..and it will be fully deserved.

  18. Mahe the Madman on

    Bmcuwp,, fair play to you for holding your hands up.



    ParkRoad67,,,Happened to me ,,I let Paul know . I downloaded firefox focus and its not happening anymore. No ideal but works



    Oh the phrase for happy clapper ,,,Lawellists.

  19. 50 shades of green on

    Happy Clappers—- Board Stiffs….




    Ment to be a scorcher here tomorrow (Glesga etc), not a good day for tramping aboot the streets dressed as toy soldiers in a crimpoline suit…bassas.





  20. mike in toronto on

    Mahe …. Scrabble rules .(old rules, that is) .. so no proper names…. plus, far too polite.

  21. South Of Tunis on

    Off oot to the wee beach bar -for the football –



    No Cavani ! .



    Scorchio — will partake of an extra large Pomegranate granita and then a large jug of lovely and cold Peach tea -Too hot for booze -way down south



    I’m On My Way –



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